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Introduction to short story writing

teacher avatar Lorena Falcon, Writer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. ISSW01 Introduction

    • 2. ISSW02 What's a short story

    • 3. ISSW03 How many words

    • 4. ISSW04 Parts of the story

    • 5. ISSW05 Elements of a story

    • 6. ISSW06 Main element of the story

    • 7. ISSW07 Ways of writing

    • 8. ISSW08 Revising and editing

    • 9. ISSW09 Class project

    • 10. ISSW10 Final words

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About This Class

Want to start writing? Short stories can be your best first step into the writing world.

For newbies, short stories allow you to start creating right away. More experienced writers can use them to try new things: genre, structure, point of view... lot of fun!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lorena Falcon



Argentinian writer, she was born and lives in Buenos Aires. Her career started with the inclusion of one of her short stories in a selection edited by a known author publishing house. She published her first novel short after that and created a short stories blog that she kept for several years.

Now presenting her new lined journal: a year long workbook with monthly prompts to write your short stories.


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1. ISSW01 Introduction: Hello. I'm welcome to introduction to show the story writing my name is Lorena, a never writer. I'm also quite shine, and that's why you're not seeing the individual right now. But here comes a quick forum. Hey there. When people think about writing or becoming a writer, and now what is the first thing that comes to their mind? This could be overwhelming the left on the complexity off such a brush. It is discoloration, even for people who have already written Sam before. So if you want to start writing and leave short stories is the best way. That's how I started and it's a lot of farm. This doesn't mean that right in shorter stories is easier, but there isn't toe approach onto village on. Finishing a project is very important. Once you start realizing that you are able to compete with these stories, you will gain confidence to start writing your first novel, only not. There are a lot of offer that only write short stories. Now there is little can be said about right and short stories. We can't all be covered in chance one cars. This class is an interaction, and they will see every element shortest stories and you will be able to write one. We won't be very image aspect. I do recommend that after you write your first few stories, you start digging deeper in each element. So if you're running to write your first shot, the story just wiggle world and I will see you in the next lesson by 2. ISSW02 What's a short story: we'll come back, you know, to start at the very beginning. What is a short story? Should a definition would be? There is a work of fiction written Ambrose, with limited extension on that place. Characters connection. Work of fiction means it is not really going come to face and something that really happened. It doesn't necessarily have to go along with reality. Britain. Ambrose is quite easy. If it is not for three, then you have pros. Lincoln Extension Brevity is one of the main characteristics of a short story, but not really the one that defiance it. We're really talking about how many words you need to run for your short story in the next lesson. For around, you should know the shortest stories are between 1000 to then, often war. Some therapists connection. We should Story not only should be playing characters, but they must be doing something a story needs. Action on this action must revolve around conflict, which is certainly the main element off a short story. We took up off conflicts in another lesson. Now let's just review the definition. A work of fiction with brawls with limited extension on the place characters connection. Now that you know the definition of a short story, you may be wondering what is the difference between a shorter story on another? And that difference is focus. Short stories focus on fewer characters. Many times just one and only one loved you will have just one problem. One climax on one resolution, on the other hand and level generally handles a blood up blood. Many characters uneven, multiple climate. Everything is tighter in a short story, with so few words you don't really have much is painful detail, so you must focus over these essential remember, just one blood, which means one problem. One climate warmed. The solution in the next lesson will be talking about how many wars we need to write on a little bit about Champa for you there. 3. ISSW03 How many words: welcome back and listen with that ability is one of the maker of Greece. It's off the sharpest Oh, but just how many wars do you need? Time in general? Invited is not that easy to tell. How many watts really forage? Former Can you need some love set in this town? Anything you do? 1000 Death of Wars because their sharpest Oh, but what happens? Underworld? Nothing works American. Any subdivisions between 1000. That waas the other is yes, you have abused is a musician's my prediction. Really short story, small shoulder story Establish of the story I know she is. My profession became really popular with Internet and social media. These stories are below 100 words on. Become here. Sure, let me have you shall stone vehicle 100 watts on one Waas. Anything about one of the walls is considered a former chocolate's stone. I was working this morning. They go to work waas until walls. The station is the most. So if you have any racial story on Senators contest, you should enter via between 1000 to 2000 works. Then you have the number of this time they go with Waas on six. The last big long shot stone stories go behind 6000 War and on We can even be broken of being helped us. As I said before then, of this is our sadness town, and you should be too concerned about how many wasn't right. Just remember that anything was open and then work because your shots no. One of the worst housing market on me. Another thing you musical season is one of you won't survive. Legal Eagle Shamma. Although we have different wasn't rising, they should both the structure on the elements of any shoulders tell me so I can cause you to drink by bingo. Any need to remember is that confused move This story can be san, have you scratching your skills on any of these moves can be applied to go misery or younger religion. Rather, most popular waas have fantasy Rolen's. Although the Texas Kameni on science fiction writers, your story in anything will unite so you can pressure, you need to start with civilization. That's how many watts who want to buy for your child. The story. I suggest that US turn with one album loss if you think it is too much just came for 200 wars. Actually, if you're writing Underworld's a Day for the week, he will end up with short story off 1000 waas. Unless what is to juice your younger? Just start with the one you like the best, or you can choose the ability, if that's what you read them off. So just you want just your younger when I was in the next lesson. 4. ISSW04 Parts of the story: Welcome back in this. Listen, we're going to talk a little bit about the structure off a short story. Is it a lot of the show? The story Really One introduction development resolution. Have to see if this report is told me that you brought you as it's called in the collection is why you show you got here. You have used the mankind off this time. This action should have big to know because he's just two or three part in that. Hey depends on the potential of Houston. He usually to show any story off you kind of as a short story only shows a very small part off her current help line in any environment is what you showed. Your conflict here is where your character faces the same problem on this tone. Sexual should be the longest in any shop. The stone. Here you can have one or seven brooms. It depends on the attention off usually systems on. The last part is the resolution. Yet it's where you show the ending at the introduction. This part shouldn't be too long. In some, stone is just less brother or son. So which do you think is the most important. Actually, the most important one is the end. Many inside of Yemen is the whole point of fighting the short story. Here's where your income used a wrist officer Price Father. Either you have to kind of end open off clothes closed end is where you show the finalist em off direction. Well, there has in the open and be let the reader imagine the final step. Don't compute. Really tells him to have an open Andy. You should be careful. You leave it to open your really with you first sighted. So what do you need to do for your best project? You need to matching. I think about where you want to stuff your story on where you want to win. You mean it? 5. ISSW05 Elements of a story: welcome that it took about the elements off the shoulder stone. This are current course Now wait a point of view. Love annuity over something. Place and attendances. How many kind of those unique for you Shelter, Stone Actually release the Veta. It depends on how long. Once you have your time, both of the walls charges story. You shouldn't have more than one or two characters along one. Come on. What is the one that is telling? Store the most popular waas a first person on person. This person is when your family is telling he's always flying. The person is when somebody else is doomed. You can choose anyone you know. Just remember to be consistent. I love the nova toe have only showed events they can see for some evolution course person you can only show evidence in where the money is. Yes, I notice off you're restoring on that Be just a random collection Off events thing has have some unity on the one touching it is is by the relationship off course on which is actually a resolution off connection happens because I never actually happened before on the scent of any action should be another action. So what you need to keep in mind is always have a relationship Off course on defense invents office or something Took a little bit about move. You have your story to be happy and stash or scary. You can achieve this by the way, he likes you, Senator, On the waas Mutu's Oh yeah Have you really need to think of yourself the story you have it to develop motor really, really need And you shouldn't worry about being a vision about them is not about the thing you choose. But how did tell me the most common Waas? I'm no friendship relation she be up this council one I'm finally woke up play sometime Your story should not happen in Afghanistan No one thing on the time off your story doesn't need to be just specific about the place on time Just mentioned them alone Stone So what do you need to do for your blessed passion? I suggest that you stop just one that you should choose your Now it's a first author person as some of the world feel most over. Then you should think about me. He has events of your short story how they relate to one another in terms off course. I think you should cause you that be out of animus. But he's moved thing place a nun. 6. ISSW06 Main element of the story: Welcome back in the left. Listen, we talk about the elements off shoulder story, but which one of those is the main one? Actually, none of them. We took about the main element off a short story in some of the first lesson. What was that? All short stories should revolve about one country. I want to be the main animals in the development part off the short story we mentioned of the character needs to face several problems. This problems should all relate to the main conflict off the stone. This government can be external or in Selma. External is anything that happens outside the character in the real world. Internal comfort about the characters, their emotions, thoughts on personal growth, internal company is would you have mostly in literary fiction, but you have exterminations on a conflict in any kind of fiction, runs on that you can have both of them in yourself this story, but you need them to have a certain population that means even look still, no coffee creating a one off the other way around Anyway, the main thing you need to remember is to have a conflict in you show the story this must be the heart of the story. You are 10. So you may be thinking which kind of conflict you can add to your short story that I'm not really that many can conference the most common waas a country with another person, a country with sci fi, a culture with an institution. Oh, a conflict against nature. Just remember that you should not only Jews just one conflict from the ocean to story, but you're going to show only the last battle. So what do you need to do for your grass brush? It is when it's quite easy. You need to choose your main conflict. Now, if you already thought about the different animals of you, shot the story on the relationship off coast and thanked between your events, maybe you're really have a main conflict. But it's not even interested. Now. Yes, this may be you will have to change some of the elements you have already chosen. But if you have over in practice with the girls and effect relationship, you will see is not that difficult to make a change. I'm not sure you have always think about your main conflict are going to have a family like that. We'll see the next lesson 7. ISSW07 Ways of writing: Welcome back. We have finally arrived to the body were waiting for afternoon writing. You sure the story? There are different ways in which you can abroad. This is stage. The 1st 1 is with some planning. This means you will outline on events in your show The story before to stop writing them the advantage of this way of tweeted that when you finally down to right, you're really know what you're going to write about. I recommend that you have learned your story in Camarillo. She got on time. And if you need to make some changes in that order, you do it in your outline. As it is more difficult to do these changes when you have already written you shall the story. It's not that you can't do it, you can, but you will need to revise each sex and move around and to smooth also transitions. On the other hand, you can just approach these bikes. No planning around in this way. You just sit down and start writing your story. Missiles is really more free on funds of the This abundance is that after you finished your first draft, you will have to spend more time in revising. I suggest that you already do know funny when you're right. Really short stories. As your stories become longer, I think a little bit of planning is very harmful, even in the planning or in the right. Instead, you can choose to start from the ending or from the beginning when you start from the ending, which is actually most important. But off your short story, you start by the last event of your story, and then you write off plant. Any situation happened before so that you can finish with that ending. People also write. Each separate is seen. This middle of nice pose for planets are more planning. You know, when you are not planning your story, you have some things in your mind that you go like grew in your short stories. You can write each of Ethan's, so probably and then you find them. 11 option is to write in gross ender. This means that you start with just one sentence that some of all your story and you develop it other, more detailed image part. These are only some of the ways you can approach your writing. You can try it one of them and see which is the one you feel most comfortable with. Another thing you need to go see. That is when you're going to write on for how long. Basically, you can do it into the runways, introduced that yourself on amount of wars you want toe right each day. Or you said yourself on a month off time. You want to be right in each thing again. You should try both these ways I'm find which is the one you like the most. So what do you have to do for your grass? Brush it, just trying different ways of fighting and find the one you feel most comfortable with you the next lissome. 8. ISSW08 Revising and editing: Welcome back. Now you have fun reading you show the story. What are you done? Actually, no, you need to revise it undefeated. This is something every right of that. You shouldn't be too concerned about. The way your draft looks now provides in any busy is a normal step off any waiting. This is some of the things you should be looking for when you're revising your store. Thank ALS. These are the most Brazilians off bunch there. You're everywhere, and since you can never get rid of them, you can try different ways to approach those. You can let you show the story of rest. For one, I'm really regained some days or weeks later. You can also try to read it backwards so you can ask someone else to help you. Then you have to check your spelling on your grandma. Also after you make your 1st 2nd or even third prevision is almost used to have someone else bring your wars. Ah, nothing You should look for our repeated wars Wouldn't be someone over and over again. When you stop revising your story, you could make a list of all the world's you tend to repeat on. Look for them in each of your writing. Then you can also revise your destruction, especially your time then it is very important. If you have written is Separatists Lee or if you have, move your parts around. Another thing you should always provide is your value. Try to read. Um, allowed a new will notice if they sound natural off, not family. You should provide some of the formality off your written piece. I can't break. Give you advice on this point as it relates more to the language you're going to write in, Just remember than with right in the same way with big, I suggest that you do all the revising and even after you have already reading your complete shot the story. So what is the step for you? That's bullshit. Just revised under these you have short story you have already written. See you 9. ISSW09 Class project: Welcome back. No, Melissa have ended. Aniston for you to do your blessed project. Invite your short story. Yes. Buy some of the steps on animals unit to conceive. If leave is just a guide them you don't need to fall of each step or threw it in the same order. You will find a video with this guy island in the project section. So first this I Hominy Walsh who want to write. Then you should choose you of chunga or literally. If that's what you like most. Then you should think about where your story is going to stop on. Where is going to end? Nice. You should think about your characters. Especially you, Paul Town. After that, you should just your narrator, your point of view. Remember that first person on the most popular I don't think about all the events have happened. You show the story, uncles near the relationship off course and back between them. We'll get to think about the other end who's seen place sometime. Always keep in mind, which is a main conflict off your short story. Finally, when you're ready to write, how different always off writing to see which is the one that goes for you. I'm finally once you have your story written, revised vanity. Okay, so that is all from now. Just go one start. You showed the story and I'll see you back in the finalists. 10. ISSW10 Final words: Welcome back one last time. Thank you so much for watching this class. I really hope that help you on ghost you to write your first short story. Remember that the pasta is only that your first. Well, you can always revise it on a visit until you like the final result. Shelter stones are grateful practicing. But another way to prove you're writing. It's about grieving. You will not just be improving invited, but you will be Spiner. I love reading short stories, and that's actually why I started writing them. This is good bye for now. If you have any questions, just leave a comment of both in the discussion Section five.