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Introduction to spoon making

Jackie Roby

Introduction to spoon making

Jackie Roby

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15 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Introduction to spoon making

    • 2. Tools & Safety

    • 3. Sharpening your knife

    • 4. Crook knife sharpening

    • 5. Choosing your wood

    • 6. Splitting the wood

    • 7. Finding the shape

    • 8. Cutting away with a saw

    • 9. Forming the handle

    • 10. Beginning to take shape

    • 11. Using a crook knife

    • 12. Forming the bowl

    • 13. Sanding your spoon

    • 14. Oiling your spoon

    • 15. Aftercare

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About This Class

I made my first spoon over 10 years ago and I have been teaching others to do so for a lot of the time since. In this project, you will learn how to make a simple spoon from the branch of a tree using only a few simple hand tools. From knowing how to select your wood and where to find the spoon in it, to what tools you need and how to use them, I will guide you along every step of the way until you have your very own wooden spoon.

Discover the gentle mindfulness of creating your very first wooden spoon using simple hand tools and green wood.

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Jackie Roby


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1. Introduction to spoon making: My name's Jackie on. I've been making spoons for over 10 years. I use wood from the garden that's growing, and I'm gonna show you how Teoh chopped down the branch and used simple handles to make your very own spoon. It's really mindful activity very satisfying, very calming. Come and join me. 2. Tools & Safety: Hi, My name's Jackie. Thank you for joining me on my introduction to spoon making course. Over the next few videos, we're gonna look at ways of using very basic tools to make a spoon out of a green peace upwards. So I'm gonna run through the tools now on. Then we'll talk about the wood that your panties. So the first tool that I used was this morning when I went to the wits on and I cut the branch of Hazel. I did this using a lot so that my days pruning saw, but you didn't have a flounder specifically and kind of prints also opens with the button here found. It's quick. Get in short, quite long. So it's a one person saw for anything that you can use for Greenwood. It's fine. I'm anything that you can get in the space that you've got available on. But these are really, really sharp. So you want to make sure that they're definitely locked open on you already finished with them. Press the button. Plays that really watch your fingers on the next two you're going to need it doesn't make to split the wood with, So this is a more 8 60 It's a very sturdy beginners bush craft knife on that we can hit with back of a lot to split the wood. So where you open it? Little shark's fin on the back, pointing towards you. It's got slight locking mechanism, but we go when it comes out on the blaze facing away from you. So that's what the blade looks like. It's nice and thick, a swell. This is perfect of splitting and starting the Wendling, but they will move on to a small enough so people put back in. Make sure it's in the right way around, not just clipping his place, but you can do commit about whittling with Is this one again? It's a more think. It's one of six. It's much more blade, which means it can just get into a tight corner than as we're gonna make a small spoon Thistles. Ideal was a little pointy. There's no grip in the same way, the the other one say, not suitable for Children but great battle. So that's that one daughter doesn't have a locking things. You just have to kind of really shove it into chief on the final tour we're gonna need is a quick knife or hook knife. We called either on. This is a more can't remember what number is, but they just have the quick knives on. They come from the shop where you bought it from the no shop, and they have to sharpen them yourself. So look what's happening in a minute. So there's your basic tools. Some things you might want to think about, um, namely your fingers. So if you haven't done this kind of thing before the chief things that you can use, keep your hands safe. Donna's This is a couple glove, so it's using professional kitchens. They say it's used in professional kitchens to stop cuts on. That's gonna go. You're helping hand say no one. I'm right handed. So I would hold my knife in the sand on This is the hand that could get up because I can't cut that this knife on. Say this. I'm is a good thing just to stop little slips. My lapse of concentration. Um, and they will become Teoh using the hook knife. This is a like a thumb thumb protector case. Maybe some, like that safe stops the feathering but I'm not gonna more irritating than helpful. But visual First time is definitely a really good idea to use on the's gloves. Just not worth until you get a feel for the knights. Thea thing is in a minute, my legs way that I can actually, um, getting legs because I will come into the wood first. But if you're working Sau in the Woodlands, then even a one Shift your legs to the side on work to your side but this way away from your body And you really want to be very careful of Thea arteries in your legs if you're always giving it up to one side but like sidesaddle, you're not gonna get your your legs on three. Other safety consideration is when we're whistling we always work away from ourselves on this hands that hold So this always work this way. Okay, again, You can't You can't cut yourself if you're looking towards yourself. Say that. Come points Where you really really tempted to kervin toward yourself? That's when you cut yourself. Um, was a real next to talking about the wood on, then logo disputing it. I'm making a basics. Big check 3. Sharpening your knife: Okay, This is a wet stone. So it has bean in some water for about five minutes or so. Just gives it a lubrication. On the surface, some people use oil stains. I've found that they always get moldy and sticking horrible. So things just a really cheap one from being cute. I think this is a course assign. And I'm not gonna use this because I generally don't have blunt enough nice to really need to do with this. The way that I'm gonna sharpen my knife is he's not a great because they've got the big bevel on the bevel is I bet you see the business glinting nicely in the remains of the sunlight and seep a bit flat. Have any angle it so that it sits on that shot, but on the edge of the Bible. And then you just very simply snipe lack pressure. Oh, way. People don't do that eight times since Japanese and this number eight not entirely sure. And then the other thing you to do the other side, you can either bring it. It would be harder today, things like or if you're ambidextrous, right? Do not worry too much about the very, very end of life. If you really want to get into stuff, you get struck a lot of stuff. Ray made record videos, and Robinwood has some very good ones as well. But that's very, very basic shopping, where it's just enough to keep your tools in the way we test. It isn't by doing weird things, like testing the back of our nails or running out there. May Britt. That way we tested is we get a piece of wood and we take some would offer that we use it for what we want, Teoh. 4. Crook knife sharpening: This is a quick life. It is also got a hook knife for obvious reasons. This is a right 100 clubs. You hold it in your right hand and if you when you're holding in your right hand, this top bit much, it's like that topic here is flat on the other bit. You see underneath is sharp bit. Say you want to be really sure when you pick up a book Life, what do you know? Whether it is left handed or right handed And it's not always that obviously. Do you have to look very carefully? Definitely test it with peace would not with your fingers they arrive from the factory quite blunt. So the first thing you need to do when you get one shop, one which is a skill in itself. Um, I find quite quite tricky, but I'm sure you have to do that. And, um, and how to use it safely as well. Sharpening his knives The way that we shot from a quick Eiffel Hook knife is actually the opposite direction to how we would normally show up in a straight knife. So with a well say, this were Bush craft knife. You'd be pushing it away from yourself. I'm against the cutting edge, whereas with the hook knife, we're going to do the opposite. We're going to push it away from the cutting edge. There is a bit strange at first, so you have to hold it properly. So, you know, hold up with your palm facing upwards. He put the knife in with the curve, pointing upwards on. Then it's the same as for a straight knife. You find your bevel, this one the devil's no great on, then pushing against the show pledge way It would help if this was I have to listen t stay and then fancy tricks. That's just not long enough. This it doesn't make the cut. I went. I'm gonna test it on a piece of wood. Yeah, sure that it waas And similarly Robinwood, um, more open curved blade. The fact that you find a bubble underway from the states. More practice BCP shot. Look. Yes. Nice. Great. And that's how you shop. Quick. Nice 5. Choosing your wood: Okay, so the piece of wood I have here, I've got Hazel, mostly because I have a good supply of it. The wooden's mount here, actual hazel on hazel graze in most Finland's full the ground. So I cut it off at ground level, and it doesn't damage the tree hazel and responds well to being cut with that say on Nice, really straight. That would all shady other gay priests. But it was a tree on, as you say is great. Really nice and straight, Um, but if I see you get this that would that. So I wouldn't want to make a spoon from from this bit because all the fivers in wood good, nice and straight until it gets to bits like this on the back here, where a branch branches being growing out. That's Gunnell but have also on mango. But five reserves be tougher on there on the knife. The reason we go for Greenwood just that it's still growing since got sap. It's softer, anything that's broadly. So leave show straightening leaf shaped leaves, not needles, basically not coniferous that they're not very nice to carve. There was just no particularly strong with ease their hard words that they are e one tes this, but this is an indentation. Let's give me tough. See any of the native British broadly so ash holy. It just could be a bit tougher because it's slower growing. So he's being arrested the night sick. More. I've always got sick. More than one. I get rid of ash. Plenty of that around Cherries bet harder, but it's very beautiful. Um, anyone has that kind of preference, Teoh the words that they like to carve with, but I just like to carve with what's available because it's easy. 6. Splitting the wood: some hope in this in a piece of wood on on and on the concrete winter, because it is gonna take the shock better. It's not gonna put it on the table, but fancy use the back of my, uh, without Lunda. And, um, if you were in any doubt as to the sturdiness of your saw don't do it. Use another piece of wood. But I'm just basically What I do is what I want. This middle section here will take out what noise flat better would from this so recently. Okay. Splitting 15 1 side up. It's a little bit gonna limit twisty. That normally happens. Um and then this is the witness. Come off. Maybe that means that it says there's a bed with that. I don't have to whittle off. Now you see this aside now? Same thing. I was hoping it either side of where one Because I have to excuse my hand. Good. Say they have it. No go. We know this. Would you say it's slightly twisted? That's the way that that would graze Detentions. A quite often end up with slightly wonky. It's a bit ups. Perfect. What we need 7. Finding the shape: the next, But I'm gonna do I don't normally do that is draw the shape of my spoon onto it by my Peter Woods. I'm gonna do it so that I can show you I aiming today, say it's a where I'm aiming to cut. Was it looking at it? Okay, so this end is thicker. So I I'm gonna put my bowl sit around, but this being put at thicker And just because that would see the shape that tests a draw, you variably end up drawing a lollipop on a piece of wood. And what I am What immunity now which I cannot figure out how to film it. So I can't stay. I'm gonna take that lap blunder on. I am going, Teoh cut around the best bit here trying to look my monitor doing around here and stop just before reaches the neck the same on the outside on defy Feeling brave. I'm also gonna trying cut these bits off a swell. So in fact, actually, what should done? Yeah, that's better, Casey, I've I'm taking up this corner off because actually, he look a spoon. So this is not a handmade spoon. The spoon from market see cheap but this transition here. So the journey fraught the curve of the ball to the handle is nice and smooth. And what we really don't want to do is have a lollipop on type neck. That just looks really odd. So also, I'd like you if you have one of these speeds to go and get one and have a look at it on. You will be quite surprised at how thin they are that they don't have this big skipped a bit on the bottom, and they're actually really quite flat. If he want to make it spin as perfect of this, don't bother by it. Brought in on pay from Tesco's. This is putting us. What you want to do is you want to speak. I didn't make this, but you want us being that's a bit wonky. That's got all the shapes, um, about Let's go. This is the strangest shapes being It's like proper wonky. I can't move where we found this from, but that is much more character, then X being like this, I don't strive for perfection. Thinking things drive for perfection. This isn't perfect. This is boring gay for being much more personal. That will reflect the maker, which is gonna be you 8. Cutting away with a saw: Okay, So I figured I had to do this. I've got a glove on it. Because these things, these are the only things I cut myself on. That just the whole Okay, they got a glove on. Because this is the only thing I cut myself on these teeth so sharp on it jumps about quite a lot. I've also got a tripod leg, Herridge trying not to get in the way, Obviously. How this guys? Did you see that? Okay, so taken one corner. I should done it that close to the edge, so didn't have to do this. Said reasons. So this is going along the grain. I kid you, I take this off. You see, it's got going on now. Really? Will want to do is I'm gonna try and saw into here, which becomes a challenge. You actually don't want to get your hand. We'll see. We'll see. We could do start Enough is always a bit pull towards yourself. Jump. So I'm gonna take this to here. But what I need to make sure is that on the back. Can you see that? That's not gone through. I need to make sure that it's the same away through. So I need that cut to get through on both sides because we're gonna split along here with the knife. And if it doesn't go through on the back, then the knife is carries on and we'll take off the corner. Excellence. Okay, So it because So here is the cuts are you see, they gave three on the same side. I made a nick there, but that doesn't really matter on then. The next thing to do is get that big bush craft my foul again. I'm split along here and then along here, if it's your first Spooner definitely recommend making a bigger one this because obviously the tools very close to my fingers. I really don't like making big speeches, so I tend to make small ones. But yet, if you were a little unsure, not competent with with sharp objects, then just get big piece of wood. The same applies. You might need slightly have digitals for splitting synergies and acts, but use it in exactly the same way put in the top and then tap it down. I'm just gonna change shots now on. We're gonna split this. Hopefully you'll see the two sides falling away, and I'll have a lovely spin blank Teoh show you 9. Forming the handle: you know, you can see that. I've got the neck in on Bond. The trick now is to line this up and be slightly cautious so that when this blade fools, um, it falls outside of the store gap rather than on the inside hoo Ray So slightly nicked that That's right. Um, do the same. Same again. Just need to watch. The thing is so much. My thing is, Okay, so if I were braver, I got a bit closer, But that is good enough for me. It looks nothing like Bean, but very quickly, I will be able to change that. So I'm going over here. The next thing I need to do is I want to make the handle nice and comfortable to hold. So I'm gonna get my knife. The way you hold these knives is a loose fist on its thes two fingers that hold it on these for balance. So you don't want me doing is great? Big, super hard Because all that I do is give you a very sore on. Um, I got my four corners here, which I don't want, so I'm gonna take off a corner, take off the corner and take off those corners on. By doing that, I will create more corners, which I need then to take off se in the knife. Have they said, And you want to use this bit of the life to cut with. If you use here, you don't have much control or your powers don't It's here away from yourself. So it was this glut, this hand behind, always moving away. So if you want to do this bit, you know, flip it good That way we're taking off really tiny bits. It's like is like a potato peeler. Um, take off that. Oops. So if I'm struggling, it's because it's too. It's got taken off too much. Or it could be because my knife is blunt with what I'm doing here. Yes, I'm actually much he pilling this back. Just one fancy doing. Say it's gonna go a good anchor for my, um, my own. So I'm just gonna make this a comfortable, uh, come to handle toehold. And then I have to think about the back of this being a bit more se you take off. So we want to want to leave this quite thick because the neck quite often. Um, but I'm gonna do this really gently. My God, I just put my thumb so normally, keep your hands off the metal. But actually, just gonna It's a big chunks up on This is okay to be really careful of this, this finger, you know? No good. No, you're not taking too much. 10. Beginning to take shape: in a row. It's great. No One thing that I want a day, it's ridiculous speaking. Actually, we would like it if the's edges came off. So I'm going Teoh split the back of those offers. Well, I say let me just a couple cards. It's enough. It deep. Okay, I'm gonna cut at an angle. Yeah, Yeah. Do it. Go here. A bit wobbly. You stopped it. Oh, yeah. You see, taken taking that bill so that I now don't have to whittle that. I'm gonna do the same on this side. So the more you do, we believe if it's like, this place is exactly what people do that I expect. We just can't to see just I Well, this is risky, taking big chunks off. It's just getting this last for it to stand up on. But she's Do you You kind of always but won't keep, but yeah, taking these edges off, I wonder. Never tried this before. When we do this, you can So, basically what more do that? Yes, I actually have to with my knife. So you already getting more spoon shape? Still a pretty rubbish, Spain. But it's more like a club but we get gonna stop to school now shopping it and okay. Oh, yeah. So much. So now I'm gonna think about I'm gonna work on this, but actually little more. It is. Okay, That seems to be my favorite. My favorite little car, Actually, he's doing it with this. Um, you give it deeper would actually force, but you just watch. This finger should be right. Basic within the way, but again. Okay, Now, Dennis, it's like a weird angle, but far away from me. So this is the bit where you would could put a glove on. So now I need I need the curve of this. Both some people will will come about this boat at this stage, I don't tend t I find it's quite restrictive. But yet some people go bowl and outside I get outside in both preference. Think, say yes. So I can do now is try and make this transition smooth. So which is the difference between these two not smooth transition And that quite bumpy one . I mean, I could make each of that I don't, but it won t And this is the point where I might turn around. Look here is, well, safe. Just need to be very, very careful of my fingers. And if any point you I'm feeling frustrated or tired or your mind is wondering for the task , then stop because that's the point. Or even I find the point. We think I could cut myself doing this. That's generally the point that's split second or two before you actually do se just stop. Did you drink water? Tea? Save bill. It's moving Very good. Um, and you just have a break because particularly not used to it, you could really get your arm muscles. How much funding this hand skin this and just silly. So wanding is of slightly twisting, mostly slightly. Never have. Like some getting to my fingers. It is very small, and some people use power tools. These Tremmel's on all sorts. Other people for that massively offensive. I just read her a few. If you are making your maker, if you make a speech spatula, you've done it with the rain hands, and he got it from that was grown in your garden or wherever than fair play. I think he should take her away from people still pretty thick here which I don't like, but so they actually looking at proportions? I could split it split off tonight. No, Jackie. Yes. No, no, I'm not gonna do it. Just gonna be patient. Enjoy my whittling experience on Take it off with a knife. That's what I'm gonna do. I'm not gonna rush it. And I'm gonna try and cut corners because of corners. Just given up, cutting myself all cutting the bolt off. Yes, we want is nice. Long strikes the length of the length. Felony start. See, that's where snagging it. Transitions. Looking good on that side Case an expert. I'm gonna start this curve and I'm starting it from quite far back starts from about here. If you look at the look at the curve that taking this starts were you back here and it curves right the way up 11. Using a crook knife: they piece off with that. I made this being from so small. I'm gonna use this. A different piece of wood is like a bigger piece of wood to show you how to use a crook, which this is the more quick knife. Um, uh, this which I really like, is by Robin would say, would tools on its got more open car, Which is why didn't work in my my little speaking. And it is also it comes razor sharp on. It's just a much nicer tool to use. Thes are about £20. That's more like all TV. Some link. So definite difference in price. You start off with more knife. They both work exactly the same way. They got cut proof glove on my hand. I should have a sub god, but I cannot find anywhere. They may have their legs despair. So with normal knives, you're going along the grains, the grain. Is this the's fibers in the woods? Casey here There's a little not so actually on a turnaround because that would be tough. I mean, there's no the biggest night, not a not not biggest, not in the world. So, and that will be would be all right. But to make life more simple, I'm gonna work on them the unblemished part. And so when we're whittling, we're always going along with these fibers. So going with the grain with these, we're gonna go against the grain on the way we do. That is so this thing is a bit of an anchor is always good to try and keep it out the way. And we're just gonna cut across. So it's this part of the plate I'm using in this instance what difference a sharp knife makes. He's a horrible Levelland, and so it takes a while to get grieve going. But she have That is the start of your boat. So when you're making a spoon, you have inside curves and outside curves every way, like finished one. So the outside curves of these on the inside curve is the bowl. So outside curves you always use a straight knife on the inside curves. The only real way that you get that bowl is with a kryptonite. Soon that's gonna she different shape knife used exactly the same. And as you see it gets as you get going to get smoother une work your way across 12. Forming the bowl: So it turns out I found my 100 life from Robinwood. Anything is. It's actually too big for the Boland making. So I would like this, but it's just big. Um, but yeah, this It's a great great Millie poll I actually want to reveal that would, well, dangerously, dangerously thin there. Well, I'm gonna very careful I'm always worried about Is them frustrated now? Because I'm almost finished bloody tonight? It just doesn't Absolutely This problem, Doc, for filming. - Oh , she's being brave again, like thickness off the bowl. So I thought I just take it off because it's get a bit impatient to be fair. Yes. Look, that is what I wanted to do. That's much nicer. Funny imperfections in this mood, peace and quiet favor. But I have much more, Much more was being like being than I had even 20 seconds. Still, my edges still no up to their the Reg. I need to keep going asking through thin and tiny do people still terrifying. And I want this to be a spinach because I want this to be a mouth in feeding, mouths being so I wanted to feel nice. Hey, it's going now getting little by little funny Mickey. Nic Fits didn't, like. Take the edge off that. Hey, placed my fingers. Should have made biggest big. Well, it was fun such Now we're really gonna stop for the night because families, but yeah, that's pretty cool. What square? My keys. Looking at the shape of thought. Whether I like it, it's more might stop Jackie stuff. 13. Sanding your spoon: So now this is the final spin on. I'm kind of happy with that. I, you know, you ever have to have some major self from its predicted very smaller fiddly and see what I am gonna do now is I'm going to send it because it's a few bits in the bowl I would like smoother. It got to the point where because this is such a small being, the night didn't really go in, so I decided to give me some paper se. Yeah, um, two different types of sandpaper. One that's reasonably course, No crazily course. But on one that is quite fine. I mean, you can really get into different thicknesses, so I'm just going to start with thick a piece of paper. Some people wrapped around pieces of Darryl. Some people fold them up. That's what I did because I don't want a big piece. Just have this more peace here, and you see what I say you want. So the sanding and oiling is where the magic happens. You work also. There's a few little nicks along here. It's going to that would take me out with a knife just kind of smoothing out this big discoloration, but that's just a part of it. Ideally, wouldn't have been. It's just this pithy bit in the very middle, but that's the way it's ended up bigger bits here about the work. I know what I'm happy with this big business. Come out, we'll move on to the final grade, but it's already beginning to feel a lot nicer. Um, so it's really important when you're making an object like this, particularly when we held that he as well as using your eyes, use your sense of touch because he think this is This is gonna be. And it could be a meetings being for a small child. Teas, Budnick, desserts being tiny, little chopped up hot. See, you want to think about that feels in your mouth. You don't think about how it feels to hold it. I like it. I mean, everything's looking for here, but it's got a couple of rough. It's on work on that. This bits route feels really nice. This little Nick, they're sort out. So taking out a lot the small feathers, it feels lots me there on. And I'm just gonna get light, never with very fine sandpaper. just super smooth. And then I'm gonna toilet. I'm not looking to get a lot of the little uneven bits out because this is a handmade spoon , and I don't see these. See that? It's on, mate. I mean, I don't think you did. They give you this for being, in fact, inmates being, But you want to see the marks. You want to see that this the imperfections, which is not too many of them on here it is. The finished. It's pure, nicely sounded. I'm still gonna toilet. I, um, pretty happy with that. 14. Oiling your spoon: one. The final part off being making is going to toilet. I have does, um, standard sunflower oil he can use Different oils are less than below. Have different prophecies that really you want If you're gonna use us for feed, which is what I'm visual visiting business my teeth Then you want some food? Safe oil. So does he think about rheumatologist if you can use them in like warm. So the oiling is where the magic happens. This is a kind of a lint free cloth, a soft cloth. So someone like kitchen roll Dwork toilet roll Not so good because it leaves all those look bits And what this will do is it puts a bit of a shine on. There is a difference already and it puts the moisture back into the woods. So you did this after it's dried. So this has been sitting around for it. A few days is in your tiny speed, so it doesn't take long to dry out. It sounded oiled and it just brings out the grain. It brings up kind of like a luminescence. This is quite a bendy. Spain, Um not mean anything to you. Tough with us. They also protects the would. I will make it last longer. You might want to apply a few case of oil, a time that it's taken. Some people have a kind of unopened jam. Jar of oil just plunged their speeds and and they take up what they want. That's another step that other people do that. But no one I know is they boil that spoons once they're finished. Something to do with releasing the tension in the word. But I've lived on it and have friends. He was very good spoon makers, and they don't get to my knowledge, either. It's something you could do that taking on why it's a kind of more shine, pull out the colors in the impurities in the woods and impurities. Different colors. Would you believe that? That I'm going to show you the difference there. This is this big and I made a few years. Gay is probably my favorites ever. I'm not dating. I'm gonna make one like this again, but this is made of American. Black warned that it was actually made from a dry piece of wood, which quite unusual, but it's a really good example. I've just touched it with my oily fingers. So the very end you can see the difference in the color. So I just thought my weight We let to show you the difference because of the plane. The light which you can't really see the difference very easily. But this one You will de slow to get my hands in love now. So you leave. I stood came to sick up there will and I will see even when they are fully dry. The final thing I want to show you is a spoon made by a friend of mine. She's professionals being however, this is what you can well eating aim for. The spin is made by a friend of mine and Cassilly, and it's just beautiful, every distinctive shape. So Spain's doing have to be just round. But can you see they the shapes, the marks that make his mark, Sir. Still in that says she sounded that she's oil This it's absolutely beautiful. I'm say beautiful that maybe don't use it, but I do and I will use a Christmas. And so there plenty of different styles of Spain's that you can make 15. Aftercare: 17 This beings have been oiled and well, he would say that that is finished speaking. And this is the other one, like Sugi so just brings up gives him, and I showed it protects them. Um, if so, after care for your spoon, wipe it with warm water on a cloth. I'm if you get 30 so spoons made to be used rather than sitting in a drawer, so use it. But when you come to wash it, just glover more, more day if you have to put safe in and make sure it's a mild detergent that would be stripping all the oil out of your spoon. You if you leave it sitting in water, then it will open up the grain and get all bubbly and rough again on bond. If you put a dish, then he will likely destroy it. So dishwashers air, not the place for hand made spoons on. Guy should really good making room, and then you can someone in the supply of Spain's. So that's it. In terms of speed making hate, we've enjoyed the course. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below and please send me pictures off your finished speaking. Thank you