Introduction to Photography: awakening your visual awareness


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4 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction

    • The three pillars of Photography

    • Four ways to get there

    • And it's time for the project


About This Class

This is a class for beginners in which i teach how to improve the so called visual awareness. In this sense, it's common that an introduction to photography highlights principles like time exposure, iris and ISO. That's important, but i'll keep it for a second class. In this first class, i highlight the importance of the photographer's glance. This is one of the three fundamentals of photography, and the other two are: light and the equipment. Actually, there's no photography without light, that's the first thing to understand. But, there's also no photography without a particular, subjective glance. This class aims at encouraging the students to be aware of the subtleness of light, its shades and variations. Why? Because in photography a tiny, very little change can make a huge difference, either in terms of composition or exposure. That's why, before teaching about iris and stuff, i'll ask the students to become aware of the varations of sunlight during the day. And the project is about taking pictures of a single object or a set of objects, let's say every two or three hours. The students don't need a fantastic garden, but instead, they can do their "homework" in the office where they work or at home. All they need is a window, an object to photograph (or a few objects), and a cell phone or a consumer camera (compact or any other kind of equipment). The students will be asked to take 5 to 10 pictures of the object (let's say an apple or a flower, a plant or something else) during the day, without moving it. The next step will be sharing the pictures with the fellow students, so that they can leave a comment, always in a kind, gentle way and improve their basic photographic knowledge by teaching to each others. 







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Pax et Bonum

Italian, living in Brazil since 2005, i'm a videomaker, photographer, PHD candidate in Literature and Film, Master in Communication and Media Cultures. At the end of May i've started up my own business as a micro-entrepreneur, photographer and videomaker.

As a videomaker i've been awarded for the best medium lenght film at an international film festival called "Mostra de Cinema e Direitos Humanos na América do Sul" (edition 2011), a hhuge human rights film festivals for South American films. The festival is held in every single Brazilian State Capitals (26 cities plus Brasília, the Federal Capital) and what i'm more proud about: it is the audience who vote and choose the best short, medium and feature films. Furthermore, my documentary was a one-man-crew project, that is, i've written, directed, produced, shot, edited (...). I won another award at a local Northeastern (Brazilian) environmental film festival.   

What else, my no budget one-man-crew productions have been selected by approximately forty film festivals all across Brazil and i also screened my productions in the US, Italy, Greece, Mexico and Zanzibar.  

As a scholar i've published a book about documentary and mise and scene, in which i analyse three non-fiction classics such as Buñuel's "Las hurdes" (1933), Jean Rouch's "Mad masters" (1955) and Artavazd Pelèshian's "Vremena goda - Seasons of the year" (1975). 

I've been teaching several workshops and short-courses like introduction to videomaking, introduction to documentary making, introduction to photography, documentaries and “mise en scène”, at the Federal University of Campina Grande (Brazil), Escola Virgem de Lourdes (Campina Grande, Brazil), Universidade Potiguar (Natal, Brazil) and Unifavip (Caruaru, Brazil).

Feel free to like my Facebook' s page

And also feel free to follow me on Instagram @rickymigliorefotografia

Well, i'm such an enthusiastic person (even after all!), i like to make friends, i'm quite curious (my productions confirm this point..i've made documentaries on the following subject matters: psychiatric reform in Brazil, MMA, a lonely fisherman/countryman, a transsexual, an old choro master (choro or chorinho is considered to be Brazilian Jazz), a small city contaminated by uranium, a dam contaminated by every kind of toxic substances, a dancer and a le parkour athlete, between others.

And in photography i'm also attracted by several subject matters and genres, such as social/street, portrait, fashion, ethnographic photography, stage and concert photography, landscape photography etc. And amongst my references, of course, i have to mention the Sicilian Master Ferdinando Scianna, who for sure, is quite an eclectic photographer.

Take care everybody,