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Introduction to Pixel Art

teacher avatar Simon Sanchez, Game Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What's Pixel Art?

    • 3. Pixel Art Software

    • 4. Pixel Art Hardware

    • 5. Introduction to Krita I

    • 6. Introduction to Krita II

    • 7. Lines and Curves

    • 8. Squares and Circles

    • 9. Boxes and Spheres

    • 10. Colours

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About This Class

In this class we're going to learn what's pixel art and the different tools that you can use you make pixel art.

We're also going to learn the basics of pixel art, how to choose colors, how to make lines, curves, shapes and so on.

This class is part of a pack of classes about pixel art, you can decide to take all of them (Suggested for beginners) or to take the ones you prefer.

Part 1: Introduction to Pixel Art

Part 2: Making an Item Set

Part 3: Make a Sideview Pixel Art Mockup

Part 4: Make a Topdown Pixel Art Mockup

Part 5: Pixel Art Animation

Part 6: Convert Any Image to Pixel Art

Part 7: Animate an Explosion in Pixel Art

Part 8: Make a Topdown Pixel Art Interior

Part 9: Pixel Art Animation with JuiceFX


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Simon Sanchez

Game Designer



Hi! I’m Simón Sánchez, I'm a game designer and developer born in Uruguay, I've been fascinated by images, sounds and words since I first played on a PlayStation 1.

I love learning new stuff, creating and experimenting, I feel it's important as a designer to gather knowledge of all the areas related to the development, and that's what I'm trying to do.

On the professional side of things, I’ve studied Graphic Design in the year 2011, I’ve studied Art & Game Design from 2016 to 2018, I’m working right now as an online instructor.

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1. Introduction: welcome to the pixel course discourse. You will learn how to make picks it up from zero, and you will be able to make beautiful graphics for Toby, the games and more. My name is Simon having the Olympics. It'll for five years. I've studied graphic sign on as a study for a career in art and gave the same. I work a PSA, freelance artists and graphic signer in discourse. I will start teaching you the basics of pixel art. From the question off Bali Spektor are to learning how to truth color for your heart. After finishing with the basics, we're going to work on brush X. We're going to make an item said for a bit. The rain, a side view of either game. Adopt on Be the grain on. We're going to end with animating a character. At the end of the course, you will have all the knowledge that you need to make picks alert on two people earning. I will answer all your questions and also give you feedback on your work so you can keep improving. So if you are a game designer, artists or programmer want into lyrical to create all for your bids grain or if you shoes want to learn on your skill. You can enroll on the scores you have free with examples off the cars and also a 30 day money back guarantee. Thank you and I will look forward to see us very student. 2. What's Pixel Art?: in Three spheres video. I'm going to talk about the meaning of picks a lot. So what? It speaks. Alert Pixel art is the art of making pictures with smart squares called pictures. Each pixel is intentionally place. A pixel is the smallest unit off a digital image. They are like the cells in a body you can see in these pictures, each off those pixels. In the big Stryker, all video games had to find a way to represent characters and environments with pixels. Because of technical invitation. They had to do this with small images on also a small amount of Carlos. With the bus of time, the limitation disappeared. The artists were allowed to use bigger spread with more. Kahlo's big seller is still popular today. This is because of the tell Isha recites, Effective, attractive on this kind of easy. In a way to make this also means that there is a lot of people looking for pics analogies, and that's good because there were basically no limitations today into the graphics picks role can be re explore. You can use mother effects like bloom riel time reflections on more like in this game. But having mine beer pictures on more colors also means more work to that is picks alert. Now let's see two concepts related to picture out until you lacing on dithering. Andi a nation you said they need. Use it of something terrific so that you can see on your screen. And the elation uses semi transparent fixes to achieve this effect. The shape of the left has simulation. There were interest doesn't have central Asian. Therefore, he looks a little big cars in. Cheryl, When you are making picks alert, you won't be using installation on when you release can made the second concept. It's feathering this. The nick is vases and making an exchange through apartment between 2/4 to simulate a gradient. It is an illusion to summary that your color between two corner the first is fear to the left doesn't count Dithering. As you can see, there are many types of leering. The most common one is the Chicken Borland T 60 and that's the first video in the next one . I'm going to teach you about different suffer to make excellent seem to this video 3. Pixel Art Software: Hey, in this video, I'm going to show you find different suffers that you can use to make picks alert first. Awful. You don't need expensive or complicated tools to make pictures. If you can choose colors and paint individual pixels, you can make picks around with that, too. But there are some surfers to make it easier to make pixel earth specific tools to make the thering or being able to use texture brushes on more. So let's talk. A Vogtle fighter for physical is the most simple off the fight. You can use it in your browser, or you can use it in your deck step. It is free and late. Easy to use. Fiscal also has a clean interface on all the tools that you can need to make picks alert. You can make animations selections. You can manage your color palette. You're symmetry on dithering. It is a great tool to make single stuff. If the scale is another free software, you can't use it in your browser, but you can use it in your except Jeff. Scale is more complex than fiscal. It has more tools, like a textile effects on more animation tools. Referee scale also has a confusing on early in the face. In my opinion, no fiscal is the best free suffered specializes in making excellent Hey, sprayed isn't free. You need to pay 15 bucks, or you can compel it yourself for free. It is a really popular suffer in the dictionary community. It is easy to use as a cane interface on other tools that you will need to make pixel. Some things are that, for example, if you want to import an image to a document unit, the fierce opened the images. A new document copy the layer with the image and then basted in a document that you want a straight. He's getting better with thing. It also has a very community minded on. It is most likely the vestal, a specialized Biggs alert, especially if you want to make animations promotion and she salsa paved. It has surprised off 39 bucks on it has a lot of tools, like X automatic release. That said, management on more. It is the hardest route in the lease to learn it is about the triple off the price off a sprite. The reason. A lot of tutorials on the communication for the school. Most off the tutorials are from the official side of promotion. The last one is Secreta. It is a free and open source to the difference. Is that clearer? It's not focusing on making peace alert. Its main purpose is official a painting, but it is easy to make pixels in Klina. It is customizable, is it to learn? And it also has a lot of features that will make your life easier when making peace alert. As I've said, it is not the pigs in our focus to therefore, some tools like the circle doesn't work at school for pigs alert, a step surgical pulling leftish scales you can see in their circle comparison. The circumventing a scale looks much more clean on the one meaning creator. Also, the animation tourists in greater exactly the rest ones that you can find. Those are five tools that you can use to make picks alert in this course and then to use creator, but you're free to use the tools that you want to use. The software is self is not relevant, but the concept and technique or pixel art. In the next video, we're going to look at the difference with we're making pixel earth with the most on we have X tablet 4. Pixel Art Hardware: Hi. In this video, we're going to talk about Harward toe make excellent. I am going to assume that you always have a computer. This video is about the difference between making pictures with the most or a graphics tablets. I am sure that you already know how are Moe's works. Move it and you click. They are cheap, and you can perfectly make pixel with the most. Another option is to use a graphics tablet. With this, you will come or control over your stroke. I find it faster and more precise to work with, but they are more expensive than a mouse. Basically, you don't need a graphics tablet to create excellent, especially if you're going to work with really small sizes. But if you went and you can afford it, it is a great option. If you already have a graphics tablet, you can use it for big sellout. This is the end off the first section of the guard. In the next section, you're going to learn the basics or pixel art, who to make lines, girls shapes and more. You will also learn hope to use Kreda. See you in the next section 5. Introduction to Krita I: hi in the next two videos and going to teach you how to install and use Creator fish, the fund unit toe donor. And it's Stella Crater. For that, you were going to go to the official website of Clear, which is greater that are on your going to clicking hit greater Now. After that, you're going to choose your operation system on your going to know low the installer off. Rita, you don't read it. You and sell it on you open, Creator. So when you open Creator, you should get something like this. This fierce, great and new document for that you're going to go to fight new on, right? Here you go. The settings of the document. You have recused the units off the size of the document, in this case, angering to great as argument about this size on. You also have the content by the fault. In your document, you have the name, the numbers off layers by the phone on the background color off your fierce layer. In this case, I prefer to work greed at our back where, like this it's, um you can create the document flicking right hearing. Great. So, Michelle is argument. Let's see right now, every section that we have in the interface. So this is the different layers that you have. You have some bars right here with the settings. Selection on other options you can. And the option off the brush. Right here. Um, you have there to over without the tourist that you can use right here. You have a color selector. All right. You have three options. Deceptions depend on the daughter you have selected. So, for example, if you put the brush selected, you will have the Russians moving option. We also have an overview to see or a document. And me, you have layers. The challenge. We don't really need this for anything. We'll also in the future. Gauthier is ring in this with more detail. You have the brush presets. This is every brush that you can use. So you have different brushes. You can see those are not big cigar brushes. If you check right here in the thanks, you can check or Pixar brushes. So right here we have free bread. Fine. Exeter brushes. You have a square one. I mean, one big. Some brush. If you increase the same right here. You didn't get a server. You also have a rash for making dealing like this. Um, you know, they're brush that is not really relevant on. That's basically everything the interface has right now out. We will later making our own interface that you can see you have in this corner and more layouts that you can use, for example, on animation layers on some otherwise. So, before a teacher hoped to move, Uncle, to use the village leader, I'm going to teach you how to set up greater toe work with more comfort. So you're going to go to settings, come fewer creator on. We're going to go with the basics off the configuration of greed. First, a follow you're going toe, toe, window on. In this option, you're going to check some windows. So this way you will have a so window like this that you can move Andi with this You can goes toe window New view on click in the name off his argument and thank you. If have I know that we know on if you pain Let's say yourself up. Right. Click on check this option. So when you click this window between this one disappear. So if you've pained right here, you can check this in your small window on. Why not? Used to overview thing is that in the overview you cannot make some. So in this case, you can you can make the soon that you want literally. After that, we're going toe again. The settings on miscellaneous in the on those taxes were going to increase thes 2 1000 So this way you can make more mistakes on go back birthdays. 1000 days. It's also set up or shortcuts. So we're going to start you have some shortcut Recess right here, for example, for a show. So you will have for a shop shark. It's, um but I am going to configure the shortcuts in my way my purse my way and going to start by the select. So you can bro's right here. Every option, your check right here. Custom you click. And you, for example, I'm going to use control. The It's also make a shortcut for the field to right here on going to change stich toe. If you get these, think then it means that this letter is already in use by another option you can check were saying toe, Make it the anyway. It's also make a share good to insert a layer paint layer this one custom on going to use insert goingto also make to shirk its to move the layers in the layers. Stack up and down for a moment to layer. I mean to use different. Um, let's also make a shortcut to export for images. Expert on custom I'm going to use control. Al Chief Yes, on Rhea saying, Andi, that's basically everything for the shark. It's so let's say you can so in and out with their most well on if you soon out. If you saw in a lot sorry. If you're some in a lot, you will get this way. This is really but for me at least. So if you don't went this way, you can goto view on disabled right here. Show Pixar really on it. So the one with the creator configuration, we're going to make our own layout. So it's our by deleting the things that I'd only for example, the overview Click the over you and you click these gross right here on its one. I don't also need the challenge on the bridge. Preset history? No. I'm going to move the layers to the left. So I click the name off layers click on dro. Um, you make it to the way you're a lease on its going. I am also going to move the tools to the right The same thing up here, angry in some of the advances. Course director on going to change these triangle by a square. So you least you click this button We're here. Hand you click here on here. Um, we're going to add some things, all right? And to click the savings Dockers. And right here you have every looker that you can tell. I'm going to stare, for example, with, uh, really on grades. So you have right there, Group and gate. Um, this is something that we're going to use in the future, but basically, you can make really, Honey, guys, I'm also going to add Fricke Sambou a specific order selector. He's right here. Click on drag on. Great to make it there. I use this if I went to the disco. Old that and breathe short that you have seen this kind of cold four corners on Sometimes if I want to add certain type recorded on my corner, for example, if I want more blue than I got marble on, that's basically everything with those that's right here. You can precise every section. Also, I'm going toe drag. Diverse, appreciates police. It's the with and gates end up. So this way I can count steps on. That's basically the way I like my interface. So I need to recites this window on. I am going to save this layers so you can go toe discordant this bottom on. You can make she even today. For example, Big heart, See? Yes, you're going to see here it is interest so I can defer extra heart. There is many layered. So don't this video. I'm going to teach you hope the move in the campus ingredient. Before that, I'm going to change the events of color selector and we'll go here. Click here on. I'm going to choose Theismann so I can have a beer with. So let's start with assuming you have right here to assume at all. You click it. If you do ah, left. Most click you can sell if you press control on most click you can so out you might not want toe you thinks the nearest I mean, if you're inter versatile, you may not want to switch done right through toe. So so you can also So with the most were happened down on. If you want more control on yourself, you can press control space. Click on drug like this. We are also interesting photo man. Here's that cold open You can click on Move like this foot again if you are interested, told you them want to switch to another so we compress space. Click on drug. You can also rotate the compass bracing. For example, the number four. You will rotate like this. If you pressed the number five, you will reset the rotation of the campus if you're pressed. Six. You were rotate in the other way five again and were said you won again. More control in the angle organization. You compress shift space on click on mobile actus in a circle. Let's see how players work. So we have two layers. The background that we can enable with this war over here, which layer on be enabled or disabled. We have an M d layer. If I make something into Slayer and then I make another layer with this problem on, I make another something on the layer that isn't up. I think this thing will be end up off the thing that is in the bill of layer. I can move the layer mellow if I click on drug it No student See Note. The horrible circle is You can also duplicate the layer pressing contra she guns are shaped or with this parliament are doing right. Click on Sorry greatly conveyor. On duplicate day you can delete the layer taking here are also doing shift on the it or also you can do right Click on the layer on remove layer No, we have you can also. For example, if you have a lot of layers in a document and you don't want to look layer in the layers stack You can press the letter R on Greek until area that you want to select that you can see in the layer stack No, this stuck about thes option Right here. Call Alfa Lock. I'm going to select another color. If I press that option than when I paint. I only able to paint inside the pixels off the layer that you can see I'm painting outside . I can if I say that the option that I can't This is really hand the option when you want, for example, to shave a character and Julian went toe get out off the shape of the character Then you used that option. We can also make groups off layers for example, selecting two layers with having one selected frontrunner on directing Another one you press control she on you made a group she didn't see. You can collapse this will if you move through. Thank you are moving every layer inside the group. Um, that's basically everything about layers. This is thief and off. The first part of teh introduction to crater in their expert and going to teach you about the tools that you can use include a toe make pictures. So seeing an expert 6. Introduction to Krita II: Welcome back. Let's continue with the introduction to Preda in this video. We're going to take a look at some tools that you can use to make pieces. We will start with a brush tool. With this stool you can basically paint, so you have the rest presets you got right here in thes police off brushes that picks it up brushes. You can stay for something. This one you can click in your canvas on paint. If you have two colors on, Do you want to select any color in your campus? You know, breast contract on. Select the corner that you want to select. If you want an eraser, you compress this volume right here. This will convert your car and brush in an eraser, or you can press the bottom. If you want to change the size of your brush. You can use this right here. You can also input another. For example, 10 picks is or you can press shift click on drug. You can also paint with symmetry. With this forum, you have vertical symmetry. You can move the axis. You can cite the line. You can look it so you cannot move it or you can reset the line toe the center. He was a god or resettle symmetry. If you went toe, undo our readers something. For example, where I went toe under, I compress concert said. And if I want to redo, I compress control, Schiff said. If you click this button right here, you will have access to the configuration off the rush. For example, you can make this Rush Tau have a square fifth. So right now my breast is a square. I'm not a suitable. You can also, for example, check ready. Fine. Um, just another, more funny brush tip, for example, This one Or you can also have a text. Let's make this smarter. You're gonna have to fix not really useful, but it's an option. You can also make your brush reacted. The pressure that you play in your graphics tablet green in size chicken Dave Oaks on a neighborhood brain, then settings. You check pressure, I read. No, you're gonna check mother fight the pressure car. So when I press, I need to have ever your size on when I press. That's monasteries when he breast harder than I would have a pure stroke. Let's move on to the length of. With this sole, you can click drag, and you will make a line. This also uses your current brush. You can also click this shift on well, it will restrain the angle of your lane with the rectangle tool. You can make rectangles so you're impressed. Drag on release on you work out a rectangle. You are a suppress empress shift. Dr. Judah can't square. You can make these rectangles or square feel going to feel on for one color so you're rectangles will be. Feel with your color. Now let's look at the circle Dole. With this stool, you can click drag and release on your car on a lives you can also click press shift back and release on you will can a perfect city Now you shouldn't use the field option because thes will make you a circle with undulating on you, then want is. What you can do is use for example, the filter. You compress it on click and say you're syllable you would have. Then you're feel cereal or air lifts without adulation. You're gonna answer, for example, use your brush to make a several like this with the political tool. You can make shapes for example, looking plea in different places on you can connect with the fears point. You will have a shape with the next tool. You're gonna do the same thing, but you can make open shapes. Take this. You click on in the last point you directly. But you can also make closer shapes with the next one you can make. That's a curved you can click click content drag on. You can make a car like this. You can also make lines straight lines just clicking Schwind occur you shoes click on drug again. This one is a really useful tool toe Make clean lines, especially curves so you can pain. You will see that you will hit this kind off. Strange line on when you release things you can really clean night that if you wanted to make this kind of line with Russia, will you will see that is not really good. With the month brush, you can do so funny stuff like this. Andi, you have some configurations. I'm not going to go toe every option of here. You sure experiment with this, but you can make so interesting stuff if you went toe transform layer, you compressed control T on You will hear something like this right now you can press on, Move your layer If you press on right outside, you can rotate. Your layer was coming My you should tell in filter If you have for example, infielder make you weak and you press enter to confirm your rotation you will get a lot of fancy elation. No, If you have in filter books on you rotate that you won't have ventilation. Show every and rotation on similar things that you do toe a picture layer usually used the filter box so even also a scale with in this corners and size If you want toe make uneven scale You can press for example, this corner press shift Click on drug you want also, for example, flip the layer vertically or horizontally on. You can also share the layer President on the lanes. Speaking on running like this, you press enter to confirm every action that you have a play. The next tool is the move. So you have to waste Imo contrato Yes, we can see on we move through it that ensures the exist so you can move pixel by pixel. You're Cynthy Arrow case of your keeper. The next tool is sick. Reptile. With this, you can basically crab your document. You can, for example, click on drag. You can make some adjustments on if you breast and earth in your document will be craft the next tool that we're going to take a look at its the filter. You should check that your options are this one's on basically with these. If you have an empty shape on your breast inside that shape, if it isn't the same layer that you're in with a color, then you will feel the shape with that color, as you can see now, let's look at the selection tools we can. A square selection. You click right on. You will select this. You can press, for example, control T toe. Affect the selections of can and moved rotate scale on basically everything that you can do with a layer. You also have the serial selection. So come the same thing. But the thing is that bring out a few movies, you will get insulation, so but you have to do. He's in the options off the serial selection is to disable these option. That is called insulation. So right now you have. So we does he agree to have some books you don't have until agent right now have to this the same thing with the next tools. This one that is the same, sir. But for selection, this one there is like a lasso tool. Um, that's true. Those three you oppose leg a magic wand so you can select certain coral. You have this to we're going to take a load. How this works. Basically, with this stool, you can select one color in a layer who have fasten is 20 when you click a color, then it will select that color in the entire layer. This is really useful if you want, for example, to change one color toe another. So if I want this color to have less breath on more blue, they can go through the field check. Feel interest selection on click Villa Selection Tool is thief. One works basically like this like this. We're here food for selection so you can click and you can also make curves on your also have to disable on duration. That's the end of the introduction to Creator in the next video and going to teach you how to make lines and guards in picture, so see interactive video. 7. Lines and Curves: Hey, in this video you're going to lyrical to make lines and curves in pixel earth. Let's very start with making vertical and horizontal lanes for that. You're going to select your picks up her brush at the sites of one peaks on your going to select the lyinto To make a vertical line, you can shows click then breast shift on drag like this. You also may kind of be sent away. They say, Wait clicking shift on dragon Now if you want to make and I am on a line, you will find some issues. For example, If I make a lying like this, then you have to problems. First of all, those speaks. It's right there. There were other ones are called nobles. I went very relieved. This one so speaks areas Arkle doubles. They are basically in a line a vixen, Terri's and next to another Andi. It makes your line look but basically so you should believe those big cells like this. And now you will have a much cleaner lane. The next issue that we can is this pixel on this picture. Those pixels make our line ally in that is color in picks it out a shaggy line. It's basically average in the lane. If I make something like this, for example, you will see it more clearly. This is a break currency in this this miniature and make your lane look like it's broken. Basically, you can fix those, for example, using the rectangular selection toe selecting like this, those pixels going toe the move tool with the unwilling to pick cells. That way, you move. Also, he speaks. That's way can No. It looks a little bit better, but not yet. I'm also going to the lead, this one on going to select those pixels on. Move it now like this. No. As you can see, I have a much cleaner lane. Basically, when you're making lines in pixel, you'll have a lot of limitations. If you want a clean line, you can only make things like this. You can make a 45 degree line this way, another option usedto make. I step each two pixels like this. Each three peaks, cells on each for each five feet, six on so on. Now we're going to see helped make curves in pictures with our brush tool, so let's wrap occur something, for example, like this on a less fear. Start with the leading the dollar pixels. So basically, this one's, um, thes on this. So I'm going to use this tool to select this same color into her layer. Un pressed it. Now we're going to fix the shape off her car. Basically, in a car, you have something in a smooth talker. You have something like this. It's like a pardon. You can't the beginning of your car. Then you go, For example, Three pixels thin 211 to tweet, huh? Take these. As you can see, it's a really smooth core. It's basically like a parent that the greases and then increases again. So, for example, and then to start with moving those pixels there on, we have three and one. So I'm going to make two and went on 10 to again. Um, I'm going to fix this bomb right here. Then we should have two and one and three. That's not good. So I'm going to fix this making three. Um, so know we have a much clear curb that you can see we're going to make another car, for example. Some delay This I'm going to start with there Big sense that we don't need those ones going to listen going to fix this guy and Tiffany's ready. Green already re conscious. Mark this this way. A Make two big cells there. It's already looking pretty smooth when this video I'm going to teach you have to make undulating in picks. Arrived fish the following going to make a new layer. I'm going to double click inter name, toe. Name it on this start. Basically have a new insight in your line on bowtie. First year going to slake your brush with one pixel size on, you're going to second select the color if your line control and then color big pickle over here line in capacity, you're going to check. Uh, it's a 50% capacity on we're going to paint Insight the line this way on outside. This way, in the longer lines you're into pained with half 25% capacity, for example, another picture. Um, that's basically ho. You make insulation you don't see in miniature you can see with until eating looked which more smooth on without looks more and let's say sharp. Basically, in the longer lines, you'll have more pixels on. It's going to be like a brilliant that the case with, let's say, the number of pixels in capacity. If I move this girl inside something you can see in maintains capacity off the pixels for your first exercise, you're going toe open an image for that you're going to go to file open, and you're going to select the image that Unit two don't let on. You have something like this basically six squares with lanes and curves. You need to clean up those lines on in the empty squares. You need to make your own lines and curves on. You also need to clean up those lines and curves. As you can see, you only have a layer, so if you erase, you will get transparent pixels. So instead, off a racing usual color, pick the color off the squares. Uh, you can shoot Spain. I like your shoes painting. Read the number Russia. So basically you're going toe. Delete the doubles off each line on your going to make some corrections, though the shape off the night 8. Squares and Circles: Hi. In this video, I'm going to teach you hope to make squares and showgirls. We tear a tunnel toe, you have the option to cap. I feel Rick tender square on. You also have the option to have on outline on boat at the same day. I prefer to have shoes to feel on right here. When you click and drag you can see into size You will see basically this ice there with on the height you went to make. For example, on eight by eight pixel square you can input the number in those in the width and the height and you can click on this loves. So when I click one time I'm making eight by eight squares Another way to make a rectangle or square. It used the return with our selection. Soon like this, you will have a selection on them. Pressing left the letter she going to the field to I'm think leaking inside this election circles are more complicated than look tangles to make. So if I go to the server little and then they make on eight by AEG Circle. I'm going to get something like this on if you can see, this is not a beautiful circle. Another option is to go to your normal brush with e cereal. Tip on into size. Make, for example, on eight pixels on. That is, uh, better circle than thes as you can see. No, if I went, if I want to make a circle that doesn't that isn't feel, I can click right. Click on the layer with Sukru, then select. Select opaque to select every pixel in your layer, going to select shrink selection by one pixel on 10 person. Deal it. No, where I have is I have some double pixels that I need to delete on their we have on empathy . Ate my eight sugar. You can also make circle speaks of my picks in. So if you want to make, for example, one picks in circles, that's just one pixel. If you want to make a two way to circle, that's sure to way too. Now, if you want to make a tributary circle than it's something like this for by far is something like this. A fight by five on. When you get to this point, then you start to make another length. Leitess. That's basically the owner. So you keep going like this on you might even have to make two pixels into the avenue. Like, for example, in the next case. Can't make some Take this, then connect like these. And so no, If you increase the say's off the circle and you just make like this, like into the young penalties, you're simply with start looking more like an optimum. So you will have to make You will have to start making something more like this. All right, So if I were to made this in this case, then it would look more leg conductor. So the way for thes exercise you will have to Dublin on open on image with six wears inside those squares, you will have to make a circle that feels the whole square. 9. Boxes and Spheres: hi in this video going to teach You hope to make this fears on boxes in pigs. So we're going to start with making his fears as fear. It's basically a circle, but with shaving. So we're going to select my normal piece of Pixar Fresh have to say, for example, off 16 on. I'm going to start with the Vereker scholar off my sphere. I'm going to paint. Then I'm going toe activate the Alfa log so I can only paint on the big sells off my layer . I'm going to choose a lighter color. I'm going to paint like this, Jews on which more later color on going to paint like this. Actually, when the pain really read more like this on then like this going to make a highlight. So take this. This is something that you, you learn with the safety are basics hope to shade a sphere. So I'm not going to go into the tape. But it's the same thing in the shuttle painting or traditional means. So there we have a sphere. No, we can make a shade for this fear going to the same in the Alfa. Look, I can do something like this. I also can add some dithering with shape. So I'm going to select my dithering brush with their color selector. I'm going to paint in the border like this with powerful enable. Try to make some corrections. Um 30. We have a sphere so as fear It's basically a satirical, But shave it. You can come or shaped into your sphere, making some kind off interline, selecting, for example, your darkest color in the next later color painting like this into further then selecting, for example, this color on painting in the next later God or like this. So now we're going to make a box. We're going to start with making a isometric books for that. We're going to make something like this. It's basically two pixels on down. The pig cells are like this. Then it goes up again. Uh, that's basically it. No, you have something like this. This is one part off the books. You impressed this burn toe duplicate layer, then consulte on rare here in little options, we're going to mirror thes with this more regular flip selection vertically, we're going to move thes up and then we're going to connect this on in this corner, we're going to do the same thing. I mean, this, um connect is right here. So that's basically the old line. We can select the two layers, breathe, pressing one control, present another one on pressing control key. And that's going to marriage. The two layers. So you have thes no toe have the sensation that these is that three dimensional shape we have. The shape is so I'm going to make my darkest color right here with the field food and going to play there, going to make this one that color on this one on grant pain. The's like this, the speak cells, Andi. Then those ones. So there we have a very sick isometric you. No, I can make some highlights like this. I can also make the shadow off the spokes. Making a new layer will be nicked below that layer. I'm speaking, for example, and Erica, scholar on using the polyvinyl too. On doing, for example, something. I think these we can also make boxes without perspective. You will find these a lot in save you be the names on. It's basically a rectangle on its shaded something like this. So This is a faves and this is another word. You can see it more clearly. If I make these for example on you can see it. This is like, Ah, hollow in the box. We can rotate these folks, for example moving thes this way something more like this. So no, we tomorrow facing they say the shadow part it's more facing the camera. So this is save you. We can actually make a top Tamu like this on its visually the same thing. You can rotate this movement this line this way Ah, also moving thesis this way we are off course working right now in really small sizes. But a son, If we have more pictures to work with, we can make more things. So we will come or pixels to make textures and thinks like that. So this can easily become I wouldn't create or whatever you can make in a box Basically, for thes exercise, I want you to make at least toe asymmetric boxes And then you went you to shade each folks with different directions. I also want you to my creates fears on to shake them with different colors. For example, you can make a purple sphere are, well, sphere or I rinse fear. If you want a bigger challenge, you can make this fears from materials. For example, you can make a metallic sphere if you're really know Cora Teary unquote make ho to paint materials did will help you a lot if you learned in the Expedia and going to teach you more about color, especially color in pictures for ticks. Exercise. I want you to use the minimum number colors that you can use. So a cup you have found with this challenge on I will see you intellects REVIEW. 10. Colours: Hi. In this video, we're going to teach you how to make horrors for pigs so cool, or it's a really complex some shit. So I'm going to make sure the basics in this video. So I have a sphere with a base color on. I'm going to make three shake order for that sphere on too late colors for this fear. So I'm going to peak my fear on intervention. Courage, collector. Vertically, you have the lang nous of your color on recently you have the saturation this where you have the hue of thick or just basically the color that these, for example, red, green, blue and so on On. Another thing important about color in Pixar is that you really have a lot of contras on therefore leader colors. You can cap 1/4 similar to another one because that shoes wait wasting space. So we're going to shape our fear about the way for the first time, going to sedate my color on going to make it darker, then darker again, darker on green, to make too light colors. If I go like there, then I reach the top on this. You can see these two colors are really similar. So if we want to make it later again, shows decrease the situation. I'm now going to shameless fear with this palette when desolate, my darker schooler, Ontario. So we have a sphere with this palette. Now we're going to shade the same sphere, but with better color. So I'm going to duplicate this fear. I'm going to live this. I'm going to make another about it. This time. I'm going to make it darker. But I am also going to make it less saturated. I'm also an important point is to shift the huge the wars, Luke. So So the left like this going to go a little bit more Dari, I'm going to do the same thing. OK, America was such Rachel on a more group, the same thing on for the lay person going to make it later, less saturated on going to shift, the worst yellow. So the right it's a traitor on a less saturated on march towards you. Now I'm going to replace colors off my sphere, the same sphere with the new palette on. That's basically it. As you can see their rights, fear looks which more attractive. I can also make on old line like this on. That's basically ho to be colors you don't you speak your base scorer and then make it darker each time or less saturated. You also need the sheaf. Thank you. You can also make changes to the colors off a whole layer or that you're going to select the layer that you want to modify brightly. Uh, future mess. I you will have thes. So you have a lot of filters. I'm going to go really fast in the important ones. So I'm going to start with color balance between basically, you can balance two colors in the shadows, mittens and highlight off your image. So, for example, in the shallows, I can make Michel those more toe worth Sion. I can't out more my Kanta marvel on things like that, the same in my meat. Those like an admirable for example, or green for blue on. In my highlight, I can answer that the same thing. The such rate. This one is basically going to make your layer black and white. You can't different Meta's. This one is servicemen. In my opinion, the situation is selectively complex. To explain the different metals. But it's there is an option. Um, sure, Separation on value assessment is basically you can. It's just Hugh, like these saturation on the likeness off your color in birth is going toe Imbert, your colors levels. I don't really use that on corner assessment. This one is really cool. If you want to make more contrast so you can make shaped like this I think he's on. He was have more contrast. So this is basically going to great the's like this so you can disable to see the changes on you can always brightly in this mask goto properties on then changes. Okay, so this is really useful when you are basically at the final stage off your picture, you went to make some corrections to the colors of your picture. There are a lot of color palettes that you can use in Pixar. In this website you have a compilations off different color palettes that you condone it and use. If you have played, for example, in the first game boy and you will know that the colors are green. Um, something like this. So refugee have a compilation of color palettes with different pictures made with those quarter palettes. So you have a reference. So I'm going to the one. For example, this one Oil six. I compress here, though. Don't qualify. This is free. Of course. I'm going to select a P and she image at 1% 100%. Right click. Save us. Uh, I'm going to say DP and she No, to use the palate, you have to import that image to your document. So you go to layer import expert input layer on. Then you select. You're violet. You have it there, you remove it. I'm going to make a wish. My two layers I know I can choose. Replace the colors on my palette for thes exercise, you will have to open this image. You have Trico peas off a charity er on. I want you to shade or color each copy with your own color palette. A May 1 like this on you have to make least three with a different color palette for each one. You are also free to modify the shape off the character. So please put your results. Intake were in a so I can give you 1/5 pick. So I hope you have fun with this exercise on? See your interest video. So this is Thean end off the May 6 off pictured in the next section. We're going to make item said for a video in In pic served. So I hope you have fun on See you in the next section.