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Introduction to Studio Painting

Mark Hill, Fine Artist

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7 Videos (54m)
    • Introduction to Studio Painting

    • Color Study Transfer

    • Color Study

    • Underpainting

    • Starting the Painting

    • Continuing the Painting

    • Finishing Up Final Thoughts


About This Class

In this class I'm going to show how to approach a long studio painting from beginning to end. I'll discuss beginning procedures from transferring a drawing, doing a color study and underpainting. From there, you'll get to see how I tackle a longer, more developed painting. I won't be going over 'style' or 'technique' per se in this class as everyone will have a way that they enjoy working. The main idea behind the class is sharing an effective approach of working on a painting or project that requires several hours of time. 





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Mark Hill

Fine Artist

I'm a traditionally trained artist currently residing in New York City. I specialize in traditional mediums from graphite and charcoal to oil painting. I've studied in several places in Southern California, and recently finished my studies in New York at the Grand Central Atelier. I've taught everything from drawing to painting for several years, both publicly and privately. Looking to share what I know and help others on Skillshare!


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