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Introductory High Speed Vedic Math Course - Learn the World's Fastest Mental Math System

Gaurav Tekriwal, President at The Vedic Maths Forum India

Introductory High Speed Vedic Math Course - Learn the World's Fastest Mental Math System

Gaurav Tekriwal, President at The Vedic Maths Forum India

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6 Lessons (1h 48m)
    • 1. Introduction to Vedic Mathematics and Journey of Gaurav Tekriwal

    • 2. About Father of Vedic Math - Tirthaji

    • 3. FAQ on Vedic Math

    • 4. Squares of Numbers ending in 5

    • 5. Multiplying numbers from 11 to 19

    • 6. Multiplication by the Base Method - Part 1

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About This Class

Are you or your child struggling with Math? Would you like to have fun with Math? If yes then this course is for you!

Everything you wanted to know about High-Speed Vedic Mathematics and more.

This introductory course contains lessons on the World's Fastest Mental Arithmetic System. This will keep you occupied for over two hours and will add to your Math Skills and give you the competitive edge.

This course has been authored by Gaurav Tekriwal the President of The Vedic Math Forum India, which contains examples presented in detail and the methods explained beautifully. The methods have been explained in over 3 different ways through white board demonstrations, computer presentations and animations.

The Vedic Math course is sought after in the academic circuit and has been made after the author's long experience of teaching over 4 million students in the subject across the globe over the last 17 years.

Can you multiply 998 x 997 in five seconds?

Learn High Speed Vedic Mathematics which will enable you to calculate much faster compared to the conventional system. You will be able to do seemingly difficult calculations like 998 x 997 in split seconds which will make a remarkable difference to your confidence and self esteem. Your calculation skills will improve, you will be able to perform better and you will exuberate confidence which will blow people away.

The scope of the area which Vedic Mathematics covers is much larger than the other systems. Through Vedic Math you can do calculations in Arithmetic, Algebra and even Trigonometry for that matter and simplify and speed up calculations. The results are for you to see and people love us across the globe for adding value to them and their children.

How High Speed Vedic Math can help you?

· More than 1500% times faster than normal Math: this makes it the World's Fastest.
· Eradicates fear of Math completely. So If your child has Math-Phobia High Speed Vedic Math is a Fun-Filled way to do Math and arises interest in your child.
· Much Improved Academic Performance in School and Instant Results. Just see the first exercise and believe it for yourself. Go over the examples given in the tutorials you would be amazed.
· Sharpens your mind, increases mental agility and intelligence.
· Increases your speed and accuracy. Become a Mental Calculator yourself.
· Improves memory and boosts self confidence.
· Cultivates an Interest in you for numbers.
· Develops your left and right sides of your brain hence using intuition and innovation. It has been noted that Geniuses have been using the right side of the brain to achieve exceptional results.
· Easy to master and apply. You just need the knowledge of tables to learn this.
· From 8 years upward. This course has been designed to appeal to a large cross section of the society- Students, Teachers, Parents, Professionals, Entrance Exam Aspirants, Business Men, and People who have an avid interest in Math and would like to explore something exceptional which is taking the World over by storm.

You would be learning how to speed up calculations which are stumbling blocks in mathematics. These concepts will help you in your studies for the university examinations and also for the entrance examinations you will be facing in your life.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gaurav Tekriwal

President at The Vedic Maths Forum India


Gaurav Tekriwal is the founder President of the Vedic Maths Forum India. An educator, Gaurav has been imparting High-Speed Vedic Mental Mathematics skills over the past seventeen years across the globe.

Gaurav is the author of 'Speed Math' and 'Maths Sutra - The Art of Speed Calculation' and his Complete DVD set on the topic is a popular among Students and Academicians worldwide.

Through television programs, DVDs and Books he has taken the Vedic Maths System to over 4 million students in India, South Africa, United States, Australia, UAE, Ghana, and Colombia. Gaurav is a five time TED Speaker. Awarded and Named one of India's Top Young Visionaries by Indiafrica and 'Ministry of External Affairs of India'.

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1. Introduction to Vedic Mathematics and Journey of Gaurav Tekriwal: Why can't match? Be fun. I was inspired by the mathematician and I vented matter, she says. David, before sometime, and I'm gonna show you how toe you know, just be a mathematician. I said, I don't have a mathematician Degrees said. It's not about mathematics is about communicating. Mathematics to the masses is about making Matt simple making. That's easy because people are scared of it. Why should be? Well, time on Matt with people Love to hit. This is a Vedic. Maths comes in Vedic Mozz is the words postures back. My sister, people can learn, really wants to get to develop faster. They can create jobs old except that academy that could give me better. A competent of a rich could not get through the business school, which I wanted to get in. Just forget the finance. So people said, What would you do your life? Because the whole life is in front of you. And I said, I don't know. I'm not yet found what I want to do in my life. I had lost all hope in my life. Dejected on started a new capital business off just teaching students. That was a point for my I said, This thing can be taken to a whole lot of because everybody struggled with you. Try to take really master the world. So five or four million students world life have Really I wasn't stopped after. Got some some years back and I asked the students off last 18 times seven. She drew 56 seconds. It 800 56 times she counted. Give me the wrong answer off 54 there's a shortage of math teacher science teacher in this country's. So who's gonna help them here? It comes all the way back to India. India constantly with zero, the Hindu additive system decimal system and true Really, which is a gift. Ancient seers way can have a profound impact on the world. Repeat mathematics from India to the way Theo Education Department. The government are struggling toe beat mats for the kids in India, 75% off. Fifth graders cannot do a simple division. Some 16 suits are invading mathematics. Part of it is my application by times 11. How do you do that? So your spec tree you speak to on the space So you just at three plus 25 So you put five minutes on, you've got your answer. 352 That's how simple it is. So you can take any number money back by 11 and you get the answer in split seconds. Why do you need to go through the order? So that is that in fact, comes a system like reading has given me a lot of confidence, not only in public speaking, but in other areas of life have a profound impact on whatever you do. Whatever you do be the past, that means idea what caring I have multiplied. I mean, that's what the extent for exponentially they look at it and said, Wow, Indians can do this. Felt proud to be an ambassador off India and batter off Vedic nuts while in news so respected globally. It's because of the mat skews. So if we can teach baby mounts ticket every level of society in Dallas different because through mathematics, people can enter the field of engineering economics, medicine management, why not the school? Relentless helped in information technology, chip design, very large scale integrations, quicker mats, quicker India Calculation gives a lot of confidence matters. Fun matters enjoyable, massive, entertaining matters cool. My super cool 2. About Father of Vedic Math - Tirthaji: father of Vedic mathematics, you are a spiritual CIA philosopher, great mathematician and scientist. His willingness guru, Sandra Acharya Heart Maharajah is the founder father off Vedic Mathematics. On was the ecclesiastical head off most of Hindu India. And while the apostolic successor off the first Shankar Acharya, who was the ninth century a. D, the India's greatest philosophers, he had a brilliant academy record with a master's degree in six subjects. Sanskrit history, English, philosophy, mathematics and science. From the Bomber Center off the American College of Science in 1905 when the Freedom Woman started in India, hearty Krishnaji participated in the freedom movement. Along with she also been dug ocean on Gopala Krishna Coakley on ardent nationalist. He Waas also appointed, Warding Off the Sons of India by Dr Any Present in 19 weight. In his solitude, he discerned the Galata sutras, or easy mathematical formulas on which become piles the monumental work Vedic mathematics on original contribution. In the field of mathematics and research party, Christie got the key to Garnett, the sutra recorded in the Terra Veda on Rediscovered really mathematics with help off lexical grafts. We found 16 sutras or work formulas with cover all branches off mathematics, arithmetic, algebra, geometry be a Technomic tree. 1958 us A. Tour His Holiness. She jetted grew Sandra Sharia off pourri, head of the 1000 year old Monastic Sanctuary Order on the first office leaders I went to visit the vest went for a three month tour off the United States and the United Kingdom on an invitation by the Self Realization Fellowship Asare if funded by Pharma Hansa Jurgen Under, he spoke at various lectures attended by thousands of students off various universities and organizations such as Stand for University University of California, San Diego College. He addressed a cell, a group of Caltech graduate in mathematics at California Institute of Technology. In his second discourse, he took up algebra and quadratic. So on the third iscause at Caltech, see Sanger Sharia demonstrated the applications office stories. In the field of calculus. You're deeply to the San Crotch area for his great work 3. FAQ on Vedic Math: How do you want a warm welcome to the Vedic Math Workshop? We thank you proper chasing your copy off Reddick, Matt DVD said. And we sincerely hope that could be a phenomenal learning on a high speed number crunching experience for you. I'm sure you're wondering what exactly is waiting months to understand more about the system? Let's invite the president off the waiting Matt Forum of India with the goal of taking one American cars. How are you? I'm fine. How are you? Tell me. Our viewers, I think, are very interested in knowing what exactly is Vedic math? Well, Reddick mathematics is a high speed, super far system off calculations which is hating from the ancient in the scriptures Call the radars Now radars means knowledge The fountainhead off knowledge All the solutions to the problems off life can be found in the Raiders Be held beat engineering, beard constructions being mathematics. Now these radars have bean powered with phenomenal secrets. Now there waas the father off Vedic mathematics His name Waas Jagat Guru Swami Particle Tajima Garage. Now he founded Reddick Mathematics. He went into solitude in a forest in South India for eight long years and he reconstructed the formula, which have called the Vedic sutras. Now Reddick mathematics will help students to calculate much, much faster, compared toa the modern mathematic. Now I'll give you an example. A sum like 98 Times 97. This will normally Buffel a student, Andi. He might take over 30 seconds to one minute to do it. Now with the speed on with the aid or Vedic mathematics. Ah, person can do this in less than five second flight. Now, how amazing is that? Phenomenal Now? Another thing is that Reddick mathematics, the holistic system, it is intuitive, it a systematic and disco hair. And now, with the Vedic mathematics, you can do systems and calculations much, much faster. Isn't that amazing, Alka? That's phenomenal. But, Gordo, there's so many mathematical systems which are prevalent in the world today, For instance, say Abacha's or human system of learning. And how is Ah Vedic man different from them? Well, Abacha's hill from China now in Abacus, what should have? It's a sweet learning tool and rectangular learning tool. In a wooden frame. You have buyers and have bills attached. Now, as you move those beasts in the wild you can do calculations now in Abacus, the calculations are done at high speed. You can do arithmetic. So some slight addition. Subtraction, multiplication on division. The speed of fast. But the courses long. It will take a student at least two long years to complete the entire course. So what happens? The student gets irritated. Also, another limitation off the abacus. Is that in Abacus? Uh, you cannot do sums like algebra. You cannot trigonometry. You can't do calculus or even geometry that I have invaded. Mathematics is an all encompassing subject. You can do all these subjective John mentioned and even more now, nothing which you mentioned about human Matt. Now, come on. Matt is heading from Japan. It was founded by Mr Total Human in Japan. A very divided system off automatic toe. Teach his son he was failing in the mathematics. And what he did, he did. Why the system off training now? He had a system. The work shoots where a student had to repeat these worksheets as long as he had must be off it, Willie. Then he had mastery off the subject. He really move on to the next level. So mind you in reading mathematics. There are phenomenal, different do metals. But in Kumar Matt, there are no new methods. You are doing the same some, but you're repeating it over and over again. Now are so given Example are some like 98 times 97 will take our come on through in 30 seconds. 2 45 seconds to do it. But a really Kamat student can do it much faster and much more accurately. Isn't that amazing, Alka? Yes, that's Phenomenon Gora. But there are some critics who feel that arithmetic, which is speeded out by the application of the sutras, can be performed as competently on a computer calculator. So do you think high school students should be using calculations? Well, I get that all the time, Alka. I'll be frank, but I get that all the time. Now. The thing with calculator, our kayaks. I want to ask a question to the school system. Why don't they use calculators instead of mathematics in a school system? Should they? The Children should be grown up. They should be going to school on not getting big fat books off mathematics. But they should be carrying calculator. They should be taught just how to punch numbers. Now we have all known accountants and shopkeepers who have problems in calculations. You give them a simple number 10 plus five on. But what they'll be saying, Give me a minute. I'll open like my calculator and I'll try serving it for you. Now I'm mind. Just like the body is a muscle. It needs exercise. The more you exercise your mind, the more agile and more flexible it becomes. Now, Vedic mathematics. What it does is you. It uses book left side Ebola, the right side off the brain, which is the seat of intuitive learning on creativity. Now the brain is used when you perform calculations, so the medic system a child gets more flexible, more shop. She's able to concentrate more. So don't you think calculator should be banned from school and Children should be allowed to use Vedic mathematics Now, another thing which I wanted to point out to you, is through experience. Now we have Bean having Reddick Matt, which has been increasingly becoming popular with all eight people because they would like to keep their minds occupied with something and even minds shop. So what do they do Reddick mathematics on as villas. They learned themselves, and they'll have the brains to be shopped on. What also they do is that the even TZ grandchildren so you know, very mad even helps to bring down the generation gap. So tell me more. I'm showing all your years off practicing Vedic Math's. You must have come across many anxious parents whose Children suffer from Matt Phobia. So what exactly is mad phobia and why do you suffer from it? Well, Matt phobia happens because Matt is very perfect. Now. Four plus five have to be nine. And that's what scares the Children away, because in other subjects like English or geography, you have you can learn in different ways you can wrote loan, But Matt cannot be lord learned. That is what scared the troubles away. You have to apply logic. You have to apply a concentration, and through that you can dive at the answer. That is why Matt is becoming a problem in all the country there on the world on DMAT is becoming the most tickets subject now. We did a survey among students now, the service said, with subject like the best math will know where even mentioned among the subjects. Now you do that. You know why Martin becoming a problem now? Reddick. Matt can help here. What raided Matt can do. You can make math fun, exciting. Interesting. Why? Because not only you were able to do big problems in less time much, much faster. You're able to do it correctly. That's what zooms up your confidence, Alka, that Fordham's overconfidence and create an excitement and curiosity in the student. Now that's what gets student in ward in mathematics, and he gets more introductory and tried out different things in mathematics. So tell me more. We have students who lack concentration these days. There's so many things toe, you know, distract them. How does Radek Matt help in improving concentration? Well, a Reddick mat suits that can help to improve concentration tremendously. Alka it. Zoom up your concentration level. It'll speed up your memory systems and also speed up your calculation, and you will be able do it much, much faster now. How did the sutra able to track? What happens is, Then we apply a basic math system sutra. What happens? You apply the left side of your brain as well as the right side of the brain, the left side of the brain, the seat off logical and sequential learning now the right side of your brain in seed off creativity. Seat off into shin seat off emotions. Now in the right off, when the left side Ebola the right side meets. What happens is the impeccable synergy, and the synergy gives you speed. This energy increases concentration. You tend to improved yourself much, much faster. Geniuses, which has been said, always use both sides off the brain. Tell me if this sounds amazing, but I have heard that Vedic math concepts are being used by NASA scientists do. Is it possible for you to give us some information on that? Yes, Alka, the Reddick math algorithms is being tremendously being used in the ICTY system Now. It has been used not only by NASA in artificial intelligence. It had been used in chip chip designing by Intel. There. Other applications are vedic mathematics to in the field of information technology, especially chip designing digital signal processing. Discreet for your transform. Bielsa Automatic Arce security systems. It's amazing, the feeling enormous. Now the founder of Vedic Math Salami, Partick extra Tater Gee, he rent in 1958 on a photo, USA Now! He told a lot off university's chief among being Caltech. Stanford. A mighty set now the lecture, which he gave at California. Information off technology. What a phenomenal it will receive, like crazy. Now what you talked about his Vedic math ultra. And if you lord, if you go through the progressive, that's off computers after that. What, you will see that there's a remarkable improvement in computer technology. This is basically due to the Vedic Sutras. Research has been carried on more. And if I give you more information about NASA Dr Rick Briggs, he is a nasty not sash Norma, and he has been using Vedic maths system with great use. Even engineer at Microsoft had been using Vedic mathematics. In fact, it is a complicity cost for engineers who go from India to America, toe be equipped with the skills off basic mathematics. This far we are convinced that we dig. Matz seems to be the very good bet for young Children. But what about high school students do? Does it facilitate them toe? Remember, the complicated formulas are calculated. Yes, it facilitated by giving them 16 sutras or work formulas and 13 coronaries off sutras. Now, through these 16 13 29 formula word formulas, you can do systems in mathematics with arithmetic, algebra, calculus. Now I'll give you an example of system. They'll sutra. It's called All from nine and last from 10. I repeat, it's called All from Nine on Last from 10 through this sutra toe. This formula, what you can do, you can do instant subtractions. You can do instant multiplication. You can even do division. Now, how impressive would that be? Once or one formula, and you have so many different applications, I'll give you another application. Sutra. It's called a vertically and crosswise in the water clean crosswise. What you can do, you can do one line arithmetic or this one line arithmetic sutra will help you to do five digits into five digits in less than one minute less than one minute. Now, the same suit franca will be used in division finding square roots. How to find Square s. Isn't that amazing, even in algebra now, isn't that a meeting? And fascinating? That's super verve, but another ready Yes, their parents who know that the Children intelligent, quite a few intelligent Children around. But the problem is, they make careless mistakes. Does with a man helping toe Vedic mathematics zero at a technique to Reddick mathematics in a some When you do it to the Vedic math system that the in bill checking system, you can check from various angles better your some is correct or not. So it zero at a technique. The parents and the Children become much more shopper. The chances of making mistakes is zero. So imagine what Bush and confidence will this system give toe the child and even the parents who will not have to bother around with solving the credit all the time. One system, one application, the right answer at the right time. What I'm sure by now, the parents are really anxious for the young ones to start. But how early can one start? Well asked. A trial can start as young as nine years when he has learned the concept off Addition, subtraction Multiplication division. The basic concepts can be talked to a child when in nine years old Lee on for little higher concepts. In Vedic mathematics, one has to be a teenager. 13 14 years. Plus, we recommend high speed mathematics. Tow them. They'll be able to much grasp the concept. Another child gets older by the time he's 18 and 19 late twenties. What she can do Hey can go on with the concepts of trigonometry, calculus, even solving sums like in the Kepler's creations, etcetera, that will be amusing and other any educational tools and books available you can access Yes , if you go to our website. Www dot vedic matt India dot org. If you go to a that side, they detail sections on books, their radios, books available by various authors on different Vedic Matt subjects from intermediate level . So the elementary level through the advanced level, the law off courses available that even e books available on that side, a different section horse. The DVD where I'm sure you bought it from and you'll find the the video is listed were working on the Advanced Redick Matt system there. Another thing is that soon be a developing on Earth side course on online cause on Redick Mathematics. Now that will be soon in some worlds time. Oh, that's great, girl. I think everybody is raring to see your workshop. No, let's go ahead and to the workshop. Yes, absolutely. Let us go. Move on where I will be teaching You are hard to calculate its grass first in less than five seconds. Squared off numbers ending in five in less than five seconds. Let us go and see how to do it. 4. Squares of Numbers ending in 5: Okay, so now I'm gonna show you how fertile, squared off numbers ending in five in less than three seconds flat. So let us move on. Let's see how. Let's take for example, 35 into 25. You have 35 into 35. Now we are going to see how to do 25 times 35 less than three seconds flat. So what we have we have 35 into 35 35 times 25. So we see that in the units place in the units place, you have five and five now, five last five add up to 10 5 plus five out of 10. Now, you see, another thing is that in the tens place you have the numbers are saying you have three and you have three. So I ran the numbers in the units place at a pretend, and when the tents places same what you have to do, you have to apply a simple Vedic math formula, or sutra, which is called by one more than the previous one by one more than the previous one. Now the Sanskrit name for this is a Codec una for Veena ka stickina. poor Vienna by one more band, the one before. So let us see this. We see that five plus five x 10. The 10 spaces seem so to get the first part of the answer. What we do is we applied by one more band, the one before we have three. So what's one more than three? One more than three is full. So we multiply three wit fall to give us Dr that the first part off the answer we multiply three with four to give us 12 Now to get the second part of the answer. What we have to do? We have five. We multiply 55 to give us 25 so answer becomes 1225 Answer becomes 1225 Now, if you're having understood, do not panic. I'm going to explain it to you once again. I'm gonna explain it to you once again how to do 35 into testifying Electric, for example, 35 on 35. Here we see that five and five adds to 10 the units place acts to 10. Now we move on and we also see that the units place. It's same that the units. Place is saying we have three here on. You have a three. Here it is. Same. So, what we do to get the solution? What we do, We apply the formula by one war than the previous one on the one more than the one before. So what's one more than three? One more than three is full. So we multiply three wit fall to give us 12 and what we do to get the second part of the answer be, multiply five with five to give us 25 so answer becomes one toe to five. Answer becomes one toe through five. Isn't that amazing in that fast? Now let's I'm gonna show you how to do 85 to 85 in the similar way. I know you have the answer ready, But im yet gonna show you how to do it Since the the beginning sounds 85 times 85. What to do? You have units which adds up to 10. The tense places are same. So what we do, we have it. What comes after it? Nine. That's correct. Eight times nine gives us 72 on to get the second part of the answer what we do. We have five. We multiply five with five again to give us 25. So the answer to 85 times 85 give us 72 to 5 gives us 7 to 5. I'm gonna show that to you were just another time, not a C 85 times 85. Once again, we have waited five times. 85. The simply multiply five with five to get 25. That's the second part of the answer on To get the first part, we multiply 89 to give us 72 so answer becomes 72 through five. Answer becomes seven to toe five. Well, let's try some more sums. We have 45 square and 55 square that already is down on the board, so we start from 45 square 55 square. I'm sure you are having the answers, very as when I speak them. 65 square 75 square, 85 square 95 square, 105 square, 115 square on 25 square 135 square. Let us see hard. Do these problems much, much faster now 45 square. What we have to do. We are fall. What comes after 454 times five gives 20 on five into five gives us 25 so the first answer becomes up 20 to 5. Let's see the next time. 55 square What we have to do. Five. The first time is five. What comes after 565 times six gives us tucked E and five square gives us 25 so the answer becomes 30. 25 c. It's easy. Once we know the principal asked. Toe behind the Redick Matt formula, it is much, much faster. It's less than three second folks less than three seconds. You can do it much, much faster. 65 square. You have 65 square six. What comes after 676 times seven give you 42 on five square. Give you 25 so the answer becomes four. Double toe, 54 double to five. Let's see 75 square. Try it. If you're still not getting a tribe who have seven. What comes off the seven. One more than seven. One more than 78 7 times eight. We are lower tables, the 56 so you have 56 at the first part of the answer on To get to the second part of the answer. We are five square five square is 25. So the answer becomes 56 to 5. That's the next 1 85 times 85 or 85 square. We have it eight times nine gives us 72 and five square gives us 25 so the answer becomes seven. Double to 57 double to find. Let's see the next some is 95 square. Or try that. Yes, you have the answer correctly. It is 90 to 5 90 25 You have 105. Don't panic in the sun. Just divide and do it 105 square. Simply put a stroke here. Now you see five on five. Other pretend then and then I see. So you have to visualize 105 below 105. What happens? It's five on five. Stand 10 and tell the same. So what happens? You have 10. What's one more than 10. One more than 10 is 11 now. What's 10 time? 11. Very simple 110. It's 100 and 10 and the second part as usual. Report. 25 5 square is 25 115 square, 115 square. You have 11 now 11 times 12 11 times 12 is 132 is 132. That the first part off our answer on to get to the second part of the answer. The simply square 55 squares 25. So answer becomes 13 double to 513 double to find. Let us look at the next time it is 1 25 square 1 25 square first part 12 times 13. Now, if you are having slight problems in during 12 times 13 just rate I'm gonna teach you are fantastic matter after how you can do numbers mentally, 12 times 13. But for the meanwhile on we'll tell you 12 times 30 is 1 56 So the 1st 1 of the answer here is 1 56 and the second part B no is 25 so the answer becomes 156 to 5. Let's see the next some 1 35 square that's going fast is getting fast, so the first part is 13 times 14 which is 182. And then finally, you have to five. Now, how fast was that? I'm anything, isn't it? These are the secrets Toe Vedic Mathematics. These are the secret to Redick Mathematics. You can do the sounds much, much faster. This is the algae Brickell proof. Before going on to the next topic, I'll show you the algae Brickell proof as to how can this be done? All the Reddick math met her. Did not tricks or shortcuts. These have been pro one algae Brickley on scientifically proven. So you have value better You proof 10 x plus five into 10 X plus five equals 100 X into X plus one plus 25. Now you know that X is the number off? 10 The multiple off 10. Say, if you're using 65 square so the multiple of 10 is six. So x denote for the multiple of 10. So in the formula you apply instead of ex, you apply six. So we see here. You see here this is 100 x x plus one are this means say, if you have Children 65 so this part means six into six plus one or six pass one into 76 in tow. Seven is 42. So that's the first part of the answer. Now 100 stands for the placement value 100 stands for the placement value. So let us go on. And I'm sure you an interesting some. Let's see. So you're seeing some interesting sums. 26 times. 24 48 times 40 to 67 times 63 Now, what is so special about these thumbs? If we note very carefully friends, if we know what very carefully. If you see the units place, let us take 26 times 24. If you see this very carefully, friends, what we have in the units place you have six and four now six and four adds to 10 six and four after 10 on. We see that in the 10th place you have to and to you have to and to so which meaning the 10th is the same. So can we apply the same formula we applied before? Yes, absolutely. We can apply the same formula by one more band. The one before on. We can do this some faster, less. It is. So you have, uh, six times fall six times full. Give you 24 on to get the first part, you have to What comes after two, three, two times three. Give you six. So the answer to this some 26 times 24 is 624. Let us see the next town 48 times. 42 48 times 42. So in the some we see that eight on to the other. Pretend on the 10th space is seen it into either to 10 and the 10th place the same. So we apply the same formula by one more than the one before. So we have four. What's one more than four five? So four times five gives you 20 on you have we multiply eight with two to give us 16. So the answer becomes 20162016 How much time did that take? Isn't it accurate? You can do it in less than three seconds flat. Let's see the next Some 67 dines 63 67 times 63. So what we do here be against the same sequence be against in the same sequence 73 after 10 6 and seven are same. So what we do remotely past seven and three, it gives us 21 we get the first part of the answer. You take six and we multiplied with seven. This gives you 42 so the answer becomes for double toe one. The answer becomes for double to one. I'll show you one more important some, and you'll see that there's a difference here. We take 71 into 79. Now tell me the answer. Have you got 560 night? If you have, that's incorrect. What needs to be done here? The some in 71 times 79. What needs to be done is that one and nine after 10. That gives you nine seven in tow. Eight. Give you 56. So you have got 5 69 But what actually be done? The right hand side part will have two digits Will have toward its. So instead of nine be right. 09 Think about it. 71 into 79 Cannot be a small number like 5 69 So answer is 5609 is 5609 that everyone? Yeah, that sums again. 26 times 24 6 24 48 times 42 2016 67 times 63 is for 22 What? Okay, this being less to the end off the first part, where have taught you hospital squares in less than three seconds flat now will be moving on, and we'll be learning how to multiply numbers. With 11 to 19 we're learning hard to multiply numbers with 11 to 19 in the next segment lets No one. 5. Multiplying numbers from 11 to 19: Okay, Now I'm gonna show you how to multiple numbers with 11. 12 13 14 19. It's a very easy mattered, and it's called adding to the neighbor. Let us see how to do it. Let's take, for example, 32 into 11 tutti toe into 11. Very simple matter. Let's see how we have a crew digit three and two, and you have to multiply it with 11. So what you do simply split the number into two parts. Have a look here. Three comes here. Two comes here with the space between. What if we do? We simply add three plus two to give us five on bass around so that simple 352 I repeat it once again. See you have three separate to separate the split. The numbers split the numbers three and two between. Just add the two numbers up. You have 3 52 that a simple 352. I'll give you one more example. 71 into 11. 71 into 11. Spread the number seven and one now seven and one. What needs to be done? Simply add seven plus one. Is it the answer? 781 is very fast, very fast friends. If you haven't gone to this, if you haven't understood, I'm going to explain to you. Once again, let's have a look. Split the two digits three and two left tonight parts you have a space between. What did we do? They simply add three plus two to give us five on 300 profit to either answer. There's no need to do anything else. Absolutely. Just add numbers and get the answer. Let's take for example, 1234 1234 times 11. You write down the number 1234 on you put the strokes. Besides it, report two strokes on two zeros. Now the metal is called adding to the neighbor the mattress coils adding to the neighbor. So you add to the neighbor. So the neighbor off to is one and three. Neighbor of tree is two and four. So what you do, you add the right hon? Tried neighbor. You act to the right hand side neighbor. See like this. And I threw the metal. What we do calculate. 1234 times 11 we had four plus zero gives us four. I repeat, three plus four gives a seven two plus three. Gives us five one plus two. Gives us three zero. Does von gives us one, and this 135 cent for is our answer. What, that too fast for you? Don't why I'll show it to you once again. 1234 times. 11. Should I don't the number one cool 34 You put those strokes on two zeros. B ad For the number. Be add to the neighbor. It's like this 40 gives you four Repeat. 40 gives you fall three plus four gives you seven. Two plus tree. Give you five one plus to give you three zero plus one. Give you one so the answer becomes 13574 135 seven full. Let's take another some Triple seven into 11 in this some. It'll involve Cariou. This some being involved. Some gatti over. Let's have a look. What you do. 70 give you seven San Plus seven. Give you 14. So, what to do? It's a core digit number 14. The four digit number. So what do you do? You're right full on carry one mentally up above in your head, up above in your head. One who sang about 13 14 1 up. Seven plus seven again. 14. That's 1 15 to write. Five. Carry one now zero plus 77 That's one which you have carried, is it? The answer becomes 8547 The answer becomes 85 for seven. I lip read this for you. Once again. Just have look Triple seven into 11. You put those trucks, you know what happens? What we do. You act with the neighbor to neighbor a 70 You add 70 Give you seven Now what gives you next? Seven plus seven give you 14. So right for Gary one God. If rightful Gaddy one now again sent. The seven is 14 plus 1 15 So you have five on one above in your head. Five and Alana Bob in your head Now zero plus seven is seven plus one is eight. So the answer becomes +8547 The answer becomes 8547 I sure you under the sun 6 57 in cu 11 . Six of the seven into 11. What we do We acted the neighbor again. Let's see how 70 gives you seven. That the next step five Last seven five plus seven give you 12 to write to Gatti one. Now let me wander. The next step six plus five gives you 11 plus 1 12 So two on one carry again. Zero plus six is six plus one is seven. So you are. Answer becomes seven. Double to seven. You answer becomes seven double to seven film. No matter how long the number is to multiply with 11 you can just use this principle and multiplied much, much faster. I take a longer number this time. Let's take 12345 12345 times 11. Let's see how to do this number strokes zero. What we do, we add five plus zero is five 54 plus 59 three bus for seven. Two plus three is five. One plus two is three zero plus run is one. So the answer becomes 135795135795 I do this once more. 505 plus five is nine. Three plus four is seven to plus tree is +51 plus two is +30 plus one is one. So the answer becomes +13579 Fire. I want to show you the I typical proof of how to multiply with 11. So supposing when we must repair any number with 11 benry, multiply any number with 11. What we do say we have 67 into 11. So what we have when you're multiplying with 11 what we are doing your first multiplying with 10 and then with one and then adding the two numbers up your first multiplying. Then with first retain Ben with one on, then adding the two numbers up. So if we take a B c D, and we have too much impact them by 11 who want you first to we put a zero in front of them and back of them we have zero a B c D. Zero on. You have to multiply this by 11. So what we do so we take 10 in is equal toe. One lack into zero plus 10,000 into a plus 1000 be plus 100 C plus 10 b plus, one in tow. Zero. That's a break up. So 10 times this number give you this off. Take plastic end. That's once we have 10,000 0 plus 1000. Hey, plus 100 B plus 10 C plus one de Now when we add this to up what we what we get We get one lack into zero plus 10,000 a class 10,000 zero in 20 plus 1000 B plus 1000 A plus We have 100 c here we have 100 b plus. We have 10 b and we have 10 C. Again, we have one in 20 and we have plus running to the sore and we address to up. If you see this is this is zeros place. Now we have 10,000 plus zero for the 10,000 place we have well, lack into zero last 10,000 A plus zero you're saying when we adhere we had zero plus a blast 1000 A plus B takes care of this. Then we have 100 c plus b The stakes get of this plus 10 c plus d mystic fed of this plus one into deep as view. So if you see what this formula this proof gives us is adding to the neighbor. So if you look at last place, we have deep as you know, but gives you d plus zero. Then you have tense place. You have C plus teeth. So you have C plus D than in the hundreds Place you have C plus B or B plus C Which is that the neighbor again again? In the 1000 space, you have a plus B. Is this on? In the 10,000 place you have April 00 plus eight. So, friend, this is a very powerful proof and I'll be giving you proof of each and every matter which I will repeat you in the system for now, Let us move on and I'm gonna show you how to multiply. Writ 12 numbers how to multiply 12. Let us take this number. Let's take for example 1234 into 12. 1234 into 12. The procedure is seen be Write down the number We put two strokes and two zeros. Now there's a difference Initially with 11 What we were doing is we were adding to the neighbour. We were adding to the neighbor. But here what we do, we will double and then act of the neighbour. We will double and then act to the neighbor. So you have 12. You have to hear so real double on actors, neighbor, not my new friends. Doubling is not squaring. Doubling is twice, two times two double off 8 16 double off nine is 18 not 81 Double of three is six. Double of three is not nine. We just have to keep that in mind. So let us see the stamp. 1234 with 11 over 20. So 1234 We have full be double for and it gives you it not 16. Mind you four doubles. It gives you it. So it plus zero gives you eight. Let us move on to the next step. We have three double off three Double 36 six blasts. Four is then so relight. Zero on one Cario up in the head Now what we have to now we have to double of two is four. We immediately add the cardio Be immediately at the carried over to into two is four plus one is five. Blustery is age everyone, we have fun. One doubles is too two plus two is four zero Doubles zero plus one is one, so answer becomes one for 80814808 Ongoing. Show this to you one more time, so that is completely ingrained in your minds. Let us see. 1234 12. Once again, the matter is again, I would say doubling on adding to the neighbor. It's called doubling and adding toe the neighbor again. We put two strokes and two zeros and we add to the neighbor Be add the neighbor. The first step four plus zero redouble for on added 204 doubles is it? It gives us it three three doubles gives a 66 plus four gives a stain. So put down zero and carry one. We put down zero on Gary one here. Next step to doubles for four plus tree gives you seven plus one gives you it. So you have eight as 1/3 digit off your answer. One double we double one to get to and we add the neighbor to gives you for So you have four here and lastly we have 00 doubles gives you zero plus one gives you one. So the answer becomes 1480 it one for it. 08 I'm gonna show you another. What I'd love some off multiplying with. Well, let's take, for example, Triple seven. In 2 12 we had the strokes and put zeros. So now what we're going to do double Double seven gives us 40 40 plus zero gives us 14 react right full carry one off. Seven plus seven is 47 Doubles gives you 40 14 plus seven. Give you 2121 pass. One gives you 22 so you have to there and to carry, so you have seven again. Seven doubles gives you 14 40 plus to give you 60. 16 plus seven gives you 23 so you have three carry, too. I can you have 00 doubles gives you zero plus toe. Give you two plus seven gives you nine so your answer becomes +93 to 4. Your answer becomes +93 to 4. Let's take one more some Let's take the number friends to 745 months. Let's take 27451 12 We put a stroke. We put zeros. Let us do to 7451 bit 12. So we have one. Be double one. It gives us too. Two plus zero gives us too. We have five be. Double five gives us 10. 10 plus one gives us 11. So we have one on carry one again. We have full be double for gives us it. Eight plus one gives us nine nine plus five gives us 14. So we are four Gatti run, we have seven. Double seven gives us 40 14 past one gives us 15 15 plus four. Give us 19. She have nine carry. One 22 doubles give you 44 plus one gives you five five plus seven Give you 12 so you have to Daddy one zero doubles gives you zero plus one. Gives you 11 pass to gives you three. So answer becomes 3 to 9 for one to you. Answer becomes 3 to 941 toe. Absolutely. Now, friends, we have seen how to multiply number with 11 and 12. Now what I'm going to do, I'm gonna show you how to multiply with 13 to 19 now the rule is simple. I'm going to give you a rule off the camp which is come rule for 13 to 19 Now it's simple for 13. What we're gonna do, we gonna simply multiply 13 when we do it. What funeral do we want? 03 times Acto the neighbor for 12. What we were doing, we're doing double and active the neighbor for 13. What we're gonna do, we gonna do three times Acto the neighbor for 14. Similarly, they will do four times. Add would enable 15 5 times 18 8 times, 19 9 times. Add the neighbor defeat for 30. What General Dodo ruler tumble were? No. I tries the neighbor three times. The neighbor 44 times a neighbor 15. You wanna add five times through the neighbor Artal 19. This works and give you nine times. They never let go of some. 1234 with 30 I'm going to do 1234 bit 30. Let's see how I do it. Very, very simple. 1234 with 13 for full. Three times four is 12 12 0 is 12. So we right to carry one, three, three times. We gives you 99 pass one. Give you 10. 10 plus four. Give you 14. We have four carry one do two times three give you 66 plus one. Give you 77 plus three gives you 10 so you have zero. Carry one. Now you have one price of one is 33 plus one is 44 plus two is six zero trace of 00 That's one gives you one. So the answer is once eg zero for two. The answer is 1604 toe. Is that simple? Friends? Is that simple? So I have given you till now. Have do squares ending in five on how to modify numbers with 11 till 19 in much, much faster re. Let's move on to another section. This is an important section where I'll be teaching you how to multiply numbers close through the base, the base meaning close to the powered off. 10. It is very, very interesting section friends, and in this section you will learn hard to do. Sounds like 98 times 97 in less than five seconds. Let's see this 6. Multiplication by the Base Method - Part 1: Okay, friend. Now I'm gonna show you the base Met Hood. Now, with the help of this weight mattered, you can multiply with powers off 10 in a much, much faster way. Let us see how to do this. Let's take the some eight into seven. Eight into seven friends. No rocket signs. We all know that the answer is 56. But what we gonna do? We gonna first build our foundation? They're gonna understand how to do the simple tour. Digits are single digit sums very, very fast. And we understand the principles we build our foundation on. With the help of the foundation, we will be doing bigger sons. So first, let us see how to do it in tow. Seven. Now, friends, I give you two important rules here. I give you two important rules. You can take them down, please. Because I'd all subtract the cross, add or subtract and we multiply, particularly because I had also cracked on. We multiply BOTTICELLI. I tell you what. That cross addition and subtraction on multiplying vertically is Let's get back to the sum it into seven. So here we have it. Time. Seven. No. First tell me eight and seven their nearest to what powered off. Then they need us to then agents having the abortion issue 10 tell me, is a above 10 or below 10. Is it about 10 or below 10? It is bloated below by how much below? By two. Since it is below what we do, we subtract minus do It is below toe below by how much too. So we have minus two. Similarly, seven seven is below. So we write. Minus three are the first rule which I gave you. Waas. Be cross add all subtract cross by. We cross, add or subtract. Let's see how, because add or subtract. This is across. Add or subtract. We have a signed negative year. So what will You will cross? Subtract. So it minus three gives us the first Barbara just five. I repeat it minus three off across a track eight Ministry give you five. What we also see is that seven minus 27 minus two. This gives us five so we can do it. Either ways, either this stagnant or the other Dagny weaken with Italy and we'll get the first part of the answer. Fire. Had it beat it once again friends the first part. Whenever received, we compare it as toe which nearest part off then it is in this case eight and seven. They're both close to 10. So what we do? We see it is blow 10 by how much? It is below 10 by two. So we like minus two and last 7/7 is below 10 by how much? Blood minus three. So Jack is ready now to begin with the calculation, What we do be grass. Add or subtract So eight minus tree We cross subtract, gives us five or we can go the other way seven managed to also gives us five Now the second rule which I gave you. While we multiply vertically, we multiply vertically so we might diplomatically here, minus two into minus three, minus toe into ministry Give us plus six. The second part is six. So the country it answer becomes 56 fell. It will be a little difficult for you to do this. You just understand this mattered on friends. It will be much faster and we're sure the some to you again. Let's see. Eight is below 10 by two. So we have minus two seven is below 10 by three. So we have minus three. The first part we crossed Subtract gives us five on minus toe into minus tree. Give us six. So that gives us 56. Let's move on and see another son. Nine into seven. Try and do this nine into seven for the first part. What will happen is 99 is below 10 by how much? Nine is below 10 by one. So we have minus one Now 77 is below 10 by how much? Seven is below 10 by three. So we have minus three for the first time. What we do re grass. Subtract So we grass subtract are nine ministry or we can do it the other way. Seven minus one nine Ministry or Sarah minus one. It gives us six. The first part of the answer. Now the second part of the answer be multiply but it li be multiplied vertically so minus one into three, minus one into three. Give the three. So the complete answer becomes 63. Let's look at another some nine into it. Nine to it. We all know the answer 72 but we will learn our foundations we're gonna learn are basics. Toe this through nine into set it so nine is below 10 below 10 by how much? One. So we have minus one since it is below rewrite by this one. It it is below 10 by how much? It is below 10 by two. So rewrite minus two. The first part of the answer we cross subtract nine minus two are eight minus 78 minus one nine minutes to eight minus one would give us seven on the second part of the answer. What we do Minus one in tow minus two. Which gives us two. So minus one times managed toe gives us positive to the answer becomes 70 to let us have a look at it. Interesting. Some very interesting. Some eight times, four, eight times for now. What is so interesting? About eight times for violent retired. Solve it now. Eight times four. I will show you how to do eight times for and I'm also going to introduce a rule here. I'm also going to introduce a rule here eight times for no have you know it is below 10. By how much? By two, four is below 10 by Harmon. So we have six minus six now to get the first part of the answer. What we have to do, We have to cross Subtract So it minor six gives us too On what do we have? Minus two into minus six. Gives us read. Now imagine. Is this our answer? Eight into 40. Is this our answer? No, Absolutely not at such a bigger answer. So what we do now? See, I introduced the rule. The rule is the person truth. See you 10. Now the number 10 have harmony Zeros. It has van zero Number 10 has 10 So on the right hand side part of the answer. The right hand side part of your answer will have only one digit will have only a single lead Now since here in this cave they act or digits. So we have to make a correction. So what we do? We take a one and we carry it toe to we take a one and we carry it toe to and it becomes How do you do? I repeat friends. I repeat 10 that this is the most important part 10 has 10 10 has one view. So on the Russian side, apart on the rack inside part, they will be only advantage it there will be only one digit in the units place. There will be only one digit now, since you have, you have to or digits We take a one we carried over the left. The added or two. It becomes 32. I answer becomes 32. Let's see this again Here minus two minus six, two and 12. What happens? We have a carry over. One gets added to here. One gets added to on. This becomes 32. Let's take a new some. It does five. It turns five by Don't you do the carryover effect for the self? Let me see. We have minus tool. Then we have minus five. The first part off our answer will be three second. But on this becomes 40 minus two Intermont. If I give this 10 and this gets adjusted and gives us 40 let's take the next one seven times six, seven times six. Why don't you try seven times six. We have minus three. Then we have minus fall The flash partof our answer. Give us three second part off around. So give us 12. The redo. The Cariou. We had one. We had 123 gives us 42. It gives us 42 Elastica because some How about 99 times 97. How about 99 times 97? Let's see how to do this. I'm sure you have an answer. Ready, but I'm gonna explain it to you nonetheless. You have 99. Let's see what you have done first. No. 99 97. As you can see, they're both clothes. 200. So on the right hand side, there will be two digits there to zero. So there will be two digits. What you have 99 99 above 100 or below 199 is below 100. Muhammed by one to rewrite minus one on 97 is about 100 or below 100 is below by how much? By three. So we have minus three. Let's take the flush spot. We cross a track 99. Ministry gives us 96. Let's see what you have done. Minus one into minus 303. Is this around? So no friends? This is not an answer. 9 63 is not an answer by simply because we have omitted the placement truly being omitted. The very powerful placement through our placement rule said 100 has two zeros. The number 100 has two zeros, so therefore on the right hand side. But on the right hand side part, they will be two digits. There will be two digits. So let's see what we can do here and start off minus funding, depleting with mystic again what we do. 99 1100 by one. So instead of fighting, one b died 01 eternal writing. One be right. 01 97 below 100. But how much? By three? So instead of writing 303 the first part of the answer 99 minus 03 will give us 96 on the second part of the answer. Minor 01 in tow. 03 A manager one time 03 give you 03 So 90 grill tree is our answer. 9603 is our answer. Now let's see the next some. You've been all rating for this, but let's see the calculation first, minus one minus three. You have done this. That is incorrect. So what we should do? 9997. We have minor 01 minus 03 96 minus 01 into mine and 03 We multiply and it gives us 03 ever wanted the next time. Yes, this is the sound. But you have all been waiting for hard to do. 98 times. 27 in less than five seconds. Let's I'll show you. Why don't you try? I'll country fight and I'm sure the sound must be done. Ok, one do three, four or five. Okay. I'm sure you have an answer. I'm sure you have an answer, but I won't solve it for you nonetheless. Let's have a look. 98 times 97. So we have 95 little six 9506 Notably solve this for you again. 98 times 97. They're both below 100 right? Minor zero to miners Little tree 98 we crossed. Subtract minor zero tree will give us 95 and we multiply about Italy Minor zero to in 20 tree will give us 06 So the answer becomes 9506 How much time didactic. How much time that wanted fast is incredibly fast. You can do it in less and five seconds. Imagine through this system, it's five seconds. But if you do the system through the modern system or the conventional way, which you have been doing, it will take you anyway between 30 seconds to one minute to do the some anywhere between 30 seconds to one minute to do the son. Let's move on and I'll show you some more sums. Let's do this 96 into 94 96 into 94. Well, do you have an answer? Let's see. 90 to fall 90 to 4. I'm gonna show you the definition on the six times 94 on the six multiplied with Andy full . So what you have you have minus zero fall minus 06 We crossed. Subtract 96 million 06 Give you 90 man. Is it a four in tow? Little six gives you 24 so the answer becomes 902 for the answer becomes 90 24 Let's take a look at the next time. Let's see the next some I have for you. 88 times. Idiot! 87 times it yet 78 times. 97 56 times 98 Take some time out on Do the sums. I repeat the four sums 88 times. Idiot. 87 times, idiot. 78 times 97 and 56 times 98. You can part the DVD if you want right now, and then switch it on when you have a solution and then see me walking out the solution again for you. Okay? Now I'm gonna show you the solutions to these four sons. I'm gonna surely the solutions with these four sums. Okay, let's see the solution. The foursome. 88 times. 88 For what? We have hundreds of base. So we have minus 12 miners. 12th 88 minus 12. Idiot minus 12 gives us 76 on 12 times 12. Gives us 1 44 12 times. DWells gives you 1 44 So now 100 water beef. We apply the placement rule. Batard that since 100 has two zeros. There will be two religious on the rational side. But since there three digits, we make an adjustment. We take one. We carry it to 76. Our answer becomes 7744 The answer becomes 77 44 lets you connect some 87 times. Idiot. 87 times it yet. So we have minus 30 minus 12. 87. Minus 12 Gives us 75 and 13 times 12. Gives us 1 56 13 times 12 gives us 16 Our bases 100. Our bases 100. They should be through the door on the right hand side, but they are three digits, so we take an additional legit be added to 75. This becomes 7656 If you're going on, sir, Congratulations. 7656 Let's take this next some 78 into 97. 78 into 97. So on the right hand side, we had minus 22 minus 03 I'm sure all if you have got that minus 22 on minors Little three . It's very, very simple. Friends. If you haven't understood if this is getting way above your head, don't be excited. Don't be or event. Go back on D. C. The DVD again. From the beginning you will understand. Now I'm going Toe explained this 78 97 very bottom zone. What we do 78 miners Willow Tree, 78 miners 03 gives you 75 because subtract behind minus 22 times minor 03 gives us 66 so the final answer becomes 75667566 Let's see next, some 56 times 98. Let's see the next some 56 times 98. So you have minus 44 minor zero to. So the first part of the answer gives us 54. We cross up back 56 minus two 54 then we multiply. 44 into two. Gives us 88 so answer becomes 54 it yet view of the four sounds. Let's have a look at the next four sums. 88 times 91 $25. 98. Tipper Line in tow. Double 97 Triple line into double line seven. Triple line into nine. Double it. I repeat, 88 into 91 25 into 98. Triple line into double line seven. Andi. Lastly tip. Align in tow. 98 It. You can solve these by pausing yard DVD and then we'll go with solutions once you over. Okay, let us see the solution for this four sums. I give you 88 times 91 addressing the solution 88 times 91. So you have the bases 100. You have minus 12. We have minor 09 Remember, 09 Do not put nine. Because what will happen at the end of it. When you do here, you make a mistake. You make an error. But you are right. It all this put the number of zero that for 88 money 09 We'll give you a 79 and 12 times nine will give you 108 one extra. We carry it. Gives us a 008 gives us a double 08 on This is our answer. That's his next song. 25 dines 98. I'm sure that something happening quickly now. I'm fairly farms That happening quickly on the confidence on the speed is building up. I'm sure you you are. In the time we started this DVD, there's a remarkable difference in confidence from the beginning to now something happening faster and you improving lesson some 25 times 98. So we have minus 75 the base. Look here the basic 100. We take a common base. We cannot take two bases. We cannot take two races, will have a common base. So we have 25 on 98 will say the border told US 200. Andi relied a difference. 25 is below 100. Billow 100 by how much? By 75. Right? Minus 75 on 98 is below 100 by how much? By two. So rewrite miners zero to the first part. Off answer will be 25 minus zero to but give us 23 on the second part of the answer will be 75 times toe, which is 1 50 Is this complete answer? No, What we have to do is we have to do the carryover 23 plus one gives us 24 +50 remains. So +2450 is that answer. Do for 50 is our answer. Let's move on the next some. Okay, let's see the next time which I gave you triple line into double line seven. Triple line into double line seven. Let's have a look this time it is gonna be interesting because the base is 1000. The base is 1000. So, what you gonna do instead of writing minus 01 now you're gonna write minus 001 So 999 is one below 1000. So instead of writing 1001 red minors, you 01 because 1000 has three zeros. So in the right inside, there will be three digits. Now there will be three digits. Remember, always repeating this again. Again. The number of zeros which are then in your base will be there on the right and said number of zeros you have on the base. The same number of digits will be there on the right hand side. So you have triple line manageable. 01 double line seven. You have manageable 03 So to get the first part of the answer, what we do with triple line Because subtract miners, double little tree. It gives you 9 96 And to get the second part, what did you do? You multiply vertically, Andrea. Zero wanting to see the tree gives 003 So the complete answer you have 99 16 to 00 tree Now , Friend, look at this meeting. Supportively Supposedly nine triple nine into double line seven. Difficult. Some triple lined double line seven. Typical Difficult. Some people will have problems or they will scare away from this kind of a problem with the system, how easy it has become and how fast I just become. You can virtually do some slight these very, very fast unless you want. And see the final some triple line into nine. Double eight. Very, very simple. Very, very easy. Let us see how you do it faster. So you have minor 001 minus 012 So triple line minus 01 to give you give you 9 87 The second part will give you the other one times ill want to give you 0123 Answer becomes 9870129701 to have a look at interesting. Some 1 23 Dying's triple line 1 23 times, Triple nine. Very important. Some Why don't you try it on your own By Don't try to some on your own while we come back and saw the some Uh huh. I'm sure if you have problems in subtraction. 1 23 from 1000 I'm sure you had problems, right? So I'm going assure you a very fast way off subtraction. Now, this matter is called All from nine. A lot from 10 all from married on last from 10. It is a very fast rate of subtraction. And the sask up name for this is card nickel. Um, now what? Ash column? The shooter. I repeat, nickel, um name attached. Karam Dash, then translated. It means all from nine on. Laugh from 10 means all from nine and laughed from 10 so they don't have a look at the some . 123 in the triple line our base again in 1000. What we have to do, we have to subtract 1 23 from 1000. So what we do? We subtract all the numbers from nine. I repeat, to get to answer off 1 23 taken from 1000. What we do, we subtract all the digits from 1000 on the last one from 10 oil from nine. Last from 10. So you have on the Russian side. We have so subtract all from nine. So nine minus 12 a mine and I am minus one nine minus one will give you it. Nine minus two will give you seven on the last one will be from 10. So 10 minus tree will be seven. I repeat this again to subtract 1 23 from 1000 or subtract any number from the next higher multiple of 10. What we do be applied all from nine and last from 10 word formal are very, very important. Mattered all from nine. A lot from dead. Now what we do? Look here. 123 We subtract all the numbers from nine individually. So nine minus one gives you 89 minus to give you seven on the last number from 10. So 10 ministry gives you seven. So that gives you minus 8 77 Let's have a look below. We can do the similar things here also. So nine minus nine gives you 09 master and gives you zero on largely 10 minus nine gives you one 10 minus nine. Give you one. So you have minus 77 on minus double 01 So to get the first part of the answer, As you know, we cross subtract so 1 23 minus 001 gives you 1 22 An air 77 in 2001 gives you 8 77 so the answer becomes one double to a double. Seven. One. Double toe it double seven. Let's have a look at a neck some. 1234 times Triple line nine. 1234 times Triple line nine Just tried and do it on your own. Try 1234 Triple 99 And do it on your own. I'm sure you can apply the oil from nine last from 10 formula on. Do it at baffling speed. Just toe. 1234 times Triple line nine. We apply the all from nine last from 10 formally. So we subtract all the numbers from nine on the last one from 10. We have nine minus one gives you eight, nine minutes to give you 79 minus three. Gives you six on the last run from 10. So 10 minus fall gives you six again. No, what we have It's easy. Hill myna 0001 Triple 01 So what? We have 1234 minus one. We cross subtract, give you 1233 On the next we have 87 66 is asked. Simple as that. I repeat, 1234 the cash. So this system friends the cast of the system, the applying the all from nine last from 10 formerly. What to do We subtract all the numbers from nine on the last one from 10. So nine minus one gives you it. Nine miners to give you seven nine minus three. Give you six. And lastly, friends 10 minus four gives you six. So you have 87 Double six now. Here we had triple line nine is easy. It gives u minus triple 01 The first part of your answer gives you 1233 The second part gives you 8766 The answer. 12338766 Let's move on. Friends with some more methods. Two big sums for you. Two big sounds for you. 5 98 into 1998. 5 98 Into 1998 on two per line. 79 Triple line 79 with triple line. Double line. Triple line 79 with triple line. Double line. Why don't you try and solve it. Pause it and then come back and see the solutions. Come back and see the solution. Okay. 5 98 into double line it. Let's have look. So you have 598 applying the all from nine. Last from 10. Formally, you have minus for zero two. I repeat, how you got this? Nine minus five. Give you 49 minutes. Nine gives you zero and 10 minus eight. Give you two. So you have minus for not to. And then you have 998 So this gives you minor. 00 to very, very simple. Now we cross subtract 5 98 miners, doubles it or to give you 5 96 on 402 times to give you 804 So the complete answer becomes 596 a dub 804596804 Let's have a look at the next time. Triple line 79 Triple line 79 into triple line. Double line. Let's have a look at the some. I'm sure you've got the answer. Ready? Let's see some. You have my 000 to 1. My 00001 Let's give you 99978 on the next part becomes 000 toe. Wow. Imagine you got the answer off, fiber. Some into a five digit sum but give you a 10 digit answer in harvest time. Less than I think. Five seconds. You must have got it. Five seconds in this biggest. Isn't it amazing? Fantastic. Let's move on and see another Met owed, not friends. All this time we've been doing number which have been below the base. All this time we have been doing number which are being below the base. But now they can be numbers which are above the base Also. Now they can be number above the base also. So we see the basement heard above the base. Let's have a look. Okay, Now let us see how 11 times 12. Using the base mattered much, much faster. Let's have a look. 11 times 12. We have the basis 10 as the sea, but 11 is more than 10 11. Excess off. 10 by how much? By one so relight. Thus one we see that 11 is above 10 about by how much by one. So will I. Last line. Similarly received 12 12 about one, by how much? By two. So you have plus two. The first step again. We know friends, I repeat, is absolutely the same because add or subtract, we cross adhere 11 plus to give us 13. That the first part off our answer. To get the second part off our answer be multiplied vertically. So what we do, we multiply one with two Melipilla, one with toe. Give us to our answer becomes 1 32 on Answer becomes 132. Let's have look out of some again. We have 11 which is more than 10 by one. So the excess is one, so we have a plus one. Too bad the excesses, too. So we have plus two. So 11 plus two gives us party on one times. Two. What did Saleem multiplication gives us? Two. So the answer becomes one country. Two. Let's have a look at the next, some for a few times. 16 17 times 18 18 times. 19 On wonder one times Wonder once again as the previous some. With this, some to try the some on your own on. We'll come back and have a look at the solution. Try this four sounds. I repeat them for you 15 times. 16. Next time, 17 times 18. Tell it some 18 times. 19 Next, Some 101 times. 101 100 1 times 101. You can pause here. Now on. We'll come back and have a look at the solution. Okay? I don't have a look at the solution. Let us see the solution for these sounds. Let's take the first some 15 time. 16. 15 dying 16 the for some. The basis 10 now. 15. We know the excess from 10 is five. So we have plus five 16. The excess from 10 is six. So we have class six. So the first part off our answer will be 15 plus six. This gives us 21 on the second part off. Our answer will be six times five is Give that tutti. Now, remember, toe this, we will have to make an adjustment. So this we will have to make an adjustment because the basis 10 on day, the 10 So what? We have to do that on the right hand side, there will be only a single digit But since they are shortages right now, we make an adjustment. The ad mystery that went divine gives us 24 0 comes down on Answer becomes 240. The answer becomes true. 114. I explained some to you once again. Have a look. Plus five that six react crosswise. The excesses 15 plus is gives you 21 next part. Five times six. Give you touchy. Now we have to make the placement adjustment. We have to make replacement adjustment for this extra three. B At 21 this gives us 24 on the road. Let's give us 24 zero. Let's take next some 17 times. 18 17 times 18. So what we have we have plus seven. The excess from 10 they accept from tennis plus seven. Then we have plus eight. The excess from 18 be cross eyed. 17 past eight gives us 25 on. Finally, eight times seven gives us 56. So now what we have to do we have to make a placement adjustment. We have to make a placement adjustment. Biak five Do five get tucked E and six comes down, so answer becomes 366 comes down. Answer becomes 306. Let's have a look at the next time. Let's have a look at the next time. 18 times 19 18 times 19. But this gives us plus it last nine. Now what happens? Because Ad 18 plus nine gives us 27 on eight times nine gives us 72. Now we have to apply the placement rule. So what we do? React 7 to 7. This gives a 34 on two comes down and give them this last part of the answer. The answer becomes 342 342. Let us have a look at the next sound, but very, very important. Some friends are very, very burdensome 101 in 201. Why? It's important. I tell you a little soon enough. 101 times 101 here. The base is 100 Here the base is 100. So what we do on the right hand side? We have plus zero one here again, we have plus zero one. The access for 100 0 won the applause, little one. Now what we do, we cross eyed so 101 plus zero one gives us 100 and two now the second part often answer gives us 01 time 01 gives us 01 again. So the answer becomes 10201 Now in 101 times 101 friends, this is a square off number above 100. So what we are doing, we basically have 01 on 01 is repeated. Hell 01 If you see we take the excess from 100 with 01 We have little one here and 01 here also. So basically wonder when we do wonder One plus 01 were basically adding the excess toe. It's the number itself. See, we added the access with you 01 to the number itself. It's 101. So I think the access to the number itself gives 100 to on to get the second part. We're trying to square the excess. So 01 squared because you can clearly see 01 multiplied with 0101 Market power with 01 gives us a little one. So what? We basically do? We take the excess. The excess in this case is very, very important. We take the excess and we added the Waldo one Wonder one plus the excess gives us one or two that the first part to get to the second part. What we're gonna do, we take the excess and discredit. Be immediately square It gives us 01 again. So the answer becomes one devoto 01 I'm going to show you two examples And after which the Auradou squared absolutely mentally, we will lose grab absolutely mentally after that. Now I'm gonna show you the examples. Now they don't sums bonded or two square on 103 square. Find it on your own for once, and then I'm gonna show you how to do this. Let's have a look at 102 squared 100 to Indo zero to I'm gonna show you are very quick and faster mattered. Let's have a look 102 squared basically previously be learned we take the excess and we added to the number to give us the first part. So what you do? We are 102 square. So imagine that the numbers coming out 100 Who is coming out? The excess is coming out and get special back 202 102 comes out, get pasted back again. It gives us 104. So we take the excess from the number out and replaced it back. It gives us 104. Get the second part off our answer to get to the second part off our answer. What we do, we take zero to the excess and we discredit. So 02 squared gives us beautiful. This is an answer bundle for for Let's take one more son Bundle three square. But I gave you so this time very tricky. One little three counts out 50 Eastern back again Or the excess is added to the number itself Virility. The excess it gets added back. Give me one little six Onda. We take little tree out on discredit. The notorious card gives you 09 So the answer is bundle 609 banded or six. The night not fail. I'm gonna show you without pens on Murdoch paper. I'm gonna show you without pens and without paper. Hard to do. Spread off numbers more than 103. Absolutely mentally, absolutely mentally.