Introduction to the Awesome World of Photoshop

Rose Khan, Graphic Designer, Illustrator & K-12 Teacher

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11 Videos (2h 25m)
    • Class Introduction

    • Elements: Treasure Map, Part 1

    • Elements: Treasure Map, Part 2

    • CS6: The Treasure Map, Part1

    • CS6: The Treasure Map, Part 2

    • CS6: Monster Mashup!

    • Elements: Monster Mashup!

    • CS6: Fire and Ice!

    • Elements: Fire and Ice!

    • CS:6 Tools and Techniques to Make the Ultimate Portrait

    • Elements: Tools and Techniques to Create the Ultimate Portrait


About This Class


Back again for a second session!

Photoshop for Beginners: An Introduction to Digital Art

Rose Catherine Khan, Artist & Educator

This course is an introduction to the awesome world of Adobe Photoshop. It is meant for beginners, and is perfect for anyone, teen to adult!

We will be covering all the basic Photoshop tools through a series of four lessons utilizing creative imagery.

Though this course is taught with whimsical samples, the knowledge presented has a host of serious professional applications. This course would be appropriate for web developers, parents, small business owners, and basically anyone who would like to try the world of digital image editing!

Lesson 1: The Treasure Map
In this class, students will be exploring the basics of Photoshop. By creating an ancient treasure map, we will be utilizing basic concepts such as: selections, layers, toolbar, brush tool, the options bar, color, and basic text.

Lesson 2: Monster Mashup
In this class, students will be melding two photos together. Images will be provided, but students may use their own. Anything goes in this class of taking the mundane and turning it extraordinary. We will also be discussing copyright law basics.

Tools we will be covering include: dodge, burn, smudge, clone, hue & saturation, and levels

Lesson 3: Fire & Ice Word Illustration
In this class, students will be taking the words Fire and Ice, making the text truly demonstrate their material properties. Once you have completed the two assigned words, you will move on to create your own chosen word illustration.  The possibilities are endless!

Tools covered: text, transform, opacity, and filters 

Lesson 4: The Ultimate Portrait
In this class, students will use their own photos to create a portrait that is out of this world. We will be covering advanced topics such as non-destructive editing and the pen tool. This your chance to shine, demonstrate all that you have learned, and take your craft to the next level.  What will you create?

*There have been a few minor changes to the course outline, let me know if you have questions. 

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This class provided a great introduction to the seemingly endless capabilities of Photoshop. I am an engineer - not so much a graphic designer - so it was useful to learn some tips about what is employed in graphic design. What was especially useful about this class is that there are several projects that each teach a different set of skills. I would like to learn more about masks and effects, and using opacity in layers to create effects like in the treasure map. I still consider myself a beginner, though I'm confident enough with what I've learned to take on additional photoshop projects.
I already had a passing understanding of Photoshop, but it was via jumping in and trying out the program. As such, I knew there were huge gaps in my understanding of even the basics of the program. As such, the first lesson was mostly stuff I already knew (though I HADN'T known about Free Transform - that alone is worth the price of the class!), but each successive lesson introduced more elements that I didn't know about (and introduced less that I already knew). Rose Khan is a great instructor, and I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in Photoshop.
The last time I took a graphic design course was back in college around 5 years ago. Though I did well academically in that class, I didn't feel like I learned all that much. I decided I desperately needed a refresher and chose this course. I feel like I learned a lot more in 4 lessons than I did in a semester-long course. I liked how Rose was really specific in the objectives of every lesson (in her class description page, she listed the lesson product as well as all of the tools she would be covering). I learned how to use many useful tools in her fun and engaging lessons. Her videos were very informative, and I felt like there was a lot of freedom on how to approach an assignment so that everyone, regardless of experience level, could be successful. As I explored in Photoshop, I realized that there is soooo much more to learn, but I feel more confident with the skills that I have obtained to explore and experiment on my own. Rose and I also made a more personal connection because of our art education backgrounds. She was very open and offered her expertise on a teacher-to-teacher level which I really appreciated.
Amy Heyse

Art Teacher





Rose Khan

Graphic Designer, Illustrator & K-12 Teacher

A professional artist for the last decade, Rose Catherine Khan holds a NY State teaching certification, a Masters Degree in Art Education, and undergraduate degrees in Illustration and Graphic Design. This is her second course for Skillshare.

Rose has taught numerous digital and traditional art classes throughout NY state and currently is the Art and Computer Technology instructor for a small private school in Rochester, NY.

A professional designer, Rose has created art for numerous companies including: Demco, Inc, Second Avenue Learning, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, RedBottle Design, Paul Solt, Inc., Monroe County Public Libraries, The Clothes Horse, Tsuga Studios, and Boardroom Development Partners.

Rose has also published her own children's book: Planet Zeep: The Mathmagical Wish. Her current project is a teenage graphic novel, Centernia: Return to the Castle, released in webcomic format.

If you'd like to peak at Rose's professional portfolio, you can visit her website: