Introduction to Jewelry Making: From Amateur to Artist | Brit Morin | Skillshare

Introduction to Jewelry Making: From Amateur to Artist

Brit Morin, Founder & CEO of Brit + Co

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8 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Tools Overview

    • 3. Findings

    • 4. Components

    • 5. Common Jewelry Repairs

    • 6. Create a Statement Necklace

    • 7. Create a Statement Necklace (continued)

    • 8. More Creative Classes on Skillshare


About This Class

You know there's a jewelry artist inside of you. As a kid, you made daisy chain necklaces using handpicked flowers. In middle school, you made friendship bracelets -- neon, of course -- for all of your friends. Jewelry making was super easy back then! A little imagination, a couple of knots, and …voila! As an adult, you still find yourself longing to create your own wearable gems, but you need help navigating the world of tools, supplies and techniques.


In this class, I'll take you from amateur to artist. You'll learn the basics, build and organize the perfect starter kit, experiment with common repair techniques, and, by the end of the class, leave sporting your very own statement necklace. Bye bye expensive boutique jewelry, hello DIY!  


What You'll Learn

In this class, we'll cover:

  • The Basics. An overview and how-to for fundamental tools, supplies and glues 
  • Jewelry Components. An overview of basic jewelry components - beads, stones, crystals, rhinestones, chains and leather
  • Repairs. How to try your hand at repairing three common jewelry breaks
  • Statement Necklace. We'll take you through the step-by-step process to make the statement necklace below. Get the kit to make the necklace here.



What You'll Do

This class is for people who have very little technical experience with jewelry making. Through lessons, demos and hands-on projects, Brit will help you develop essential jewelry making skills. With this solid foundation, your imagination is the limit. You'll be ready to tackle all kinds of new projects and designs all on your own, starting with a statement necklace.

If you want to follow along with your very own statement necklace, do so! Order a pre-packaged kit directly from Brit + Co. 







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Brit Morin

Founder & CEO of Brit + Co

Brit Morin is the founder & CEO of Brit + Co., a new media company that provides tools to teach, inspire and simplify everyday life. Brit and her fellow makers and DIYers curate ideas for creative living, making and doing in the digital age on

Brit has had the opportunity to partner with like-minded brands such as Target, 3M, Fab, Intel, L'Oreal, UNIQLO and Velcro to further her aspirations of teaching people how to live more simply and creatively. When she's not comin...

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