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Intuitive Tarot: Breaking Down the Major Arcana Into 4 Categories

teacher avatar Joarian Grai, Queer Medium and Witch

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Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro to Major Arcana

    • 2. Catalyst Cards

    • 3. Transitional Cards

    • 4. Support Cards

    • 5. Feelings Cards

    • 6. Conclusion

    • 7. Project

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About This Class


So, last lesson we went over the medium itself and the different types of ways you can read.

This week, I will explain the differences between upright and reversed as a reader, which will be covered more in depth after we move past cards, and into spreads. It's important to be aware of your pulls and which method works for you, especially when it comes to the Major Arcana.

From there, I will break down the Major Arcana into 4 categories with brief phrases and descriptions before we go card by card and the types of situations they are usually pulled in.

Over the next 4 weeks, instead of publishing them by number, I will retain this concept of the 4 categories because I believe it makes it a bit easier to remember the interpretations. Each class will have one part dedicated to each card in that category. 

A notebook and your own deck will be helpful!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joarian Grai

Queer Medium and Witch



I'm Jo Grai and I have over 13 years of tarot experience and am a professional reader and medium. I am the CEO of Vervain Ritual and Readings where I blend psychic and occult services with sigil magic infused vegan and cruelty free products. 

I believe that in order to best serve our body, mind, and spirit we must find a balance between confronting hard truths and engaging in a ritualized form of self-care.

I believe in the beauty of uncovering mysteries within our souls to help us achieve maximum potential.

I read tarot a bit unconventionally and I'm looking to share this fresh perspective with a whole new generation of occult enthusiasts and witches from all backgrounds. 

In the future, my classes will break ... See full profile

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1. Intro to Major Arcana : Hello, friends. Welcome back to Intuitive Tero. This week will be covering upright and reversed as well as touching on spreads. And then we'll be breaking down. The major are Khanna into four separate categories to help you best Remember the cards. So operating worst upright and reverse have been a topic of hot to be over the years throughout the community. Some readers don't read them at all, while some take the traditional meaning of the card and just interpreted the opposite. In this class, I will be giving to interpretations of the cards won a great and one reversed. However, in my practice, I interpret operate as the physical plane are a tangible concept, and then in the reverse, I interpret it as a psychological or metaphysical concept. This is just something that I've been doing for years, and it seems to work with me. You don't have to do it. For example, if you pull the hair offend inter reading, which will cover Leader um upright, you're using tradition and structure to move you forward. This card could be telling you to avoid the risk because sometimes trip tried and true methods are the best. However, if you pull that curtain first, it may signify that you need to re examine your relationship with tradition or to see if it works for you were not. You may need to pick apart traditions in your own life that are holding you back and transform them into your own. So that's just an example of how that can go. Usually, it could be any number of things. It's heavily dependent on the currents surrounding it. As for spreads, this will get its own video section. But I didn't want to touch on it just because this is very important. There are many possible spreads you can use to read yourself for clients. In the beginning, I would recommend searching for predetermined spreads like the traditional ones. I can provide drawings of those and upload them eventually will be getting into doing our own once we cover all the cards. So for the major Arconic, this is where we're really gonna get into it. There are 22 cards in the major are Khanna. In order to break these up in a digestible way, I have decided to sort them into four categories instead of going in new miracle water I will, however, announced a new number with each card for note taking purposes. When you pull them out and look at them, you're gonna want the number of them. But you don't necessarily need it for the cock, like the idea that I'm Are we breaking them down into the four categories? Please keep in mind that I won't be describing and interpreting the cards without resorting to conservative ideals and gender roles to reduce them to the binaries limits, their actual possibilities and what they can give us. It is also worth noting that some currents, depending on who your client is or the other cards in the spread surrounding it may double dip in these certain categories. It's not very common, but it can happen. I will also explain the situations and cars that this tends to happen with. With each card, I will be including a keyword or phrase to help you easily remember the chips 2. Catalyst Cards: the first category are catalyst cards thes air the cards that are pulled as a non negotiable need for transformation. Therefore, cattles cards to varying degrees of knowledge versus surprise control versus lack of control karmic just deserts or lack thereof. These cards look pretty scary, but they're usually just nudging the client or whoever you're reading forward. If they are excited about this change, it's not going to be an issue if they're uneasy about it. That's what we tend to run into trouble when we resist natural change, to refuse to move forward. The change is unavoidable will only get more sudden again. This doesn't go for every circumstance and live. Obviously, there are some completely without her control, just the ones that we do have control over and refused to move forward from. Do our comfort zones. You will most likely have to elaborate heavily on the circumstance and pay careful attention to the card surrounding these cards. Remember and self help. We aren't telling them the future we're holding their hand and helping them, I'm start new stages of their life or preparing them for the off chance that something upsetting may occur. There are four catalyst cards, The chariot and the phrase associated with this is running towards the storm. We have the tower. The rug has been pulled out from under us. We have the wheel of fortune, which is many moving pieces, and we have judgment, which is a reckoning. The reasons why a client would pull these cards would be something sudden or unexpected worker. In this case, you need to stay in early because it's usually jumper that just pops out, and it could be very severe. So you want to make sure you get enthusiastic consent before you elaborate. Uh, if something they've been avoiding is now going to return to haunt them if they've been ignoring their own needs regarding fear of change, if they have been ignoring all signs and signals from the universe to transform if they know what they want but need to know how difficult it will be to achieve if they've been waiting on an outcome where the results will be intense and they want to know if it's gonna be OK, or if they've had a lot of rapid and sudden changes and they need to address their relationship to feed her control is going to be productive or not for them, 3. Transitional Cards: the second category are transitional cards. These cards act as a guide on how to navigate your personality, your self conscious or your current situation. They provide insight on what led you to your intended outcome and at what stage of this very intimate process you were currently en. There are five transitional cards. They range from impulsive to stagnant, finalizing to rebirth. And at last, the clothes much like the catalyst cards thes concede a bit scarier than they actually are . If you think of them more like a timeline, the conflict melts away and you'll be able to measure reassure your client that what they're dealing with is totally normal in the grand scheme of things. By looking at these five cards, you can deduce how your client is feeling about their current situation. This usually weather reverse or not, There is more on the psychological concepts, unlike the catalyst cards, because thes aren't usually actual issues, just numerical stages in the process of growth and change. So we have the full who is associated with optimism in the face of change or impulse. We have the hanged man who was unable to let go. We have justice who is tying up our loose ends. We have death, who was reborn from the ashes, and we have the world. A journey's end. Reasons why your client would pull the transitional card would be they've come to an impasse in some aspect of their life and feel its nervous or stuck about it. They did something. I want to know how it's affected them or their loved ones. They're jumping into something new, which may be out of character for them, and they want to know why and how it's gonna turn out again. Less of the future aspect of more of their actions surrounding their outcome. Ah, lot has recently happened, and they want to know what they need to grow from the experience or they have a goal, and they want to know at what step in the process they currently are in and what can guide them to get to the end 4. Support Cards: the third category are support cards. The support cars air here to reassure and guide us through a personal growth and situation . They tell you what you already have, what you're lacking and what you still need. These currents represent ideals of multiple facets of personalities and how we have relationships with these ideals. They may also be signifiers, although these aren't the only cards that could do this. Within this category, I have divided them down into smaller sub categories, all under the umbrella of archetypes, tools and prep work, full archetypes and adversaries. I will also be ignoring traditional gender roles not only for signifier cards but with the traits associated with them as well. Even though the names of the cards are inherently gendered, please understand that you do not need to associate with that binary in order to get something out of that particular card. So the tools in the prep work we have the high Priestess and the phrase associated with this is intuition. We have the magician who was mastery, and in the full archetypes category we have the M Prince, the impress who is abundance. We have the emperor who was authority. We have the lovers who are an equal exchange, and then for the adversaries. We have the hermit who was withdrawn. We have the here if it represents tradition and institution, and we have the devil who is unequal exchange or unfair power dynamic. The reasons why your client would pull US support card would be as a signifier, which is a representation of themselves or their situation as across to their signifier, a card that represents a facet of their personality that they prefer to ignore. Or someone who is crossing them in in a situation to see a fair on the right path, to see what kind of support they will need on their path to see what they're missing or lacking, to achieve what they would like to to see what is holding them back, especially when it's juxtaposed with a card like the hanged man, or to examine issues that they have with the representative ideals of that personified card . 5. Feelings Cards: the fourth and final category for the major Arconic are the feeling cards. These cards provide insight to other more on the nose cards, their fugitive ality. Our feelings surrounding her personality traits are falls and our major life changes. They help us categorize our emotions in an easily digestible way, along with the solution on how to reconcile with these feelings, Teoh either move past them, return or turn them into something else. They break down our behavior so we may reassess it in order to grow. There are five feelings cards to help us get in touch with our emotions better or to see what we must reexamine in order to thrive in a healthy way. They're usually paired with transitional cards or cards from the minor. Are Khanna to help us us out our emotions surrounding a certain situation. Here we have the moon, and the phrase that is represented with the moon is the unknown. We have the star, and the phrase that is associated with the star is optimism or spirituality. Then we have the son who is growth and ego. Here we have temperance, which is patience, and here we have strength, physical and intellectual, brute and restraint reasons why your client would pull a feelings card. They don't understand why they feel a certain way about a situation. They want to be validated with their emotions surrounding a situation there, responding to a certain stimuli an uncharacteristic way. They're working through something in an unhealthy way. There is an opportunity for toxic behaviour to emerge, if not dissected and re examined properly, to discover a root cause or the beginnings of one if they're missing anything important in a situation, or to consult or navigate the feelings of others better. 6. Conclusion : Okay, now that we've gone through bake the basic sorting of the major are Khanna. I'm sure you will all agree that this is a lot of information. By breaking them down into categories and sub categories, you should be able to understand and begin to feel out where they belong. In the space of your very own readings next week, please expect all the cards in four categories to be broken down individually. From there, I will be breaking down the minor are Khanna who already have their own categories, so we won't need to worry about that. Naturally, I won't need a prerequisite videos, so just get ready to dive right in after the entire deck has been broken down. Card by card, we will dive deeper into spreads and practical uses of terror when you are sitting face to face of their client or alone at home with yourself. As always, I'm here for any questions you may have in regards to these topics. My website link and social media handles are listed in my profile until next time 7. Project: for this week's project. If you have your deck by now, I would like you to take your deck and divide the major and minor are Kanis separately. From there, you will take your major are Kana and separate it into the four categories that we've discussed earlier. Pay close attention, toe any imagery or subject matter that speaks you and think, Why make a list of your favorite cards and we can research them further next week when we dive deeper in. Once you've done that and you feel like you've got a pretty good handle on your cards, you want toe, organize them in a way where they can tell a narrative story. So, for example, if I was doing something new and I wanted to see you know what I needed in order to be able to do that, I could start off by placing the full down. And then I could do a support card. So you know it's new, but I have all the tools and mastery that I need, and then you could do a transitional card. So, yeah, you know, I did it. If that makes sense or, um, from the other hand, of the spectrum you can do, um, the tower. So something nefarious or sudden has happened. Um, and now I feel stuck. Um and, you know, maybe when I think about my emotions around why I feel stuck after the sudden event, maybe I will be able to move on. I hope that makes sense. If you have any questions, please feel free. Teoh, email me. Contact me on my site or contact media skills share. I would love to see your results from this project. I feel like it's gonna be really fun for you folks. Uh, as always, I appreciate any feedback. I hope you folks have a wonderful day. Goodbye.