Introduction to LibreOffice Writer - Tutorials for Beginners | Christopher Navarre | Skillshare

Introduction to LibreOffice Writer - Tutorials for Beginners

Christopher Navarre, Let's Leverage Life in Your Favor

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12 Videos (1h)
    • LibreOffice vs Apache OpenOffice Which Should You Use and Why

    • Templates and Wizards LibreOffice Writer Tutorial 2016

    • Creating Bulleted or Numbered Lists LibreOffice Writer Tutorial 2016

    • Add Use and Download New Fonts LIbreOffice Writer Tutorial 2026

    • Edit Move Add and Remove Toolbars LibreOffice Writer Tutorial

    • Tips for Using Tables Introduction to LibreOffice Writer Tutorial

    • Adding and Modifying Images LibreOffice Writer Tutorial 2016

    • Crash Course on Using Styles LibreOffice Writer 5

    • How to Change Page Margins in LibreOffice Writer

    • How to Add Headers and Footers LibreOffice Writer Tutorial 2016

    • Table of Contents Heading and Custom Bookmarks Introduction to LibreOffice Writer 5

    • Change Control Management and Password Protection for Documents LibreOffice Writer Tutorial 2016


About This Class

This course is about learning the LibreOffice Writer software for creating documents for school and work. In this course, it is assumed that you are a beginner in office software but have a grasp of the basic concepts. If you are hoping to learn more about the program, this course will offer many lessons in learning related skills.

Topics Include

  • Creating Bulleted Lists, Tables, and including images in the documents
  • Utilizing styles, adding headers, and modifying page margins
  • Using Change Control to manage document collaboration
  • Adding a Table of Contents - Critical for eBook writers
  • Customizing your font pool for use in any document creation inside and outside LibreOffice writer





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Christopher Navarre

Let's Leverage Life in Your Favor

My philosophy in information technology and learning in general is that video learning is the best way to learn for yourself. I can provide the videos but it's up to you as my student to absorb and practice the information to become a more educated and skilled person.

If you want to get a taste of my approach to education and tutorial series, you can find me on my YouTube tutorial channel Chris' Tutorials.

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