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3 Videos (32m)
    • Startanonlinebusinness

    • Creating the entrepreneurial mindset

    • The easiest money making method


About This Class

Through a series of tutorials I explain the process of online business and how to create, manage and profit with one. I start with the necessity of creating an entrepreneurial mindset which is essential if you want to be successful. Then I explain how to find a niche and then how to make sure that niche will be profitable. Once accomplished I show how to set up a website and get it hosted on the Internet. Once the basics are covered I'll explain what affiliate marketing is,and why an auto responder is necessary in order to build a list of customers. With each video I'll show the fine points and the best methods to increase sales.  





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Zackary Richards

Start an Online Business Info

Zackary Richards is an author, entrepreneur and online businessman. He wrote the best selling book The Best Book on How to Make Money Online and is presently creating video tutorials for his website

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