Introduction to Keyboard Maestro Macros for eCommerce (eBay, Poshmark, Mercari Automation) (MAC) | Christopher Lin | Skillshare

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Introduction to Keyboard Maestro Macros for eCommerce (eBay, Poshmark, Mercari Automation) (MAC)

teacher avatar Christopher Lin, Make Progress Daily

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Introduction to Macros

    • 2. Setting Up Keyboard Maestro

    • 3. Setting Up Your Accounting and Inventory Spreadsheet

    • 4. 10 Common Macros to Learn

    • 5. Creating a Text Shortcut

    • 6. Automating Basic Tasks Like Ordering Supplies

    • 7. Automating Printing Poshmark Labels

    • 8. Print Mercari Labels on a Label Printer

    • 9. Creating a Repeating Task (Automatic Closet Clearout)

    • 10. Ending Items on Multiple Sites

    • 11. Listing on Multiple Platforms (eBay, Poshmark, Mercari)

    • 12. Final Thoughts & Thank You!

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About This Class

This class is designed to give e-commerce sellers a basic understanding of how to use macros to automate repetitive tasks like listing items, ending items, accounting and bookkeeping, email tasks and text shortcuts.

Selling on multiple platforms can be tedious, and the use of macros speeds up basic processes and reduces the chances for human errors. You should be able to make a basic macro after this course. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Christopher Lin

Make Progress Daily


Hello, I'm Christopher. I sell physical products online and talk about it. I love selling things!

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1. Introduction to Macros: What's of everybody on Mac Rose? My name is Chris and I are in a full time six figure living net selling physical products online. I've been full time for a few years now, and there's a lot of tasks in e commerce that are very repetitive. Whether it comes to accounting or ending items on multiple platforms, You may have a rare jacket that you have listed on eBay, posh Mark and macari, and it's very tedious to actually end the item in all the different platforms. In fact, if you were to break down the steps, that's about 26 to 46 steps, depending on how you list your items in order to remove it off the different platforms. There's a lot of software out there for multi platform. If you have replenished herbal items, meaning you saw the same thing on all the platforms and it will update the quantity. But if you sell liquidation, close out or you thrift your items, it's one by one. Each item is unique. They may not have a U P C. Code, and so you need tools like Macron's that can help you save time by repeating the same process over and over again. So we should get out of this course, and you should be able, Teoh, understand the basic mechanics of creating your own macro and how Mac Rose work. A macro is a set of commands you teach your computer to do as a very basic example. Before we get into the course. If you want to automate checking your email, you can set it up. So hot key, like command shift one. That sequence that trigger will open up your email to the specific unready tab. You could also open it. The answer. All your customer service emails at once. You could open up to your paper house. You could check your revenue. It could open your bank account. It can also help you list Help you delist. These are all the different things that macros can help you do. I'm super excited to get into it. The software that I use is called keyboard Maestro. I am not an affiliate for that program, even though I should be, because I'm sure a lot of people will try that software. If you guys have any questions, you can always email me a Chris at daily refinement dot com. But let's get straight into the course. Thank you so much for coming here. And I hope you guys get a lot of value out of this. 2. Setting Up Keyboard Maestro: in this section when you go over how to download keyboard Maestro, this is the software we're gonna use on a Mac computer to create the macros. The program is $36. I am not an affiliate for this program. It's just the macro software the I use. If you choose to use a different software, that's the same. The steps that are required to create a macro are usually very similar. So if you're working with a P. C, this currently will not work exactly, But I will be making a PC version down the road. We're gonna go to stairways dot com, and this is the site that produces it. The site is in Australia. Ah, very reputable company. The software is 36 bucks. It's very affordable. Dis clicked the buy now section go in here, Enter your information. I recommend you do it with the credit card that you use for all of your business purchases . We can keep it easy. And if you are on eBay or posh mark cellar, you can also use a PayPal account to pay for it. If that is easier. Um, and if you guys have any questions, feel free to email them. Their support is at support at stairways dot com. They've always been quick to answer any questions I have. There is also a forum. If you guys have any questions on how to automate different tasks, you can come to this site and go ahead and enter in the question you have. And there's a lot of helpful people from around the world so happily assist you as long as you are specific with your question again with any endeavor, be a specific as possible so people can give you the most relevant advice right away. Generic questions will usually be blocked, just like every other form, so I appreciate you guys see on next episode. 3. Setting Up Your Accounting and Inventory Spreadsheet: in this section, we're gonna go over how to set up your spreadsheet and also some Quick Excel functions that are gonna help you save some time. The three functions that I use most commonly are some, so if you double click on cue, it's going to show Q five through. Q. So some parentheses Q five through Q. That's gonna add up all the numbers in this column, and I'm gonna multiply by negative one to give me a negative number. So I know how much I have invested in my business. Cog stands for Cost of Goods sold its $595. I've invested into this business, which is visible if you guys want to go on that ebay dot com. Or you can just Google search reseller Field Guide, eBay store, and this store will pop up so you can watch it live on. This is a $1000 per week store that I'm making public, and so that's some feature will let us know exactly how much money we've invested. How much money is to be expected? A rough rule for this model is 1/3 profit, So 23 72 is expected roughly seven or $800 profit, which is pretty excellent considering we're only investing $595 so far. So we're are expected. Return is more than doubling our money. We can add up and quickly figure out where we are. Also, I've added in a tax jar button, so it's 1/3 of the total profit. And that way we can set aside 1/3. Your tax bill will most likely be less than 1/3 especially if you get a real accountant. Consider this entertainment purposes Onley because I am not a c p A. I'm not licensed to give you financial advice. I'm just showing you what I am doing. I'm gonna set aside 1/3 even though that's unnecessary will be lower than that. But you want to be safe versus sorry on this one. You don't want to know the tax, the tax man. Okay, so the sum is the first feature that I use UN excelled to save money. I'm saying save time. The second feature would be this copying feature, So these have different formulas inside of them. If you drag you on the bottom right corner it will copy the formulas down. Also, what you could do is you can double click the bottom right corner, and it will fill in all of the cells down into the to the last realm. And that will save you a ton of time. In fact, the only things I need to input on this are when it sold how much the cell four and the shipping cost. And I update this right when I'm doing the shipping. So I actually have live up to date accounting every single day. I don't have to reconcile at the end of the month or the end of the year. It's just done for me as soon as I enter in the shipping cost. So I'm never really behind. Um, after that, you guys can see here I have the actual u R l of each of the items I'm selling on different platforms, and if they're marked red, that means I've already ended that item on that platform. So I don't accidentally have a double sale and have to cancel an order that will increase your defect rate and make it difficult for you to stay selling on those platforms. Platforms are getting more and more strict and want to preserve the the marketplace against people who don't deliver on there. They're on their goods. So that being said, I copy, I used the some and I also used in Canton eight. So over here can Cantonese, where you can combine two cells. So here I am combining the location of the item and the Social Security number of it, the I D in the one number, and I use this number to end the listings on other platforms. It's how I identify the item on each unique platform. It's unique to my store, and no other item in my store has the same numbers of easy for me to find it and quickly ended. So those three features air pretty much all I use. I am starting a seven figure store, the resource field guide you guys can check out on eBay. It is a real store. Um, it's it's designed to build a $1000 a week income starting from his little money as possible. This store, the JP store, is designed to be a seven figure store and net 300,000. That's Atmore Enterprise Model and there are more items. Specifics. There are title condition, brand gender color, one color to the short code because I'm posh markers a shorter um ah kee. There's less keywords allowed. So is macari. I also enter in features of the specific item cost of goods sold in price of the same. But the more features you enter in here, the more automation you can do because the more information you have, the more the robot can do for you, which is very important as you decide the scale. But I think it's really important to set up your accounting properly because I don't have to worry about managing my numbers of the end of the month of the end of the year there already done as we go. So as long as you keep it up to date, you don't have to worry about it. You can tell your significant other how much money exactly you've made in profit. We started this project about two weeks ago where $426.54. That's incredible. I'm excited for that amount of profit. We've invested $595 into it so far, it's important to understand your numbers. Clarity is the number one thing I can advise if you know what you're actually doing. You can grow to any size because investors are just thirsty for ideas that earn money. So if you can prove that you can make a return on your money, investors will be waiting in line to give you cash. And I see this reselling market is on the rise. As retail companies blow up in, people downsize and move more toward minimalism. They're looking for less but better items, and that is my motto for this whole Siri's less but better simplify, simplify, simplify, and I'll see you guys on the next pod. 4. 10 Common Macros to Learn: in this episode when you go over 10 common commands I wish I had new these when I first started. Because you can build most macro is just understanding these basic set of commands. So start with number one, which is repeat action one time or however many times you want to set it to you can set it to 100 times or 1000 times depending on what task you're repeating. Appear the top. There is an action search bar. You can search for each individual item. I recommend you click all categories, all actions, and just scroll through here to get an idea of what keyboard maestro can dio it can send you an alert. You can cancel things. It can open your email. I can read dreamily Can it can speak to you. It can play music. It can automate e commerce tasks. I'm gonna give you common ones that I use that you can string together and make processes automatic. So first thing is, um, setting a a delay. This is really key because depending on what kind of computer you use, you may want to change the delay toe one second or two seconds or if you have slower Internet, you need to adjust this because the macro is a set of command and it is time sensitive. So you want to be able to adjust it. Next is inserting text. So here is very common. You can insert text by pasting copy and pasting or by typing. And so that is basically the combination. I'm gonna set this the later five seconds. So when they show you a demonstration, you can see how this works. You can paste a saying or a blurb for your store. I'm just gonna use the example. I like shoes more than people. Then you I'm going to use a shortcut. Control A which is select all fall by control. See? Which is Ah, Copy Ondas. Very common control. A control C and Control V. I'm sorry. Command a command C and command me will be cut. Copy Paste. We're going to copy those. But I'm also going to show you guys you can copy to a clipboard. So I have named of this clipboard make progress daily, which is my motto. And then later we're going to pace from that clipboard which is making progress daily. So you can make a many clipboards as you want, so to give us an idea of what that means, usually when you click command, see or control C on the PC, it copies into the clipboard. Now a keyboard. My show. You can have unlimited clipboards if you just name them different things. That's how you're going to store the items. Specifics. Then we have pause. Pause is important. Just the manual. Pausing between two actions. We're gonna have open a new tab. This is very critical, and then we're gonna have a pause again. And inside that that new browser, google dot com, we're gonna have a click in the search bar, and you're going to do that by right, clicking on the element, inspecting it and searching for the X path. The X path inside the Google element is what you put in here, and that teaches the macro where to click on the screen. That's very important, and I'll go over that in a little bit more detail. Just a second, and then we're going to paste it in there in the search bar, and then we're gonna enter finally. So this is just the sequence of events. Let's see what it looks like. I'm gonna go ahead and launch this. It says I like shoes more than people going to record this. It's gonna open up Google that's gonna come in here, populated in the search bar and hit Enter. Now that process was very quick, and you can program it with no delays, and it's actually faster than you can see. So it's it's This is really cool because you can. You can speed up processes that would normally take you a day or two and do them in just a few hours. So to go to the Inspect element you're going to right Click, go to inspect, go to the right side. It's gonna populate the Google code for the browser. Going to right click here, go to copy, copy the X path. They're going to go to the keyboard maestro, and then you're going to paste it in the click link. And that is how you teach your computer to do things on a browser so hopeful that was useful. I'll see you guys in the next pod 5. Creating a Text Shortcut: in this section Want to go over how to create a blurb you can commonly copy and paste into your listings when you're listening online. This is going to be a very critical skill because you need this in order to build all the other macro is that automatically list for you? So, as an example, if you are a clothing seller, you may want to enter in, um, measurements each time. So all of my macros for this experiment start with command shift. One is the hot triggers you can put up here that's going to launch it. If you have more than one mackerel with the same shortcut, it will give you an option to pick. So I'm gonna pick the text shortcut for jeans that's gonna pre populate all measurements. Approximate. Please measure your Famer garments to ensure proper fit. Then I would add in the size of the tag is maybe 32 by 34 actual measurements. I would dio 16 17 and front rise. It saves 12 inches. So let's say that you wanted to modify this. So includes the inch symbol. So you're going here and add it to keyboard Maestro. We're using the function. Insert text. And so now we re do this typing control shift one. Enter the genes. You'll see that the inches air now added into this blurb. Now you can use it for any number of text information that you need. I have another one set up right now for my store policies so you can see here all items guaranteed authentic. That's a common question. I get no trades tracking updates around midnight. I am doing things to save me time and let my customers know. Do not write a novel on why people should buy from your store or not by from your store. Keep it simple that customers know they're gonna get their item quickly. Safely. Let them know if you're a small business if you want to. But again, not critical, I would say letting people know up front that there's no trades. Everything's authentic. It's gonna update right right away. That's mostly what you need, and this is the basic mechanics of entering and information the keyboard. My show is storing information to be reused later so that I should give you an idea of how these macro zehr made you are entering in a set of commands. And this in particular, is the command of enter in this specific text for me, you can also enter it in by typing. This is important to recognize because on certain sites like Posh Mark or Mark Ari, they may not like looking a copy and paste. So if you entered in this way, it will manually type it out letter by letter. And that way you don't need to repeat, enter the same thing in and then also it will be undetected as a robot because it'll be entered in manually. So hopefully this is useful. Guys, We'll see ya next pod. 6. Automating Basic Tasks Like Ordering Supplies: this pottery and build our very first macro. So the first thing you're going to do is open up keyboard maestro, And in this center section, the macro section, you scroll to the bottom with this plus sign, this is going to create a new macro. This is what you would also use the delete one and also disabled or enable a macron. Meaning a macro is a set of actions that can be executed. And if you wanted to not execute, you can actually temporarily disable it and then re enable it for later use. We're gonna create the 1st 1 that we use and it's going to be based on ordering supplies for us. PS. So we're gonna name it ordering USPS supplies. This is a common occurrence that you would do once a week or once a month or once 1/4. And so it's you would not want to go through the steps of remembering which website is it and how to navigate to that specific item that you normally use. So we are going to create a new trigger, and we're gonna make a hot key trigger, which means that's going to be a set of keys that you press In order to start the macro, we're gonna use command shift one. This is going to launch this macro, Meaning it will start when you press that hockey, then we're gonna add in action. So what is this going to do? We're gonna go down here in press the plus sign. We wanted to open up a Google chrome town and we want the Google chrome tab to go to a specific item. So I have saved the u. R. L is over here. And once you create the macro, you can now use it over and over again without having the research anything. So that's the first tab I wanted to open up the padded flat ray envelope age. Next minute, pre another tab and this time gonna have it open up the tie Vek page. So the list of commands is too long. It's going to open up Google chrome and go to the first page. Then it's going to open up a second tab and enter in a Tyvek envelope. So let's go ahead and try this. I'm gonna delete our clothes, texted it, and you want to make sure to have his few programs running as possible while you're building this so it doesn't get confused with the different programs being open. So now we're gonna go ahead and test this by pressing command Shift one. Now you can see here It has now created a couple of different options because there's more than one option available with control and command shift one. So we're gonna select ordering USPS supplies. And as you can see here, it has opened up to windows, one with a Tyvek envelope and one with the padded flat rate envelope. Now, you can come down here and select how many quantity you normally order, and you can even automate this part of you always order the same amount. You can completely automate this, but for me, this is good enough. I can get to this page, and I can quickly add things to my cart and then check out and be done. This is a very basic first macro and I would also add in here the common sites that you use the order you're packing supplies, maybe bubble wrap, maybe bubble mailers. Also, if you are ordering your eBay quarterly shipping coupon for your store you can throw that you are in here. This is the basic foundation of Mac Rose inside of browsers. And we're gonna use this and variations of this to end items. The list items list items and also build different programs to help with shipping other parts of e commerce, like accounting and automation there as well. I'll see you guys on the next pod. 7. Automating Printing Poshmark Labels: in this section going to go over how to automate printing posh labels, and the reason that you'd want to do this is you want to let your customer No, you have shipped the item. So inside the posh Mark sales order form, you can actually click and let the customer know that you have pack the item, dropped it off at the post office and fixed the label, so they know that it's on the way. You don't need to actually do this. You can just print the label and send to the customer. And but I like to check those because it lets the customer know that it's on the way is like an extra level of customer service that that being said, it does take up time. That's why I feel like it's a super useful. This will save you 10 to 15 seconds. Each order, if you're handling a lot of volume is can add up to a lot of save time. It will also download the label for you and for me. This is becoming a pain because it would fill up my folders with posh mark labels, and it gives you an opportunity that you might actually mix labels up. So to prevent that, I actually created this to delete the label after a prince. It So the instructions here I have on the right for you. You can see there's 12345 is about 15 steps required to do this. So mackerels allow you to save that time by creating the steps required to actually set this up. So let me give you an idea of what it will do. It's going to click this easy steps to ship the order. So by doing that, you're gonna program click Google Chrome Link very straightforward. And so you're going to add in the links for all of these different buttons that you're gonna click with your mouse. So the way to access that is the right click the link. And if you're using Google Chrome, you can go down to inspect and we'll pull up the code for that exact location on the screen you're going to, right? Click this and then copy the X path. Now the expat that's gonna help the macro identify which element on the screen to click. So you right click Copy the expat. We're gonna pace the into the browser right now, just so you can get an idea of what it is. And it is this gibberish language that basically means order details Button. So it's going to find this element on the screen and click it and make sure there's not any order information in here, but because what we're looking for is this specific button on the page to click, So we'll go ahead and exit out of that will close this. So you're basically programming the first step to click this link. Then we're gonna check these three boxes. Click. Yea, I shipped it. They're gonna click this download button. It's going to download the light. The label. We're going to open up the folder finder where this, um, will live. Which little download into the downloads folder on your in your Mac. So, downloading that folder, we're going to open up that file, download that file, print that file, go back to find her, delete that file, and then go back to the next order. Now I like to use this time toe, actually package the item. So normally, when I ship a posh mark label inside here, it will be, um, a post card that says thank you for your purchase. Um, and then it's gonna have one piece of tissue paper and it's going to be wrapped in plastic . And the reason why I wrote my items in plastic is just to save time. When I'm picking the item, it also gives a bit of a premium experience. And so during this macro, which takes 30 seconds to a minute, I'm actually packaging and getting the item ready for shipment, and that say's me an incredible amount of time. So these instructions here, once you have that open, you can go down here and program in pauses because sometimes certain elements will take a little bit longer and you want to give it a time to catch up. You're gonna open a specific application, which, in this situation is the downloads folder. And then you can automate specific tasks like Tab enter Command O is open. That's how we're gonna open the actual file. So I'm going to show you right now what it looks like in action. I've also tied it to control shift one as the trigger to start this macro. So commit. I'm sorry. Command command shipped one. I was gonna ask me, Do you? I want to print my posh labels one by one. We're going to go ahead and try this, So see how it's downloading this. It's opening it. It's printing it and deleting it so you can see that's faster than a human can actually do it, Um, and what I need to do also, to make this a little bit more seamless is I need to close this finder window. So how I would do that is the code is command W, and that's going to actually close it. And so inside here. Once it's done deleting the file, I'm gonna add in another key stroke, which is controlled W. And I'm gonna add in a little bit of a pause, because that was super fast and you want to make itself a little bit slower. So it's easier to see and so you can identify. There is a mistake, and it's important to recognize guys that it takes some adjusting to make this always work , cause Posh Mark is going to it, adjust their website, and that's going to make it so that these this doesn't always work. So You can see this printed automatically after I started that sequence, and it's going to go to the next order for me to start this process again. But again, this is about 16 steps, and that's going to save you a lot of time because you don't think about each step each time, and you'll do it the same way every time. Because robots usually don't make mistakes, and if they do, it's far less than humans. So if you accidentally print the wrong label or you accidentally don't notify the customer , all these things add up. So if you program it in, there are no posh mark labels in any folders on my computer right now. So it's clean and we just print this out. We're gonna actually fix this to the box, and that's going to be how we print this label automatically, and you can repeat this process for any task on any platform. Hopeful that was useful. We'll see you on the next pod 8. Print Mercari Labels on a Label Printer: All right, everybody. This is a very common macro that people want to set up. Which is how do you download a label from Merck, Ari and print it on a dime. A printer? Um, it's unfortunate the mercury doesn't have settings for a four by six printer. It is June 2019. So when you ah, use mercury shipping, they will give you an option for FedEx or or post office, etcetera. This will work for either of them. You do need to change the coordinates for your screen capture area, and basically, I'm going to go through this manually, and then I'll show you what the macro does. So we're gonna download this file here. That is the, um, the label they were gonna open up finder and go to downloads. This is where the file is. We're open this up. We're gonna screenshot this section right here, so we'll go ahead and do that manually. Screenshot it, then close this out. We can actually go to the desktop now where this screenshot will pop up going open up this screenshot print the screen shot, hit the print button. Then after you print the item, we're gonna delete this file from the desktop, and we're also gonna delete this file from the download's. So that's something that you'd want to automate with this whole process. So let's go ahead and see if we can write the instructions. So we're gonna click on the Google Chrome Link of download, which is right here, then pause. Then open up the downloads folder and they were going to open up the file screenshot that specific area, right that screenshot as a J pig file onto the desktop. Then we're gonna reopen it up, print that screenshot, then delete the screenshot and then delete the file out of your your finder. And that is about 20 steps. So it's no wonder that people do not want to do this manually because it takes forever. Let's go ahead and test it on this riel order command shift. One will open up my macro menu, and I'm going to click printing Macari, label on Dymo and see what happens. Hopefully, this works, so it just downloaded the label. It's opening it up now is taking a screenshot. It's gonna open a screenshot print the screen shot, and now it's going to delete the files, so you can see here. The only thing that it did not do is did not actually press the print button, and I think this is important to recognize. When you are building Mac Rose, there will be it'll be buggy and you have to go in there and adjust these macro that work specifically on your computer and your coordinates Everyone's screen as a different resolution. But most of these features you can do with your keyboard so you can see here by just press print. It's going to print this label, and you can see here deleted the screenshot off the desktop, and we've deleted the screen shot out of the download section. And here is the label. So for you guys building these macros this is super important for your business because you can go back and automate pretty much anything. And if you don't want to have somebody else do your business for you, you would basically just right these instructions down. You do not need macros to run your business, but you do need instructions you can see here. This is more than 20 steps required. Just a print, a label on Macari that is a lot of work. You may also need to tweak this for the post office versus FedEx because the labels looks slightly different. So that's a concept. When you're done, you can also have this macro click the OK item shipped button, and that will let the customer know that it is on the way. So again, guys, this is a really cool way to automate your procedure. It would say I would say, Start the finished all steps requires about 25 steps. So imagine the mental capacity you are saving by automating this section. I'll see you guys on the next part. 9. Creating a Repeating Task (Automatic Closet Clearout): everybody in episode. We're gonna go over how to do automatic closet. Clear out. I love this feature because I love the closet. Clear out future of Posh Mark where they subsidize the shipping. As of June 2019 it's $6.79 but they lower it to 4 99 for this promotion if you lower your price toe 10% lower than its historical low, so you give up a bit of your margin. But they subsidize the ship ings with the double win for the end user, and it can greatly boost your sales. So let's go ahead and try this manually. Click offered a price drop at it. Listing price public scroll to the bottom click price drop. Apply the recommended suggested price, then click update, then click List this item and now we should get an update in our news. If you like the item and you can see here, Posh Mark has subsidized this item toe $4.99 for the next six hours, giving it a boost. I like to do this in the afternoon. It's four o'clock right now in Pacific Standard time. We're almost five, and so East Coast is eight. It gives me until, you know, Midnight, um, one in the morning on the East Coast for people that really know take advantage of the sale . And it's something that I really enjoy doing. But it's very tedious as far as opening up each item one by one. So in the macro added a couple of new instructions. Repeat this 25 times, and also, I said, the delay between each action, the two seconds Let's go ahead and run it and see what happens. What is going to do is repeat the same set of instructions over and over again, and that's gonna help it automatically lower these prices for us. So let's see if it will work. It's going to take a two second delay in between in between each action again. It would be much faster if we were a home on a home Internet, but I want to set this up for success, so regardless of what situation you're in, you can take advantage of this automation. Also, you can set the delay between actions to be random, and that way it won't get picked up is easily by the posh mark capture because it doesn't when it senses that the same process given be repeating, it will ask you. The entering were captured to make sure that it is a human operating this. So what I recommend you do is you run this for between 10 and 100 items and then come back and verify all the pricing is correct because you don't want to accidentally lower a price too low. Um, but again, you also don't want to sit in front of your computer all day. One concern I have with Posh Mark is it's a platform that greatly empowers women and that sort of there, there a marketing ploy they've been using this since since they started, in fact, originally was on Lee a female platform. So that being said, um, I actually think this is disempowering for women having zero mass editing tools. It's forcing all of the millions of people who use the app to manually do this, which takes up incredible amount of time. There's a lot of female entrepreneurs that could be using that time for other tasks, like finding new items for their customer. This process does not improve the end user experience. What it does is it keeps people on the app all day, which helps them raise more venture capital. It It's not good for the end user, and it's very tough for closet consultants to find the time to run a proper business because they're spending so much time listing editing when most of the other websites that are commercial based allow you the bulk at it mean you can edit more than one item at a time. Your whole store and these tools really help you run sales and really help you boost your sales You can see now is operating automatically. You can just you can work on shipping. At this point, you could go to the bathroom, make lunch, come back and it will have run this for you. Um, also make sure when you're writing the instructions, this is a really critical. It will do the wrong thing over and over again if you programme the instructions incorrectly. So what? We went over the beginning of the steps. You wanna watch it carefully running a few times before you executed on your whole store, because the worst thing that could happen is you could no lower the price to a dollar on every single one, your items and lose money. So be careful when you're running this automation. Um, it's again frowned upon in the posh my community to use automation of some sort. But again, I'm trying to help people get to the next level. You can use this type of, um, technology to build your own sharing software. I personally don't do that. You can see my listings haven't even been shared in 27 days. I just don't have time to sit in front of a posh mark and set up automation. Plus, I don't think automation is necessary. You can do it automatically. This is just an exercise in macro owes. You do not have to do this for your store. It's not recommended by posh mark. It's not necessary. But what is necessary is writing down the procedures and the step by step process of how you run your business and one more thought that's really important for this specific, Um, macro is, let's say there is a mistake going and you try to click, and right now it's in the middle of a macro. You need a kill switch. So I have control eight as my macro killer, and it will cancel all macros. So right here kill all Mac Rose. There is a A a feature called Cancel All Mac Rose. And you need this kill switch. Because when you have, as you can, stop a macro in the middle of its procedure in cases, doing something wrong or you want to change something. So this is also a critical element of running Macron's. You need a way to stop them. Stop a runaway macro from destroying your world. So I hope this is useful, guys, and I'll see you on the next pod. 10. Ending Items on Multiple Sites: So this is the part that most people have signed up for this course for, which is how to end items on multiple platforms. So let me give you guys an example. This is a pair of Adidas that sold on eBay. And I need to end this item on Posh Mark and Macari. What do I do? So you need to teach your macro to find these items. I do that by giving it a unique I D number. So g 73129 to 3. I was searched for this in the active listing page on eBay. I would click this button right here to select it. The action. I was select his end because I want to end this item on eBay after is sold. I used the out of stock options, so that's why shows quantity of zero. Um, that way, people can't see what's selling well for me and my store. I try to protect my store against people copying me, which I recommend you do as well. Once you click that button, it'll pull up this end. You're listening to screen, you'll end it, and that will end it on eBay. These instructions are over here. It's about 12 steps in order to end the item on eBay now, you can also programa You are Ellen. If you do not want tohave the custom I d in the title. Um, that is optional The way I do that, the reason is because I can use the same screen to pull up the posh mark listing. You type that into the listing bar, and I like to select all availability in case it accidentally sold on posh marcas. Well, it's gonna pull up this screen with the Paris shoes. Then I'm going to pull that screen up by clicking it. It's going to give me the actual posh mark screen. Then I'm going to click this edit button, and it's going to go into the edit posh mark screen. I'm gonna scroll to the bottom click the availability market not for sale than update it. That's going to make the item inactive on Posh mark. You can also delete the listing if you prefer that route as well. I would like to leave them active active because sometimes I get the same item again, and I don't want to remake the listing. That's one. Change the quantity Back toe one. Now I gotta macari same thing. I'm going to search for that item. It's gonna pull the item up and I'm gonna click on it, go into the specific item like this same thing. I'm gonna teach the macro to click the edit button. Open up the listing scroll to the bottom click deactivate, and that's going to end the item in all three platforms. Let's go ahead and try it right now and see if this works. So you highlight the specific item I d. So g 73 129 to 3 is the code for the specific item. I'm gonna click Google. I'm sorry I'm end items on all three platforms and see what happens. So it's now going to open up E bay and see that confined the item There. The item is, Let's see if it'll end on here. It's going to wait a few minutes for the screen to stop loading. Actually, a few seconds now it's ending it on eBay. Okay, it's now ended. It's gonna open a posh mark on Posh Mark. Now it's gonna look for the item. It's found it. See if it'll pull it up. It is now is pulling up this specific item on Posh Mark. It's gonna find it edited. Scroll to the bottom ended. Now it's gonna open up Macari after this is done and go through the same process again. I believe that seep. See if it works great. So now it's pulling it up in the search bar. It's going to go to the section, click on the specific listing, Open it up. Hopefully will deactivate the item. Once I have a deactivate on Mark Aria, actually have it revert back to the previous screen so that we can see if it's actually sold. So let's go back here. And that's just confirmed that its sold it did. So. It's inactive. Just want to confirm. Sometimes Mark are is a little bit buggy, but you can see it made the item inactive, so you may want to go back in double check. Sometimes macro czar funky, meaning macari can change their their programming language and the way that they're cited set up. So can posh Mark Spoken IV A. That's why it's so important for you as a recognize that this is the instructions that build your own macro. You have to understand, because you have to go back in and adjust that whenever these sites change, it's not too hard. It will take only a few minutes to adjust it. But you have to understand the components of what it's doing. So I'm just going to summarize because there's a lot of stuff that happens in this macro. Um, it's gonna open up eBay. Search for the specific I D. End the item on posh markets going to search for the item, click into the item, then edit the item, scroll to the bottom and market not for sale or delete it. Posh. Um, Macari is going to search for the item. It's gonna have to click on the item. Then it's gonna have to edit the item and either market deactivated or deleted again. I always use the Activate cause I might find the same item again, or I might have another of the same item. So I'm McCurry. It's a bit challenging because you can't do multi quantity Listing is the only one of the three where you can't do it. So in this scenario, if I had more than one, I would just make sure this one is active instead of deleting it. That's why I deactivated so I can go back afterwards and edit it back to active or whatever I want to do with it. This is a very complex macro. It's probably about 65 steps, and that is why I recommend learning each individual piece because you can go back and adjust it. And this is how you train people to do things is you make every single step very modular, so modular a computer can do it for you at that stage again. Guys, this is very important. You do not actually need macros. All you need is the instructions. Humans can do it just slightly slower than a robot, and they don't have to deal with site issues. So if you just train someone how to do it, it's still very inexpensive, especially if you use a virtual assistant. So Mac rose again, the concept of learning it just gonna help you guys streamline your business and make it easier to prove to produce processes over and over again and scale 11. Listing on Multiple Platforms (eBay, Poshmark, Mercari): Let's get straight into it. First, we didn't talk about the mechanics of a macro. What is a macro? A macros. A set of instructions that your computer will do when you launch a trigger. So in this example, we're going to use the trigger command shift. One. If you guys air using a Mac, this will make sense of using a PC. You're gonna have to either download Mac software on your PC, or I'm gonna have to get enough people to sign up for my skill share course so that I could make the PC version of this. But the instructions are exactly the same. You just need to find a different macro control panel to do it. So the first thing we do is make items specifics for item and store those items specifics in different clipboards. So items, specifics, our brand somehow the dimensions of your item, the condition what the M S R. P is what you're asking for it. All these different specifics are saved into their own clipboard, and the macro is gonna open up the different websites and paste those items specifics inside of those different websites. And that's what's going to save you time. When you guys get an idea, this is going to open your eyes. Just how complicated is toe list? Many. Have you been doing this for a long time? And a lot of it is second nature, but we're talking around 70 steps, nor did list this on eBay. Posh market. Macari is about 70 different tasks. So doing that without a little bit of automation and help is very tiring. That's why software is so powerful when it comes this. So we're going to go ahead and launch the 1st 1 which is copying the item specifics. You can see here what it did was entered in the date, and the reason why I do that is so my listers, when they list, I know what date they listed the item. And that way we can get an idea of how long have we had the item versus how long was it listed, and we can try to eliminate that gap. So the first part is actually just copying the items specifics. And that's the first part of this because your computer needs to remember on the clipboard what it comes first. Now, the second part once you have that is, you actually need to get the photos to match. Whatever the listing you're doing in this case, the customs, Q Z 0118114 That is the customs Q. A Social Security number of this specific item. So we are going to launch. You're gonna get the photos on our iPhone. I use, um, an iPhone six plus for this process. And what I'm gonna do is actually airdrop these photos on my Mac book right now. I selected the eight photos I just took of this item, and I'm going to press the square with the arrow on the bottom left. And I'm going to pick my Mac book pro as the destination to send it. So I'm gonna go and select it. You should see a pop up on the screen. There it is. I'm going to start another macro to download this into a full there, and I call this marker renamed photos. So, ideally, a well, download these items into my download folder, and, um, it will open up a folder and rename them the item skew. So let's see if this actually works. So there we go just popped up the folder downloads. It's now right clicking, creating a folder with the new items and renaming its Valerio. It's part number two. You can see it, took the photos from my phone, wirelessly, transferred them to my computer and then renamed the folder the same number as the items skews So you can see now the mackerel will know where to find the photos. Now we're gonna list on eBay and I'll show you guys how to do that. So I have broken down these macros into each individual step. But when you run these all together, it's their sort of sequential. So for me, I do eBay first than posh. Mark them more car. It doesn't matter what order, and you can string them all together. So I have it actually go to eBay. It's going to add in the custom skew. It's gonna let it know that it's pre owned at the U. P. C. Does not apply. It's going to add all the photos. It's going to, um, ad in the price. It's going to not allow best operas because I currently don't accept best offer. I just pricing my items competitively. It's also going to enter in the weight. If I want to do that, it can enter in almost every single things we can see here in order to complete this listing. This is a vintage Patagonia bag. I'm just gonna go down here and browse categories and this is a men's accessory bag. It's unisex, actually. And then we're gonna scroll down to condition it resets. Let's pre owned. I'm gonna go ahead and add in excellent condition. Ooh, it looks like I selected an extra photo, um, of a pair of dry fit pants. So it's always good to double check because, you know, there's a lot of human air, and this error in this case was me selecting too many photographs. So you can see here. I include the tag in my photo so that I can identify it later in case I I lose it. I used to put the tag on the item, but then people would ask, Is it damaging the items? So this sticker actually goes on top of plastic, which goes on top of the item. I start all of my items in plastic because it's just easier for picking. Um, whenever I take a picture of an item like this. I always try to show ah, size reference. So I put the basketball in the picture there. So we're gonna go ahead and accept these items. Specifics Color. This is purple. This is a canvas bag. You want to fill out as many items specifics as you can, and then I'm going to list this A to 79 I will do best opera because this is an expensive item, and I will. Now, I don't need to enter any of this information. I don't do promote listings. Let's go ahead and list the item. And so the process of actually filling out the items specifics, in case you guys were wondering is right around 30 seconds. Um, so you can do it, um, much faster if you like. Um, by making the delay a little bit shorter. Really depends on your Internet speed. We will now launch posh mark. Posh Mark is much faster, usually takes about 30 seconds the load, and that's because there are a lot less items. Specifics. I have my posh Mark Lister start from the bottom and work its way up in the reason why I do that is because the specifics that I need to complete are always at the top. So here we seem to select the right cover photo, and you can see here it's populated the title. I may add a few more key awards. 60 leaders, purple and select category. I usually select women's accessories of It's unisex because the site is geared more towards women. Um, gonna pick this is a travel bag. Let's see forensics, women's bags, travel bags. Okay, and then I select multi because I may have another one in the future. Our find one similar and then purple and black with and that's it. So posh Mark is definitely under 30 seconds. It's very fast. Let's get into Macari and that will try a mark are listing. Macari is the fastest of the three websites, has the least item specifics to fill out. So let's see if it works. Great. So one, um, situation with macari is that the order of the photos matters. So I actually have my, um, the order that this is uploaded incorrect. So this is why it's important to go through and still double check when you are the senior items because depending on what settings you have, your photos will upload in a different order. So you need to make sure that it's all uploaded in the correct order on. And sometimes it will still skip items we could sleep. See here the macro skipped the title. And this can happen, especially when websites are delayed or sometimes they're changing their, um sometimes they're changing their internal programming. So these can't be completely automated unless you actually have an A P I with the software . So right now, posh, Mark and Mark are do not have a p eyes built in, so this is pretty close to automation. This is actually as close as you can get the automation as far as having to just double check of the items before you launch them. So pretty straightforward here. I haven't enter in a price already and free shipping because I use pirate ship. We're going to select a at sea. It is none of these categories. We're gonna select men and accessories and bags. It's going to predict Patagonia. And again, macari definitely takes less than one minute the list. Um, and we're in a chip on our own and go ahead and launch this. Let's see if it works. Okay, Great. Now we're going to try launching all of them at the same time, and I can show you guys just how incredible this is. Here's the moment of truth. Can my computer and a macro list on eBay Posh market macari at the same time? Let's find out. I have my iPhone six s. Plus, it's gonna transfer the photos to my computer via airdrop. So I'm gonna select my Mac book pros and Air Job destination. It just popped up on my screen. I am going to now launch the macro, and I'm going to narrate it as it's happening so you guys can get an idea of what it's actually doing. So let's hope this works. We're gonna go ahead and click it. It's going to download the photos from my phone onto my computer. This takes anywhere between five and 30 seconds, depending on how fast your computers are after the photos were done. Downloading it's going to select all the folder all the pictures inside the Downloads folder, right click and create a new folder for these items and rename it the custom skew that I have given the item. So I give all of my items a unique number. So it's going to download that now. It's gonna launch eBay, and it has already copied all the items specifics I have entered earlier when I was describing the items, and now it's entering in the custom skew. It's going to entering the condition it's going to add the photographs into the listing that's gonna add the description, doesn't gonna add the price. And if you have best offer, or if you want to include sales tax or different shipping policies, it can do that as well. I personally always used the same shipping policy, and I always have free shipping free returns just to make it simpler. I'm more focused on speed and here and now it is launching it on Posh Mark, and I'm gonna go through and completely was listening to just a second and show you what it is doing. And now we are on macari and it is go ahead. It's going to also add all the photographs and number Qari, and so this whole process. I've actually slowed it down for this video so that you guys concede a little bit better. It takes between 30 seconds and a minute and 1/2 depending again on your equipment. On the nice of the computer you have in the more ram, the faster it will process So you can see here. There is some tweaks that we need to make the macro. And that's why I created the macro course, because you need to be able to adjust that yourself because each Web site's gonna have a little bit of a different experience. And also your computer and your settings may be different. You're going to need to know how to adjust your computer so you can adjust these listings and get them up in time. So the benefit of this is it's so sort of an unfair advantage because you can list on three websites faster than it takes. Most people the list on one website. So here we have, um, some adjustments stomach. You can see the titles a little bit too long, so we're gonna shorten up a title a little bit vintage duffel, and again, you can adjust it to any. Any specifics that you like. You can have add the condition you can have add the um you can have add in specific hashtags you can have add in the zip code from Macari. You can have it adds specific shipping options. And for posh mark, I have said, it's that I get the select my cover photo. You can go in here and then all I need to do is add which excess, er, which category it's in, what size is it? And it's already pre populated the brand under selecting purple and black, and this listing is ready to go posh Markham Macari. Both those websites are about 30 seconds, and then we're here on eBay. EBay is pretty good. The one thing is, it may not guess the category correctly. So here we have to go to men's accessories, pick bags, um, and then come down here and we are going to except some items. Specifics. We're going to add a color purple to the listing, and you can put the dimensions of the bag if you like. That's gonna help customers buy it. Um, and also, you know, I again, I don't use best offer. Normally I might on this bag because it's particularly expensive, and that's it. So this is gonna help you guys list multiple websites in just a few minutes versus a few minutes. Just the list on one website. Um, in my course that I have, it's free inside of skill Share? Yes. And click the link below. Get two months free of skill. Sure. And check out all the different resource is that I put together to help you use macros. I can try and build these on a PC, but it will take a little bit more time. And I have to get a PC and then reverse engineer all these processes for you guys. Um, one more service that I want to offer you. Guys, If you want me to customize your specific business, let me know. It's roughly $250 an hour for me to program this for you from scratch. It won't take me longer than one or two hours, usually to program this to your exact needs because pretty straight. For as long as you're doing something similar to me, I can customize it to your specific spreadsheet. You have to have a spreadsheet with your item specifics, and it already you can download mine and customize it. There are two sheets, and there's a sheet that is based on trying to build a $1000 a week income. And that's just the replace your job or sort of resulting as an occupation. I also have an enterprise store that's more in depth, trying to build that store to a $1,000,000 in revenue and $300,000 profit and that still have employees and different access levels and just a different project for me to take on. And so that one. Both of those spreadsheets air in the restart field guide us and get a copy of it for 30 to 50. It's very affordable. Full price is 65. They code to get. That is YouTube, and I appreciate you guys taking the time to join my journey and you'll see as I'm building up my my small store and my medium sized store both of those stores. I will be using these macros to speed up my time and the game or traffic by listing on more platforms. So is reselling a get rich quick thing? Not really. It's more like a profession. It's a professional level skill, and I'm giving you guys. Some resource is to really put yourself ahead of the competition. There's going to be more and more and more websites. You can program this to do. Offer up, use Facebook. You can dio. You can even use it. This the list on Amazon, although I don't necessarily recommend that because if you're selling brand new items with permission from the brand or true wholesale on Amazon, then you get there's already existing software. Is that will that you list? Brand new items on these platforms were just kind of in a funky, um, situation here. Since we're listening one off items on multiple websites, one off items is often the most fun because it's kind of a treasure hunt situation. So again, if you guys have any questions, feel free to email me at chris a daily refinement dot com. I will do a few custom builds for you if you need a specific situation for your business again. It's about 250 bucks an hour. It's very time consuming, not something I normally want to do. But if you want me to custom build your store to do this automatically, I can so appreciate you guys time and I'll see you on the next episode 12. Final Thoughts & Thank You!: congratulations. You made it to the very end of the course. I appreciate you guys taking the time. Hopefully, you've learned a thing or two about creating your own macros. I encourage you guys to come up with your own things that you want to automate and share it in the community section below. Please leave me some feedback in the review section as well. I look forward to and I'm super excited to see what you guys come up with on your own as faras Numac Rose. And I appreciate you guys stopping by everyone. Your comments means a lot to me and help you find a lot of value in this course on how to build Mac Rose and save you guys time and commerce business.