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Introduction to Modern Calligraphy - A course for beginning creatives

Doodle Mara ., Industrial Designer / Calligrapher

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16 Videos (58m)
    • A lil’ “me” and “what we’ll do here” intro

    • What is calligraphy?

    • Technical lingo

    • What you’ll need

    • The basic-est drills

    • The Undercases: a c d e g o q

    • The Undercases: b h k m n p s

    • The Undercases: i j t u v w y

    • The Undercases: f l r x z

    • The Uppercases: B D P R Z

    • The Uppercases: C E G O Q

    • The Uppercases: F I J K L S T

    • The Uppercases: H U V W X Y

    • The Uppercases: A M N

    • Connecting your letters & Starting your project

    • YOU'RE DONE!

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About This Class

Hi everybody! In this class you’ll be learning the basics of hand lettering. (This means that to complete this course you’ll need absolutely no experience!)

What we’ll do:

  • The “what is” Calligraphy
  • The warm-ups: Basic drills and forms
  • An Uppercase and Undercase alphabet
  • Connecting letters to form words
  • Final project (Yay!)

What you’ll need:

  • White printer paper
  • Crayola Supertips markers (any color)


  • Crayola Broadline markers

(If you have any questions about the utensils or anything else at all, feel free to ask here on the Discussion board or send me a Direct Message through my Instagram @DoodleMara)

By the end you’ll be scribbling any surface you can get your hands on with your newly acquired skill. Stick with me and you’ll see it’s WAY simpler than it looks. - Doodle Mara

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Straight to the Point! Great Class that goes through a whole lot of letters one by one, making you have a complete reference point to improve your skills.
Patricia Caldeira

Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer

I love how the class goes straight to the point, explaining clearly what, why and how in such a clear way thanks to the examples. I believe Doodle Mara is a great facilitator, I'm doing great with the exercises and am excited I was able to achieve a good looking result with just watching and practicing for the first time. I'm so excited to continue!





Doodle Mara .

Industrial Designer / Calligrapher

Hi everybody! I'm Doodle Mara. I'm an Industrial Designer / Illustrator / Calligrapher / Master in Educational Psychology (

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