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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. How it works

    • 3. The Chakras

    • 4. A crystal healing session explained

    • 5. How to start your crystal collection part 1

    • 6. How to start your crystal collection part 2

    • 7. How to choose a crystal

    • 8. Choosing by energy - a closer look

    • 9. How to look after your crystals

    • 10. Tuning into your crystals

    • 11. Ways to use your crystals

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About This Class

Learn how to choose, use and look after crystals for balance and healing in your everyday life.

Based on my very popular workshop and using tried and tested techniques, discover the right crystals for you. Develop your intuition and increase your sense of wellbeing.

You get out of your crystals what you put in and this course guides you every step of the way.

Bring balance and healing into your life!

This course takes you on a journey from what crystals are, to how to use them best for you and how to look after them and grow your collection.

There are four parts to the course:

What is crystal healing?

Learn how crystals work, what happens in a healing session and about the energy centres of the body.

Which crystal and why?

How to start your collection. Learn about a selection of crystals, how they work and why they are used.

How to choose and look after you crystals

Using tried and tested techniques, practice how to choose the right crystals for you and how to get the best from them.

How to use your crystals

Explore the different ways to use crystals and how to carry out simple, relaxing crystal meditations.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Katy Batt

Find your path and achieve your goals.


Katy is the founder of Realistic Holistic.

Katy is a certified holistic therapist. She has practised crystal healing for several years, working with a wide array of clients. Katy has now turned her attention to teaching others how to incorporate holistic methods into their lives, tune into their intuition, find their path and achieve their goals. This is through running many successful workshops and holistic retreats, and the online holistic hub. Hundreds of people, across six continents, have benefited from these methods. Katy releases a podcast weekly called, Crystals & Coffee.

Katy has a Masters degree in Philosophy and a Bachelors degree, with honours, in Psychology. Katy deeply believes that a healthy mind is essential to be healthy as a whole and this is the focus of... See full profile

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1. Welcome: lovelies and welcome to introduction to crystals online. Course. Very happy. The happy here. And I'm looking forward to teaching you all about how to use these wonderful stones to help you with some self healing. Andi help you in your everyday lives. So we're gonna be covering a lot of the basics in this course with regard to crystal healing what it is, how it could be used types of stones. Why the stains are heating. We're going to cover some of most popular stains, which I recommend or a great start your collection gonna learn how to look after them, how to charge them how to make the best of them. Says what you put into crystals. You'll get a lot more out off them. Andi, some of you may be completely new to this, and that's fine. We're gonna go actually cover everything right from the very beginning. Teoh, just choosing your very first day on Some of you may already have a crystal collection and just want to know more about how to use it. And that's great, too. If you already do use crystals on, Do you have some favorite crystals that you'd like to share. You can just pop that In the comments below Onda, we have a little chat there. My particular favorite crystal is an AM a theist. It's my birthstone. It's my absolute favorite. We're gonna be talking about amethyst later in the course as well. So take your time as you work through it. There's no rush all on your own time table. Any questions? You can contact me directly or in the comments below on. I'll get back to us since I can. So let's get started. 2. How it works: So what is crystal healing? Crystal healing is on energy therapy in, and that means that we tune into the energies been given off by the crystals. Onda absorb these energies as, AH, healing energy to it can cleanse us can recharge us. It can relax us. It's unclear emotional blockages that there really is a huge list of things that crystal healing can help with. Energy healing in general can help. Crystals are just buy one tool by which you can tune into lots of other energies that are out there. So crystal healing, of course, uses crystals. Andi There are hundreds upon hundreds of different types of crystals. At each of them will do different things from a healing perspective physically, emotionally and mentally. Some of them overlap. Some do some other things, but each one will have its own primary healing use on primary area of the body that it relates to. So the reason that these crystals can give off this energy is each one has own unique healing vibration. Every single thing around us in this world is made up of energy. Lots of little molecules, which is rubbing together on and crystals are no different on its. This energy that's given off by the makeup of the crystals is what we tune into and use for healing purposes. So therefore, because there are so many different types of crystals on each Krista's A unit unique vibration, that's why they have so many buried uses out. Also, even crystals off the same type won't necessarily be the same. Different people will get drawn to different pieces off the same type of crystal. That's something that we will cut for in more detail later on about how you can chewed into that and find out which ones you are drawn T. So healing with crystals could be used in many different ways. You can visit a crystal practitioner, Andi. They would do a healing sessional new, which is usually around our long off a full body healing tailored to particularly worries. You have gone to visit them for Andi. They will cleanse energy from your body. There were clear energy around you. Anything you've been holding onto on feed in this wonderful healing energy from different crystals, you could also use them in your everyday life for yourself, which is the main focus off this course is how you can use them for your own self healing, for your own purposes in everyday life, for you and your family and loved ones so you can use them by keeping them on your person. You can wear them is jewelry. Carry them around with you complacent around your home. Different crystals will do different jobs in different areas of behind. You can sleep with them under your pillow. You could do crystal meditations. There are lots of different ways that you could use them on. Each of these ways will be covered further down the course. As you can probably imagine, things like carrying crystals around with you wearing jewelry of very easy things to do something you don't really need to think about, doesn't draw a lot of attention. And it's something that you know that you have with you helping you out as you just go through everyday things from as simple as just putting about skipping a step, making you feel happy to really relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression, or helping release stresses on emotional, a package that comes along with maybe some chronic physical elements as well. So it really does have very diverse approach. Andi is a very popular energy heating to turn to, for that reason is that there will whatever it is that you're looking for help with is there will be a crystal that suits that purpose on If there isn't a specific crystal that you could necessarily get your hands on easily. There will be crystals and groups of crystals that you can use to help you along as well. So, and that's how we use crystals, basically them, so you can have it from a healer. You can use them for yourself. You can use them for your family. You can put them in handbags, school bags under desks, under cots, with mattresses so many different ways. 3. The Chakras: so I'm using crystals. It is particularly helpful to match them with different areas of the body that are related to the issue that you want to heal or have some assistance with. Now there are. You may have heard the word shackles before, which are seven main energy centers of the body. They run down the center of our body from the base of our spying rights up to the top of my head on. These are used very heavily. Energy therapy's not just crystal healings. Everything's would like raking as well. Focus on shack, Chris, because that gives a focal point for certain issues. If you have certain things up around your throat, for example, it could be something wrong or something unbalanced in your throat chakra. So we have the seven chakras that we focus on, so we're going to go through each of them now on what is they relate to? So, first of all, the first chakra is called your root chakra, or base shot gray may have heard. Referred to on this is located very base of your spine, so the root chakra is aligned with the color red, so stones off red variety read or pinky variety of very good for the root chakra on in That chakra is everything that makes you you so it's really the root of who you are. Your values. You'll Morrow's your makeup. We're likes, dislikes. Everything that makes you you is is affected by that reach chakra. So if you have issues around any of those areas, then the root chakra, maybe the shack with that needs some attention from maybe some red or pinkish stains. The next Jack crap is called the sacral Chakra. This is just below your navel. On it is aligned with the current color orange. This chakra is related to your energy levels. It's again, um, somewhat related to what makes you you on an emotional sense. So there will be emotional ties there. There will be sensuality wrapped up in their on, also in women. It is very popular with fertility issues as well to treat sacral chakra because of its location just below the navel, the very name of the reproductive system. The next chakra up is called the solar plexus, so plexus you'll find it's just below your breastbone, son to that and that is aligned with the color. Yellow solar plexus is the central energy center. It's where a lot of things span from on. It's very much related to emotions on and stress levels Feeling on balance when you build tempered things like that when we're feeling anxious or stressed about something, you could quite often feel it right there just under your breast pain on Do you could feel like what we call a knot in your stomach. You may be affected by digestive issues due to stress, and that can also be to do with an imbalance in the solar plexus. So again, a very common one that needs commutes and cleansing and balancing regardless off. What is your seeking energy heating? Four. In this day and age and how we live our lives, we all have stresses and anxieties we carry around with us on. That is usually where we store it in solar plexus. That's always a really good one to get clear it. The next one up is the Heart shack crack, which is quite self explanatory. It's right here, right near your heart. The line with the color green, which is very healing, soothing, calming color, heart chakra is as it in the name is related affairs of the hearts of relationships. Friendships not just for romantic relationships, that we have parental relationships. Relationship with your Children, siblings, friends, work colleagues. Anything there that make gives you an emotional link with somebody can be effective at the heart chakra. But most importantly, the relationship that it is focused on is the relationship that you have with yourself. It's very, very centered on self love as well. If you have low self esteem, if you're feeling out of touch with yourself, well, feeling like you're putting blocks up against people are being very emotionally defensive that can be assigned that your heart chakra needs a little bit of Karen attention. And again because of its color green. The colors of the chakras do ally in quite well with stains that worked very well for them . So if you have green stones that worked very well, green shocker of the heart. Also, Pink Stone Stone's like Rose courts as well, which is the love stain, is very what's very well in the hotshot crowd, despite it being pink and green. The next chapter up is throat shut crap, which is right here base of your throat on this is aligned with the color blue. So again, bluestones worked very, very well with the throat shut grab. Um, issues that present themselves with for it shocked crowd are, um, communication expression Being able to speak your truth, being able to tell people how you feel if you've been suffering from sore throats or you keep getting a tickly cough in your throat. That can also be a sign that there's something blocked there and something needs to come out. Need to express yourself? We need to be heard. So that's what throat chakra is aligned with. And that shot grew up is the brow chakra center of your forehead, also known as the third eye chakra. The shocker is purple. The Purple Stones worked really well here. This is related to being 1/3 eye. It's relieved to intuition, being able to see things that aren't visible with with your two eyes to be able to see physically, but things that you can sense on your intuitive to when we related to the brow chakra. Also off course, where is it's related to things in the mind surface, stressed, anxious, have a lot of worrying thoughts and things like that, or you need concentration memory. It's all related with this chakra here on purple stains can help with that and the Seventh Shack routes right on the top of your head. It's called Crown Chakra Crown of your Head in this jacruz white, brilliantly bright white energy like from the crown Chakra says, We're all energy enters your body so you want, with the energy going into your body positive and cleansed and happy to be able to feed through your whole being. So white stains work really well here because they are cleansing and they are positive on there. It's also to do with your higher self as well. We're in the crown shot crap. So that's an overview of the seven chakras, but they're very briefly related to There is a download in this section that you can download and keep on referred Teoh, which re capsule with the information on. There's also a lot more detail on the Shaqra system on specific stones and specific conditions. Teoh heels that the certain Jack was with in my healing and balancing online crystal courses, well 4. A crystal healing session explained: so, as mentioned in the What is crystal healing video, one of the ways that you can receive crystal healing is by going to visit a crystal healing practitioner. I am a crystal healing practitioner, Andi. It's something I really do enjoy doing because you can really discuss with someone you can really get to help them get to the root cause or something that's been bothering them. It's a treatment that could be tailored to specific before their needs on did. You can physically see a lift in energy once the treatment is over, so it's something that is beautifully relaxing. If nothing else, you'll feel very relaxed and chilled out. You have an hour of time just to stop and just to be on a Z, the on absolute well, I say bonus. But the actual purpose of having the crystal healing session is to then cleanse you of stagnant energy, things that maybe have been bottled up, and it's a process to begin Clearing that away might necessarily happen in one session. You may need to keep up the cell feeling at home, which, against the focus of this course, is to be able to keep you your energy levels elevated in between sessions. Or it's something that you have every now and again just to get everything cleared out so that you are self healing from a clear space. Clear foundation crystal feeling session is it begins with a consultation where we will discuss what it is that you are looking to have some help with Andi. I'll ask a few questions. Would Sava chats. Very casual, very relaxed. It's not an interrogation. You should find this with any crystal healer that you go and visit. The process should be the same, so that through these questions and the answers you given the conversation we have, we can determine what stones it is that can be used for you specifically. Sometimes that will be very common stains that use the all pretty much good for everyone that very, very strong healing stains on some. What may be more specific to your needs? Andi. So the procedure of that happening is that you would then lie down on a couch, get yourself comfortable. It should be in a very calm environment. Quiet space, possibly with Cem, relaxing music playing in the background, Cem, maybe some salt lamps like these, for example, or some incense, all those kind of things just to help elevate energy in the room, cleanse away negativity and put you in a really relaxing space. Then the crystals have been chasing for you will then be laid down the center of your body on the on the chakras that again have been discussed in a previous video, Andi. Then each chakra is them worked on intern by the practitioner to draw out. Open up those chakras to draw out the energy that's been sitting in their Teoh. Clear out anything that needs to be cleared out. Just give everything of freshen up on. Then once all of these all of the shockers have worked on in that way, Then each one is revisited with its specific crystal to help feed in the energy from those crystals into that energy center. Once that is done, the practitioner will then again revisit all of the chakras and closed them back down. We need to we need to close them back, back down again because believing shack was open would leave very vulnerable to outside energies. And we don't want that we want to just seal in all of that good energy. And make sure once there will close everything is balanced. And again the partition will be able to choose to do this for you. And at the very end of the session, there should be some groundwork Done. Extra shack with I have not mentioned yet called the your Earth shocked crowd of Earth shack rose and soles of your feet. And this is what keeps you grounded, Andi, in the present. So, of course, this session is very relaxing. With a lot of energy flying around, you can feel maybe a little bit unbalanced or a little bit floating away. So after the balance work is done to bring you back to balance in the groundwork is down soles of your feet to just bring you back into Britain to the present on just realizing all of these energies. Once that's done, then be invited to then sit back up. Come to Andi, get gather yourself back into the room. Um, you will be advised to drink water because we've again we've been cleansing out a lot of energy, so it's good to help flush out the insides as well. On that is the completion of the session. You then, I would imagine in something that I do with my clients is that then, given some recommendations of crystals, that you may want to use yourself at home following the session to help just keep these energies elevated and where they should be and to help you carry on down the process. I would never pressure you into booking another session or ask you about that. That's come something completely up to you and see how you feel in the days following the session. Because in the days following the session, energies are still settling energy. They're still moving around, and it can take a few days just to sort of feel where you are again. So that is in a nutshell, a crystal healing session. 5. How to start your crystal collection part 1: so to start your collection, I have some essential crystals that I think, well, the a great stop anybody's crystal collection. I'm gonna go through the 1st 5 of them in this video, and then the following four will be in the next ones. It's not too much taking all in one go, so by no, by no means so, I mean go up by all nine of these crystal straight away. It's just a basis off a collection, in the sense that each of these crystals, they all target certain areas that are very common, very popular areas People use crystals for so But having won nine, you will be able to hit most basis basically anything that you may need. Some assistance rails just little bit. Self healing orbit Boost with you'll be able to find a suitable crystal in these initial ninth. I'm going to talk about So start with the 1st 5 in this video. The first Christian going to talk about is clear quartz crystal. It is, as the name says, it's clear it's courts. It's a very, very popular crystal. You'll find this in pretty much any crystal shop. Anywhere will have a clear quartz crystal. It's a master here, the stone so it confused in place of pretty much any crystal. It's very, very positive. Very, very cleansing. So it's a great one. Toe have around the house is about if you want to keep energy in the house, cleansed in, ah, high positive vibration. So it's a really, really good one to have in your collection because, like I said, it's like a wild card work in place of most stains. You can have it with you all the time, just for a positive boost. You can use it in crystal meditations to cleanse with cleanse out negative energy. It's It's a clear courts, so it's with the clear, and the white crystals works very, very well. With the crown shock. Graft is making sure the energy entering your body is clear and positive. That's clear courts. That's crystal number one. Absolutely recommend that you have in your collection. Second crystal we talk about is Rose quartz, another one from the courts family. Another master healer. Very, very powerful stone could be used for so many things is the is the rose courts. Beautiful pinky color. It's very, very pretty. It's very very soothing to look at and hold on to feel works very, very well with the hotshot grab. I know that I said earlier and earlier we do. The heart chakra is green, but pinkie stains worked very well with it in particular that Rose court, because it is the love stain. So it helps with everything to do with relationships American through the first, the heart emotions, emotional bonds you may have with someone, but it's also very, very good with self love. So the relationship you have with yourself, it helps you open up to yourself. It helps you bring down those defensive walls and be able to accept love from people on. Just open yourself up a bit more if that's something that you've been struggling with, Rose Courts is a brilliant staying to do that with works. Like I said, very well, hotshot Cross. If you wearing a necklace that trains hands down low like this, then that's ideal, or you can keep it in your brother's Well, ladies on the left hand side is while keeping it nice to place your heart. Very convenient way to carry around, raise courts if you want with you all the time. That's crystal number two, which I would highly recommend its various courts. Third, Crystal will talk about is Amethyst, I mentioned in an earlier video. This is my absolute favorite crystal. It's my birthstone. So it's It's something that I use a lot. I have are off having jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, rings. I love traumatised. I love purple. As you can see, it's well said that agrees very well with that, um, the as discussed in an earlier video, the brow shack reds Purples aligns very, very well with the feathered eyebrow shot crab. So amethyst is brilliant for relaxing the mind. It helps relieve tension and stress on symptoms of anxiety and depression from a mental points of view. So it's a really great one. If you want to take some chill time with it on your forehead, or just have it carry around with you on. It also helps with sleep issues that could be a good one to seek with under your pillow or on your night stand. It's even there doesn't have its name is part of the courts from laces yet another master healer, amethyst of rose quartz in the clear courts are three very, very powerful stains, which probably appear in nearly every crystal healing session I've ever done for somebody, because they're also beneficial on the ticks. So many boxes, SATs, the third crystal that's I would absolutely recommend. And that's I'm assist. Fourth Crystal will talk about which I think is a really great ones happen. Your collection is sick. Dream Citrin is actually what is formed when amethyst is subject to certain heat and pressure conditions. Citrine forms. So a lot of situation that you'll find can be man man made. So it's purposely had amethyst. Subject these conditions to creates a train, but you can also get naturally occurring. Sit Trina's. Well, they do the same thing. They are wonderful, vibrant, staying, particularly the bigger clusters of it you can get in the nice yellowy orange colors. They look very fire. Britain lovely in the lights, so it's very high energy. Stone helps battle fatigue, helps bring motivation and drive. It helps which on creativity as well. So it's a really good one. If you need to be creative or Teoh, focus on something that need your mind open up, and it's great ones have on your desk or in the space where you do your work. It's also a great one for prosperity and abundance. So it's a lovely one to keep in your purse. A swell that is sit tree and in the last stone we'll talk about in this video is called Tigers. I Now tigers. I, along with the Citrin, is rated to the solar plexus, which is the central tracker, which is right here below your breastbone. And that's the yellow shot grabs the Tigers I. It's a multi old card, and if you can see it very well, I'm in the video. But it's a micro mottled brown with yellows and orange hues as well. So it is a line of the solar plexus because it's everything to do with balancing emotions. Andi, that is a big focus of certain plexus. That's where we find balance because the center off our energy sentence. So it's where it's very common one needs to use to find balance in crystal healing and tigers. I can do that so it helps with balancing Imation's. It helps with if your emotions of being a bit like Jurassic and here, there and everywhere togas, I can bring you in check. It helps with breathing stress. Intentions about helps raise self esteem helps you feel better about yourself. All of the knock on effect from balancing. There's emotions, really. So that's a great one, Teoh. Keep on your person or spend some time with when you're saying plexus as well. So those are the 1st 5 recap there. We have clear courts, which was all about positivity. Rose Court to the love stone. Amethyst is related. Teoh things do the mind. Then we had a situation which is a great, vibrant, motivating energy stain. Andi also Tiger's eye, which is an emotionally balancing stain. So those are five, which are definitely recommend you have in your collection on the next four are in the next video. 6. How to start your crystal collection part 2: Okay, so now the next four that crystals that I would recommend that you have in your collection carrying on from the previous video. So next one I recommend is hematite. Human site is in actually magnetic crystal. It's great from a physical point of view. It's called human Tight. So is very good with the things to do with circulation of the blood as well. So it's got a very good for blood conditions on from a physical point of view from on an Jesic emotional mental point of view, it's really good for memory. It's really good for concentration, but mostly what most of the reasons I use it is to repel negativity. As I said, it's actually magnetic help bounce off all those negative energies that are floating around or from people that we interact with people that we mean they've always come across. Those people that are are quite negative. They give up quite a negative vibe, and they could drain you off your positive energy. They can't fuels them and then leaves you depleted afterwards. Stones like human tight can really help with that as offering you a little bit of protection. So if you do find yourself in contact with a lot of negativity on a regular basis than taking this little proportion can be very helpful to wear as a bracelet. I have human type on my bracelets at the moment we come. Where is the necklace? Keep in your pocket. Keep a new person. You get a large chunk. You might wanna keep in your desk work or in certain areas of the home to just offer that protection of negative energy. You may want to leave it by your front door, for instance, to make sure that no negative energy can cross the threshold into your house so it does. Offer ultimately does offer a lot of protection. Andi it so it helps clear away those negative energies. But it's also I was a very good for memory blood circulation as well, so that's human tight. That's when I would definitely recommend. Then we have cherry courts. No. One of the court's family. Cherry quartz is linked with anxiety. To help it really does. Help with relieving symptoms of anxiety helps to feel calm. It could help home. Runaway thoughts in your mind just brings you back to a bit of center. It's reddish pinkish tones. It works well with the root shack crowd, which was all about pulling you back to you really are. And what what's really what's really in there? So it could be very good at helping you get grounded and centred again. If anxiety is taking you off somewhere, you don't want to pay. So that's what cherry courts is part of the courts family. So it's very it is very healing stone. So it's all about being positive and lifting energies on same time helps relieve symptoms of anxiety, and then another, saying I definitely recommend for the collection is moon stain. Moot Stain is a very feminine stain. No, in no small part to the fact that the moon works in cycles on. So does the feminine body. It works in our monthly cycles. Andi. So it's also related to menstrual issues related to fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, conception. That kind of all of those areas could be helped with moonstone. It's one to keep with you. If you were pregnant for its own port, we're trying to conceive on. It can also be very helpful newborn days as well, because it could be very calming for Children. It's a very good one, tohave out of reach, of course, in a nursery or under a cop to something to help with sleeping on calming. If you find your particularly affected by the full moon, the moon staying can also help with that can help just keep you bit more balance and level that time of the month as well. So that's moot. Stay excellent saints have in your collection, and in the last of the nine stains that I recommend is that was a great foundation for your collection. Is Stone called Amazon Night, so Amazon Night is sort of a good luck talisman on. It's also very good for prosperity and abundance, not just from the money chance of you also from having wealth of time. People come into your life opportunities job, office, whatever is that you're seeking an abundance off in your life. Then focus that with your Amazon night on. Bring that energy to you. It's also a great little one to keep in your purse. Four foot abundance of money as well. Yes, they say it's green, so it's but the heart shot crisis. Very healing, very soothing, very calming So it is a lovely one to carry around a bit of a talisman with you as well, just to keep energies on a nice he would level that's tonight. So the four strains that we've covered in this video I've been hematite for protection from negative energies Cherry courts, which will help with symptoms of anxiety. Moonstone, which helps with the reproductive system with fertility, also helps with calming on with calming Children to sleep as well. On also helps you were affected by the full meat on then Amazon night, which is to be used for anything you want to have an abundance or prosperity off in your life. 7. How to choose a crystal: Okay, So so far, we've looked at different types of crystals on what they can help with. So now we're gonna look at how you can choose which crystals other ones that are right for you, on which ones that you may need to use on a regular basis or whatever is that's affecting you. At the moment, there are two main ways that you can choose crystals. One is by I what you're drawn to, buy I on, and one that I think is much, much more effective, Andi recommend you do is to be attracted by energy. So what action draws you in? So being drawn by I is you can either do this if you're out shopping for other Christopher new crystals or your first lot of crystals. Andi, you're looking across the display in the shop or you put your own collection and you just don't know what store you want with you that day. Or which ones you want to turn to that particular day for that particular time. So being drawn by I, you would cast your glance across the whole display just like ice travel, not thinking of anything in particular other than what it is that you're maybe seeking help with or even better, try and empty your mind. Just let your eyes gaze over the display on. There may be 11 or two that keep catching your eye or one that keeps pulling you back, and it's almost calling to you with a Z you look at it on. That can be a very clear sign. That's a crystal that you are attracted to. Four reason amazement that is quite good. Rule of thumb is, if you're attracted to a crystal, may mean that that should mean that that is one that you need to use. If you're not attracted to a crystal, you pick it up. You don't feel anything at all. It probably just means you don't need that crystal right now. So the going drawn by I the ones that you are keep being drawn back to, is one that you can then pick up, see how it feels and see if it feels right. So that's how you can do it with both urine collection. And if you're in a shop shopping for crystals, if you're in a shop shopping for Chris stores. Ondas a tub off crystals, for instance. You're gazing over a display on bond. You're gazes, just keeps coming back, Teoh say Rose courts, for example. On there's a tub of Rose courts there with a whole bunch of them. Don't just pick up anyone, pick up a few, feel around and to see which ones feel right. Generally speaking, what you pick up that you don't really want to put back down again. Just one that is one treat the one for you because then each piece of Christie will have its own sanity. Vibrations. So, no, the same piece of Rose course is gonna be relevant to each passion. So make sure you have a funeral to make sure you get the peach that feels right for you. Now being dropped by energy is slightly different because one withdrawn by I, we can be. Even if we were not aware that we're doing it, we can be unconsciously drawn by ones that look pretty. Ones are our favorite color ones that sparkling very bright in the light, for example, on that, of course, naturally captures our attention. Now, if you're doing it by energy, it's a bit different because we do that with your eyes closed on, it's all about feeling out and sensing. Where is your being pulled to drawn to? From an energy perspective? Andi, which energy fields according do, for the same reasons that those of the crystals that you are needing right now ones that don't feel unique than anything from the tool ones you don't need right now. So those are the two main ways off choosing your crystals by eye by energy. Now, granted, you may not want to stand in the middle of a shop with your eyes closed with your hands out trying to feel with the crystals. And so, by all means, go by I and then ones that catcher. I pick them up and touch them just to maybe rule out whether or not you've been drawn to them because they're pretty or you genuinely are drawn to them for the reason being that you need them. So there's all the my to tried and tested methods off how to choose your crystals 8. Choosing by energy - a closer look: Okay. So in the previous video, we discussed two ways that you can choose crystals one being why I am one being by energy. So we're gonna have a closer look in this video off how to choose by energy. Because I appreciate that. That could be quite a vague term and not quite sure how how to carry that out in practice. So we'll have a little look at what that entails right here in this video. So choosing by energy means by going by which ones you feel drawn, Teoh your feeling and energy response from one that you could maybe feel the heat from a tingle from one that just feels like it's drawing your hand in, on down on down to it, because it's linking up with your energy field, and it knows that its what you need. So I'm going to show you very quickly here on how to do that on Do you can practice it on your own collection at home on and start practicing it when you're actually been for crystals as well, because if you do it this way and you're only using crystals that you are truly drawn to new grains get a much better effect benefit from them, then just using using any or crystal or crystal. You felt pretty because it you may not need that at that time in your life. Equally when you've also tried drawing by energy and you're drawn to certain stains and you want to use them, it isn't uncommon for they're after us after a time for you not to be drawn to them anymore and start being drawn to crystals. You have been drawn to you before because whatever it was that you were drawn to about that crystal has been resolved or isn't as important as may be moving on to something else at time. So what you each do, you need to lay out your crystals in a once with urine collection off. But the same principle applies if you're in a store looking for crystals. Now, I know it may seem a bit odd to do this in a shop, but if you've gone to a a holistic or magic shop or crystal shop or something like that, you you feel free to do this because they know exactly what you're doing. Andi, It's all part in parcel of choosing your energies on. They may even be able offer use and more detailed assistance as well. So later out front of you, a little bit of space between each so that the inventor overlapping or when you're drawn to there's no mistaking what stony is that you're being drawn to, then have a brief think about what it is that you're maybe feeling that you want to have some help with. But don't focus on it too much, because sometimes what we think we need help with isn't actually what it is. We need help with its mawr, the underlying cause off that symptom off the ailment that is that we're seeking on the crystals know that so that we need to do is just to clear your mind. Get yourself in the river, relaxed state. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and then place your dominant hands. Generally speaking, this I had that you write with over over the crystals and just close your eyes and just let's you had hover over then, and you may again feel drawn to certain aspects off. You're drawn to certain areas by heats. Oh, but by single or maybe just simply being drawn your hand down onto a certain stone, and then when you feel ready, you feel drawn. Then pick up the stone you've been drawn to on may be before your eyes. Keep your eyes closed, pick it up, really sort of sit there and feel it for a little bit. And if it feels right in your hand, then open your eyes and look at what Krystal you've picked. So I've picked up Amazon right here, and that does make sense to me at the moment. I am looking Teoh. Open up, a broadened my horizons on my opportunities, and it's always nice. Have a little bit of healing and a bit of luck on your side as well. So Amazon night suits quite well for me, so I'm quite happy that that's what I've been drawn to, and it makes a lot sense to me as well. So sometimes you may be drawn to stain, and when you look up what that state means, you may think while earth, if I even drawn up, that makes no sense. It doesn't necessarily matter if it makes sense to straight away, but if you if you really have made energy connection, but that staying stick with it on the on the reason they become apparent. Um, as the house events unfold, Maybe. Or if not, you just know that you're getting the healing that you need on. If you have to accept that, then great. So that is the most effective wage to use crystals. And that is, by energy and by touch, really, getting hands on with them and feeling them is the best, most effective way because it's spring into your energy field on it, seeing if you make a connection. So the next time you want to choose your Chris stores or you're a bit backward as to what one out of your collection you want to use to carry out that little exercise on bond, take it from there. 9. How to look after your crystals: All right, so we have how to look at different types of crystals. Move. Look at how to choose those crystals. Andi, connect them with your energy. So now you have the crystals that you want to use or you've built up a little bit of a collection. Now it's a good time to talk about how took after them more. You look after crystals, the better the energy you're gonna get out of them. Treat them almost like little pats is what you get out, what you what you put in and you need to look after them and nurture them, and then they'll look after in matchy so first and foremost need to do when you bring any new crystal home. Andi Also at different intervals regular intervals is to cleanse your crystals. This helps to get rid of any negative energy that's built upon them. If anyone else has been touching them, it gets rid of their energies as well. This is particularly prevalent if you've just bought them from a shop because you don't know how many people have picked him up and touch them and put their energy marker on them . So you're gonna want to cleanse them off on, then stones that you have in your collection that you use regularly. It's a very good idea, Teoh to cleanse them regular intervals as well, to make sure that they aren't harboring or holding onto or getting clogged with with old energies. So to cleanse them, it's very, very simple. Two ways most popular way is to just rinse them off under running water. So running water from the tap just give them just wrapped them off underneath the water on Let it just float away down the drain, taking away all that old energy with it on. Then you can patent dry or just leave them on sites dry. One particular crystal that isn't necessarily a good idea. With is a crystal called cell tonight. It's a white crystal. It's very, very porous. Andi. After a while of being in the water, it was thought to break down, so you don't necessarily. You don't want to keep putting underwater the odd little clean. That's fine, but no, not very often, and certainly not submerged in water either. So the alternative way to cleanse crystals if you don't want to use or any water or you have these particular ones that can't be putting. Running water is to use salt, rock, salt or sea salt, so pour a bowl of these off the salt. Andi bury the crystals underneath salt. You could either in there for a minimum, about half an hour. Just that all the impurities be drawn out, or you could need them the whole day. It's up to you really, whatever is convenient, but leave them in their friend enough for a good amount of time. Like I say, minimum half an hour. Absolute minimum 20 minutes just to get all those impurities drawn out once you can, more than one crystal a time in the bowl as well. If you have a few to do on, then to sculpt salt because we want to get rid of all those old energies. Eso what you've cleanse crystals that makes them all night. Nice, bright, shiny and new and ready to give off some lovely energy. But the best thing to do first before you start using again, is to charge the crystals up so birth rates charged crystals up its leave them out in the moonlight to leave them on your window. sill and I, particularly the full name, because it's when the moon is that it's what its fullest giving off the most energy. So leaving about I'm on a full moon charge up overnight is ideal. You can leave them in sunlight, but I wouldn't necessarily have been some like all the time, because they can start so also the color and they fade in the sun as well. So I would stick to moonlight. And if you get into the habit of doing them on a full moon just once a month off cleansing and charging, that's a great happy to get into, particularly ones that you have around your house that you may forget about from time to time because you've they're not handled very often, but they will be constantly collecting energy, so they need to be kinds and challenged as well. Another thing to be aware was, if you're using crystals for your personal healing ones that you keep on your person ones that you keep with you all the time, your stones got working with you at the moment. If anybody else picks them up, touches them, then they're transferring their energy onto them. So you're gonna want to cleanse them, regardless, if it's a full moon or what the last time you did it. If somebody else's energy's gone into them, then you need to cleanse them and charge them on and start using them again after that. So the energies become mixed. So the two very important steps off using crystals is to cleanse in charge because keeps them clear of negative energy, and it keeps them charged up. I'm working at the absolute best, the so the purpose of it is the vibrations are always clear on the coming through too strong as they possibly can. So if you could get into a habit of cleansing and charging them on a monthly basis, or if it's a stone, using all four lot and you feel is getting a bit clogged and you can't feel the energies as well and you can do on a weekly basis is about. It's very much put personal to you and your energies and on how you feel. But as a minimum on a monthly basis is what I would recommend 10. Tuning into your crystals: Okay, so you've changed in your crystals. You've comes them and you charge them, and now they're all ready to use. So there is one more small thing you might want to do with your crystals before you start using them. And this is really only applicable to stains that you're gonna be keeping with you on your personal using on your person ones that you're you're placing around the house necessarily . You don't need to do this stage, but ones that you want for your own personal self healing is you're gonna want to tune in to the crystals, and that is link your energies with the crystals energies so that it knows it's working with you. So, for example, if you're keeping stones in your hand back and little pouch ones that you want to carry around view, then those crystals are gonna be giving out their energy, and they're gonna be giving them out lovely. But they'll be giving out it'll here, there and everywhere if it's crystals that you've tuned into ones that you're linked with when they're going to be giving their energy to you. So that is why this stage is very, very important. for self healing purposes, so tuning into your crystals is very simple. It's basically just getting in touch with them. So you've cleansed them. You've charged them and they're ready to go. Then all you need to do is you just need to take a crystal Andi, place it between your palms, maybe take a couple of deep breaths and really kind of breathe in and absorb the energy on . Then just spend some time just like I'm doing here. Let's just play with it. It's fiddle around with it. You can do this way. Just look something the safer reading. Watching TV, however they want to do it once they've been cleanse and charged on this is basically just you tuning in with with the crystals. Energy said that it's working for you, which is why it's also very important. If somebody else was two, then tops at Crystal, you need to start the process again, cleansing it, charging during this stage. So this stage is very important for crystals you're using for your in healing Andi. It just makes you establish a link with the crystal Andi you'll get. You'll get farm or out of it for more concentrated link of energy by during this stage. Andi. During each time you kinds and charges. Well, I I also had somebody once who asked me. They accidentally left their crystal in their jeans pocket and it went through a washing machine on gets washed all of the energy way. It's like, Yes, it may have washed away your energy, but it's had a really good cleanse. So just charge up. A men just tuning with again on your re established that link. So that is very important to tune into crystals, really feel the energies from them and also to shoot. I'm get in touch with what their energy field like on it will show, then may let you know. Maybe you don't need the crystal. You're not really feeling anything for Mitch. It's not very tactile and don't want to hold it so much that maybe didn't need that one as much anymore. It's time Teoh. Do your energy exercise and maybe take up some fresh crystals. But again, it's all very personal. Everyone will use crystals for different reasons that two people may be using the same crystal for two different reasons on two different shapes and sizes because that's what they've been drawn to. The important thing to remember is that it's your energy or tuning in. Andi. It's very personal to you, and it's something you need to listen Teoh on. Try not to get distracted by other people's suggestions and things. If you know that this is woman's work in Butte and stick with it, keep changed in with it and try and keep them out of reach from other people. 11. Ways to use your crystals: Okay, So now we're going to talk about some ways that you could use crystals practically easily and simply in everyday life without having to do anything drastic. I can also be used quite discreetly. Should that be a concern? You have so one of the first and foremost ways of using crystals something we've discussed throughout the whole course, and that is for you to have them on your person. For you to be touching them food to be wearing them is jewelry. Keeping them in your pocket in the person your handbag. Having them in your facility is probably one of the most effective ways to use them, because again, your energy fields a crossing on your directly absorbing that energy. So ones that you have tuned in with your using for yourself, then it's great to maybe keep them in little pouches or in little wallets or pockets. Or maybe you pop them in one of the changeable necklaces so that as and when you need them , you can change them out rather than having to buy lots of different types of necklaces. So that is the first and foremost way of using the misused on your person. No, I have using them, which is very active so that you know the gradual time is around your height. So, for example, a touchdown early. You may want to keep a protective started by your front door, because this will help stop negative energies coming into the home so you can do it's very discreetly by putting small pieces off dark stone like the human type we spoke about. Well, stains like black Torre, Molinos Black Obsidian Award. Dark stains. Little's absorbed negative energy. You can pop them very discreetly up in the corners, up by the ceiling above front doors. No one can see them if that's what you'd rather do. Or you can buy large chunks and have him as an ornament focal point. Just have them in the hallway or by the front door to stop that negative energy coming through on. Likewise, you could also use clear quartz crystal to bring positivity and cleansing energy as well, so I don't not no clear courts source of very good to happen. The main living area, for that reason keeps energy clear. Cleansed helps battle negativity, and it pumps out lovely positive energies. That's a really good one toe have in main living areas in bedrooms, stones like amethyst and rose quartz for a good cause. A very calming, soothing tick dramatist is very good for for sleep. So you may want to get a small piece and have under your pillow or have pieces on your bedside table for Children needing to sleep. Then, of course, I wouldn't I would not recommend putting them in their beds cause obviously they can find them, pick them up, but put them under mattresses or under the bed itself or up high on a shelf, then stones like AM a system moonstone can be very helpful common for Children's. Well, Andi, Um, you may want to have more relaxing stains and bathroom around you, and you're having a bath again. You can use stones that rose courts and amethyst just bring on those feelings of relax, ation and soothing. Another way to use crystals is, too do a crystal meditation. So these this is a very, very effective way of doing it, and it's no, it's not. A big, detailed meditation doesn't need you to block out. A lot of time will be completely Zen or completely complete silence or anything like that. It's very simple to do, basically just lying down or sitting down, being in touch with the crystals for set period of time and really kind of soaking in their energy. So the best way to do it is tonight, on the bad lead on the safer, because then you can lie the crystals on your body or, if you want to do it, sat up. Then you can have them around you by the side of you or on your lap, depending on how you're sitting. So you would like down on place the crystals in the relevant places on your body on the shot. Chris. Aunt, take some deep breaths. Allow your mind to relax. Try and think of happy fun things, things that are going to keep you in a good frame of mind rather rather than negative things. Andi, just spend some time 15 20 minutes minimum. Just taking some deep breaths and really absorbing in that lovely at crystal energy that Rhodri energy. Then when you're ready, Teoh, um, come back, come back to you and take off the crystals. Slowly set yourself up. Allow yourself to sort of just wake up gradually and have become present in the room again and then take Put your feet flat on the floor on. Stamp them a few times before you get up and go to do anything, because that would just ground you bring you back to the president. Wake you up from your meditation rather than maybe walking out in a bit of a dopey, sleepy state. So it was. Remember to do that afterwards. Unless, of course you are. The intention is to go to sleep, then you can stay in bed and go to sleep. It's very, very helpful to latch on again if you are planning falling asleep before we better put the crystals under your pillow under the sheet by your feet. Because that were then, if you then turn over the shocking Christi's bet, there is a downloadable guide in this section. After this video, which details three particular crystal meditations, I recommend the stones to use and where to place them so you can have that to refer. Teoh Andi Try those out for for sleep, for positivity and for anxiety, says symptoms. So yet, take a look at that that down laid after this so you could give a few of those trifles