Introduction to UX Research | Tiffany Eaton | Skillshare
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8 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • 1. What is UX Research and Why Is It Important

    • 2. Primary Research

    • 3. Secondary Research and Which Research to Conduct?

    • 4. Quantitative and Qualitative Data

    • 5. Research Necessities Before Conducting a Study

    • 6. Synthesizing Insights and Gathering Opportunities

    • Wrap Up and Thank You!


About This Class

My name is Tiffany Eaton and I am a designer and freelance writer. I am extremely passionate about the role UX research plays in the design process. Research is what allows us to understand people and learn new things which can lead to profound products. It’s what make most design different because it allows deeper connections with our customers and strengthens connection when working cross functionally with people in an organization. 

From what I’ve seen working in the design industry, UX research is underrated as the focus is on producing the outcome. Sometimes, designers don’t even consider UX research as a significant part in their own process, instead choosing to focus on technical skills. 

In UX design, research is a fundamental part in solving relevant problems and/or narrowing down to the “right” problem users face. A designer’s job is to understand their users, which means going beyond their initial assumptions to put themselves in another persons shoes in order to create products that respond to a human need. I am here to introduce the importance of UX research and how to conduct basic research for students just starting to learn about the basic fundamentals of UX research and people who are curious to learn more. 

Students will learn the basic types of UX research and will learn best practices behind understanding how to conduct usability studies. Resources are provided to start drafting out an usability outline that they will be able to apply to all kinds of research. 

Please share with my course for anyone who wants to know about UX research by sending them this link:

If you want read my experience behind making this class, check it out on Medium:

For additional information on my experience regarding research, I have existing articles on Medium you can check out: 

Other resources (I will add on to this as I find them):





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Tiffany Eaton

Designer, Writer, Matcha Lover

Hello! I'm a UX designer who strives to enlighten and inspire users with memorable, useful and beautiful experiences that drive social change and bridge community. I am extremely passionate about sharing my experiences with designers in hopes that they learn something new, which is why I'm here. :)


I have previously worked on contextual collaboration with Intuit, cross-border payments with Visa, mobility experiences at Ford, enterprise software at DocuSign ...

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