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Introduction to Intellectual Property Law - A Beginner's Guide

Georgia Chioni, Writer/Screenwriter/Director/Producer

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8 Videos (26m)
    • Introduction to Intellectual Property Course Outline

    • Historical Evolution of IP Law 2nd

    • Work and its elements: intellectual creation and shape 3rd

    • Elements of a work: originality 4th

    • Definition of Work: fields of speech art science 5th

    • Examples of protected works 6th

    • Case study photos and titles of works

    • Categories of intellectual property rights


About This Class

Stealing a work or part of it in whichever form (a novel, a poem, lyrics, a theatrical play idea, a work title, a scence from a movie, a theme from a painting, a pc programme, a photograph, a data base), is something that may happen and sometimes it's very difficult to prove the theft. This is a field regulated by Intellectual Property Law. 

Humans have always tried to express the impressions acquired by the environment through various means and symbols of expression, i.e. language, images, sounds, move or mimic. As a consequence, through such as combination of intellectual, physical or psychological nature, humans reach a unity of content and form, ie. the work. To this end, Intellectual Property Law protects the all those who create works of speech, art and science, works that have a shape, as understood by human senses and originality. 

In this context, this introductory course on Intellectual Property Law will: 

-Give a very brief historical overview on the evolution of Intellectual Property Law

-Explain what this legal field protects

-Analyze the elements that legally characterize a "work"

- Explain the types and categories of works that exist

-Mention which creations are not protected

-Case study particular works: photographs and titles of works

-Explain the different types of intellectual property rights

-Explain the difference between intellectual property and copyright

-Refer to case law, give tips and advice on how to better protect our works

Intellectual property is something that concerns all of us, as it is related to our everyday life and all its aspects.  





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Georgia Chioni


Hello, I'm Georgia.

 I was born in Thessaloniki (Greece). I started writing at an early age, in fact I started writing my first novel at the age of eight. It was about a haunted mansion. Years later, I  graduated from Law School and lived in various European countries, having obtained two master degrees and one PhD.

I have also followed a screenplay writing- and film direction school.

Legal Background:

-Degree from Law School in Greece (Thessaloniki)


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