Introduction to Quilting: Make Your Own Patchwork | Zarina ZA | Skillshare

Introduction to Quilting: Make Your Own Patchwork

Zarina ZA, Fabric Enthusiast, Thread Dyer, Quilter

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8 Videos (52m)
    • Introduction

    • Tools and materials

    • Cutting the pieces

    • Arranging the pieces

    • Sewing the squares

    • Using the iron

    • Sewing and ironing the strips

    • Construction of the cushion cover


About This Class

This project covers all the basics for making a piece of patchwork using squares. The basics includes cutting the pieces, sewing the pieces together, and pressing the seams. I have included instructions for both hand and machine sewing. 

The students can stop once the patchwork piece is completed or continue to making the finished item. For this class, I will be making an 18" square cushion cover.

I would love to see your choice of fabrics for the patchwork. Please post photos of your patchwork piece and the cushion cover, if you are following closely to my workshop.

I have used Malaysian batiks which were purchased from The Batik Boutique. The boutique at the moment only sells finished product. However, I'm honored to be part of the behind-the-scene which allows me to snap up a few of their beautiful batiks.


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Really useful class. I've done several quilting courses before, but they all seem to assume some prior knowledge, so this course is great for absolute beginners. It would be really useful to have a course on how to bind the edges of a quilt.
I had no idea how to even begin sowing, and I learned everything I needed for the basics. Zarina shows what tools are necessary and step by step instructions on what to do next. Highly recommend it for beginners.
Moataz Ahmed

Freelance Graphic Designer





Zarina ZA

Fabric Enthusiast, Thread Dyer, Quilter

I am the owner of Zarina Craft, the place where I sell my handmade items. Currently, my craft is more fabric based. My first wholesale 'partner' is with The Batik Boutique which I make for them baby quilts, bookmarks, snack pack sets, and table runner sets.

In December 2015, my first book VARIASI SENI ASAS JAHITAN QUILT has been published by Karangkraf. At the moment, you can only get the book from Malaysia. I am looking for any resellers outside Malaysia.

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