Introduction to form: The manipulation of form

Simon Claes

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7 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction

    • Graphic Design

    • Form

    • Manipulation

    • What could go wrong?

    • Creative solutions & activities

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Where you will end up after finishing this class

You'll get a better understanding of form in the context of graphic design.

You'll know how the different components in the process are related.

You'll know the definitions and examples of each component. 

What you will have achieved after finishing this class

You'll have a better mindset of your own to understand form more thoroughly in the context of graphic design.

You'll have an overview of the important relations between the different components.

What you will have covered after finishing this class

Graphic design

Graphic design as the main topic is our first component to look at. We will take a look where graphic design can be found, what graphic design is and how graphic design is defined.


Form is our second topic and the core of this series. The nature and the definition of form will both be explained.


Lastly we will cover what manipulation is in the context of graphic design and we will also learn what the core features and the definition of manipulation is.






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Hello my name is Simon Claes from InoshiroDesign.

I'm engaged with the topic graphic design on a hobby basis for quite a while now and I want to share the knowledge I've learned here. I'm going to give you an insight of what it takes to create a good design on a basic level.

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