Introduction to traditional 2D animating with Plastic Animation Paper 4 Pro (free software)

Michael Mannall, Learning stops with the last breathe.

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5 Videos (14m)
    • Course Intro

    • 1 Starting PAP

    • 2 Initial icons

    • 3 Function keys

    • 4 Bouncing blob


About This Class

This class will provide an introduction to obtaining for free, installing and using PAP (Plastic Animation Paper) 4 Pro.  Afterwards the layout and use of most of the basic functions of PAP will be explained and followed up with a few short animation tasks to get a feel for the program.







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Michael Mannall

Learning stops with the last breathe.

I am a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassador and run animation workshops at the Young Makers Tech Club I help at roughly every fortnight during school term time.

Future courses on this site should be available every 6-8 weeks and will cover animation and also STEM lessons that can be adapted for teaching at school, youth groups, or clubs.  I plan to have the first STEM-related course online towards the end of October/mid-November and another one possib...

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