Introduction to Modern Calligraphy Using a Dip Pen and Ink for Beginners | Nicki Traikos | Skillshare

Introduction to Modern Calligraphy Using a Dip Pen and Ink for Beginners

Nicki Traikos, Letterer, Watercolorist & Instructor

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10 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Intro Video Modern Calligraphy for Beginners

    • 2. Tools & Tips Modern Calligraphy

    • 3. Learning essential strokes while warming up Part 1

    • 4. Essential strokes & warm-up Part 2

    • 5. Lower Case Alphabet in Real Time

    • 6. Dip Pen Upper case

    • 7. Upper case example 2

    • 8. Closing & Your Class Project

    • 9. BONUS! Fun Project Ideas

    • 10. Upper Case Example 1

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About This Class


This Introduction to Modern Calligraphy Using a Dip Pen and Ink was designed with the beginner in mind. 

A dip pen and ink was my first introduction to Modern Calligraphy and for me, it's one of the most beautiful experiences to write calligraphy with.  Writing with a dip pen and ink is a very organic and tactile process which allows you to express yourself through writing in a very traditional way but is very adaptable to our modern styles!

What you can expect to learn in this class;

  • You will learn about which tools I recommend and use in my daily calligraphy practice.
  • You will learn important tips on how to hold the pen to create strokes with ease and success!
  • You will get a PDF to download and use throughout the class and beyond sharing with you the exact warm-up strokes you need to learn and practice in order to learn how to form the lower case alphabet
  • You will also learn and practice, how to form each and every letter in the lower case alphabet, broken down by stroke, so that by the end of the class and your practice sheets, you will have more confidence and have built muscle memory to create letters easily and quickly.
  • You will learn the exact tips and tricks that I teach in my in-person workshops as I walk you through each video lesson.
  • At the end of the class, I will share with you some fun and unique ideas that feature my modern calligraphy lettering using different tools and mediums to help inspire you to explore your new or improved, modern calligraphy style!

My first introduction to dip pen and ink calligraphy was here on Skillshare many years ago.  I'm happy to share in this first class of mine, what I've learned along the way as I use Modern Calligraphy lettering in my every day life and in my creative business!

If you are interested in learning how to advance your modern calligraphy skill and would like to continue learning with me, I have created two more follow-up classes to help you build your skill and practice to form words and enable you to grow your modern calligraphy practice! 

Check out the next class that I recommend you watch here - How to Advance your modern calligraphy skill.  Then when you are ready to learn how to master some common words, check out this class  

Cheers to learning something new.