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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction to Gathering Referrals

    • 2. Earning more

    • 3. How to do it Properly?

    • 4. A new way of thinking

    • 5. How to get Started

    • 6. Sample referral Letter / Email

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About This Class


This Introduction to Referrals course teaches you how to get real referrals that convert in to business. All the content is from genuine business practice and was responsible for growing a Renewable Energy Company from a £1M business to a £20M business in 18 months!

The teachers did it and now they want to teach you how to do it. They share some of the tools they used and the techniques that made the referral culture a must for your business.

There's a couple of simple strategies that you can start in your business tomorrow and a few more that will get you thinking about your business in a different way. There is real power in referrals and these guys know how to harness it to make sure you boost your sales conversions. They'll share their numbers with you!

You'll also get an email template and a sample referral script to ensure you know how to ask in the right way to get referrals that convert quickly in to cash!

So, if you want to learn how to boost your business through referrals this course is for you!

Oh and by the way, referrals is the cheapest way to get new leads and they'll convert quicker and stay longer - find out why in this course!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Robert Murray

I'm sales, Marketing and Funnel Expert


Rob is a highly focused sales, marketing and Funnel expert who has no fear about challenging the status quo to grow a business. His mantra is "If you always do what you've always done then you'll always get what you've always got." You'll find that he wont be shy in helping you do things a bit differently to crush your competition.

He's also an Ex professional footballer with Bournemouth, playing under Harry Redknapp, Tony Pulis and Mel Machin playing. He spent 8 years with Bournemouth, recording 171 appearances and 14 goals. He holds the Bournemouth club record for youngest appearance in the first team on 15 September 1992 against Blackpool away.

Claim to fame: Harry tried to sell him for a Million Pounds to Sheffield United but Dave Basset and Chris Kamara said h... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Gathering Referrals: Hi there. And welcome to another CRS training course on today. Myself. I'm a good make Chris. We're gonna be talking about introduction to referrals Onda in this introduction to re third, cause we're gonna cover the importance of gathering referrals on. We're also going to give you some of the tools to get there tomorrow. And actually, it started with this because that's very much behind our philosophy, isn't it, Chris? Absolutely. Okay, cool. So why you need to gather referrals? This course is designed. It is an introduction. And it is designed to give you the impetus and sort of change in mindset around this because we were seen it happen in many of the businesses would work for and run that if you do this properly, this has the ability to change your business overnight. Okay, So what we want to do is delve into the reasons why that this is so important for you and your business. So a couple of stats here, we like us. That's in sales. Thes. You know, on day we'll go to the reason why that these is so key in a moment. But people are a lot times more likely to buy when referred by a friend. Okay, on the lifetime value of a new referral customer is 16% higher than obviously. If you get somebody from cold now, just looking at those statistics, that's pretty cues, and it thio Thio helping you grow as a business, and that's what we're all about. Here is toe helping you grow or, if you're a sales person, grow in the fact that on a more money okay, so let's quickly move on from there. So the quickest, the most effective way to grow the business. It's referrals. Is that right? Chris? We've got you got a little important you that that it's three leads his three business on God. You've got to think about that. There's no relationship that you've built up with that with that customer on client you, along with dirty work, even on the hard work. So so when you wouldn't get a referral from them, that next lead, then they've actually kind of sold it for you. And that's why that's why it's so important in any business that you get this right. Yeah, I think it says this is for three leads free, new business, free Well, you have to spend a few pounds incentives and things like that, what you're gonna talk about but you ism as a business owner or even if you're in sales. You know, you're gonna think how much effort is right now. Currently, to get a new business to sign up for a new customer. It's a sign of from cold. How much effort is it? And how much expense do you incur on actually just doing that right now on them? You know, if you you should know the biggest, Actually. And you should know if you're sounds when you know how how long it takes to get a personal on board. If you're a business, you know how much it costs to do that. Um, So what we suggest in here is not thrill owes money. This is it. Will. It will know if you wait till my cells person, as you just mentioned, invest you. Every salesperson will always feel about leads. Well, if you get this right, you don't have to worry about lead. You don't have to worry about whether what leads. You get it every week from the company. What poor Mitchell gang? Because you can control it on a knocking off. That means you don't control your conversions. And then you control what money you're gonna learn that week that month that over a six month period over an annual period so you can feel you and guarded by getting this right on . The great news is, you're then going on warmer lead. So you're going out more captive audience as well. Ok, so I think we're pretty much understanding now that if we do this properly, it's gonna have a massive effect on your business and it's it's gonna punch you less money . It's gonna reduce your markets in budget. Onda your sales effort If yourself person it reduces relies on third party involvement. Just explain it to me. Well, you know, when we have had businesses in the past, the business we've worked on, they might have bean very reliant on outsourcing where they're getting their leads from a company that comes along and says we're gonna deliver to you for appointments a week or 30 new leads a week, and suddenly that a company goes pop, they have a problem. They can't deliver what they've said. They're gonna deliver you plan, Teoh, you get leads, then you don't get them in all of a sudden, then your month starts going down the path. So when you start getting referral with what you're doing is you're then having great to control over where your leads coming from, how many you're getting, but you can influence it in terms off if you want. Maura, if you want less. If you want certain type, you want to get over certain period in a certain month on all of a sudden, these control start coming in and way will be through. This wave had businesses before where we were relying on 1/3 party company, which we're spending a lot of money with, but then that the expense then goes as well, and that's stewed, alluded to There is still some expense involved. It's nowhere near what it costs to outsource it on all of a sudden, then that has a massive effect on where your thinking is on. That's really why we became so good at this because we didn't want to do that. Yeah, we'll give you some examples in a minute, so let's just quickly summarize that slide for you so it's about changing your mind a little bit. Talk about Andi. It's obviously a lot less expensive than having a massive marketing budget to get new leaves through things like honor through Google AdWords or relying on a a telemarketing company, etcetera. It reduces reliance when the third party involvement because, you know, it brings it back to you, and it's sort of your own destiny, really On gives you great control. Okay, cool. So let's move on from that. 2. Earning more: now, obviously, with you, bean in more control, it's going preview cash flow on in. In essence, that's gonna drive a much better profit Bottom line for for you. Also, the greater lifetime value as well is really important here, isn't it? Well, you're buying people in for a longer period, because what you gotta understand is if you get a referral from someone, one you're gonna get, as it says on those while extra opportunities to sell to them. But just because you've got overflowed from them doesn't mean that they're not gonna run. Refer you to someone else and then refer you to someone else. You could still get be getting referrals off this one person two months, two years down the line and still be now to sell to these people still getting business from them. So the lifetime value is quite hard to quantify because frankly is unlimited. Yeah, when we introduced it, this is like to actually go into specific here. So when we introduced this into the renewable Energy company, for instance, way really got there that the sales guys chomping at the bit to get more refer, or just because of this, because We were finding that once we implemented this into the business, they started to understand the lifetime value off a relationship. The first relationship on they start to build a referral, sort of chained only. Yeah, on Ben. So what? That also gives them. It changes their mind set, and this will take a little bit training, but it changes their mind set that How important? Just seeing that one customer is Andi, actually, even if they don't become a customer, we were still getting referrals from them. So it doesn't mean to say that if you don't buy, you can get referrals. But that referral chain that you talk about that lifetime values is Kiesel. But what were once way using that example? She once we did that and we got them motivated. And we've got their mindset right. It was a win win for us because they were going out. There were a lot happier in their jobs. They were going out on a lot warmer appointments. But guess what else was happening? They were any more money cause that conversions went up on all it did it in kind of snowboard, because then it incentivized them even more because I start getting results from it. Yeah, and stick with this guy's because we've got the script that they actually use later on in the in this course to show you and it could have a dramatic effect on you and your business . Or again, if you're a sales person having a listen to this course, Then again, you can use this tomorrow in your pictures. OK, so that's really key here. Okay, Yes, of future selling opportunities of the revenue products, obviously a buyer's abayas abaya. So that increases again. Your chances off any more money up selling and things like that, which is, Yeah, another thing altogether. Stronger campaigns, strong database and quicker growth. Well, I think I think from that, you know, as you. As a business evolves, it's all linked through the future selling opportunities. You're gonna build a very, very strong data base very quickly And what I would call a gold database from people with no any ball off you, but have bought into your company bought into you on your then your campaigns that you then use with that database going forward, the results you'll get will be that much stronger they will be better conversions on you're gonna end up selling more on great news is is the asset it becomes to the business or the asset it becomes to you as an individual means that you're gonna go back to those people for indefinite period. Yeah, because this is about the people building. Your database is in there, um, or building your customer base right now, Andre, that becomes a lot of credibility a lot quicker than if you go that cold to prove yourself to a business when you sell in your cold calling, you have got to build that relationship over a matter of weeks, months, even years sometimes. But when somebody recommends somebody Teoh that that sort of relationship is already there , more or less, you don't have to do the due diligence and stuff lies. That's what we mean by strong database, isn't it? Yeah, it just I would say, a stronger, responsive database. So they're always gonna maybe open an email that always gonna answer a phone call. They're gonna know who you are. And all these little one percenters are things that you battle against. If they're cold, which means is actually easier agency could start focusing on actually telling to them or or I'm showing him a new product rather than battling against building up all that report again and selling the trust and credibility of the business because they've only bought into already called key. Absolutely key. Okay, let's move on from there. It makes sense that, you know, especially if you're a sales person, you will earn more money by selling to referrals. Conversions will go up, and we'll give you a little statistic here because the renewable energy company that we're talking about on, we're using a za prime example here. The sales guys, we're going out. And usually if they did 100 appointments, they were closed in 21. So we were closing about 21% on That wasn't bad on when we introduced a referral campaign. That conversion went up to 49% so it more than doubled Andi Pure reason waas because off the building of the credibility very early, it leads to a quicker sale than it leads to a much easier sale. So you know every 100 rooms selling to or seeing we close 4900. What I would sites that is. The other thing that we did to do at the time is is that, you know, and I think you'll agree is we didn't procrastinate. We didn't mess around. We implemented very, very quickly. And guess what? When we look back, we got massive results in one month off the back of that and that really set the time for the rest of the year because then we just started to win hearts. I referral proposition way start to win. Hearts are training, and we made it a core part of business. One interesting thing that on here because you just reminded me of something is doing well about referrals in the power of frozen a wire referrals. I can remember training hundreds and hundreds of people on the road and telemarketers Teoh position referrals. But remember, one person we had who had no sales experiments whatsoever came in. But his attitude was incredible. Would do wanted to learn. So people like that. We're happy to give all the time in the world to because we want to help him. He had no Selves experience, But you would. We want to put the hours in. So I taught him how to get referrals and guess what? Within a month, put a knife in. His conversions were better than the top sales people in the business. And guess why? Because he was going out on warmer data. Was going out on warmer leads. Warmer appointments because he built that relationship properly because he was disciplined on guess what? Within three months, he was on in the most money. Havel, the sales team on the big hitters, the most successful people in the South team was started to ask him how he was collecting referrals here. And this is a guy with no experience. It was crazy. I remember that. I remember the guy that you're talking about, absolutely. And it was phenomenal on DSO because of that that the targets we were setting those guys there and the South consultants were, you know, how many referrals again? Yes, If the the A sale came in, it was fantastic. But we knew that if that sales person bought in 10 referrals because we're closing at 49% remember now we knew that half of them, broadly speaking, 50% would close. So if we if that personal 10 in we knew. That's another five sales. So congratulations on getting the sale, but actually looking at forecast. We know that from that one person is a potential of the fire sales. And that's what I got was doing, wasn't he? Was just literally collecting refs and seem warm people on building relationships on a key point. Their Christian. Yeah, And as a business owner, you know that then comes into other areas like making sure you monitor monitor all the stats because we knew the mall on. Also, we put a lot of emphasis, and I certainly know that I put a lot of time into training the staff on and it took a lot of time. It's a lot of effort to a lot of planning. However. We start seeing results within a month, and it was well worth it. Cool. Okay, absolutely. So it gives you great control over your appointments and diary because you know that you're you're setting good appointments in the diary because you know, the black traduced as well. So people captain appointments reduced because again, the credibility is there. Somebody's recommended may fantastic greater control over you. The sales process as well cause you're not having around all these third parties. It is down to you because we know it works and it doesn't make the job more enjoyable with the atmosphere was incredible when people were coming in and saying they collected 10 referrals. They started because they were converting. They knew what it went for them the month after they knew that they were gonna have five sales out of that on. But what happened is in the early days, we really had to instill that culture that discipline and motivate them. But once they start seeing the results, we didn't have to do that because they would motivate themselves because they believed on. And I can't stress to enough as you're listening to this. Whether you are an individual business owner, you really have to think about how this could be set in your business. Because if you implement this, you're gonna have all the same effects that we had the news that another company that we put introduce referral scheme to which was an electrical company on guys on the road doing the jobs, you know, way getting the tools to go, referrals from the jobs that they were they were going to from the people they were speaking to. I had a little lovely and little incentive, a bit of cash for getting referrals on it. I just thought all of a sudden it change the culture of the business overnight, and these guys were going out. Some who had probably been a bit grumpy, and I wanted to in a bit more money, but probably couldn't. All of sudden you've got incentive program that they could earn more money, you know, And they're talking to the customers again about relationships, and it snowballed into What were you? A big You can't underestimate the knock on effect. It has toe all parts of the business now. It's not just about the fact that we've sold to them, but it's also the fact that our when our admin star for speak to the clients they're getting a good experience both ways as well. When are you know where are installed as if that's your type of business or not? So if you're taking lots of boxes right across the entire organization and as a sales person, what happens? You're building up a reputation within families within certain areas, which snowballs. You become the expert in that field. You're the go to person. When everyone's discussing over a roast dinner on a Sunday, they will say all I know a guy does that, or women he does that is that person need to speak to and that that that culture within your business and people doing the selling for you, you know, massive massive effects on your bottom line. Okay, cool it swiveling Chris. 3. How to do it Properly?: how to do it properly because, like anything in life and in business, you can pay lip service to things. And we all think sometimes we've done a great job, but when you look at it really have way. So this is about creating the referral culture on that needs leadership and drive. So I think the first point here is Chris. Is that Who's going to do it? You know, obviously, if you're a sales person, then it has to be done to you. And if you've got small business, it might be done to you as well. If you got staff, you might put somebody in charge of it. The point is, someone is going to take this on board, immersed themselves in it and do it properly, and it will work. But absolutely, it's about for May. It's about that it's that leadership and driving it on, making it accountable every single day and everything that you do but also the discipline attached to it. But it up. But I would certainly gray is the commitment. You know that don't don't don't go into this 20% thing. I would just dabble in it fully commit to it because otherwise, if you just dabble in it, you're not gonna get the results that you want. And actually, if you fully commit will transform your business. Yeah, so the first thing I would suggest is get you understand? Well, hopefully you starting to understand the importance of it now and how it can help your business. So it's a bit of a no brainer to try and start this. And we want you to start to implement this tomorrow in your business or in your sales process or in whatever you do. So So take it on board on bleed it on. It's got to be in your everyday makeup. So the third bullet point that clearly it can impact almost every air of your business, every area of your cells process. So start to think what you do. So if you are sounds around there, what is your process? Andi, Think what? So what? Where are my touch points in my customer? Every single touch point I've got and I talked to a customer, writes in an email to a customer, blah, blah, blah. That has to be something about referrals. Okay, we don't maybe have to call them referrals me. That's one of the course, obviously, but it could be an incentive program. It could be that you just want, you know, looking to grow your business and give them something back because there's an incentive. So here we've got the website on your website. You should have a page on. I've got we got a little example that in a minute, um, about how you build your business through referral marketing a word of mouth marketing in your marketing material. Look at every step of your process. Self process. So when you talk to a custom, when you send them an email when you send him a proposal, a quotation or whatever, you can always in a nice, soft way encourage people to help you build your business on that is all in the language, isn't it? Really, I think on the way. Ask for it. This was not going. Theme is that it's an ongoing theme in everything that you do every piece of marketing material you've got. There's a subtle theme in there all the time. Your website presence, how many websites and we critiques tree where we've gone through them and they haven't got referrals on there. OK, that's what we can go through and will teach you what to put in there. But then they have got a referral page on. They haven't followed it through. They haven't backed it up, but it looks terrible on day. Wonder why they're not getting any. And he was bonuses from it. Yeah, a quick point here because for me to refer somebody to you, I want I just want to do it. It's gonna be easy as on it. So if it is a website, for instance, that needs to be some sort of form on the website and online form that you can just feel in there and then, yeah, if you're visiting a customer, we got tradesmen visiting the customer. Have a nice postcard right there that can fill it in if you send sitting out in the post for a referral is a prepaid envelope that goes with it so they can easily send it back to you. Yeah, we have to make eats like that. Like the sale. Making a sale easy. It's the same thing to get refer of making easy. You got more chance then off. Actually getting them now. The bottom point there is is referral incentives. So you need to implement forward incentives everywhere to encourage both staff and customers to promote and follow process. Go on. Example a couple of examples in a minute, but it is K. Obviously, if you're doing a referral program or an incentive program of any type, then has to be something in it for the person that refers on the person that is being referred as well. I think nothing at every level of business right down to the person who is insured junior at me, and they know that that that's available to them. They know that they can confidently talked to a customer, if that's the case about it. But even if it's not customer, maybe it might be one of their friends and family. It could be anyone, but that culture is white through every level of the business, right from the top, down to the bottom. Yes, usually met staff there. Yeah, getting stuff involved as well. So it is those a three way things, and it's obviously you get any stuff involved where that's a sales person or somebody picks up the phone Customs Service on. So there's something in it for them. So they're always pushing referrals or incent and incentive programs. Then there's gotta be something in it for the person who refers that your current customer and then something in it for the person that they have referred. Yeah, on. That's really, really important. Okay, cool. So here is Ah, one quick example that we picked up from a company that would work with from, um and this is a thing that is the electrical company that I was talking about on. This is this is just off their website. Um, so what we've done here on the left hand side, if you just look over on this one here. So this this £60 voucher, what they're doing, they're rewarding on their customers. Forgiven them referrals in three different ways. So if that the person have referred, spends £1000 with them, they get a £60 voucher, and there is a choice here off what sort of actions they can have on where they can go to to sort of spend them on. Then, if the customer spends 3000 they get £150 on 5000. They get £250 they can choose from from all these things over here Now they could have been probably Maybe I would, I think, for a £5000 order, you might want to give a little bit more away, as as an incentive. But just bear in mind. It's not all about the money, so don't think out there. And if you're in sales and you're on your own or whatever, and you want to give something away, it's got to be that expensive. It might be a £20 voucher. It might be a bag of cookies that I'm gonna talk to you about in a minute, but it just it's just something that is, is a reward for given the referral well, it's a piece of recognition. It's a piece of value. It's some think, which recognises and rewards someone for doing it in the first place. And if you're if you're a business owner now, watching this, what I would say is, is that you also need to know your numbers here. You need to work out what you can do, what you can deliver on. You need to know what the process is gonna is gonna bay. You need to work out when they're going to receive this, and then what? The processes. And after that, because we used to instill in the guys and girls all the time. That assumes that soon as we to tell them when these checks are going out to their people and guess what they after they would bring up themselves and guess what happened. They get more referrals because they just have a check line through the postal vouchers or piece of value or something which still make them think about our company and made them think about what we're doing in our service Onda service that they've received. And it's all it's all pushing those little buttons If you're an individual now and yourselves person, you're looking at this now you know, in a stew, says it doesn't have to be something this big, but wanting to think about the concept of what you're seeing at the moment and think about what you could do, which is going to enhance your relationship with that customer. Yep, absolutely okay with another example for you. So this example here is it's just the Virgin refer a friend scheme. Now the one thing that's does he's really share the importance off refer friends schemes or for referral schemes. Whatever you wanna call Incentive Grove programs, because if you look out there now, every single major business is doing this. Dropbox did it quite remarkably. Andi sort of blew their numbers away by offering more space and things like that to do it, you know, voted. Find it. Everybody's doing it now on because it works on God. Chose chosen this one simply because it's just a really simple one. To you refer a friend, you get £50 off your bill and offering its £50 off to. And that's not That's not massive, especially for, you know, for a company like this. But it's just simple. It's there, and it's easy to do. Share the experience with your friends. It's giving you step 123 It's easy to do on day, you know, And why not do that? Well, if you look at this, this is a serious company we've got here. But look how simple that looks. Look out. The message is simple. The incentive is is simple. Andi, they've actually put some planning in behind that, and that's something you can implement. So these things that we're talking about now, there is no reason that you can't go and implement this staff tomorrow or implement this in your business this week. If you're planning on, get stuck into this straightaway. Yeah, like the language here. If you if you look in here, it says, share the experience with your friends. You know, that's not Give us a referral, mate. Its share. The experience at Virgin Media. We think one good turn deserves another. So it's interesting the language of use their It's just quite nice. And it's quite so friendly. So yeah, it is now. Yeah, Absolutely. Okay. Okay, so let's move on from there. 4. A new way of thinking: you mentioned in it. It is a new way of thinking. It's a new way off growing your business. Andi, I think you've done this like 37 Yeah, it's just ask it. I can't tell you how many times, and I think that I'm talking thousands of times now where I've been out in the field or have been out training or sat with cells consultants, and they've done all these things. They've got the lead. They've built up an amazing relationship and fantastic report with their client and customer. They've found that benefits the customers completely bought into them. They love them. They love what they're gonna do. They've sold the product, and then I sit there and I'm waiting and waiting and are waiting on. All they have to do is is just asked at that point for a referral. Someone else who would like you would like them to help. It's very, very easy. It's very, very simple. And even if they just did it and they got one name and number, it would probably a piece of business, because there will never be a better time to ask, and they will be never be a better time to control it. Because if you leave it there and then a couple of days late, so it goes a bit colder. You're your You're going. You've got a strike while the iron is hot right there and then start talking about it there and then, Yeah, definitely. And the other thing on that is a swell. People don't tend to invite there. So sounds people. For instance, you you've probably got half a dozen really good customers. So how many times you you give him a call and say, Look, Chris, you know, you know, thanks to envision from me and I would like to know what I'd like to take you to lunch next week is a bit of a thank you on, like nobody's going to say no to that. And what you've got a captive audience. Then I've got you for an hour. Two hours over. Lynch. No, I'm not going to go like I want referral straight away. But it's a way that you know. So how's things going Bo blocks on, then inv it. Well, as you know, we build our business every word of Matthew's or anybody else, you know, like like you who would benefit from my service. And no, it isn't. They're not going to say no. It's just a fact of making that just doing it, getting getting out there and askin for if so, this is This is where your planning comes in because you need to work out how you're gonna position your referrals within your business. So, you know, I've talked about a very direct way of collecting referrals, then stews, talked about very a lot softer way of collecting referrals and getting extra extra business . On that basis, you got to see what's gonna work for you. But the reality is his, however, is gonna work if you make sure you do it and make sure you start thinking about it because those businesses who do start to accelerate their growth very, very quickly and those who don't sit in the same place and wonder why they're there, not moving forward or what I've got cash flow problems and all the other things that happened on that basis. It's very similar for sales person, if yourselves person sitting there and you know you're good and you think you're good and you think you're good with customers and you're not earning the money that you think you should be earning and you're not. And, you know, perhaps getting the reward from the hours you're putting in, this is the quickest way to change that. You could change this to Morrow and start asking for these and next week have a diary full of warm leads and appointments, which you're gonna convert. Yeah, absolutely. Eso what stops your business right now, you know, or what stops you as a person? Is it fear? And it could It could possibly be. Is it process training? Or perhaps it might just be complacency, but it doesn't matter what it is. You can draw a line in the sand right now. A scripts says, I think, by putting the process together is probably the first the first thing in the morning. So yeah, it's to frame won t sit down tomorrow morning, first thing in your home office or when you get to the office and think about how could I put a referral culture into this business? Oren suit the way I work as a sales person on going to go and do it on. Then once you've written the process where you have mapped out, then just have a practice practised yourself. Go. You'll have some great customers that you know that you won't mind. They won't mind just just listening to you, asking on get some feedback. Well, it's a discipline thing for May. You know what we How many times have we been out to people who were collecting on your businesses who were doing it on? Then they turn around to us and say, Oh, yeah, we used to do that. Oh, yeah, we used to do that and it went really well and it's kind of way would say From what? What did you stop doing it then? And it's all coming down to discipline and and carry on that momentum. But if I'm sitting here right now and I want to say right, first of all, I'm a business owner. I'm watching this. I went to go to my room, wanted to sit down, get yourself a coffee. I want to think about the warmest database you've got in the company in the moment and how you can attract referrals off because there is a huge amount of business in that leads to the next one I want to do is going to sit down. If you're an individual cells person, I want to think about your last five clients that you went out and sold to hear you had an unbelievable relationship with. I want to think about how he convened them. How? What you going to say to them on how you can collect some referrals off from its really important. You're sitting there now and you've got a pen and a piece of paper, which I hope you have. Write that down. Yeah, right. Exactly. That down on, do it tomorrow. Or even when we finish this course, it doesn't even have to wait till tomorrow. Whatever turned in this cause, Please just do that and get started on. You know, it will have a remarkable effect on your sales for your business. Okay, Cool. So let's move on. Ah, I've got about that little bit because it will transform your business. Um, okay. I think we've talked enough about that, but it has the effect off transforming your business. Okay, Last thing on mind set I promised, but we can't stress this highly enough. Your customers, the people you deal with their will have had a good experience. Okay? So don't forget that they just bought from you would have bought from you recently. They're not going to do that unless they like You like what you do. So why wouldn't they refer you? It's all probably in your mind, not their mind. That's what we're talking about Here is in the creative. You can't make assumptions about the decisions they're going to make. Never assume, because you may. Might might. You don't know what is actually so to Then you could have said something which is actually going in the clincher within your sales process or sales presentation, which is actually the bit that's clinched it for them on by asking what froze? You don't know whether you wanna get one, But one was if they gave you 20 you just don't know So. But unless you ask and they have the right mindset and you are confident about it, then you'll never know. And you never know what's sitting there waiting to happen. Okay, So this is you. This is about you, not your customer. All right. So you need to change the mindset right now on asked for referrals, asking the right way and have a script to do that. Okay, 5. How to get Started: So how to get started? Who's gonna Who's gonna ask for them? Is it you, or is it somebody that works for you? We're going to implement to refer a script, you need some training you need to try and anybody else it's gonna ask for them. And then you just start. You need to start telling your customers about it. Yeah. Chris has already said Rory said you could do that strap after this all tomorrow, work out that you plan referral plan. So if you're a business owner right now, used this training course to educate and train your staff because you could need to educate them on why they need to be doing it. The impact it will have on the business for all your benefits. By the way, not just yours. A business owner, Andi. You then need to then show them how they can do it and have been implemented and what the incentive is. So use that structure and go through, because once you get them on side as we did, we haven't done it in one business. We've done it in on a whole host of businesses on all different types of business. sectors as well. By the way, what happens is is you're gonna engage them, and it will then incentivize them to then put it into practice. OK? The good news is we're gonna help you do that. So let's move on and really get into the nuts and bolts of that. Okay? What we've got for you here is a sample script. Andi, we're gonna talk you through this. I'm gonna talk you through it. Probably line by line. It's that important, because we can't stress enough again. You know, when When we write things like scripts, it's really, really important. There is usually something in each line. Usually the words we use that trigger reactions, whether they're on the emotive type of action or whatever from a customer. And it says it's like in your your silence script. It's a summer thing, isn't it, Chris? Yeah. Okay, so let's go on to the foot. So first of all, we're going to show you a script of what sales person? The sorts of things that they could be saying at the end of their pitch. Okay, Okay. And here it is. Um, right. The first paragraph are going to read it, Teoh. And then I'm gonna tell you exactly why it's it's really important. OK, so something like it says, thanks very much for your time today. Are you completely happy with everything we've discussed on the outcome of the meeting? If not, then you need to clarify any questions. If yes, then you move on. Okay, so that's really important. Isn't Chris because the idea of this is that we're actually consolidated that person before we ask for a referral? Because we need to know that they're happy with everything with Dona. Yeah, Well, what we're doing is we're actually going alluded and giving you something else here because we're actually showing you how to consolidate yourself anyway, here, because any objections, anything they're not sure about any little things that are sitting in there, which might lead to a cancellation or someone where they're not gonna be happy with the next few days you're gonna bring out Yeah. So this consolidation that that we've got here is that is actually really important. Yeah, and it needs to be used whether ever. So it's a south process border referral process because, you know, it is important that that person is in the right mindset, Aziz. Well, to give you a referral, So if you've just closed the business, they're happy. You've boxed it off. You basically shut that door on close them, haven't you? Consolidate it and you've closed them. And then you can quite happily going on toe ask for referral. So if there's something they bring up, then you clarify it and you on, Do you closed them again on then you start again on the referral script. Okay, so the first part is very important. So So we're down here. So we're hoping to say, Yeah, everything's being great. Chris had a great appointment. A live your product. I'm really happy right now. Okay, so So that's great. Now, in that case, may I ask you a small favor? Okay. Really interesting question, because this is a yes trail, all right, Now, if if we've consolidated in the right way, 1st 1st up on, then we asked for a favor. There's not many people are going to say no. Yeah, in your experiences that happen. Not know. Okay, cool. So it's really important that we get a Yes. So that gives us. Now, I they're saying Yeah, you can ask me for referral. Please do it. Great. I'm now going to do it on. I've got confidence. They've given me the go ahead. Ask for the river. Your condition? Is that where you controlling the conversation? Here? You're doing this off the back off, getting a positive response from them. So you're positive responses? I'm really happy with everything. They're in a good place. Then to them Position this question asked for it. Which means you're always gonna get Yes, if you ask it after a negative question, then what happened is you'll get terminal on our and if you're a small favor most people Okay, So So then we go into the main bulk of the scripts on I'm here now, so thank you. You see, I really like your help. That's a great start. You know many people when you ask them for help. I'm not gonna give you help. It may happen on the occasion, but people, especially now you're in a good, good frame of mind. Yeah, I'm gonna help you. That's fine. So thank you. You said really like your help. Two point me in the right direction of other, like minded people who would benefit from my product or service. Whatever you do again, what I've done there or within this script is just point me in the right direction. It's not. I'm not asking for a referral blower Block is putting in the right direction over the like minded people. So I'm I'm I know that you're a good customer. You just bought whatever. Then I'm looking for more people like you because I know that you are my ideal customer. So like minded people benefit from my product or service and then tell them a little bit about why. So then we go on here t to say You see that Big Tom's Electrics? We're going to build our business through word of mouth because it's important to us that we deal spelled incorrectly. Apologies for that. That should only be one L A. So we deal only with great customers who understand our values and the game. What Nazi saying to the customers that I know want people who that fit into our thoughts and our culture, it's really, really important to me. Okay, so now we're We're down here. So So? So I'm looking for more people like you and therefore people you know and trust, because you're not gonna hang around with people you don't like. Oh, you know, um, what, you're subtly positioning that there is is that that people that they're gonna go and talk to about you straight away. You know, there's lots of subtle things in this language in here, which we've put together here, but that that no one trust part is is really important. Okay, Andi, carry on here. So I have I have a form here to help us. So from your group of friends or family, who do you think would be a good fit for us to go and talk to? And so we're gonna do is I'm gonna batter them. We're not gonna you know, we just want to talk to them to see if they're interested on the What's your the big? The big thing here is that you know I have a form here to help us. You've got the tools. Now we'll talk a lot about that in another course, but that you need some tools you need. Teoh, remember? Said you gotta make it easy for them to fill out. So you might have a card there, which tells him a little bit about the process in the incentives and bits for them to fill in. So I perform here to help us so from your group of friends and family, you know? Who do you think bigger fit for us to talk to on? Then just literally be quiet. Be silent, Onda. Let them think about it. Digest it. If they're not sure how to find people, What's the easiest way? What have you got on you that everybody has on them that has got millions of contacts in it from all their friends and family? What's gonna be in mobile phones? Stories yet? Cool. So everybody's going full of contacts in their days. So it's even easier than having to look back through your Christmas card list. We've actually mobile phones that everybody has got hundreds of hundreds of contacts on Facebook social media, your mobile phone so you can prompt people in the right direction here on day that the last line is, and of course, for everyone that becomes a customer, we'll give you £50 cash and whatever that might be. That's just your incentive. So It's just a little bit of a reminder. It will be on the form that you've got anyway in front of you as a bit of a reference point to that person and on. That's it. It's just it's language, you know. You just use this as a template. This has worked. This is work for us in lots of different industries. Okay, So whether and we've done it with products and services, it's just a song. But you just got to get into the habit of using it after every call and after every appointment and after have restyled interest discipline. But the interesting thing about this structure, as well as you've engaged them within the referral process without even talk about the actual incentive yet we've left the incentive to the end. That's gonna be our little pushed him over the line that's going to get their little pushed him over the line to get them to act and to get you to give them they get names and numbers from them. So you've engaged them from a position off. Ah, positive position that I've helped you today. So why don't you help? May? Yeah, Absolutely. Okay. So That's a sample script off. And you can get that so anybody could be It could even be a driver. It could be somebody who installs on site. It could be a sales person. It could be somebody in customs service. We did the renewable energy company. It was quite interesting because we built the referral culture on. It was quite strong. You know, the sales guys, we're going out coming in for referrals. You got a real buzz in office than that. And I remember one day that customer service manager came to me, said, How can we get involved? Andi South or your It never even thought about the girls and the guys on the phone asking. But after every single telephone call they had again, we consolidated it. Is there anything else that I can help you with today knows you ever happy with everything in the outcome is call. Yeah. Okay, call. Because what we didn't to do at this renewable energy companies grow our business through word of mouth. Is there anybody else that you think Barbara Block on that even started getting referrals? So again, it's what Chris says. This touches every part of your business, right? Okay, so let's move on 6. Sample referral Letter / Email: what I'm gonna show you now is a sample referral, and this could be either a letter or email. Now, I'd suggest if you launch a program and you want to tell your customers about it, then you probably both to be honest, but what I've done, I've combined something that could be used as both. But I'd like to go through it with you right now to give you an idea of how powerful it could be. So dear first name, obviously the letter or email has to be personalized. Thanks so much for supporting Big Tom's electrics over the past few years. You become an integral part of the business. And for that I'm extremely grateful. So we're positioning this. Not, as you know. We want referrals. This is a way of position in it as we want to give something back to you for being a loyal customer. So it's all in the language. Initial. See, as we go through this again, it's fairly soft. There are some real key reasons why, why we're doing it this way. And then he goes on to say, we've grown and we couldn't have done it without you. Now that got me thinking how we find more awesome customers like you and give something back as a big thank you. So again, we want to give something back to them. That's distance. And I start. I mean, how many times do you actually send a letter at your Christmas? Thanking them for a start? Ah, a lot of people make that mistake. Or even if you're in sales and you've got a territory, you know, sense the fact your customers say thank you. Keep them involved and keep in touch with them. You'll get more cells from such little things. Yeah, absolutely. So this is a good way of engaging keeping in touch. And you're asking for referrals as well to grow your business. So this is really this is a beautiful tool. Done. Well, okay, so I'm launching big tones, electrics, growth incentive programs. I've called this one of growth incentive program Rather referral program because referrals might turn some people off, and I'd love you to be part of it. Okay. Notice also that ive bold put some of the key points in bold now in marketing. That's what we call Jewell readership path. Because if you send this to people, whether it's in a letter or an email. Sometimes if people are busy, they scan, scan, read now what? That So what I'm doing by putting the bold bits in is that they will scan the important bits that I want them to see straight away on. If then, after their skimmed it, they like it. They will read it again. So So it's important that you put some of its in bold. They are there for a reason. So it's simple, and there's a lot at stake. So read on again. It's simple, is what state read on with three dots does actually, in fact, to help people to carry on reading it. So we need to do is recommend somebody who you think will benefit from Big Tom's electric service, someone who gets the importance of using a reliable quality tradesmen to keep their electric safe, sound and shipshape. Now what I'm doing, that's really important paragraph again cause I'm reinforcing why you as a customer, use me anyway, and that's the reason you use May because of those things. Now, if you think then you signed to think you know what time is reliable is quality. You trying to get in the mindset of them to be out? That Because you're gonna ask for other people to referring to. Then they're gonna go. Yeah. Actually, I don't mind referring Tom because he's reliable, and I've got no problem. My electrics have lost 20 years, thanks to Tom. Do you know what? Yeah. I'll tell people about it. And you do need to remind them you do need to remind them of why they made a decision to use you in the first place. Exactly. Yeah, again. So it's very, very deliberate. That little paragraph there. Okay, so we're onto this paragraph here. So if you could spend five minutes thinking someone that you'd recommend really appreciate it, I would be really appreciative on. Instead of putting my marketing pounds into finding new customers, I thought, I spend the money on getting referrals from you instead. Again, it's giving them, given them you're doing it for a reason that she was sort of why you're doing it again. People have to understand why you do stuff, Andi. It's really important here because I'm not going to spend hundreds of pounds doing on AdWords campaign wherever I'd like Teoh give something back to you. And I've said that earlier on. I want to give something back to you as a big thank you. Yeah. Then for every name you put forward, So now we're going on to what's in it for them and what's in it for you. So for every name you put forward, I'll send you a scrumptious pack of chocolate cookies. Trust me, they're worth a few minutes of your time. So just a little bit if you're a nice, nice touch there now, on this one, what we've done is there's the sort of three hooks. If you like, we're gonna give something away for every refer or whether they buy or not. You don't have to do that. But on this occasion, then we've tried this with a couple of customers on Dia's works. And believe me, people love chocolate cookies. Yeah, so that services work. So I'm going to just move on to because the bottom of the letter e mails on the next slide , right, So they're gonna get some cookies. But then if that person you refer becomes a client's, that client will get a free electrical safety survey worth £249.10 percent introductory discount. That's quite icing now. So if I'm you know, referring Chris Christie is going to get something of pretty decent value out of this. And I know Tom an interest in because he's just reminded me why I use him. Then why wouldn't I refer anybody? Now? The interesting thing there is, I've put worth £249. Now you find a said a free electrical safety survey that might well, I don't know where that turns you on, but now I know it's worth £249 so Chris is going to get £249 worth of free stuff. So there's a value on it, so always put a value on it. You know, now that, too that's it to Tom is no a lot of work. He probably does it anyway, but because we positioned, that's like a guarantee with positioned there on its well tuned for £9 we're telling people about it, it suddenly starts to appear quite big thing. But it is interesting, isn't it, because that one little piece of detail on that highly whole line there. If that's no there, that doesn't looks powerful. It's just not as powerful. Okay, on. Then, the second bullet point and you'll get a £30 give factor of your choice. ITunes, Amazon Marks and Spencer's etcetera. So there's something in it for me to do it. So I've already got my cookies. I've done that anyway for referring crease. I'm happy. But if then Chris becomes a customer, then I get very panicky fracture and again, you can play around with that figure. It might be 10 20. It could be 100. It depends again Chris Malu did to this little bit earlier, which was really interested is what? How much does it cost you to acquire a customer? What is the cost of your customer acquisition right now? Or if you're a sales person? The effort you put it, Is it worth you spending another 20? Quit to get these referrals because you conversion rights gonna get from 21 to 49% and I would suggest that it's possibly worth a few quid to do that, Isn't it because we're looking at the endgame, their value, the ongoing lifetime value? Remember, we talked about that, all that sort of stuff. And that's why this is so key. And it's so powerful. Okay, then what we've done here, we don't like a bit of 1/3 problem attack, if you like, because we've put them. And for every name you put forward, you'll also get one entry into a quarterly grand prize Draw for an amazing weekend break for two people to New York. May not have to do that on certainly the renewable energy company that we were with. We didn't do that for the first few months. We just literally gave a bit of a commission type of cash bones to the to the person who referred. But when we started to build it open, you started to work and started to make more money at it. Then we started to make it even even better. So you can do that. And you do you know a weekend break, Name Paris or whatever for two is not that expensive on. It's a real big deal. Toe to a lot of people were giving him lots of reasons to buy into it. Yeah, lots of reasons to commit to do it. Yeah, absolutely So it's just like that. Going that little extra bit is look okay now the next paragraph. This is really important because there's no point in you get in referrals for people who you don't want to do business with. They're either to small. That could be too big, could be wrong type of person. That could be, You know, you deal locally and somebody's given you, you know, a company name in in Edinburgh, something in your base down in Bournemouth and that sort of thing. So give the person that you're asking a little bit of guidance, because again that will increase the the amount of referrals you'll get on, the more likelihood you will get a referral in the first place. So it says here. So just to give you a little guidance on who you might recommend, I'm looking for people that have one or more houses, business premises, all property developers in the Bradford area. You can know what's that? What Tom's position himself there is that he doesn't probably want to do just one small, semi detached house. He's looking at the bigger picture here, so it's for one or more houses, business premises because obviously that's going to give him a bigger value order or property developers because that's going to give him some money to get into got multiple properties. So he's thinking a little bit bigger. East Tom, Andi I want him in the Bradford area because I want I want it to work, work locally. So again, by giving that guidance to two people that go like OK, so I now know what times looking for. I'm not gonna waste his time. You've got clear proposition looking for your ideal customer on. We've been through this pain barrier before where we were a victim. You know, when this is over, a long, long period of time where we had to put this in because we're a victim of our own success because we were collecting referrals all over the place and not been out of service them on Believe you mean when you start collecting leads that you can't visit, which you know there's money in, there's nothing more frustrating eso this This kind of a little bit more detail has to be in there for you, then to control it and get what you want out of it. So if you're a sales person, look right now at your ideal customer, that's what you're saying, isn't it? Who? Who paid you on time? You're making good profit for? Are you getting much commission from? I want another 10 or 12 or 50 of those likewise businesses. Who is your ideal customer here looking for? Actually, if you're a business, it might be. Do you want to enter into the market or you know you on DSO? You can ask for a referral for different types of markets. Eso There's nothing to stop you there diversifying and and getting referrals to help you grow a new product or new developments. That's quite key on right now. How did they do it then? Well, it's pretty simple. We're gonna make it simple or you need to do is fill in the enclosed growth incentive card and post it back to me in the enclosed prepaid envelope, and I'll do the rest. The case that we've given them the tools to do it. There's a card within this letter or as an attachment to the email on all they have to do is fill it in. Why don't suggest on that card or whatever. At least you probably got space for maybe 5 10 if you want, if you want, if you want to push it. But don't just go for one, because then you know you'll get one. If you go for 10 you might get six. We got for five. You get three. So getting tested out, test it on, see what you get back. Prepaid envelope then. So it's easy. I'm gonna that gets stample buy, buy, buy an envelope poppin It's easy to do Okay on, then that nice little finish here down at the bottom here. So I'm really excited about the program, and I'd love to be able to send you loads of chocolate cookies and vouchers and chances to win weekend breaks. So fill in the enclosed card imposed it now. All right now that's a bit of a a bit of a like a call to action there. Don't be scared of doing it. It's quite soft, although it's like filling the enclosed card and post it now. You know, I've been quite nice through the the rest of the letter, but you have got to try and push people over the line a little bit. So that's all that's there for? Um, I've left my phone number, So if you'd like to discuss any part of the program Thanks again. Big Tom, head of awesome weekend breaks. And again, that's just a little touch. Bit of humor down there at the bottom. Okay, so I thought that was worthwhile going a little bit in depth into that because whatever we do here at that C. R s academy, it's born from over 75 years worth of experience between Chris on myself and Rob, who's not actually on this particular course. But we put this together on a letter like that probably would take us three days to write, and we'd revisit it. And we go, What if we did this? And you know, you know how the importance of a good headline is in in marketing and stuff like that, and it would closes in sales. It's the same sort of thing. So we put together this Andrea Lee is there for you to take to swipe and deploy. So stick your figures in it to stick a little bit of your language in if if you want to. If you don't just literally swiping deploy and put your incentives in and get it out to your customers. You know, your your whoever you deal with. Andi, just try it. You know, you don't get anything in this life without asking without try. And I think that's really being through running through the vein of this course today. It's about changing mind. Set on doing stuff, Griff. Yeah, I think that the key thing for me is is that we've written hundreds and hundreds of these letters scripts trained this our it sector. And yes, now that you know ever appeared time, we've become very good at it. But I can tell you now, with starts. When we first did our first letter our first script, we rewrote the script. Ary rewrote it. We re wrote it until we got it back. Sweet bean through this pain barrier ourselves. But most important thing is we've given you a template here. Likes you said that you could go and implement to Morrow on if it meant that you got one or two extra piece of business for Mitt that you never expected to get. Then all of a sudden, that should give you incentive to spend more time on Taylor minutes to your business or your sales process. So sassy guys, Really, we were You know, we'd love you to go and use this tomorrow. Please try out on Bond and we will be probably putting on some a more advanced refer, of course, in due course. But for the time being, I think you've got enough there. T get started. Get on with on implement tomorrow. So s so on that note then. Thanks very much for for being involved in this course on. We'll see you very soon. So it's bye from May on by for May.