Introduction to Wood Burning - a versatile skill | Rachel Strauss | Skillshare

Introduction to Wood Burning - a versatile skill

Rachel Strauss, Wood Burn Corner

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9 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction to Wood-Burning

    • 2. Essential Wood-Burning Tools

    • 3. Other Helpful Tools

    • 4. Transferring to Wood

    • 5. Safety and Other Helpful Hints

    • 6. Time to Wood Burn 1

    • 7. Time to Wood Burn 2

    • 8. Time to Wood Burn 3

    • 9. Your Turn

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About This Class

In this class I will teach you how to take a design and turn it into a piece of wood burned art from start to finish. I walk you through all of the necessary tools and materials needed, how to transfer an image to wood, and how to burn using all of the tricks I’ve learned along the way. This is the class I wish was available when I was first learning. I aim to take all the guesswork out of the learning process so you can enjoy everything this relaxing hobby has to offer.

Wood burning can be applied to so many different crafts: bookmarks, earrings, serving dishes, wall decor, furniture, signs, children’s toys, kitchenware, and so sooo much more. Your options are endless. A hand-burned wood piece makes a great wedding, baby shower, housewarming, or holiday gift! It is a skill that you can use over and over again. 

Tools: Woodburner, graphite paper, slice of wood, design, pen or embossing tool, eraser, and sand paper. 





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Rachel Strauss

Wood Burn Corner

HELLO HELLO! I’m Rachel Strauss, the artist behind Wood Burn Corner. I have been wood-burning since 2011 and love sharing my passion with others. Before picking up a wood burning tool I was a registered nurse and a professional ballerina. While those fields were fun, wood burning has far exceeded them.

I’m a HUGE advocate of the concept “community over competition” and am known in the wood burning community for my “Burnt Month Challenges”. Thes...

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