Introduction to resume writing: Resumes 101 | Thiru (Matthew) Damodharan | Skillshare

Introduction to resume writing: Resumes 101

Thiru (Matthew) Damodharan, Professional Trainer and Instructor

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1 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Unit 1: Introduction to resume writing


About This Class

This is a course design for people to understand the basics of writing a resume to get that job that they want. These are the basics in UNIT 1. There will be follow up courses to this resume writing workshop.

Welcome to resume writing 101.

-Thiru Damodharan





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Thiru (Matthew) Damodharan

Professional Trainer and Instructor

Hello everyone! Welcome to my profile on skillshare, the online community for learning. My name is Matthew and I specialize in the area of training, marketing and business. Some of the areas that I am most interested in marketing are digital marketing, social media and content marketing. I hope that you will enjoy the courses that I post online over here in the skillshare community.

Thank you and happy learning!

Yours Sincerely,


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