Intuitive Illustration: 4 Quick, Fun Exercises to Unlock Creativity | Amber Vittoria | Skillshare

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Amber Vittoria, Artist and Illustrator

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7 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Working From Instinct

    • 3. Loosening Up

    • 4. Drawing With Your Less Dominant Hand

    • 5. Drawing With Your Eyes Closed

    • 6. Drawing From Feeling

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Work your inspiration muscles by trying something new and a little silly in this fun, accessible class from artist Amber Vittoria!

Hanging onto inspiration and creativity can be tough, whether you’re a professional with some burnout or a hobbyist going through it. In this no-pressure, upbeat class, Amber Vittoria will take you through the exercises she uses to reconnect with her creative energy and explore her imagination  — and help you access your own! Whether you’re looking to add a shot of energy to your day, bust creative block, have some fun, or just plain looking for something to do, Amber’s class is here to provide you with repeatable exercises that are enjoyable and valuable for anyone who considers themselves a creative human.

Alongside Amber, you’ll complete exercises including:

  • Loosening up in the way that’s most fun for you
  • Drawing with your non-dominant hand
  • Drawing from memory

Plus, you’ll explore new ways of seeing your art and expressing yourself, and maybe find a favorite warm-up you’ll return to again and again!

Amber’s vulnerable, up-front attitude as she moves through these exercises with you will allow you to really dig into connecting with yourself, your art, and your inspiration. Join in and get drawing (with your eyes closed, at least for a little bit)!

This class is suitable for students of any level and with any materials to hand. Amber uses paper and markers as well as the trackpad of her laptop with Adobe Photoshop, but you are welcome to use whatever materials you enjoy most.