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4 Videos (34m)
    • Signal Flow

    • Lead

    • Bass

    • Pad


About This Class

This class is a very beginner look at sound design with Native Instruments Massive. We will be looking at basic signal flow and how to create a lead, bass and pad sound. Note that Massive is purely a soft synth and will not allow you to record or arrainge full songs. You will need a digital audio workstation for song composition so be aware of this before you purchase Massive.






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Aaron Carstensen

Get one percent better at something every day

Hi! my name is Aaron and I am an electronic music producer. I have 6 years of experience and have completed my degree in electronic production from the Berklee School of Music. I have experience in making dubstep, trap, EDM and am currently working on my electropop project Emperidol. Some of my remixes have been released on labels from contest entries.