Introduction to QuickBooks: Bookkeeping Basics | Liz Callejas | Skillshare

Introduction to QuickBooks: Bookkeeping Basics

Liz Callejas, Lets Get Down to Business, Lets Learn QuickBooks!

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3 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Welcome to QuickBooks!

    • 2. Introduction to QuickBooks

    • 3. Your Class Project

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About This Class

This class will introduce you to QuickBooks Software. It will take you behind the scenes of QuickBooks in order for you to understand the reports it produces for your business. If you are looking to start recording your finances in Quickbooks this is the class to watch to understand your business financials. If your are looking to learn basic accounting, this is the video for you.

Stay Tuned for How To's in the upcoming classes.