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Introduction to Online Banner Advertising

Harold Thompson

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About This Class


Banner ads have been around for centuries (yes, centuries) and they still make up around 34% of all online advertising spending today, second only to SEM.

Here are some of its key benefits:
 Banner ads are a great way to drive traffic to lead pages or sales pages.
 Banner ads can come in various forms, from static images, to animated .gif files, to cutting edge rich media that takes over a user’s screen.
 When combined with retargeting, banner ads are a whopping 70% more likely to convert!
 Banner ads are second-to-none with building top-of-mind brand awareness.
 Banner ads provide an easy way to track performance with clear CTR and CPC data.
 Banner ads are easily split-testable and optimizable.

So clearly banner ads are a critical advertising model for any business.

Question is, how can you leverage this?





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