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Introduction to PowerBI - Short Version

Thomas Fragale, Microsoft Certified Trainer

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1 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. PowerBI Videos


About This Class

There's a new way to process your data and get great reports, great charts, and great summaries from your data to produce meaningful results.

Please see my other video on Power BI within this forum. That one i about 1 hour long.

Learn how to connect to your data, add charts, add slicers, add sorts and filters, and calculated fields into PowerBI. Learn about the desktop version and the Online Version.


1. PowerBI Videos: in this video. I want to show you how to get started with power. Bi I power bi. I is a great new tool from Microsoft that helps you gates and get some great results from your data and do all kinds of reports and dashboards. So this will be my first of many videos on power Bi I So you want to go into your office? 3 65 And then I'll pick on the word office 3 65 up here on the website and you have some maps here. Now, if you don't, if you don't see power bi I in these abs and you come over here and you pick on explore all APS And then if you scroll down, then we should see power bi I right there. So I'm gonna click on power bi I And now it's gonna open up our interface here. So at this time, I want to start a new ah session. So I'm gonna come over here and you pick wear says, get data. Now it can import from different sources, but I'm gonna show you how to import perhaps from an Excel spreadsheet or from a ah or from a CSE file. So picker says, get data. And then in this case, ah, local fire would be from Excel or a C S V. You can get things from one drive or from SharePoint. Now, I'm gonna point to an Excel spreadsheet on this computer And let's say we're going to go with one that's called conditional formatting examples. And in this case, I'm gonna go ahead and upload that into power bi I And now and now it's available for me. So in this case, I'm gonna go ahead and pick words is go to work book. Okay, Now, this is maybe when I did in the previous session, so I'm just gonna go ahead in double quick on the orders table, and now you're in the power p I, um structure. Now, this is gonna be a visual format over here s O. If you don't have ah visual format like that, then you could just click over here and had a different one. So let's go ahead and start a new one. As a matter of fact, now, one thing I can do is I can ask a question of the data. This is kind of interesting. So pick and ask a question and I'll say something like, How many borders are there and s Oh, we can, actually, How many orders it will give me account. As you can see, there's 830 so that was kind of interesting. Let's dio something like some by country and then right away I have a report that shows the sum by the country. Now, if I click on Argentina, for example and at this point, if I want to drill down on that I could say show data and then it was Show me the records. Now I'm gonna go back to back. Where's his back when the report So I can ask a question like that. Now, let's go a bit further and I'm gonna go ahead and click on this visual and now those every year we have some different ways to represent the data. So I'm gonna go ahead and pick on ah basics stacked bar chart, and then we're going to start to build that. So in this case, I want to remove this feels we're gonna start it from scratch. Okay, Now, let's go ahead and click on this guy over here. And so let's say I want to do it by by country. I'm gonna pick up a ship country and drag it over here to wear says access. Okay, then I want to pick up order, amount and drag that into where says the values. Good. So right away, I have a report that's by value by country. Now, if I move my mouse to any one of those sections, then it will show me the actual number. Well, this is a chart that you might be used to. So let's see how we're gonna turn on the that's here. We're going to turn on the data labels for each bar. You come over here and you pick on this little, um format and then you might recognize, recognize some of those if you ever made a chart and excel. So I want to turn the data labels on and you see how that put the numbers on each individual each individual bar. Now, in this case, a pick where says, U S. A. And all right, click on that and I'll pick on show data. And now it'll show all the individual transactions as you can say a shed. All the individual countries now. Ah, I can really get some great results with the power bi I Let's go a little bit further Now. Now, I'm gonna go back to back to the report Over here. Now, let me show you how to quickly add a slicer. We're gonna add another visual over here. I'll even go back to the visual that was there. And this time I make a slicer. Okay? And let's say I wanted by remove that field. And instead, let's say I want to buy employee I d. So I'll pick up employee I d and drag it right over here. Okay, Now, the slicer should actually work. So if I pick on employees one watched the one up top there, and you can see how the numbers are changing so pretty quickly. I should you have to get started with your power. Bi, I Now I'm gonna have a lot more videos about this, but you could even see in a short time we could start to get some great results. Now, if I want to get it. If I would have, uh, bring them all back, then I'll pick on include. And now, in this case, if I wouldn't bring them all back again. - Next I want to show you how to download the power bi I desktop. So let's go back to where we got into the power bi I So you're on office 3 65 I'll pick on office 3 65 over here. And if you don't see the power bi I here like Ideo, then you pick on Explorer all APS and then you'll scroll down and then you'll see the power bi I hear now the all my version is great. However, the desktop version couldn't go a lot further. So they see how we're gonna download the desktop version of Power p I I'm gonna go ahead and pick on the arrow here within the on line version of power bi I. And then it does say power P I desktop. Now that's going to start the download that it is a large fire. As you can see, it's 185 megabytes. Now I have a faster in a connection on this computer, and it's already done, so I'm gonna go ahead and double click on that. That file now that will start to install to the power bi I desktop. I'm gonna go ahead and pick on next and then, you know, typically you pick on these choices and you know, not even changed the folder and let it install that. It won't take long turn stall A. To this point, it's asking if I want to give that control and I'll say yes. And now it's gonna go ahead and finish the installation process. You're going to find that the desktop version of Power Bi I is much more powerful than the online version. There's a lot more you can do with it. I'll make more videos about that pretty soon. This video. I just want to show you how to download and install the desktop version of Power bi I Now I have that checked where it says launch Microsoft Power bi I desktop. I'm gonna pick on the word finish and now the power bi desktop is gonna load. And then here we are Eso Now it's gonna ask me the register, which you could do, of course, but you'll see very soon I'll make other news about power bi I online and Power bi I desktop as well