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Introduction to Mindfulness: 7 Simple Techniques to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Solel International, Arts & Culture Non-Profit Organization

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    • 1. Introduction and Welcome

    • 2. Ground Yourself: An Overivew

    • 3. Ground Yourself: The Method

    • 4. Ground Yourself: The Holistic Benefits

    • 5. Conscious Connection: An Overview

    • 6. Conscious Connection: The Method

    • 7. Conscious Connection: The Holistic Benefits

    • 8. Building Self Confidence: An Overview

    • 9. Building Self Confidence: The Method

    • 10. Building Self Confidence: The Holistic Benefits

    • 11. Radiating Love: An Overview

    • 12. Radiating Love: The Method

    • 13. Radiating Love: The Holistic Benefits

    • 14. Cosmic Communication: An Overview

    • 15. Cosmic Communication: The Method

    • 16. Cosmic Communication: The Holistic Benefits

    • 17. Insight & Reflection: An Overview

    • 18. Insight & Reflection: The Method

    • 19. Insight & Reflection: The Holistic Benefits

    • 20. Alignment: An Overview

    • 21. Alignment: The Method

    • 22. Alignment: A Guided Meditation

    • 23. Alignment: The Holistic Benefits

    • 24. Conclusion


About This Class


Are you so stressed you just can’t anymore? Learn techniques to manage your mind!

Join Sensei Shui, inspirational speaker, certified yoga instructor & vibrational healer.

In this beginner level class, you are going to learn the 7 Mindfulness Techniques, giving you the knowledge and skills, you need to reduce stress and manage anxiety in your life. Through firsthand experience, research and self-reflection, Sensei Shui has laid out the fundamentals for a peaceful life…even when your surroundings are crazy!

Creating a peaceful life is not about avoiding all responsibility and separating from society, rather, it is about accepting the nature of your mind and learning to dance and flow with it.

In this enlightening and mind-expanding class, you will:

  • Build a Deeper Connection to Self by learning how to be kinder to yourself
  • Create Peace of Mind with simple techniques to shift your mindset into a positive space
  • Grasp Control of Your Destiny by programming your mind with gratitude
  • Gain Insight on Your Habits through Sensei Shui’s reflection methods and frameworks
  • Discover Life Changing Techniques to manage stress & anxiety without substances

 Download Sensei's custom-created workbook to follow along throughout the class and have the resources for all the life changing info you are about to learn

 This class is for anyone who wants to learn new techniques manage their stress and anxiety, regardless of age, level, or lifestyle. All that is required is an open mind.

Whether you’re looking to change careers, get out of debt, or save for your next big trip, you’ll gain a simple framework to manage your stress & anxiety, take accountability for your life, and create that internal space of peace and tranquility


1. Introduction and Welcome: peace, Everyone, My name is Sensation way, and I'm grateful for your presence. Today it is truly again. Welcome to the introduction to mindfulness course. Seven simple techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. Before we get into that, I want to let you know what my this is. So basically, what mindfulness is is the awareness of yourself, your thoughts, actions and surroundings without passing judgment. So the key part of that is without passing judgment. I'm aware that some of these techniques that were about to go through you have heard of before. But listen thoroughly. Listen closely and be kind and patient with yourself. You're not gonna be an expert overnight. You don't become mindful who level overnight. It's all about consistency and honesty and accountability with yourself. Before we get started with the seven simple steps, I want you to be aware of something. Life comes in waves. It ebbs and it flows. So you have ups and downs of emotions of experience, and with that except the nature of it, that's the nature of peace. Peace does not come from avoidance, but rather peace come from accepting the nature of reality that you live in and flowing with it, almost like surfing the currents, the waves of the mind. Before we get started, I want to cover a few simple guys. What? Lost each video in full and take notes. Yes, I know that you probably have heard of some of these before, but there's these little details that are added to it. That makes all the difference. To be kind and patient with yourself. Often you are your worst critic. It's true. Except that and then change that narrative that you tell to yourself start to be kind and patient had no it takes time for me to learn this up in a brand new It took me years to learn how speak English when I was a baby. Now I'm a baby. I am new to this mindfulness things. So let me just kind of show out, take one thing at a time and three keep an open mind. Some of these words of techniques, they be little No, that is. But hear me out. Just listening full because how can you expect to change by doing the same thing? That in itself is the definition of insanity. So listen closely. What you here might be just what you needed to improve. And again, I am positive that you've heard of some of these before. The Census Way method focuses on the little details to these everyday activities. Toe provoked this transformational change in your life. Each technique is partnered with each chocola within the seven chocolates is okay, So why do I use the seven chakras system? I use that because it's a map that goes with endocrine system for the emotional organs within the body. I found that my experience and research and education that following this map is the best way to ascend to a higher state of consciousness being and into your true self. So strap in whereabouts Moving a section one mindful, walking. Yes, I said it. Mindful, walking, Enjoy and remember, Take your time. Be kind, patient with yourself. Take notes and keep an open mind. Have a nice day. No 2. Ground Yourself: An Overivew: peace, everyone my name since a sway. And that's the introduction to mind from this score. Seven techniques to reduce stress and anxiety Number one is mindful Walking. Yeah, I said it mindful walking. Are you just adding mindfulness? Everything kind of. But in reality, how many times do you walk or drive somewhere? And you just kind of magically appear your mind with watering somewhere else Now absorbed into the activity that you were doing not being conscious of your environment yourself and your thoughts instead of getting lost in the sauce. So my foot walking this is my go to management tool. What I'm just like lost in the sauce went live all up in my head. So how this relates to the chocolate system is root chocolate. So what keeps us rooted? Why they use the word route. It is because it's related to the base nerve ganglia in the body. That's a fancy word. You see this picture up here? It looks like a tree, doesn't it? That's the nervous system off the body. By being routed into this, these activities connect with a digestive system. So when you're walking, it doesn't only help you digest your food, but also your thoughts. So now we're gonna move into 3. Ground Yourself: The Method: peace. Everyone. So now the method for mindful walking take notes on this because guess what Step one is. You're gonna leave the phone at home? Yes, I said it. You could manage without. So what do you start walking? Whatever places is, I personally prefer doing nature like a park, not a ball around people, but a place where you could truly be with yourself with your thoughts. So then you want to find a nice, steady pace of walking and then become mindful of your breath, are taking nice, shallow breaths like or taking deep my progress into the belly. So what you're gonna want to do is keep this mindful, breathing, going re then to the nose as we inhale and exhale long out the mouth. Someone's You've adopted this breathing pattern. You're gonna do an eight count. Says we end for continue this path. Yeah, I know. It's like your homeboy was breathing for a year and 1/2 us. I know because there's been a little bit of practice, But instead of this eight count that you could do sitting do it with eight steps, inhale. 12345678 X 12 345678 Yeah, it's that simple. Just keep this going. And when you lose concentration, come back to this count keeping your breath with steps and eight Seems like two. Must I just like eight? Because it's a great number. I love it. It's like infinity sideways. It's kind of cool, right? But it seems like too much free before you do. Six. Even seven. You could do 12. You could do whatever you like. I just choose eight because I found it's a good number and articles dance. So why not? And so what? You just do You keep this going. Repeat steps. 45 until you meet your completion handsome. Next, we're gonna go into the benefits that this has for your body, mind and spirit. 4. Ground Yourself: The Holistic Benefits: peace. My name is since a Shwe, and we're gonna go into the benefits of mindful walking. So for the body, pretty simple lungs are connected to the let's through the DIA friend and so ends. So with that, since we sit almost everywhere now, like in the car at work at the movies when we're eating, when use the restroom there's all this tightness. Okay, so breath is very important. It's the first thing you take. It is the last thing you leave when you're alive. Just think about it. Let it sit for a second. Now that we're back from that reflection, how is this apply to your mind. So now we know that, Okay, It helps oxygenate the body and everything. But now that the body's oxygenated, what is this allowed to do? It allows for the thoughts of flow batter. Now that we're walking that we're loosening up. If you asked me the very first counselor that humans ever had was walking, Why? Because we used to walk everywhere, getting conversations or just get lost in the gate as we had to walk miles and miles myself . I'm yours to talk about his shock native nomadic tribe based out of southwestern Louisiana in southeastern Texas. So with that, there was a lot of walking that my ancestors did just like 3 400 years ago to get where they needed to go. Same thing, probably with yours, before we had these cars, trains, planes and automobiles relatively recent within the past two years. And so who is walking? It allows the mind to free up, helping us become rooted into the ground. When this comes into how this plays in with your spirituality, with your connection to your deeper self or to the higher calling whatever word you want to call it by walking and becoming in itself once for one himself in our breath, then can we realize how deep this connection goes, how we're really, truly, never alone, how we're always part of this larger family. How once were routed into the ground into ourselves and better allows us to receive that connection. I'll let that sit a little bit. If you want to know a little bit more about any of this stuff, feel free to message me right below. You have links to contact. If you want to learn more about this we have Mawr coming soon. Just about each of the seven techniques. Now we're about to move into part two for connection. Kind of did a little bit of it already. Social media breeze. Yeah, I said, Well, I'll see you there, remember? Take your time kind of patient for yourself. It's no rush. You on your time for in his value, have a nice day. 5. Conscious Connection: An Overview: peace to you. My name is since a Shwe and welcome to part two of the introduction to mindfulness scores. Seven simple techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. Part two is social Media and Seo. How much do that like you're saying you can't finish the course or whatever, Take a listen to this and then just implement some skills. So what's the purpose of social media Greeks? Because how often do you go to a restaurant? Look around. Notice how many people are absorbed in their phones, looking here for connection, not looking up to connect with people right in front of them that we often miss When it's a little too sacred chocolate. It's about connection. This connects to the reproductive organs off the body. It comes with help from that, because also, since these bones often sandar pockets, I didn't know this. But the phones they do give off radiation, which can call for lower sperm counts and lower headcounts and females and interfere with fertility. Yeah, it's a real thing to check it out. Blue right there, right there, right there, right there, Right there. Hash tag links for days. So, by being mindful of the uses of social media, you could take breaks, have more. Resource is in this free book that came with course. But by taking breaks from social media will start to realize that next you were searching for mindlessly scrolling was always within here with people that you are around every single day. We're gonna go into the method in the second. But be mindful of how much this technology as much as it does. How how much isn't hindering how much isn't taking away from your experience? Of what? From that true gift that is president go into the method just in a few seconds Stay to stay president. 6. Conscious Connection: The Method: So for the method, have a designated day of the week where you were social media free, and that's a little too much for you. I have a certain time words cut off, for It's like, All right, it's 8 p.m. It's time to read. It's time to journal. I just need to put this somewhere else because I've been in here all day and get it Blue light. The comfort of your phone actually interferes with sleep. By separating yourself from your phone and being mindful and conscious of this, you'll be aware off Maybe what you have been avoiding within yourself, because often what I see now, you probably know. So now when you get uncomfortable or when something comes up, what do you grab for? We grab a phone way, don't look for each other, go with herself and spend time with ourselves. Bones, I've seen, are a way of avoidance of our thoughts of what's uncomfortable. But get this. How does growth happen? Remember when you were growing in your knees hurt growth spurts. The nature of growth and itself is a little bit uncomfortable. To get into that place of change, you need to be uncomfortable for a little bit. So if you find yourself in the worst mood when you get off your phone when you got on time to check yourself, quit wrecking yourself, put it to the side and become mindful of yourself in your thoughts and use of these methods , Yes, we're gonna go more into the benefits. This method is relatively simple. At the more questions asked below. We're here for you. I'm here for you gonna go more so into the benefits and the why this is important. I'll see you there. 7. Conscious Connection: The Holistic Benefits: Peace Mrs Sensation way, and I'll go into the holistic benefits of social media. Internet breaks. Most people don't know the affects of phone, social media and Internet on our bodies, not just our mind in our spirit, but our bodies. Because these phones and the Internet routers give off radiation are constantly receiving signals throughout the day. My guy alluded to a little bit earlier. This can reduce sperm count in men and a fertility in women from this excess radiation from having the phones in our pockets right next to the reproductive organs that are associated with, in addition to it, the waves, the four G five g All of these waves interfere with our sleep pattern. So if you ever find yourself getting like asleep, I highly recommend to turn off the Internet. Just unplug it at night, investing in alarm for yourself. If you want to turn out the bonus well or if you realize the alarms on your phone do not require WiFi, there's still work on airplane. Any of this is too much. I understand. Take your steps. But it's our point where you don't know what to do. You gotta get a little uncomfortable to see change. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity to take you from that place of its sanding and bring you to that same space within. Make some changes, get a little bit uncomfortable. I'm here for you. This community the sensation way so well community is here for you to support along the way for your journey and by connecting with others you realize that we are all human van family . You have mawr in common with others than you think. And this time we're separated by these differences. Holy not to realize there's 99.9 percent of D N A and thoughts that we all share even other languages that you really look at what they're saying. It follows the school calls its law. We all use the same words the same amount of times. If you want to translate with people around, you're saying they're just talking about the same thing you were talking about. Just sounds different by connecting mawr to ourselves and others way better be able to connect this mission, help other people and spread peace, love and abundance of this world. We'll see you in section three will move into the method of exercise for me. I prefer yoga in order to connect that willpower that fire within a great method that I used to increase and manage my stress. 8. Building Self Confidence: An Overview: PC. My name is since A Shwe and welcome to introduction to mindfulness course. Seven simple techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. This is met the number three exercise. I prefer yoga, but before we get into this deeper once defined the word yoga, yoga and itself is a Sanskrit. Words mean connection all of this that we're talking about, all these seven steps. They are yoga. What is this all about? Getting that deeper connection to some. But here in the owner, we're gonna cover Awesome A. Which is that fancy Sanskrit word for the body movements that stretches. What this does is help the solar plexus chopper. Solar plexus chakra is located right in the center of the body where they will gut that gut feeling that instinct that gun intelligence is located. This is connected to our adrenal glands that become active when you're like, excited or passionate about something, or even say flip side of it way, maybe a little bit nervous or anxious when it's a little overactive. This energy center helps regulate your metabolism, maintain your strength and improve your sense of self confidence. So often you see exercise as a way to like you see all over the place. You see this article? You see this article? We see all this about house, a way to increase your self confidence. But we're going into a gym and you see all these people around you almost just converse. That's why I prefer yoga because of something you just do with you yourself on a man. You don't even need that much space. Just turn on you to just go to a class. But if you're like me, I started out with you too. I prefer yoga because it's all about you and your breath. No competition that's actually a huge part of yoga is non competition. That's all about the journey of you and your so if you like, yo, I don't know what to do. A little intimidated of it. It's all good way Have resource is for you. If you want to learn mawr, contact us below reach out and in the future you will see we haven't it higher. Siri's just dedicated to this topic. Yoga connection. Awesome exercise we're gonna move into the method is gonna be a little different. Now be talking as much is gonna be a general explanation. While the videos playing about what yoga is. We'll see you there 9. Building Self Confidence: The Method: peace. So for this method of yoga, nice, short and sweet. I want you to yourself commits once or twice a week, no matter what. Those benches. At least 10 or 15 minutes getting a nice, gentle Osama and or even just sitting there, spending investing in yourself at a time for your breath. If you're too intimidated to go to a studio again, just spend time with yourself having to videos with myself. Way could look at yoga with Adrian or just look up yoga. That's good for law on you, too grateful in this time, there's an abundance of resource is for those who are willing to take action. Watch. In no time you'll be able to throw together a little, your know, 10 15 minutes team and things that you like. When you say system, we're gonna move into the holistic benefits in this next section, we'll see you there. Mostly. Activity is in the links below. Yeah, 10. Building Self Confidence: The Holistic Benefits: he's everyone, so they go into the holistic benefits of yoga. What this does is help move in strength and not just the muscles but the joints in the fashion. That's all the stuff in the middle between in the body. Why I prefer yoga is because, unlike weightlifting yoga house with Morgan Health as well, when you see all this twisting, stretching and bending, this is gently massaging the organs of the body, helping keeping them healthy by keeping the organs of the body healthy. This in turns helps with the mental state because it connects to the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system runs along all the blood vessels but is moved by movement not to use the same word twice. But unlike the blood that flows with the bread, the lymphatic system flows with by moving in these maybe weird ways that start to make sense when you really get into the practice of it, it promotes the mental health because there is that, not that stagnation in the body. There's not this stagnation physically that manifest mentally in the thoughts when it turns into spirituality. When you have this belief in yourself, when you have this sense of self confidence will realize the words that we use when you say , Hey, man paces do you want Oh, come to this. Yeah, I will do that. What was the work? I will I will do it by strengthening the will power within you. You will better be able to notice being mindful of the words weeds. You will be able to manifest and take action and change the direction trajectory of your life. But remember, be kind patient for yourself. It's all about consistency. It's all about kindness to yourself. How can you expect someone to treat you better than yourself? It's not an expectation is what you're Abel's except in your heart. Now we're gonna move into section for the fourth technique of this course donation. Sometimes we want to receive all these things. But how can you receive something? Your hands full. I'll see you there. Peace 11. Radiating Love: An Overview: peace. Welcome to Part four of Introduction to Mindfulness course. Seven techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. Fourth technique is donation. So often I see that people have way too much attachment to physical realize that these physical attachments manifest as well until things that in our mind, we have trouble letting go for. So do also do we physically have trouble letting go of those things that passing. How can you set except with less things off the president? So what donation? Not by just donating money, but those clothes that you haven't worn into season stuff that's in a pile once collecting . Does you see that? What? Collecting dust physically and your environment is also collecting dust in your mama. Clear my clear space. These methods and the method that I use a season with accession, have a nice day. 12. Radiating Love: The Method: So for the fourth Met donation. If you'd like to support and empower this mission that soul l international powering communities with their own culture, you could just donated the lynx. But with your own life to help shed the weight off your shoulders, you can use the method that I use in my personal every three months or every season. What I use, like, literally, you know, on March 21st on June 21st on September 21st on December 21st H season. I know through and I looked through the clothes for that season and see what I did not wait . Hold it in my hand And I realized that it does not give me joy cast aside and donated to someone else, knowing that in that time it will with joy coming place. It's really that simple. Just go through eight season and keep this end. So that way, as we shed this waiting one cycle as we enter the next cycle as you enter the next cycle, getting set, get some rest, move into the benefits of the mind body spirit. Next section, I'll see you there 13. Radiating Love: The Holistic Benefits : realistic benefits of donation are not just getting rid of something and having or free space. But once you have that free space will realize that unspoken clarity that have, by ridding of these things, he open your target. Our a time is waiting. Time is wedded plan that's associated with heart Chunk of time. This plan produces the T cells in the body that help I did by sickness and illness. So if you noticed yourself getting sick, you really just tap here for 30 seconds. Donate some clothes. It will help boost your immune system function. It will help prevent disease, especially in the winter time. This, in turn, will help reduce stress and anxiety from your life. Because walking into a room of clarity is a lot nicer. Been walking toward but cluttered mind live clear mind You realize how everything is connected by clearing up this space spiritually, you will notice by freeing up the space in your closet. In your wars, you give room for warm abundance to into your mind. Once you open up your heart to receive, you will see in this reality and a best into your life. All these things that you've been trying to get, But it seemed like you were doing too much. So take that much. Puts the sides About what? You got a little bit. That way you could rebuild that up and have it over. Is that simple? And again, if you'd like more on this topic of donation and a palate, open up your heart way. Have more coming soon you can contact me below. And we could work one of one to help you out with this condition. There are yoga poses and your praxis to help with this that I use itself. We're gonna move into fifth section. My favorite 55 15 Gratitude. All right, I'll see you there. 14. Cosmic Communication: An Overview: peace. Welcome to the introduction toe Mindfulness scores seven simple techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. The fifth method is my favorite. The by 515 Gratitude mechanism that method by speaking truth and gratitude into this reality from within, you program yourself for abundance to expect back in your life, I've noticed by using the simple method I have changed myself from being like, Well, this is just like I'm grateful for waking up for this morning. I'm grateful for the love that others showed me. I am grateful for living on my mission every day. I'm grateful for the sun shining. I'm grateful that I could walk like, really think about these little things that we take for granted by acknowledging that when we wake up transforms your life in this next section we're gonna booth 5515 will see their peace 15. Cosmic Communication: The Method: peace and abundance to you. For this meant that the 5515 method what you're gonna do the first time is take out a no card and write this on five things I am grateful for, like right that those words five things I am grateful for. Five things I will accomplish today. One thing I will do unconditionally for someone and five things I accomplished yesterday with this note card. Tape it to your bedroom door bathroom mirror, something that you see every single rising every single morning when you wake up and view this as the key that locks for a day of abundance and gratitude. Doing this is transformational because when you wake up, you're in a famous state of mind that data status when you're most impressionable. So instead of waking up and check in online and instant ground, it said, a double tap on that screen double tap yourself, show some love and say what you're grateful for and tell yourself what you will accomplish for the day and acknowledge what you did yesterday to know that you are powerful. You are abundant, you are love. So that way you can be love that covered in the last section. Next, we're gonna move into the benefits for your body. What the 551 method does. I'll see you there. Peace. 16. Cosmic Communication: The Holistic Benefits: peace. So for the benefits for the body, mind and spirit of this exercise is by speaking out, this stagnation from the heart has allowed to flow through Often I see with all the people I work with when there's thyroid issues, there's often this other underlying issue off, not speaking up or feeling like their word is not valid. The fifth chakra is associated with thyroid plans. At that Hypo, or hyperthyroidism, often times again is from this lack of speaking out of what they want to say because they feel like, Oh, well, I can't Yes, you can. You deserve to be heard your voice. You were given this voice for the spirit to speak through. Once you start communicating with us, you'll find yourself communicating in more balanced way that it's uplifted from speaking out and three up all this tension to let a free flow out be. A lithe next section will go into journaling benefits for the six Chako from pituitary gland Toby with focus and master. All of the other or gates or chocolates in the body is mostly dictated by the pituitary gland, even open mind kind of patient to yourself. There 17. Insight & Reflection: An Overview: East. Everyone, My name is Sensation way and welcome to introduction to mindfulness cores. Seven Simple techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. A six technique is journal. So journaling is one of my favorite things to do, because by riding down the thoughts and then reflecting upon those things, do I find that the best teacher lies with and you will see that too, with practice. If you ever need help with this, you don't know where to start with journaling. I also have a 30 a journal called Mindful 30 that get in the link below toe. Help guide you through this process if you don't know where to start. Doing guided journals is not your thing. Just simply picked 2 to 3 days of the week and then write down how the day went higher. Your thoughts were. But the most important thing about journaling is going back reading what you wrote when you go back and read which road you will discover this inherent wisdom that you have within yourself, you will see the patterns of your life more than if you're anything like me. The things he said I would never do again. Oh, I don't want to do this. I don't want to do this. You'll see. Two months ago that you told yourself that you don't want He told yourself that. Oh, I need to work out more. You told yourself that I might want to check out this meditation thing where you told yourself that. Wow. When I meditated every single day, it was amazing. Oh, I did the mindful walking, and that really made a difference. This is something I'm gonna implement to my life. And then it falls out of your life and go back. Read it on. Let us see who said that it was beneficial. You did. It's in these little things with practice that starts as simply with writing it down and seeing it in your own words. So go more to the specific methods I use for journaling in this next section there 18. Insight & Reflection: The Method: peace, Everyone, My name is since a shwe We're gonna go for into this method of journaling that I used to help with self reflection and help my second game for mental clarity. What I like to do is pick 2 to 3 days of the week, replacing that Netflix time, just like in Section two journal with self reflection this time away from these screens and all the blue light doesn't Onley help you get better sleep, but it will also help you get a better clarity by putting your thoughts down on paper and reading in your own riding. Will you see that you are your own as their new wire own best teacher? It truly is that simple if you don't know where to start with. Journaling, I highly suggest, is reflecting on the day seeing how things went at the office, how things went with family, if you like to get a little bit deeper and with asking yourself these deep questions below is a link for my mindful 30 journal, 30 days of guided journaling to take you through that process. To know yourself deeper with this is a meant that I used when I find myself being stuck the same questions. I ask myself that I found like, Hey, you know what? I might as well shared with others because it's more fun to eat together. Am I right? We're gonna go into the holistic benefits in the next section because there's a lot more than just write it down and you see those memories. Little go into it in this next election, I'll see you there. He's 19. Insight & Reflection: The Holistic Benefits: peace, Everyone, my name is Sensation way we're gonna go into the holistic benefits of startling journaling not only brings clarity to the mind riding down the thoughts to get a clear picture of the past, present and future, but also it really will help you improve your sleep. Because just like in section two, I talked about these blue lines from our phones. All this artificial light interferes with your car patty and rhythm. So the Arcadian rhythm is the rhythm of your heart. The rhythm of your heart determines your sleep way back in the day about the time with your great grand parents. About 100 years ago, before we had all this artificial life, the sun was a major dictator of sleep patterns of people staying up at night. Now, with these blue lights coming from our phones from the screens and the lights above with fluorescent light, it disturbs the natural sleep rhythms of our bodies. By being mindful of this effect that it has, you can turn off the phone, you can put it to the side, set the alarm on time because he probably wake up at the same time every day for work and then end the night with some journaling and self reflection. You will find yourself more Bill falling asleep faster and then when it comes into spiritual perspectives but things that she write down, you will see once you get into deep thought and you've become comfortable with your own riding and putting it out on paper these connections you will see with your life and how that matters best with your connection with others. How that man with your connection to society, how will see in time how you and God the universe whenever you want to call it, is one in the same how it all starts with power of your own word for word. I'll see you in this next section. Session seven. My daily method on my true true soul food meditation. Grateful. Share this with you. See you there, Peace. 20. Alignment: An Overview: peace. Everyone, My name is since a sweat and welcome, including section off the introduction to mindfulness scores seven simple techniques or do stress and exciting final technique is meditation. So you've seen this a whole lot in your news. Feed and conversations, billboards, meditation, meditation All you need to meditate on corporations. You need to meditate. What is you ass and say Schwank? Since they says meditation is exercise off my people because how often meant no, I can't maintain a thinking might possibly still first off. Watch what you say. Whatever you say. If you say you can't, you are right. Not really. When it comes to meditation, meditation is what I say. Mental and spiritual exercise. Just like exercise. When someone says, Hey, you want to lose weight? Well, diet and exercise first questions. What do I eat? One of my supposed to do my supposed Jazzercise Supposed to lift weights? Do I dance? Doing calisthenics? Okay, lift waste of a heavy way. So with white waits to any power lifting going, you have this. Let Nida's abundance of options same way is meditation there several different methods to accomplish various results, So with meditation, it helps become one with south by slowing down the mind, getting in tune with breath that in its own self does not only lower blood pressure but also will help you build your patients in that sense of inner peace. So that way it could be calm during the storm. In this next section, we will go into a method of meditation that I use on a daily basis. Very simple. I'd like you to teach it to others are pointing to this court. I'll see you there. 21. Alignment: The Method: my name is we're going to go into the method of meditation that I use on a consistent basis is before we dive into it. I want to let you know that meditation does not still in that first section that mindful walking would done with breathing that in itself is a poor with even journaling that time. So way music that's been in the background on the playlist attached in the book that comes with. But this is meditation that uses the euro beats toe help get you into that calm state. So for this meditation met first getting position, whatever is most comfortable for you don't gotta be sitting here like me. You have feet flat on the ground. These do not cross the ankles. Place the hands on the knees, palms facing 22. Alignment: A Guided Meditation: close the eyes. Go inside, take a nice deep inhale knows and inside out. Wait way on. Change it up a little bit this time. Inhale through nose closed lives and exhale out the nose. Contains breeding pattern. Set your intention. So now we're gonna take two fingers. I know about two finger tips below. Where? The collarbones meat. Right where the thymus gland is. The heart chakra. We're gonna attack. Continue in a m. Two more like this as we last one as way now Place the hands in the lab. Half of poems Touch. Keep eyes closed. Straighten the spine. Ask yourself this question. What am I grateful for? Focus on this feeling. Give yourself a nice should Smile. I noticed a difference. It's reminds the shoulder. Inhale Sweep the arms around the body. Then as we exhale, Palm's from the heart center. Have a nice day. I'll see you in the final section of ballistic and 23. Alignment: The Holistic Benefits: peace. Everyone, my name is since they sweat and we're gonna talk a little bit. Mawr about ballistic benefits Meditation You could kind of tell from my voice that meditation calm the mind body spirit. But in addition, it does lower blood pressure and a scientifically proven to do so. This is just something that's made in addition, house and prove concentration. It helps improve empathy. It helps improve your sense of touch with so, but just like anything, all of these results come with consistency. Doing it once you'll see a little bit, but it's all in practice with this practice. This connects to the pineal gland, which is associated with the seventh chocolate and the body that's akin to a flower. So the pineal gland is the gland that becomes active when you're dreaming. It's also active in out of body experiences. It's also nicknamed the third. Yes, sometimes you see the Piau Blandy associate with six shocked, but in my research, since it faces upwards just like when you see all these pictures of the crown chakra, it's a flower or a satellite dish that's opening upwards to see, to receive information to receive enlightenment, to receive goodness, whatever you wanna call it, just like babies. When all babies, if he realized I have a soft spot at the top, there head at their crown, that grows over in the same aspect. That's what this is akin to the benefits of meditation. Ours why Mass has seen, but again is with consistency. You might have noticed that in the e book it is a little bit different and said it tapping on the heart. We're going a little lower on the third chocolate. So when we were doing that in the heart, opening up the time this plan that helps not only with empathy but also helps build your immune system. Because of time. This plant produces T cells, which the T cells are a type of white blood so that identifies born bodies and viruses bacteria in the body, so by tapping it helps stimulate that gland. So again, when you touched the bottom part, it helps ground. You helps pull all your energy in establishing that willpower focusing on that spot. Same way to you. Get pinched, right? But being the forehead you can, you know, go on the throat if you want same type of thing. Whatever. Focus I like to use touch because when it comes to the chakra system, it's not just these mental physical properties, but it's also connected to the physical body as well. And again, each of these sections, If you like them, common below message. Be a tongue shwe flow at gmail dot com No more. We will have more about each of the seven sections to go more in depth. I'll see you concludes in section Thank you for joining. Have a nice day. 24. Conclusion : everyone thank you for supporting and participating in the introduction to my from this course seven simple techniques to reduce stress and anxiety again I me myself, I am grateful for your support. I cannot do this if this really impacted you and you saw changing alive, don't only comment below But please share this with others that this benefited you give you pass it forward, share with others so that they could experience some the same benefit in addition. 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