Intuitive Development for Writers

Angelique Noll, Artist and Writer

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7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Course Details

    • 3. Intuitive Tool: Meditation for Writers

    • 4. Intuitive Tool: Symbolic Drawing for Writers

    • 5. Intuitive Tool: Stream of Consciousness Writing

    • 6. Intuitive Tool: Automatic Writing for Writers

    • 7. Other tools


About This Class

Are you looking for a different way to approach your writing and to go deeper into each topic or character that you create? In this class 25 minute class, aimed at novice and more experienced writers alike, Angie Noll shows you how to use your intuition to enhance your writing. Angie is a full-time writer and has had her short stories and freelance articles published in various magazines in different countries.  She's also an active blogger and guest writer and teacher of writing and intuitive workshops. You can find more information on her courses and writing on her website and on Medium. In this exciting class, she teaches four of the main intuitive tools that she uses to help her with her daily writing. These tools are Meditation (made simple for writers), Symbolic Drawing for Writers, Stream of Consciousness Writing and, lastly, Automatic Writing.  Whether your aim is to find new and fresh ways to approach your writing, go deeper into your topics or perhaps take it further and explore the possibilities of channelled writing, you'll find this course a great place to start. The tools are easy to implement and the results are instant.