Introduction to Predictive Analytics on SAP HANA | Marc Schindler | Skillshare

Introduction to Predictive Analytics on SAP HANA

Marc Schindler

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10 Videos (1h 16m)
    • Introduction

    • Introduction to HANA Predictive Analytics Library

    • ABC Analysis

    • Exponential Smooting part 1

    • Exponential Smoothing Part 2

    • HR Analytics

    • Clasification Data Prep

    • Decision Trees (1)

    • Decision Trees Running In HANA

    • Continuous v Categorical


About This Class

This Entry Level to Intermediate SAP HANA Predictive Analytics course will help you master many important techniques to start creating sophisticated, predictive analytics applications that utilize the power of SAP HANA and Business Intelligence.

Note, you can access the downloadable materials here

The course is designed so that you can master all the techniques gradually, starting from basic and relatively simple techniques before moving on to the more demanding techniques that Business Intelligence Professionals use to create predictive analytics applications for their customers.

The course will take you step by step through the process of creating the required HANA objects, such as tables, views and predictive analytics SQL scripts. In particular, from this course you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of the Predictive Analytics Library,
  • The structures involved, such as HANA Tables, Views, PAL SQL procedures and more,
  • A comparison of the raw PAL SQL code with the HANA Analytical Processes available in SAP BW by creating the comparable HANA AP in BW,
  • Integrating Predictive Analytics into SAP BW and SAP Lumira


  • This course assumes no knowledge of the HANA Predictive Analytics Library.
  • BW and HANA experience would be helpful.

What this course is not:

This course does not cover every single Predictive Analytics algorithm. It covers enough of the algorithms for you to get comfortable with using them and apply the techniques to any other functions. Covering all algorithms will result in a high level of repetition without any real value.

What sets this course apart from anything available on other platforms is the fact that it covers the integration and application of the Predictive Analytics Library with the various other SAP BW and visualization platforms.

This course will always expend so check back regularly for updates and more content, for example, integration of PAL into SAP BPC Embedded, more case studies for Regression Algorithms, Text Analytics and more!





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