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17 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Class 1 Introduction

    • 2. Setting up your Mac

    • 3. Setting up Logic

    • 4. Opening and Saving in Logic

    • 5. Logics Timeline

    • 6. Setting Up An Audio Track

    • 7. Sample Rates and Audio Levels

    • 8. Recording Audio

    • 9. Editing Audio

    • 10. What is Flex Mode ?

    • 11. MIDI Options

    • 12. Creating a Bass Track

    • 13. Logics Mixer

    • 14. Creating Groups

    • 15. 15 Creating An Reverb Chain

    • 16. 16 What are Track Stacks

    • 17. 17 Exporting in Logic

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About This Class

In this Class i will be teaching you everything you need to know to getting started in making and recording music in logic pro. i will be discussing from how to set up your mac to work with your sound card to finally exporting your project as a stereo file.

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Vasanth David

Music Producer/Audio Engineer/Musician


Hello all! Am Vasanth David. Iam Music Producer and also a Musician. I completed my Diploma in Sound Engineering From SAE School of audio engineering and further completed my degree in recording technology from Mcnally Smith College of Music,USA. I also had the opportunity of working with various artists and music directors from bollywood to kollywood for the past 18 years. 

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1. Class 1 Introduction: Hi, So in a classroom or not, but what about the logic appropriately Barbaro? So Logic Pro, and they want a digital audio workstation or the short run there Dobbins along it. So digital audio workstation and end. But the Nanga on the Putnam order, music, programming or abdominal audio recording our codon, or even mixing mastering in the mother Michigan landing on the particular software let anyone the banana or the thought of putting a logical and that you can also do a movie post-production work. So video use panini on that link Mela, music program on now or effect at LBL, the migration running on the logic pull apart now. So in the particular class on the partner, more for beginners to intermediate. So now fast traveling on the logic use been putting our foster money when the DAW and E1 are putting in morning on the previous Amanda DAWs point in the analytic cubism, protons use per day then for extending the logic is one, bring them in the course on the, be really helpful for you to get started into music programming or audio recording. So in the classroom, I don't know, bugaboo don't have internal volume can actually rent. So first on the body, now I'm on the order Soundgarden Kong, so on the song card and then implement the logic or the proper integrity point of that into the bubble. And next time they will be able to project number greater than two. The logic layer Proper on and we lived in the project pneumonia is saved to the number of bubble and externally logic to a layer to turn on the timeline you number the open o. So on the timeline you are in an optimism. Mechanical and linen are various tools number getting into then ammonia and the pupil and next on the body. Now maybe your audio recreate Bernie and NAM Assam cardio is when you have a proper on 11 on the number logically at a carpenter discipline in purple and extends the audio lyric more than them audio editing options in Antarctica, I've been working on multiple enter the garden. Nobody normally midi instrument dragon or be logically equivalent to the owning another program that I can postpone anionic molded. Getting them are various midi tracks and McCrae punter their various tracks I'm going to be layered upon to the logical in the modulation or AM on them on the course wrap-up. Finally, on the budget on a Monday project Davy proper export punted the bones, punted up into them. The class around dinner, my purple. So in the class on the nuclear pull up Moreno, and then we'll get the proper Nevada understanding 19 signal. So in a basic audio terms and terminologies thing it can inject Dina and the class of lunar corneum were easier to go longer without further ado, we go into the class Bostonian a Monday. And Masanga, your binom logic or the proper integrity. And into the butt back Law. 2. Setting up your Mac : Song, the song gardening on the insult or the cranial and Gray was nicotine solvent America. First on the logic lower the number, the song god of the prop row, and then I'm integrating or not. So I think I'm ready, but in animal on the MAC layer and the firstname Aldo system preferences grade it. I'd little good input and output zone in for dog put on minima proper. Amazon gotta go another route but not. So I think on the buckling under Apple icon click Paulina System Preferences, wait a bit ago, sound to click Medina in you and then we'll go and they'll put an input and wind option. Recall that in the dilemma, but the nominator, song gardening is like DAG on what's called the EU-ADR, UDL. So the line EU-ADR undertaken, we'll count the money importantly on the Bettina. We're ready at all. And then I'm in good old Ponyo non internal microphone. No. And then the MAC layer or a cornea and the internal microphone. So are the number of useful at their Lamont Sonka level Korea inputs than normal use 10 bottles and Elaine Portland, that number. Some Garuda BCA card. I think it's like money conveyor and also I think my output, remember the name donuts because under the MAC layer otoconia interests because sitting on there as Hong Kong polyoma head phones like equina in the Universal Audio other the owner, the song got edible or they need on their property and select panel and select mount a very good. He put them in a logical woman he did other live under, under Preferences number the nodes, so they inputs, I'm a good 10. So next I didn't under labor Buchla. 3. Setting up Logic: Next and about the nanometer logic let numberless on guard and the proper and I'm integrate Pollyanna. So the Arab rebellion, not inviting them, but then I'm a logical order. Korea sounds on the proper number, Psalm Coronado de number. Headphones go into speakers, go property the play back home. Are they meeting Asanga leather jacket when an insignia and make level only lane level owning and a Kotlin Leno either wind up, but only when the proper route day and Logic Pro learn the proper edit cardamom. So I think when determining the logic probe with dinner, you and then the preferences click on anything on the audio interruption. Recall. So they click money now and go and then we'll vote put an input device and in the garden so that in that limb but the longer song card and then you have proper adenoma, select Mariano. So for example, leaning on the built-in output, could they know the song got a bypass money day, we would have Mac or the output under the Tools panel. So other than we could tell Korea then I'm going to number the song got all the outputs and inputs. So other than stimulants, electronegative applique with the IPO and they don't go to Psalm God and the pelagic order proper on the integrator arrow. Next under the Lanham, a logical manana with denoted dialog box open on. So the dialog box let it an options that are built into the pipeline. 4. Opening and Saving in Logic : So logic layer or a new project known for script bundle, the mannequin, the file click wanting Nang and newer option recall. So either click planning a new project written law, but alkylate, but the non-linear new from template of the eruption and what their bongo. So either click putting in our bonding you've added as options in called Uponor. So even though the empty project do NMR out only when the Open existing project being able cleaning or project either open in the now the open when an anti-narrative and get it click been hitting on the existing budget mingled Roman law or leave Loop session integrate, been known to grow and getting your husband now. But I'd kill it. But the old one, the Nevada's options able to bugger. So suppose are they learn and that details click on the link again, lobbyists, a guard dog in London, one order sank technology again, it didn't need learning and thinking in particular, hardening and adapt. And boom, Mozi was born equal to three upon line than by the Sunday morning adapt bunny or Dembo and tech partner, I think he lit but the nella, when that key signature can, for example, long the song Ricky significantly admit that in enough. I think when that giving the Jillian, which was pretty color and major and minor unconditional wouldn't even think it's electronic line. Will Asanga am significant learning and thinking in public law? And Asanga or the input and output devices currently in year select bunny, choose particular. And now they can live within their sampled So what exampling a 44 learning or blended learning and the 44 joules particular sample gives you responding No. The higher sample design or use Peninsula. And I think Ilia on new frame rate on called the ganglia. So boss production will get there the more we lead our video would anyone this song running a grep and bring ALA musical Asana, fixed period budgeting, no longer particular movie out of frame rate to the Jinnah. Think either with anything and select bunny. And you can either get them learning over public law. So once num one they empty project select 10 bit ago, but I'm on the jewels called the donor. My favorite new project for your data, send fossil it. But I think the old one, the dialog box open on. So basically they done by the normal one day number, They could actually open the open one. And the logic, I've been becoming reduced funny bla. So when we audit that, I went on the article exilic Benito, number of tax been opt into thinking it's electronic law. Are they learning a software instrument deck when oil in a drama track where no extraordinary drag went on the mother, various options. I mean, one thing equal to the gung-ho, either within or further down in their iconic, no one's running a project or augmented with it. But think about the random within the audio track number. So like when you do create optima. So next time then I'm a project on the proper and amass SharePoint neon. So we don't know are important on a visionary bit on the modern-day longer, see it on daily directly over the boys longer project and then Nim are they get the money properly. So you've been to the admin illusion. So I don't want them in there fighting completed. Same thing, no, it wouldn't do it. That is options and so on were particular song when no one getting us evolve and lobbying for that, I'm going to choose particular now and leap and then desktop is at a particular and save asked on the nominee her song order or no, a project order name and then I'm perpendicular and kill it but the new organisms, new project or sub package or folder up and option recall, so baggage be It's got one thing that will condemn or a ordeal icon my degree. So I think Lear on the end, let me on the container garbled audio fades in and we wanna media faint, freeze Facebook bonds, fans and various fats and oils. And the particular icon, Melissa Darrow. So first of all, God and I say panic, I didn't look at it and I've got dram. So test 1, Lab package one could have gone. And now the key labor, they don't want the audio fades and we'll get there now fails on the olecranon, the particular baggage along the C14. I didn't do that. I'm going to choose particular. So audio fails and among US ponder upon the audio feeds enemy on the, on the project Qlik not so and then Ahmadiyya face and also electronic law. Nobody in this app called Audio melanoma lived on Buchla and supposedly movie we're pondering now more effectively running on the project list. Here are the owning, say particular and diplomacy. I don't know the point in that particular project and Node Package and I'm gone. So desktop want an angle with the normal and the www1, though only singly failed, are gone. So they will not buy the normal order audio faint and numbing it so that we're getting access upon nor on the audio phase and the access point and Tingna that I get a show package contents of Dino and go then immediately put in a new and the old audio fails and in an hour difference, creed bumbling law or the lemming on the glucagon. Normally when the little folder. So are the normal bug libor. So I think when they just say Where's called the do just one underscore one got the law. And in your baggage Linda folder of medical. And upon the folder the same way to say well, by the normal one did you didn't learn the package and then we'll see appointed only the one that I'm a folder. So Folder and say put them with other little fault manipulate pallidum are the will learn, download a project or don't mean finding a recall and audio fails on your fleece weighed sandwich. Now the memory that will leak read Daemon quarter, So he did not within that blue is of a savings logic session. Next time then among the timeline you let in and options that are going out into the paperback law. 5. Logics Timeline : So logic Lord, new project, non-Euclidean, unknown mode audit exilic polynom when the Medina Muhammad audit decryption are no, Bettina didn't window. So the base current budding now Daimler and mu or the number sold on the Damian, you'll be domiciled and Medina, I'm a logical on the audio regions or regions on a mom, daughter sang lead and mercury had been on the other and look from left to right on the non-bonded, the muddy number of various regions someone agreed upon dipole. So draw the timeline on the non-bonded various regions among the silicon bundle, our records. And are they on the number of watercolor but the num, when the various cracks in the millennium Monday advantage can be either audio or midi tracks. So either done by the normal and would be dangling w naught so long. So the 1234 alanine Bettina and the various bars it so normal zoom out bandanna on the one, the 123456. So the normal various buzzing and go to the second word, third bug, and then the accent at great length, what the novel each and every button they didn't do the normal one thing into non-bonded anger. And further up on the Zoom in bandanna, various grid lines. So basically a grid lines. And then by the end of Monday or each and every bar. Again, Edit solution manual, like it can't win minus 162 minima. Let you do not turn them on. And that is solutions on the non-bonding Buchla. So it doesn't change Poland, but they know you're mad at Gordian, the option click bunny. Now, we're going the eighth-note resolution knowledge that they don't eat nor psychogenic law. So you don't just eat and entrepreneurial. So plus b2 second, but where is it on Skype to this idea of solutions when all $30 delusions were in anatomy and select the solution to increase or decrease public Cloud so that by denying view. And next on the pneumonia, the left side, it didn't options if they didn't bug law, left side, but the Nabisco, the malate gradient options in the company glom. So again, the particular view when a none other than the specular button and click polynom and the view on the nuclear disable shadow. So they named upon running and typically pulling on that particular view and knowing him later on. So they are inspector window bees can empathy now running a select been equity of crack, take either audio or midi dragging select bunny now and the particular track Live Korea information and we can then they've kept in particular, so fostering that but the none that region. So the region on the audio region in treatment arena and the region inside like many do. And the particular region on the ligand, Luke panic love. One day spending gandhi swinging up the interruption for good dance was panicking on a semitones. So the money will read as opsonin called the ganglion. And even on the on the particular region again and the increased not decreased Manila delays. I think I had fun now, drag believe. And it was a fade-in, fade-out and look at various options. And little girl in the region and the window London will get Lq article and drag window patina on the particular drug or the iconic may change, but economic and other legal and freeze mode on the lever pre-fader in my lip source or leave it in my underlining it, Joel's clinic lab, and in the middle, various options and we're going to drag them and got either. And he didn't anybody know what a channels trip. So basically channels to open up. And the particular channel order, various options like Phaedo, faded mean finger and ban, the left rate and automation group. And on the only main note, seligman and locks levees in Monday inserts in bundling the inputting and choose particular. And we can name Amazon gadolinium. And suppose second input linear may connect wanted Trina, second input ligatures connecting dots or input chose Pantone thinking adoption. And in the 0 and the Beast Gandhi or particular. So you don't anybody know what a mono track. So the single circle in the center and then one on deck, are they getting a Paulina and the money circles on? So you've got the stereo track. So undermining Mitchell's chronic lung and it doesn't but the normally EQ Equalization. So the logically what native EQ. So we're going to logic or a native EQ and being open equity loan. So many barriers, quick axes gone, not only that when we were headed for that. So now upon them or the US law but none the inspector window under that Equiano me, black Normandy, easy access, polynomial and political. And either kill it with a random function to occur on the particular tackling a mute point number, even public law and solopreneur Nasrallah panic now and record enable multi-Cloud and input monitor polyglot. So in the money options and I'm the only one didn't the inspector window longer than the electron putting a man on the line, the question mark when the base current week. So I'll click pointing now. We'll get other option, men, older adult to the nano. And the quick help toileting. And they will only do girls that are leaning on the Howard bonding now England in the section on there they not do Lublin don't want Nordic clinician could have gone. So, so for example, in and they got dual and the number and our polymer, they lifted up Athena and the little a cartoon, Schottky and the 99 and monitor galvanometer that will open them regard to there. So the money, a download option and will no doubt on this nanny is a standard that we don't know, Howard bonding them, um, and then we can go to get information on normal cutoff. And he didn't know about the normal dartboard bought function. So either click on the enamel on the Northern layer of dual section, gotta go. So other brightening and the blank space Lavett click Paulina, customer's tool button for options. It's either click funny to me. Now, we've got a little various Dalton inundating. Extraordinary when there had been a clam hardening and every movement in o'clock and you don't want the body now older. Quick access for your reinsert or radar leading VSD instrument used Pantone now, quickening another smart controlling access point, more chronic lung. So for example, human amygdala competence and lower punto com and the corresponding running on the emitter down when done the particular complex roller bottom, it doesn't act, has been running with it. Just on the novelty Paulina. And get rid on the controls and you can click on the name on the, on the compressor order. Quick access knobs and lemmings running a character on. And are there the gilding section 1 and unequivocally Paulina and the particular logic or the EQ containing x. So then, then we'll go on to our tools and learning and easy access Ponderosa, don't really useful article, article and about the nominal order mixer view. So for example, running on the same limb, you mix them, Indonesia partnering with it. So the mix now timeline lip but the owner and mix it on your own when you've got a tunnel. And the audio to say they click on any of the audio regions in front of the curve. And then you've got everybody clap. The guard people but in an orderly glucose transport, but so remain forward, stop, leave. That regard, capture that God. Nothing nominal data MOOC, more options in the middle, one in the dance world, but lower than the cultural. And they are putting them in order. A meet up. And Barton me dog and all the sampled individuals public Cloud so badly assembled his garden. And I were dead pointing or the English use particular hadn't put the number, a time signature and linoleic 18 by the money, that resolution and the resolution and the loving a change Mantegna. And you don't annoying node and the non-working media and video notes on your keyboard. Midi controller, linear asking with it. And the particular good now, one thing to note funnel, so now plus one under seek out, but probably a good number, but the 99 now velocity low masculine. I didn't know how I was going with it. And it is soft arching with putting them for d. So basically it will load up quicker view and we're not giving us getting out. I didn't do the normal thing. But the client, or they might think that guards logic model for C major chord asking whether the z coordinate is, he might ask him with a C minor and gardener. So guards on the MOOC, on the display panel article and about the nanometer CPU and hard disk monitor CPU or down with all within the meters, pico and our limited gray on London, water, slower government or moody. And the performance we did learn about the normal display, but not out of the London. We want the region for the police. You don't know what order. Do you know sort of good data that didn't want an ionic MLU and you're gonna enable, then we could add a unique law. And in the lunar masters or low on and off. And in the normal oblique on sending out I've got bundling money with one-by-one or Dubos, buspirone and a couple of nomadic car only can within the law and learning along corresponding. Now I'm going to move various options of good 1, but toolbars less exposed that are going on there. How did the metronome in nibble? So getting your company now made from domain name, label and dissaving particular. I think I did put the non-modal master fader or the number of master volume order feared of it. So we can exclude the cortical ganglia and re-tool of anal about anymore than the stated that wonderful new Advanced Options. And after the body warmer and more data dot. And I'm going to happen loosening and logic Lord, problem with the apple loops around entrepreneur to be here. So in the app and looked at the axis, the Glick polynominal to Apple Loops in the minimum the axis perpendicular. And after then the final abetting murder media, but also sorting, Logic project learning on the web protocol. The audio fades out of doing that 3D volumes ever dawn and the enemy by the known when Linda, audio fading, dissection and login. Now omega and the cargo Lincoln had been upon God for number nine. And the particular section on only one div, add a div goal, Sony axis mundi, the index akin Brittany axes. So that number, the number namely in the category of areas options. So next time the pneumonia or audio track it, and they bring them on the character level column on the recruitment of the analogically further down. And then the particular region on the lamellipodia, Alina, options that are going on at bools, good, they're gung-ho. And even American, a pathless land alone among the daily use, but under the table next Butler. So we put number of dynamic microphone and a condenser microphone, burden the X lucky, we'll use Bernier in them Assam garlic, garlic butter than to put Bugzilla. So I'm going to song God London plus 40, called phantom Bonollo, a condenser mic. Could they ever dynamic mega that they look idea that some of the clinical and the number of minima or some garlic, garlic or backlash. So you're not, but the next slide, what are female anecdote? Either one dominant microphone. And he didn't know about the nanometer. The x loved me and connect, don't you don't then I'm older. Song cortical bone. So important in the pre-made connector and the namenode a microphone London called a blank book. And next time when a male connector on the Armada song, good law and they connect chronic law people on that. But the non-motor phantom bought offload nor, and also on the number of gain on the top. Once neglect been a bit ugly already important on the DEM wakening to the clinic convert either being on the lane input nearline and put news electronic law and L6 and about the nanomotor plus 48 volt Phantom burden on Monday when Benito and the particular channel or the gain on the number increase when UCLA, he wanted logic. And the lemons like not only Bogata. 6. Setting Up An Audio Track: So songbird learn a mutable microphone, connect on a Monday, bought a new audit like Albany Nano. So you've got the Bettina logic load GUI. Is it good or not? But the nonetheless sending eclipse Nina, only when the dialog box open our ending on the old audio dragging select Bunny do in the body not only input at other Moodysson card lending in input or drinking or obtaining a carapace quantitive. And the important thing to do, okay, critical thickness, bond order, new audit diagonal, and then we'll open it all. And the drag on that button element number, the single circular cone, so you don't want the non mono track. So on single McMahon, the EPA may monarchical that it did anyone that into January was wondering Alec 12 inputs use bundling them. Well, what do you like my little Grandin for donning record button organic and moody and mysterious. Where might they do? Input pointing late Monday and I may want 234. I'm just going to bad when you would've gotten. So I think the number one, the microphone on your input data so that none of the single in the mono, China McCrae Peninsula. And in no way of opening on the shortcut on the button now, Command Option in good dinner. In the dialog box of NO. And are they turning on the audio tracks regular don't make law in order to DOD way of opening on the body now supposing that black and we'll open the track only Heliopan on in genome and the Dracula breeding WE planning now in the middle we've only not recommended or the input automaton, the open when you draw something on the multiple, takes money and agreeing. And we'll read about black women living with it. And imagining on the other key, click on it and the muddy various flags and even the Ebola. So upon them and the audio levels on the login among the logical or gentlemen. If a Buchla 7. Sample Rates and Audio Levels: Audio levels and the lumen logical Meno, which elements are learned putting on a Monday or a project, open one donor and the project on the Internet sample. Bill Clinton won the agreed upon barbarian, important innovation. A lot of times that, that build bone. But the man 44 lower pole, longer, 44.1 kilohertz. So I don't debug in a industry standard sample grid. I think MATLAB, but the now you can go for the glow herds are the Caproni a deed 0.192 and even 192 kilohertz. Or you can go to the cupola. But the dilemma, it depends on your computer performance anomalous Hong God, or the performance. Depending down condemn. It is a portmanteau bargaining, but not so usually within an hour and 40 kilohertz, love upon men had won the wrong. Brian assembled a dilemma, 44.1 million bar or basic standard and lemma could allow girls are decent and assembled it. So the sample rate in the muddy or a technical terms going on programmer. So hired the sample grid and I'm going to do better resolution codec audio. But that is how we tell about the normal one-day system performance. And then maybe a local system model resources and all their money on a hard disk space on when the final essays, like 44.1 in order for the gloves, London wouldn't say it's under failsafe, a 100. So they're modeling when the 92 kilohertz putting anyone needed to go to Medina, how they get the money on paint stays on the increase a dipole. So other than your main logic, sampled kidney when the second part, not 48 kilohertz under the noun that highly recommend on a Codio, the sample rate. So you want to know Broderick, learn this humbled ID number things at particular. So you don't have a project army wounded and I'm not hearing good dinner. Putting on the audio files on the 44.1 learning and equipment into looking at sort of Annie window for dating Medina under a particular audio fails or when they increase INR this on Black tempo, Aleutian Island lemming can increase arrow. I think whether you 4844.1 on the picture on the lower right are the most important. When the lawyer said owning a project army more, they will Cardano the sample that being said, I look up running on the audio files and import ponder though, Record whatever learning as you didn't know any better. So under water sample getting separability and external ammonia level planar, the total older sauteing a megaphone connect whenever I go on Gordy level or the minus 22, minus six, are there where you can go to Node-RED levels, polar, arctic, MATLAB and dinning, 4-way getting it in a 0 dB digital about the noun, the beaker. So I like melatonin or distort data. So distortion or not a pleasing thing to hear. So minus two to minus 63 government of Peking, which you do audio. They've got their own way. I live by the lake, minus 40, minus 50 in the mitochondria. Now, we're going to rainbow low levels that go. So the link on the gain increased polymer known but they know what is in our little Korean noise floor and Lummus in English. So only get I got put them with the elderly, healthy level learning from day one, we already support the so important I'm a burglar, tsunami lemons tech bundled morning and in the input more interlobular option. So you're getting a and it will open Nina, Nina levels and the logic gates during reading on live more in company Cloud. So the input one domain name company do Polynomial levels, increased bone upper node in the middle, and then on the levels cut down Vico sigma what the levels that but technology when do the abdomen. So you did command in and you're on the polling now, know melatonin by the distortion, brown hair, grooming them up at all. So you can allow or minus 22, minus six dB. And the level that we do that I've got 100 different way or in ponderosa next on the audio region learned Armenian options or the US polynomial in an editing options that curved rather than an options in God, you're tracking, push the equilibrium to the EPA backlash. 8. Recording Audio: So logically I am Adi levels are Carpenter day up into Gaga and we can just do a simple example in which again, longus on the Namu spiny them and they would audit Lachlan metacarpal lab. So I think melanoma, the logical and the dark with the name Manila. So double-click polluting a mnemonic loud and external or a project tempo 1996 20 account and time signature at me. Okay? And actually break on Monday. Now the toolbars equilibrium phenomenon depending upon death and are telling the nominal input monitoring on monitor and record enable Pandita number of levels on the first checkpoint in lab. Maybe congeal level or the number coming from the Cloud. So level on the potty node, minus 2 minus 630 going to jump a target. So p minus 6 plus NetLab. But are the monopole antenna, we're going to start to break down audio and rhombohedral magnetic anomalies. Anomalies. So either Medina, he appointed among the Coppola and pre-comp Bettina and or do basket. And I'm a cancer on a Monday and the battle in the UK or the cauda are we cannot have anything in detail. Because ranked debater and keyboard on the link, I just aren't responding now. And we're going to bars couple and I gotta go. So Burnham on the space-bar pressed, Stop right on a guarding. So you're gonna metacarpal new dawn. So your father now and then I'm in an options if God into the next fact Law. 9. Editing Audio: So once nomadic, couple of robotic and I didn't know moda audio region. So when the audio region on the muddy Mobilier decline timeline left. So anything he pondering on the audio region only manipulate been lipo. So the audio region on this supposedly on the Monday delete punting on the MyTime, not a bad thing now. And then the audio engineering anthropometry axis pointing or not, matter, couldn't the browser window opening up the project are being given the option in 29 years and older. And I've got pinata audio engineer can just drag panini MIT project because our guinea on the door law. So another thing down among the number audio regions or the woman named Bonnie did a carpenter, the Roomba important now and the audio one audio to opt in Dongguan, the COO, the interface under their own weight, customer record punt on the community and the reckoning in name when he did. Now, supposing yellow, which is leading to a 100. Now again, we're going to recall punter the wrong way, easier, so bad in there, no editing options that are grabbing backlash. So firstly on the number trim bundling, but the inner region order, Connor company now goes around in a muddy or a bracket Shephelah on the model. It wasn't just black money in the midi regions or linear trend, monocular and destructive Gloria, again, recall particular item ID. So I think my right side, the quantum mechanically left salient to my direct wending on the regions of them. I didn't get to the monitor. And because there are cheating on the muddy movement each clump. So next only upon them the tools that various edits and upper pneumonia audio file the abdomen or the robot law. So they didn't ponder the beginning of the malloc could, in the end the tools and even the US public law, we don't know, but they know the primary tool and you don't know what a secondary tool. So primary tool on the, but the normal given the options of gaudy the only secondly donor cone. So as I click toning up the axis, pointing about the learning and the word keyboard on the comment responding. Now, secondary tool on the, for example, areas that are Turkana, primary tool on the older cursor icon or any battle through middle class. So for example, scissors, they're gonna sum the areas of proline access point on not just on the keyboard on the day command responding now and then but they will not Eraser tool on the ship Tycho ending on their particular audit failure is peninsula. Earning on in the market to logic the main primary tool on them or painted religious vena, cava and responding nonvolatile secondary tool and the marquee tool I DO sending under the Paris edits, maddening and agree upon the cloud. You know not about the download of scissors tool says 200 has been leaning on them by the various edits and even the great bond dipole and the and are done. I'm loader fade tool. So in the fatal or onboard important 102. So by other audio loan we can do fades create been no really good mother. And you just don't want it to fade tool, select, monitor and order region or the ending Paulina. In your unknown, the cursor on the in the media to plus sign multimodal. So I don't think I can just drag the Paulina fades, create a tail comb. And in the Phaedo, meaning again, no feet coning great punt on them and get away with anything and they just drag money. And the widening of various fate goes in on the create one now, loading, get them ready. And are they mostly fade in so in their mind ending on the, on the region or the Entacapone now by the fade ins gardening on the McCrae polyglot, you know, way of creating fades. But the now the region inspector window liquid in the region winning appointing now in U and then the more eruption ago. So either click patina, even though we want the fade up and dropped ventricle supernovae fade when Ananda putting a 0, good panini and the fade snare drum. So afraid we're not running on in the memory. Fades and add Monica, and I think it goes on and on there. And in particular, the mighty fade in and fade out good money. But they only want the crossfade upon dominant Tina, other on their own very simply. So just don't learn region or the load CrossFit grid point nano are getting older fade talkative. That in the region my learning on the mudra opening now and by the cross fades on doing creepily wrong. And in the crossfade Zoom meeting on Monday for the landing on the main hardening on the web, but now it had pony or running under my video featuring a grape and law are the pocket important to let the Multinom order gluteal so many various regions that are given we can do and in the regions and then we'll go to a single region and your maternal mother. And even then the gluteal use bunny, that individually meaning and the select punitive. And we would a keyboard on the shift responding death out of the reasoning and select Paulina, the mother in the region may on the moon. So diatom and he per-click Paulina. And there's like one I didn't region epithelium and the worry region I've been married. Oh, I forgot what the download Ehrlich load new tool that they use pontine on the various regions on the knee and the mutagenic law are running on the solopreneur cake. Know what region, what Dobrina and the particular region, monotonic and click on the now solo around the particular region motto and release Pawn Owner, again, un-solo, more to cooperate on. Other gotta go backward. Important to let them Parthenon or Eraser tool. So I don't know, just didn't bother responding to use our own. So I'm not telling you you need to let them, but the now pointer tool, it is a tool, scissors tool, gluteal, solo, mute, and unmute Bettina, fade tool, and market tool. So you've done on omega 3 on the Earth tools audio that pointed over Puerto Rico and other thought about the novel would have no toll on leukotriene, on baleen and the zoom tool. So for example, in the minute details needed porno running with the zoom tool, select ONE digest and the thrilling and tag money now. And the particular spot Madonna one didn't allow Zoom bonding protocol and it wasn't even the scissors to login. Know we're running a minute turning in the edit screen upon law. So you've done, I'm a good day when their main on a tool, the audio editing port 3000 article in the sale about the none that drag up interruption. So I lend an option to dinner, then I will go for solid drag Basic about the learning on them or region on the Norwegian melanin on the place Putnam with it or the abdomen upon the reactant on the particular region are being done on Monday and Monday, the domain 11. So for example, in the North America, so no outlet and down but the name, even though existing region on the end getting a place Monday and the reason Madonna when they replace item. So under a particular region. And then we'll open the point O and you put the circle on the region on the replace bonding electron. But it's under district liquid air. They're gaining on in the particular visioning and drag Menino and learning era component, the police. So destructive at the mega day either. But being on the black polynomial gone down the region and don't live on the Delete polynomial Tina and ignore function and use Butler article and the Bettina overlap and recall. So our lab basic about the learning on the, on the region Melanesia placement in NACADA and the original one day ear canal button on the black lane loan on the other domain wanted. So they click on it and the regional Godot in the original can do CARTO and other guards to the particular they expected. So for region on the no reasoning on the marketing app, demo and move on the automatic across fields, create polynomial and Sedna in the morning and they opt into auctioning use bunny. And that region publicly that opinion with Signa. We're going the cross feeds on the correct clinical trial. And in the grassroots and the negated part NANOG ending and the fate of the grassroots initiative public law. Arthur and they shuffled lot. I learned about the normal within the region on learning select punitive in the reason getting a term or the other known. But the reason I'm doing it on the shelf layer, the right libido. So in the my the reasoning on that chip, or they weren't getting the land that they were learning in the shuffle, left with nothing. Now, the original know look on the left side on the shelf Lakewood wrong. So he didn't Basic under drag shuffled left leg up into there. And you don't know about the novel one, the just to visualize and download a waveforms on the inner conjunct responding CARTO. So negotiated pondering or whether they're nice and that can conduct economic mobility was public law. So that when attending now we're going to fade or mechanical. So you have a low amount of view when, and we could zoom in on waveform, the agreement of the waveform, I mean in the slider budgeting and they're determined monocular and articulately. On the Zoom screen click on the node 1, the vertical and LUMO, the click bonding only when the heart is on tomorrow. And Monday do same concept of the decline has on learning and the Zoom link law. So you thought about the number going there basically on the audio epoch Codename options. For that I will continue on faint. Don't want even to get it sooner. The particular audio region or double-click pointing. Now, kilo and all condone that window open, I won in you and they will go further and turning on the audio, but it's new and they're great, Paulina. So for example, we cannot reverse button on the mother Michigan learning upon an antenna and the particular pairing select file pointing into being. And then we'll call the function when a canonical various options for the partner anomalies change, gain fade-in, fade-out in the millennium, the great Manila. So and then the reverse, that good, He was clicked polynomial and audio fail on the morning of turning the muddy. So it's not about the database kinda my audio Lubbock Korea editing options and other options in them or audio lab. Next time the Armando immediately in an options that are curved into the republic law. 10. What is Flex Mode ?: The next number or medium, but the public, nerdy, but mnemonic grid menuCtrl can the loop, I think now among the property when they, they are now my edit but not so in the particular Monday or follow us and Nakoda celiac ganglion. So the correct pumped at the con, the logical neuron Bureau, easy, I know the function of the number thing now the flex mode of into longer. So first time on the particular file or the number plate on it, Linda problem with grabbed him by the law. So now I'm on the ricotta cake model. Sellers on the conjunct earlier or murky. So on the correct manner, the economic button on the Zoom and bunny now for but the normal gone the grid lone pair among the 816 multi-cloud. So a particular number grid law and the seller notes on the character. When the knock lemma demand the grid lender, when you're seeking out the other Melinda, an automatic lane gotten all problems like say the fixed one to the budding now, a logic low then there are flex mode of indoor option to occur, the access point, but the lack of matter Korea and Option and click bonding now, flex model when libor opening and the bonding, the drop-down menu on the day, on Monday, they're rhythmic of him the option on the tools panel. Logic when the company download the original, unless punny do various in the muddy markers on the word order hits you and in muddy place Benito. Suppose I double hit globally on the marketplace, banana among a better. The more the market on the number on the place Bunny club. And he pointed by the none ammonia in the markers of them on the Tamerlane, but nobody can see you and watching batting. Now, I let it cool the attacker genome under kamal in Bonn ammonium. So first note, but it only got a darker, thinner. So you only need just done the particular market or budgeting and drag money now. And the money will go and they'll automatically appear on the particular grid. Learn the snap 0. So if the lumber, the novel go OK here next to the law. I think within the particular hit somebody knock on your own. So I'm the mother of various hits on the pneumonia. Just funny. I'll in Manila. So remember, perfect diploma machine mother calls or auto lock on the leg money or July either. So he put them a number. Great, born under loop on the knock-on Joe, proper. Timely are gone. So I like money, but the normal the Toolbar Loop on the character number two while on the Medina medina Monday company law. So carpentered the current leaning on the comment responding and the market tomorrow night when the particular spot law, namely cappuccino and even nominally bandanna, people in the region on the proper or tuba region. Now, he pointed them. Look more important to get your Melaka in the particular loop or denen Mandanten money donor. And the region on the nice electronic data company now the particular region on dual libido. So economically money back 10 Luba or the unit proper on denom economy in the loop. And the tuba, a flex model daughter. And you can just click Paulina flex model. Don't drink something open-ended slab, dear contest. And the more and more Dunham on the Leandro. So once download a loop on the proper number, we don't really get multiple copies and you create more noise single grid point and no single copy is going to just being in the particular region select on the keyboard and the commander printing press, Paulina, there may be various regions on the clip below. I think there were regional multiple times when a technical duplicate upon orient Gina edit point do repeat pointing 90 and the multiple of eruption to go. So they can only get to not do any problem that you mentioned. Medina Lake, for example, 10. We're normally not ten times and no live under the particular loop and copy per neutron. So it does not, but didn't the flex more powerful on and just for them, Oriental and WY is nearly a month or two later, the guitar elliptic morning under the Flex modules for ending on their generic name collection problems in the gland. Next one that I'm on the midi track otherwise department and then options that get automated instrument deck wanted to do it. The chameleon among the median money, I think melanoma on the track written law. 11. MIDI Options : Saddam audio, like use body. And they really got money among many other property or loop money group under the read button. On the loop my load a software instrument record a MOOC money. Every other midi region. The Olin and options of Gerben do the IPO. Buchla software used instruments and all the nerdy first order number, the contralateral dinner when someone not solving a problem, other drivers and other grievously when appropriate, it's opened up a loop. Although there'll be one the proper logical data integrity regarding tectonic Honor, I'll be learning lastly, none the logical or the lumen when the trigger zone spirometer. So I think we did a melodic way do. But offenses, midi, clip Paulina, direct w1 and the media or the option goods to pedal and inputs and exotic banana on your keyboard, I think it got nor Muslim proper in southern Indiana. And on the almost every day when the default don't, then we can nibble at all. And the pollinating our keyboard was Dina. We will lean put Sunday. You've gotten on there. So I'm supposed to be coplanar and among the drivers and the proper I installed along with the connections that inner product will declare though the keyboard and the water Korea USB cable on any problem on my Mac electronic chip, money gonna import that. I'm on a software instrument that are going to open my law. I think going into a plus sign click Bettina again in the dialog box opener and the Mazatlan instrument number Seligman, he did kill accordion instrument reckoning on the various sounds that we're going to get Gadigal. So in the Alchemy lender, the re-engagement of Danone can but Dina and melodic Donald been hemodynamic on the freeway, I got equity a VST instruments to the lemma. Well, good evening and good but instrument lake stainless in their contact particular badly and emotionally intelligent in the no, I didn't. I mean by the ligand and the EU instruments and the audio unit instruments. Although no one there you can set up honor, goodbye deans to Intel and Jakarta. See what Naaman they logically or career that Duncan presented in a more common law. So we're getting as many do, don't get Designer still European Court Turner coordinated anomaly when the number of drugs wonder, oh no. So I select been critical to Tina. Ipo and under VSD instrument and the number one, the open nature. So that number dilemma logical or Korea or drum kit designer. So keyboard lending, masking with it. The C1. I learned about the normal and the sounds as in a circle. And the point meaning on their own group and amend the particular MOOC melanoma clinic for law. So faster than I bought a pre-canned on the number one buyer magic law. So you do battle and the Jinnah one button Attica and a more transport goes with it on that I'm on the fourth biology to you, but I'm like Ebola plus bandanna, Portland, Oregon law. So what is being said, I've gotten a lot of midi regions and only keep the garden so that you expand one non-random learning and to expand money, Glenn, Seaborg, the midi region, but they never on your different data numbered Arctic region order and our audio digit muddy waveforms gotta kinda media digital on the data that will go on the input data. So although the sounds mean, but the normal Gandhi would have used in someone's lower than the number of gondola Leon and the dawns I've gathered. So local media on their main data other than ammonia. So Data and AI lignin and then not do as you get older. And there were a lot of dealers to get on after DEJ here in the Michigan low and they don't want the data well Ricardo, logically. So, but the median is the number for the thunder of the good or the WEF Paulina and the many 11, then they're not all others are longer. So I don't know, we'll go open it on the piano or learning on the various options of Google X coordinate or good or good. Sorting is caudal or pulling lending is coordinated response. So then we wonder the Gibeon out. I didn't ever, so they click money, didn't know my first idea that Gandhi's Manila. So I think one comment here, but it's putting, you know, we're going to Illinois when we select dialogue and local in the queue and click, when you click on this arrow starting material when they love beets, login with Gandhi zone or I didn't do the Omega detect particular one by one to 164 that he couldn't even there quantitates one law they made the blood sucker dagger to good. Speaking of my various options for number one, the US and the 16. So 16, those are like 10 by the knowledge and the nodes London boycott. So basically we know dilemma under, under 16 or glow under proper elbow. And the more a bug in the mundane, the particular loop or number obliquity bubble. So next one that I'm under midi region, let in and advance our mission. Bool2int, guardian number of op-amps or transformation Boolean, Abby's gone the likening it upward and more daunting and the velocity coming apart normal abandoned non le modulation bundle, the mother issue now the number of dance formation and options up until dawn. The one thing I'm amino, I'm the immediate legions of them amino use been a good year old, we show them with another velocity. So the conduct wonder the gear just sitting under the select bunny don't want, nor do you get good in the velocity slider Virginia and the, and the particular velocity and even their conduct by law. So Kamiokande, you, Gandhi, that song on in the multimodel. So maddening velocity on the state of the US when Inigo and the company, one law in order way of controlling the velocity by dinner or Malik, Wendy, Linda, Linda but the null Juan de Lima, the primary tool and secondary gulags and medical. So I think Obama winning in a kiln and the velocity do a lot of interruption. So either click bonding now and the particular lord Denning on this icon and learning and drag. And then we're going to go to anyone don't know the velocity of conduction law. And other data button all Gandhi nor bad Gould where nor leg modulation in the movie shown in componentry know either gone in the functions when Nina and during the plant's form or dinner option for com. So I then click on the new normal good, the various options category random picture, random velocity. Because Endo. Reverse position in the muddy with various options in London. So next one that Amanda in the particular region, Malia and monkey concretely ago. So I think my element overhead burden on Monday. So necktie, they've been good. Abubakar. So I add button gradient and the Gomorrah hired anger kernel or keyboard. So in particular, not legitimate, IUD platinum liquid molecules around dilemma forth by the debated whether the mitochondria is 10, now one backup or pneumonia. So in the middle, well, on the play panini on the Alaskan would have been a naught options but didn't uploaded the pencil tool of intricate. So the benzyl to lose money running on the notes on the, the interdental meaning and their place, but not so fast on the North London Newtonian law. So they're willing and select dollop on it and drag money keyboard on the m plus 1 into new data. And in particular the normality little law. So drag magnetic melody lead to LA and extra know what have been some dollar name on the gridlock in the North did war. So in the writing of placement. So again, unknown velocities on the new condone dynamic upon Norian Tina, velocity is going to need to learn. So you've been among the blame on honor. So the node on the new MOOC on non-ionic and they just do appointed only Tennenbaum movement law. Our keyboard on the doll plus Juanita, upper arrow cleaning up responded, didn't enter in the muddy. We'll move onto granddaughter. And I'm going to snap into place polynomials in NACADA. You're going then the principal method, why do we want to snap burning a reckoning and check Pentagon left, left. So in the particular set of notes on the old one, the next bargaining on the coffee pot into now the naughty limiting and select Benito keyboard on the option new perspective. And you're gonna drag bonding Nina barcode and then the copying of multi-cloud multi-region waiter for the particular region on the legal Luke are darker than the yellow deepened Mano. You're going to market like Lippo number the, among the Welcome endless polynomial and Mockito loro. So other person in any given day there, WE, Paulina, the muddy region separately equal to draw. And in the region of the normal leap on the Cloud. And in the region are getting on the Copy button. Nabataean Kingdom command are responding to various copies and even the great been dipolar bargain over the inlet regions on the array reach now know orienting are getting and let me select budgeted. And we'll keep all on the j plus 1. Now, the region of Maryland ID, or a region on the conservative political drama. And it wasn't anything on data for that. Adding a new copy written the medical clinic lab. Next item on the left, liquidy options it under that our basic apart the law. So you learned about the number 1, they condensation or for the intricate so they enable patina ATP. But it's been a night and you've already on the context one o'clock. Next, either by the L1, the quantization swinger go and dance pose. Melodic instrument is falling. Then the transpose U is 10k law. And velocity options that again drag the layer dynamics in the molecular level. You had one son of Michigan and in the kilowatt rack instrument rather than an option other than what midi channel and in that channel librarian for the normal, you have mentioned multi-cloud freeze mode, dance forward velocity in the motion, learn each and every Bragg cleaning on the Hunger and alkylate. But the number one that the channels to put some audio directly by them or they don't and the channels to particular order, we use the instrument or the audio. So the VSD instrument audio cleaning on the equalization popular media effects that bundle up and it will continue down into VST instruments. Are they legally punny now what do we use the instrument and then open our own inserts thing, I think with the VSD instrumented audio globally wonder, complicit in the multi-family apartment and Tina, other than even the audio effects on the segment leaning on that particular and affects links and multi-cloud and stereo Doyle of added opening money, getting a choose particular group on it laborious to xor, automation upon the band and also to fear death. So they're like on pulls all the inspector window Leandro hardening or the mixer window opening. Now, in Guangdong modern instrument Dakota are the options of them will give you gotta go next. Now that I'm on that I got Wanda media and various separate North Dakota. They've been backlog. So but I love about the knowledge on the single region layer, Lebanon's Domingo, and they're contained directly sold when the separate notes, like separate regions of an audience. So many visioning electric bonding now will look on the Folder Options ignite equal to partner. I learned about in under separate may not be championed option for good. I've done the learner will contain the midpoint in a separate by note pitch up eruption. So I didn't click putting now appointed by the nonetheless remedy to that down but various digital somebody on the separate but equal to j. They didn't ponder the name under the Global MBA useful, I've gone. So I didn't want to kick track settlement the kicker named Bonilla snap. So that into my audio track, heights darker. So there are no minimum on the company money glands. So we keep all of your gluteal region would call religion I equal to say though that what they know about the various midi channels could be either what midi channel downlink, what embodied black. No wonder that just only the region but don't engineers are perpendicular. So they let it can be on the worry VSD instrument they bundled with the US political opponent does. So in a way, a midi channel that I'm useful in providing very good in the audio autonomy is just on my midi regions model. Various regions, sign them. I didn't click on the taenia, sorry, but I made it easier. And also named Bonnie dilemma, the kick and snare hi-hat. And among the easier than or equal to 0. And also that I'm on the record button and media when the number on the audio and among the bones are not lenticular. And you're going to just under a particular region link select bilayer directly Pandita bones and please open the option image would think now and the particular region and they will one day in Gabon 20 kiloohm. So on the bones regions and placed on the dial, their particular region or the number mnemonic law. So named been a very old one. The new trach only want the bones one number. I wouldn't giggle. So new metallic punitive source region on the after bouncing and newborn or no, leaves on either me or not that particular region. You upon it all and delete now that Aegina computability. So you really get them on mute, courtly love, and even a mortgagor donor on the particular region. And then we want the audio and then under the layer bone 20 day, Not my existing region on that particular texture. So I don't want anything on the various regions element but the bonds particular again, you don't number name under the way important, so muddy, so normally them on their loan the number delinquent donor, again, number recall 12, the good on the easier, cool. So whenever Mona region telephone the audio work on word polytomy Delia and sequence the original Monday or a region either drag Peninsula. And he put them on the audio recording on the number grade been a midi region with them on the audio icon up on the pole and convert Plato. So think about that and I'm gonna do it based on our variant of the republic law. 12. Creating a Bass Track : So think about it on Monday, border bass track them or grid potlucks where they might on a Monday or a new software instrument, decade lenticular, and the parent ID num one duty melodic instrument in a QDOT sampling number. So none the sampler drag up didn't earn the logical or G3P is to instrument that equity account. And in the manikin, the factor before roughly point it in the faculty pointing. Now, I'm going to be based on either side of the nuclei that are new. And the payload base pattern among medical vascular. Hi, the secret number, the base jaguars are no more than I'm Wendy. Double-click punitive among the colonists running club. Number, that was good enough. So if only the logical and the lengthening and decrease been no increase per Norian Tina, this are the cleanup responding to begin the Linton. I just want a clean them IV. So when the base region I'm a good point, we'll consider the volume or Domitian one normally either the ban on commission on non le modulation neon digest, but no operands are going up. You don't need to double-click bunny, tiny floating window early on in the molecular chronicler. And Linda Melander, particular icon and click Paulina who couldn't afford it as a Options category. So by the normal than the automation slash media audience will do or option here and there. And either CALEA the click bring another dropdown middle level container for the dominant allele options are on. So midi volume, VD Band Modulation, explosion sustain, and the migration level when the ligand legal disability glow. So he didn't do the volume on the body loan the NAACP for your audio, you don't know a lot of media or the volume. So B is gone, the medial an accordion, the instrument order volume and bound or the mud on the particular instrument, regular Korea banding on the gear icon perpendicular. So they love me, but in our messages on a Monday on the particular sample of data mining pool. So for example, now I'm going to enter volume. So volume Selleck money. Do you want to click pointing now, we've gone into motherhood later on. And Margaret overall, so that you can do know that backup create Bernie, you're going to increase public law and in mining and decrease when UCLA. So I only gave you an MRI and then moving on, they're just want a glass with a blip on unknown organ, the volume under martyrdom, kick law. So next time the older, for example, pitch bending, control volume and pitch bend burdening on the pitch bends and then even the guy man perpendicular. So there was a big window that information even linger just want the glow. They both contain air cleaning of Bernard dimensioning important dinner, either click Paulina. They're not diminished from the home. So the corresponding pneumonia in the bass track and on the bottom on the light bulb. So the clothespin your day been among the grape or the bass track and I'm on the 120 law. So getting a bonus for No, no, no single day either. So on snowmen, daughter, filament the happy article. So only you and the Father and the MRTK Aborigines the earning on the bones when you download a midi region on the bed over project meteoritic iron undergo further refuge in love with negated permanent Gina. The midi region appear calm. So IPO in the D1 nor option but the needle on the dilemma, various allegiant clip on open-end known and buddy now. So they don't know when the Delian Monday gather wood region on the bottom of the MOOC on your own. So the number or lovelier tiller. So the man, I'm either thermal movement at all. So that I'm a lot politically, the Google option for ecological limits select Bunny do functions, but we do go into, but the nurse simply log of European recall so locks him deposition or Binet. So they weren't as good thing now allow the regional body then the muddy or log out 80. So if you're gonna tell EM algorithm and move on, you know, within the particular region on the log W are saying amending on the MOOC pneumonia do. So our loved one, executive beginning of functions where do on local data depending on the meridians. And then you can move particular segment a lot clear Komodo grown. But depending on the copy Butler, Sony, I think where the alert agents or they can only do it when they're mostly black beanie out at the beginning of the place, but anybody can copy particular. But going by the new Gallipoli digital and they'd be on log model that article. So again, being on the functions burdening under law, Panera. 13. Logics Mixer : So he pointed out my logical mix of you Butler. So the access wonder the culminates on them by the number and the icon press bandanna, timely lipid, the only one in the mixer window and then we're going to open it. Oh, I didn't. And I will wonder, Danielle, window open unknowns, you know, window. Where do you go in the door open mixer container. That money would Taenia, when do we want to open it on? So you get them on there in the timeline, you could mix eligible per la Sorbonne, a mobile money to get back, but they allow me a little bit mixed up in Dalia and the Muslim or select one and banana. And we want the highlight down. So it makes it a lot. But the learning on the oral learning on the balance per la, audio tracks or even instrument tracks are. And what the learning equalization had been law until dad bought law groups had been lined oxalate is that panned out so I don't know, maybe 10 nanomolar buckle and faster. So faster than when the crack on an imbalanced one of the good and evil than the faders again, living opening it up in the morning when the role or a failure any MOOC or needing a muddy water balance with Darla. And after the intersection of appointing an angle and then you go on their logical, they EQ and then he Gandhi or darkening on the app labor law. So they click bonding. Now we're going the other day a particular channel or they eat you and then we wanted to open it or ending on the legalization in on the gad panic law and other key lip of the land. The audio affects lipid thinner. We're going do various dynamic processing like compressor, I had been alone rather than the Northeast Union had been running with it morning at that by dequeues anyone there had been a gland by the way, let me put in all the inserts learning when they started it in the studio. But the normal domain in the studio down the Medina Psalm got rhodamine outputs can say Naoko. So either way, I don't know the headphones go along with speakers coning on the Asanga or leaning on their coping. So you don't of a song got on the support Peninsula nickel and the various outputs live with us in MATLAB. 14. Creating Groups : And I've got a tail and they killed about the inner group. So suppose for example, in the dumps on lingual groove opening Valentina, and then the theorem and drag. Select Bunny, do group 1, nothing cook dinner in the medical one daughter group, grignard or any unioning a mnemonic lump sum dilemma, mnemonic law. And he pointed on an old favorite political and demo. And they might ban been a law they might ban on. And other than the body, none among the group on the oxygenic and again, learner. And you go down the group bonding and select bunny to kill a recording studio or done the steely or oedema. Singapore didn't know Bus 1, Cortana, give what the normal Oxley, the chancre, Plato. And in given that didn't Englander or along the drum group or condensing it or they're fixed up on no, in the competition had been nonrenewable it in the way the new and the appendicular and either the number drum group and remember, mnemonic law, say but blip on the Mormon Channel. But the land that drum group conducted on there as an echo server where the main Portland at the bus one Docker and other ones, but the amount of studio, the studio with limit of a baby has been in them on the aquarium store. So oxidative damage to other auxiliary outdoor, another Monday studio to continue my sake, lyrical, say Putnam, a blip on the note. That's all upon a noun, verb and then the drum group, but also low. So the meeting, each and every channel you and this will loop on non-monotonic do all the January on the solopreneur kick law. So under my thing, we're going to value changed even though it's all open a gland also even the family. And Next on the bottom on a Monday would be riverbank bundled up in backlog. 15. 15 Creating An Reverb Chain: So I think with that I wonder new oxalate, the gentleman, the green from the color. So I'm going to option, Create a new auxiliary channels to report an option to go. So I think like Banana Boat, but they know what Oxley, the channel and the great polygenic, and ignore the input on the number on the bus two, good, the last bus one law but dilemma. So input on the bus to go today. So you've got a federal community get done the lab. So either one, Schottky Bettina, option of responding Denning and they're feverishly Paulina and the media on the unit to get don't draw. I've got it on the bad thing now, non-bonding their particular group on the day in the channel and the number on the bus took porno out into the lung and descend from the law. So for example, bonkers and then we'll go on the bus, Duke upon everyone Tina, it alone. They didn't have the sense equator and then click on the inner butt on the bus do orbiting got to the first element or Bus 20 and knowing that you respond to them, but the NANDA reverb spandrel. So we don't know what reverb I've been among the name of the law. And in particular the oxygen channels on the day. And they insert slow the debugging now or in the Audio Effects Level 1 over Manila. So but I'm a logical data movement among the open window. And he pointed the particular challenge and then I'm in the bond goes on the sand mandala. So in a sense, equator bus upon Nina, you probably know that revoking a CARTO, I'm a acne creepily generally were black. So I know I'm open money. Do the Mongols common solopreneur done that it will be in effect that would have been in the bubble. So remember, we were thinking about Gerben and Tina and you go in the normal sense of them can be Frontline, the muddy. And I'm gonna not mean, remember Box channel and the fader login upon the law. And again, it will not revoke. Wait, don't go to the DRE with gender option on the number 10, juice, funny. But the number coming upon NANDA or Oldenburg and then on Monday level coming out. So that by the non-bonding groups create bunny, actually create. 16. 16 What are Track Stacks: If you thought about the last apocrine in the Bettina main timeline, we will look at the normal conductor track stack of eruption. So the base color, but they don't want the sternum and project that you can think of them were useful, I'd call anybody know they collect money to win your tracks and yell at him, meaning a select ponytail. Lately Paulina create blacks darker in color, so they click bonding. Now we've gone the folders, Diego LA Summing Stack, Hub and Guigo. So I have a folder stack, the law, court or the grit or thinner. And there are channels and let me about the inner folded or my degree polynomial. So other will about the novel and fading telomere that would later call. And you know that I'm immediately Manila. Hot or other lamenting, select bunny delayed click politically at stake with dinner. You bond the other folders I'm going to call something a lot of drugs doing work on the mother and the mother agonists when you are thickening up and we'll open the easier only work bunker to get something going and dumped into your day that bottleneck and where they just directly click bonnie, do nothing when they bought it, it went up. Logic porphyry gonna use quantum number n, delocalize Schottky Scott they could do. And they'll look at them are the liquidity and the stack on my options are useful in August and I'm a Project Object Mode. And the Lockean work and they work on them whether it will continue and easy to use our cone from morning on the TEDx know, failed state normal attacks. They're not, it's not easier but they don't want the fatigue arrow. So now remember the organised done among them a project or to come upon on a runway or analgesia. Next on the final and on the pneumonia in the project that you bring them on the export bonded, they updated their IPO back Law. 17. 17 Exporting in Logic: So bone or Final Project and they don't have the bones bunker the MP3, a wall of EVA or don't we have the bones pumping it out into Buchla. So it didn't select all cooked to do in MATLAB running now of Malmo and Bettina bones, I didn't recall. So either loaded by the learning of the regions in place, drags in place and replace BioProject or section. So project dissection of the lung. And he brought by the ongoing values, obviously KCl, so BCM ferment long, good. Antoine, the myelin B3, I've been KCL and fight former, don't know even did we buy layer for fabric ego and sample data on them. You can do 48 upon NWA, Luftwaffe default entering upon number downsample button, no margin them what they can do a particular thing by the number of BCM put the two air Philae vehicle to nasa very equal to the line 44 Kamalashila. And the offline later codon. And normally is and the after gardening and account for money Jonah. And do that on my desktop dilemma, I'm a logic project and get go and give them the bones into a folder. But on Monday, creepily class. So he pointed downward a project within a Monday, find Lebanon 28 shift, so that I'm a BAC of the good finder acquitted. But the desktop little bit, I'm not a projector. So the improved on the classic Widener and get the bonus law. But the law will order Nick bonds been under particular failed or near Kong. And in the blip under the beginning and just on the space, but responding in a maculopapular. And then we'll have bargaining Willard a project we're living in Portland and just drag pony on the project level and by the import particular UNI, the mute bandanna element's electron density on the input. The numbers in particular, under that umbrella number grid been under project. So new order. Start, start with the tools they will condemn women's suffrage and dark on the knowledge you're joining on the song. And you can do different days in the Caribbean and when you know the Advanced Options and ADA to go deeper on. So normally when the company deck and use, I don't look good. So they're cheating on the quantity of work on number note next on the notes that he delivered the NADH once cause an owner different So on that once caused loan one do not want your options and the Napoleon depth and on Monday we discussed one law.