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Introduction to Homeschooling - Is it Right for Your Family?

teacher avatar Dan Grijzenhout, Over 35 years of business experience

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction to Homeschooling - Is it Right for Your Family

    • 2. A Brief History of Home Schooling

    • 3. Some Famous Home Schooled Children

    • 4. The Cost of Home Schooling

    • 5. Home Schooling Public Schooling and Values

    • 6. Using the Home Schooling Legal Defense Association Site

    • 7. Online and Paberbound Curriculums The Road Ahead

    • 8. Congratulations

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About This Class


Is Home-Schooling the Right Choice for You and Your Family? 

Helping you answer this question is what this class is all about.  What I am hoping to achieve through this class is to give you a deeper understanding of what you are going to be walking into if you choose to do this with your children having gone through the full experience of it myself. 

So, if you want to understand more about what the life of a homeschooling family is like, step inside this class and I’ll walk you through some of things I learned through my years of immersion into teaching our children at home.

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Dan Grijzenhout

Over 35 years of business experience


About Dan Grijzenhout: For close to thirty years, I've been a professional business and information systems consulting professional working to executive levels for both private and public sector organizations globally, a number of which were "Fortune" level enterprises. I've built from scratch, operated and sold an online global payment services company that moves millions of dollars on behalf of its 100,000 plus account holders annually; I've been interviewed on the show "World Business Review" by former head of NATO and Secretary of State, General Alexander Haig, for my work in advanced digital and online telecommunications services and nation-wide online and card based "Loyalty" programs; and I now work at writing books and building training programs to share my years of experience w... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Homeschooling - Is it Right for Your Family: Hello and welcome to this class which I title introduction to home schooling. Is it right for your family? Beyond being an online teacher and author, I am a respecter of education and more so of learning. I myself was public school, high school and college train and believe I turned out okay. And people going through the public system for the most part, get through fine and go on to lead productive and healthy lives. So you will not see me criticizing the public system in concept at all. I have an enormous respect for teachers and the work they do to educate our Children. And they are often not praised enough for the effort they put in doing this kind of work. Yet when I was raising my own Children, I chose a combination path for them of homeschooling them first through their early and very formative years, we chose to homeschool our Children for the 1st 3 to 4 years of their formal education process prior toe having them begin attendants in the public school system. And when we finally put them into the public system around the time they were reaching the great four or thereabouts level. We debate it back and forth for quite some time prior to making that move. When they were pre kindergarten age, we started looking into home schooling as an option, and I became so immersed in this process that I became very active in the entire homeschooling movement for view. Years beyond just the teaching of my Children, I studied many curriculums to choose the best ones for my Children to learn from. I invested funds in a myriad of teaching aids for them. My wife and I traveled many miles to attend homeschooling conferences, toe listen to speaker lectures, and we made many friends in the local home school and community discussing ideas. Get here Children together for outings with others and sharing things learned this extra involvement with other homeschoolers during this time reaped many benefits ultimately for our Children and their continuing education. At the time, we as a family, we're looking into this. Legislative changes in our province is a scattering. Relating homeschooling were also occurring within the government, and some of those proposed changes look very restrictive to being able to teach our Children the way we wanted to do it. And at the time I felt it calling to try to help get a few of our voices heard in government as homeschoolers. They're by and for a brief period of time. I formed a Christian homeschooling organization, wherein I gathered opinions from other homeschoolers, did some research and we ultimately submitted a report to the government which was actually listened to, and some positive changes to home schooling legislation was achieved a few more rights and freedoms in choosing to teach our Children ourselves. It is now many years later, and my Children are all fully grown. They have graduated from the formal education system and their leading productive lives. But I still remember those exciting days of starting down the home schooling path and wanted to share with you a bit of the experiences we went through those many years ago. We made this work for our Children, but it took time, effort and money to make this happen. I was fortunate enough to be making a good enough income so that my wife did not have to work and could remain home to teach our Children. And I could afford to purchase the curriculums and support AIDS to get the job done. We even pay privately for third party teaching of our young for certain things like music lessons and topics where my wife felt external teaching would work better. But all this was made possible because of the good income I was making. Not everyone can afford to do home schooling the way we were doing it. Which begs the question. Is home schooling the right choice for you and your family? Helping you answer that question is what this class is all about. What I'm hoping to achieve through it is to give you a deeper understanding of what you're going to be walking into if you choose to do this with your Children, having gone through the full experience of this myself. So if you want to understand more about what the life of a homeschooling family is like, step inside this class and I'll walk you through some of the things I learned through my years of immersion within the home schooling lifestyle. Bye for now. And I hope to see you on the inside 2. A Brief History of Home Schooling: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I titled A brief history of home spilling. Home schooling is where everything began. This is evidence by looking at my lecture on famous home school Children where virtually all of the U. S. A's early presidents were home schooled. The public school system came into being in years. In fact, it was put in place to support families who were too poor to teach their Children at home or just unable to do so. Quite the reversal to what is happening today, where a public school education is the norm. In the early 19 hundreds across North America, compulsory public school attendance laws were put into place and home schooling almost ceased to be. In fact, it was not until the 19 seventies, before homeschooling began a bit of a resurgence, and today's homeschooling movement was reborn. During the first part of the 20th century, the responsibility for teaching Children slowly passed from parent to state as various laws were passed in various states, legislatures and in provinces in Canada, which for the most part followed the lead being taken in the USA State based education at the beginnings of the nation went against the beliefs of the Founding Fathers. Once such example of this was a statement was made by Thomas Jefferson, who wrote, It is better to tolerate the rare instance of apparent refusing to let his child be educated than to shock the common feelings and ideas by the forcible ass sport, ation and education of the infant against the will of the father. Back then, there was a fear of state based education usurping the rights and desires off the parent as to how their Children were to be educated. In fact, when I was involved in the homeschooling movement years ago and doing my own research on this topic, I read within the Canadian Bill of Rights that the parent has the primary right to educate their own Children, and the government only has an interest in seeing that each child receives a formal education. When the compulsory attendance to public school legislations were being introduced nationwide, this right was not initially respected by our governments. It was only a families began to fight back in the seventies and eighties, and by the way, the hse L. D A. Which is the Home School Legal Defense Association and you can see my lecture on that one, formed in 1983 was a part of this in the USA. In any event, it was only then that the compulsory attendance laws were modified to begin to recognize the right of home schooling to take place where home schooling was being done. The government's interest in each child receiving a good education became one of oversight to the child's educational involvement and different provinces in Canada and states in the USA all made their individual interpretations as to what this meant. Some states and provinces implemented very restrictive rules for home schooling, creating a myriad of hoops that a family needed to go through in order to be allowed to home school their Children. In some instances, parents needed to hold recognize teaching certificates, or they had to register and regularly report student test marks to their local school boards. They had to submit their curriculums and educational plans to the boards. They had to submit their child's attendance records to school boards, etcetera. These types of government imposed rules, in effect, allowed home schooling to take place, but put the school boards in a position of authority over the parent trying to educate their child at home. If the parent did not meet the requirements of the education system, the system had the power to force the child back into the public system. The laws in each state and province were different, and legal battles about home schooling became commonplace. This is a primary reason for the formation of the Home School Legal Events Association, which now has in excess of 80,000 signed up home schooling members and why it has retained a number of lawyers to fight on behalf of home schoolers rights homeschoolers who could not afford court actions where they felt the rights were being ignored by the respective regional governments and departments of education. This is why you will see on the H S L d. A website listings of the rules and legislations and force in the various U. S. States and why news events relating to home schooling regularly are posted on their site. H S L. D. A. Is also similarly involved in Canada, by the way, and if you live in Canada, you can find their Canadian website at www dot hs l d a dot c. A to summarize this lecture. If you are interested in beginning to home school your child, you would be wise to first research what the rules are in your state or province before proceeding. If, after researching your particular geography, you have concerns about certain restrictive legislation in your area, it may be a good idea for you to register as a member of the HSE L d a. Before pulling the trigger on your new home schooling venture. That's all for this lecture. Bye for now. 3. Some Famous Home Schooled Children: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I title some famous home school Children. Home schooling years ago was the norm and not the exception. In fact, from bygone years, some Children who were homeschooled went on to become very famous. Indeed, be lower. Just a few of them, any. That caught my eye that I wanted to share with you. First on my list is George Washington, the first president of the United States. George was taught by his father, mother and other family members. It has said he was well taught in a myriad of subjects at home, including reading and writing, accounting, mathematics, serving and even astronomy. Next on the list Thomas Jefferson, who was thought to read and write by his father. It was said that he used to like Reading Homer while taking canoe trips. Thomas Jefferson, the USA is third president, was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence. James Madison, the fourth president. Well, he was taught by his mother, John Quincy Adams, the sixth president. He was home schooled until the age of 12 and at the age of 14 he entered Harvard University to continue on to become president, continuing with the list. How about Abraham Lincoln? Mr. Lincoln was home schooled for all but one year of his educational life. President William Henry Harrison, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt were all taught at home by their parents. Okay, we'll have a Benjamin Franklin inventor, printer, author and ambassador to France. He was also home schooled, as was President Woodrow Wilson, and it was not just famous men that were home schooled, but many famous women as well. A few examples include Abigail Adams, Martha Washington, Florence Nightingale and Mercy Warren. Patrick Henry, famous for quoting Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death, was also home schooled. And let us not forget the military when it comes to being home school. Let's add Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, George Patton and Douglas MacArthur. It'll list homeschool businessman, inventors, authors. Artists would include people such as Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain's Last Samuel Clemens, Agatha Christie, Pearl S Buck, George Bernard Shaw and Ansel Adams. In Europe. Well, in Holland, we've got William the Silent, The Prince of Orange. He was home schooled. Next there'd be Claude Monet. The artist was home school that as Waas Amadeus Mark, who was home taught by his father. This list could go on indefinitely. But needless to say, being home school does not put you in bad company. That's all for this lecture. Bye for now. 4. The Cost of Home Schooling: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I titled The cost of Home Schooling. The cost of home schooling is a soft number, and it could vary greatly from family to family due to the variables involved first, and this would be the biggest potential family impact. Would one of the parents need to give up a job outside the home? And can the family afford to take this step? Only You, as a family can ultimately decide this, but it would be wise for you to take the time to look at your family situation before taking this on. Not only will you have to factor in your current cost of living through doing a detailed monthly budget calculation, but you'd have to add in anticipated costs that you will be incurring to begin teaching your Children at home. There are a couple of factors that could help with this calculation, though the first there will be a savings of some cost of the family. For the person selected to not have to goto work such as gas, parking, restaurant meals were clothing and uniforms, taking Children to school and those related costs etcetera. The second factor could be that the person staying at home could also make extra income working at home, in addition to teaching the Children a bit of good time management and scheduling on the home front could make this happen. With one person staying at home, you might even be able to save a few dollars by moving to a new area that is less expensive . Perhaps the job the person was leaving forced the family to live in a more expensive neighborhood than they would otherwise need to. So there are many factors that could come into play when planning for this change of education approach. Next comes the cost of schooling itself. If you choose to go with paper and book based learning approaches, there will be some definite expenses involved in purchasing books and supplementary reading materials. I remember one thing that we did, though, that it saved us a lot of money in supplementary reading was getting a lot of our books at periodic book sales held by libraries in the area. Libraries regularly hold these sorts of sales to clean our older books to make room for new ones coming in. So get close to the staff of a few libraries in your area. It's a great way to build your at home library. Of course, you can also just regularly goto libraries in your area and just borrow and return books as desire. We did this as well, and it made for some fun family outings, and it saved us a lot on book costs. Just be sure to get them back in time so you don't pay any late fees. Then you have to get to the cost of curriculums. You'll need a curriculum set for each year for each child, although some reusability can occur. But this is a significant annual cost per child because there are many subjects to teach and many years to teach the before. And you will frequently be wanting to purchase additional support. AIDS for the Children in addition to the curriculum's everything from notebooks, pens, pencils and drawing sets to memory guards, chalkboards and easels, Kraft paper blue etcetera. But costs mount up. There is one thing that I do recommend the check into now that could save you considerable amounts of money in home schooling costs, and that is teaching your Children online. If you have computers and an Internet connection available to you. There are some great online learning options event to your family as well. For example, now in the USA and made possible through government grants and private donations, there has been built on online trading site for school aged Children that also specifically invites homeschooling families and not just families in the USA but families living anywhere in the world. Your child will need to understand and be able to function in English, though, as this is a stipulation for the site. This site is called the Zealous Learning System, a, C E, L, L us, and it takes your child through from pre kindergarten all the way through to the end of high school. If desired, classes or comprehensive tests can be taken, with results being recorded in progress measured and each classes done professionally. This organization also contains a really physical, college like campus. Where would be at home Teachers can come and improve their teaching skills through a series , Of course, is to be taken. One of their courts certification courses is called their Web blurting certification and training course, which is a three day program. Acela's has a program called the Palace home schooling program that you can enroll your child into for a cost of only $30 per month or 219 done dollars U. S. Per year if paid upfront. This is a complete kindergarten to Grade 12 parents supported program. Students may take up to six courses at a time and may even be taking courses in other student years to the six course maximum. All instructional materials are available online and are included, so this could really help you keep your monthly educational costs down. A really high school diploma is provided at the completion of Great 12. You can actually go through and preview some of their courses on their website, and I have done so and I like the quality of what I've seen. This could be a good option for your child's homeschooling. Programs will be sure to check it out further next on the list or things like music lessons in sports and physical education. When I was going through the process with my Children, I paid extra to take them to a music teachers so they could get their lessons. Now this can be done online. It's significant cost savings Not only can you get training on sites like the sellers, but you can check out places like YouTube scale share dot com and unity dot com as well. For just a few dollars on these sites, your child can learn almost any instrument. Take art and photography classes and much more on you. To me, for example, Once you pay for, of course is yours, you can go back to it again and again for years to come. Regarding physical education, your Children can be registered and taken to things like gymnastics classes, ballet and dance classes. They could take swimming lessons at a local indoor and outdoor pools, and one thing we did was join a local homeschooling association and were actually able to book gymnasium times at local schools as a group. And we brought her Children together with parental supervision to play basketball, badminton and other sports. A little creativity and you could make out things like this happen for your child on a regular basis. Check out local universities for this as well. They are often very good social citizens for this sort of thing. With just a few phone calls made, you can't be making things happen for your child. In summary, homeschooling has come a long way since I was first doing it with my own Children, and I am impressed with the progress made. Costs have come down in many ways over time. Quality has gone up, so if your family can't afford to do it and you want to do it, it is possible to do it. Do your research first price at all the things you want to do with your child or Children as home schooling parents and then make your decisions. That's all for this lecture by for now. 5. Home Schooling Public Schooling and Values: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I title home schooling, public schooling and values. One of the primary reasons people choose to homeschool as opposed to making use of the public school system is due to our innate desire to deeply instill our own personal values into our Children. We want our Children to grow rooted in the things that we believe in. For many that do this, it is because of secular beliefs. Many come to view schooling now. Being offered publicly is no longer being in alignment with our personally held beliefs. For example, schools for many years in North America started off the day with students reciting the Lord's Prayer that is now gone from the public system as it now attempts to cater to all people from all ethnic and religious origins. Is this good or bad? Well, it depends on your value system and what you believe, but its inclusion or exclusion has affected many. This has also resulted in a change to the curriculums and other alerting materials now provided by the schools. When God is a Christian, viewed God was taken out of the equation in public schools, learning materials changed as well, and the non god centric literature that is now taught there is often in collision with the deeply held values of Christians who want to either. Children taught these values. Many Christian parents have moved to home schooling for these very reasons. They realize that by placing their Children in public systems, their Children become immersed within that system for six plus hours a day and at least five days a week. That is, over 30 hours a week, that their Children are being taught by third parties in whom the parents have placed their trust with both parents working. That means that the parents during the week have virtually no time to instill their values into their Children during the week, as everyone is rushing around having quick meals, getting to work and back, etcetera weekends or not, much better a few hours on weekends that can actually be spent in quality time with your Children or minimal a couple of hours here and there. So if you are placing your Children into the public system, you need to be able to trust that system. Your child may not necessarily need to learn about God during the time in school, but they should be learning healthy topics, not in collision secular early with the belief systems of the parents who are placing their trust in that learning institution. And it is not just the system you need to be trusted. It is all the other Children at that school who your Children are spending time with the teachers who all have their own individual belief systems as they teach your child and the environment itself where your child is being taught. The bottom line is that there are good public schools and bad public schools, teachers and Children with similar belief systems to yours and ones with significantly different belief systems, good school curriculums, literature and selected books to read and not so good curriculums supporting literature and book reading assignments. Now diversity is not always a bad thing, and your Children can learn a lot from other people, cultures and belief systems. There are values in all of us that can be respected and globally sourced friendships that can be honored and loved. Your child can grow being exposed to this, but there are things out. There is well that can hurt your child when you are not there with them to explain and protect them. It is these sorts of things that led my wife and I to teach our Children at home for extra amount of years before allowing our Children out the door to learn from others. Our first concern arose when we took an extra step prior to putting our Children in school by actually going down to a couple of schools were considering and actually asking to see the literature and books are Children would be consuming. If this is something you have never thought to do before, I recommend that you do it. You might be surprised to actually see what the content looks like that your child is consuming went away from you. I won't go into details as to what I read when I went through this exercise myself. But I will say that was enough in this instance, to move me more solidly in the whole schooling direction that I ultimately chose. For me, it was difficult to put my Children into the hands of third parties to teach them in the first place, but when I saw that I was placing them into the hands of others, that were actually pushing them directly away from what I believed in life. That was when I had to hit the brakes. I saw these particular schools is being toxic to my Children, and I did not want them there. As I had said at the beginning, of course I was trained in a public school environment, and I did not feel hurt by it on completion. But I finished high school in 1972 and there have been many changes in the public school system since then. I honestly do not know what it looks like today, but if I had more Children to place into the system today, I would do the same research on it that I did years ago. And I'm glad that I did it back then in summary, whether you are a Christian or not a member of any other secular denomination or a nonbeliever religiously at all, when it comes to schooling your child, you care about them, you love them and you want them to grow up healthy and living productive. Happy lives in this regard. We're all the same, and how our Children are schooled is important to us. So be sure where you put your child to be taught, taken appropriate interest in their education to see that they're placed somewhere healthy , where they can grow up safely. Keep them out of toxic. That's all for this lecture. Bye for now. 6. Using the Home Schooling Legal Defense Association Site: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I title using the Home School Legal Defense Association when you commence your home schooling research. One website that you do not want overlook is the Home School Legal Defense Association website, which is at h s. L d a dot org's. Although founded by a nonprofit Christian homeschooling group in 1983 it is a sight open to all and looks to provide support to anyone wanting to home school their Children. This site contains an absolute wealth of information for home schooling families. They are legal advocates from home schooling in the USA in Canada, and they even provide support to home schooling families in other countries as well. I once had occasion to work with them in Canada, in fact, and they were quick to respond and provided me with quality assistance. By the way, one of their associates, Crest Clicker, once wrote a book called Home Schooling The Right Choice. Although now basically out of print, you can still get used copies of it on Amazon, and this is a great book and a great read. I've been through my copy of it many times, and I have used a few statistics in these lectures that I found in his book, H S. L. D. A's mission praised is to preserve the constitutional rights of parents to direct the educational direction of their Children. And this means protecting your freedom to hold school your Children. If you are a member in their organization and you run into any difficulties with government or state about home schooling, they will represent you interceding on your behalf. And this service is completely covered by your membership. H s L D A. Retains a number of attorneys to do this, and these attorneys will fly anywhere, if necessary, to help defend your freedoms at no charge to you for their services. Free legal advice is also readily given to all your home schooling related legal questions . When you are doing your home schooling research, be sure to visit their F A Q section. An absolute time of questions about homeschooling rights are answered. There also be sure to check out the section of their website that outlines state by state in the U. S. A. What the homeschooling laws are in that state. If you live in the USA, you will find that Section two be extremely useful. Membership in H. S. L. D A. Is not even very expensive. It will run you $10 a month if you choose to pay that way or or 100 and $20 per year, and you can purchase a lifetime membership for $1000 if you choose to go down that path. In one of my other lectures in this class, I mentioned attending Homeschooling conventions. DHS L D eight website also contains a calendar of such events. So if you are wishing to attend one of these conventions or conference, be sure to check out the calendar on this site. You may find a conference happening near you just getting started in home schooling. Well, th s L. D. A site has a section called Toddlers to Tweens. The pages in here are good read and contain a number of links to other online locations. To find out even more information and also to purchase homeschooling related items and relating to purchasing homeschooling related items. The site also contains a store that allows you to purchase many things useful to your home based school, so be sure to check it out. It's got everything from books to T shirts and more. H S L. D. A. Also offers a Christian based online learning academy for students starting around Great eight and going through to Grade 12. Annual tuitions for these courses will run you in the 300 to $500 or so range for a year, depending on what you choose to sign up for. Courses are comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics, from writing to chemistry and biology to business in e commerce. If you have teens in your family that you are looking to home school, this could be worth checking out. In any event. DHS L. D. A site contains a wealth of legal information for you, the homeschooling parent and particularly if you live in the U. S. A. This is a must visit website for you as a start to strategizing your home schooling venture . That's all for this lecture. Bye for now, 7. Online and Paberbound Curriculums The Road Ahead: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I title online and paper bound curriculums. The road ahead. One of the great things that has happened in the world won't schooling over the past dozen to 20 years or so is that of involvement. As modern day home schooling has matured and become more acceptable by various state, provincial and federal governments, curriculums have been able to mature as well. While you still can get paper bound curriculums and many still prefer this, you now have the added option of e learning. And there are many good online learning options out there for Children. I have already mentioned a couple of product directions that you can take from any learning perspective. First, I showed you the Acela's learning system that has the full support and even involvement of the U. S. Federal government and its classes, or comprehensive and can take you right from kindergarten through grade 12. Next, I've shown you the HSE L D, a online academy that offers comprehensive schooling for Children and teens from Great Eight through two great 12. Both sides offer graduation certificates and registered marks usable for college entry admissions. There are private alerting options that are very good as well, such as the K 12 International Academy. They also take your child through his or her full core formal education lifespan, and many like this program. It offers full and part time courses and flexible start dates for the child, and is well supported by teachers, academic coaches and counselors. This is an award winning program with full grade 12 certification that accepted by the colleges, universities and even employers globally. Additionally, you will want to take a look the curriculum selection of the website Christian book dot com . Here you will find even Maury Learning curriculums to select from for your child or Children. So if you are looking for any learning solution for your home school, you have a number of great curriculum choices before you. Now that I'm talking about the Christian book dot com website here, you will also find many more traditional paper bound curriculums to choose from such a za Beka Book home school curriculum that is an old friend of my family. It was there when my Children were doing back in the 19 eighties and is still available for purchase today as his ace, which has also been there for a great many years. I would expect both of these preference to be absolutely top notch today, having survived and evolved over at least a 30 year stretch. Each both of back end days will get you through from kindergarten through two great 12 completion, with graduation certificates producing at the end of Great 12. If you still want to look around for more, just click on the curriculum index of this site. You will see a list of literally dozens of additional full curriculum sweets and a myriad of even more specialized learning materials that can be obtained. Curriculums have come a long way over the years, and there are many quality education courses and programs to choose from. So this will not be one of your limitations or roadblocks as you try to figure out how to embark on a home schooling journey. That's all for this lecture. Bye for now, 8. Congratulations: Hello and congratulations on completing this class. It's great to see and making it all the way through. And I hope I was able to give you some useful and lasting knowledge that will help you and whatever you're wishing to achieve. If you're liking the content that I'm creating, I'm very much looking forward to seeing you in more of my classes, which you confined in this site by going to my profile section. You can still reach me through this class. If you have questions by starting a discussion with me, I'll be more than happy to respond if I hear from you. A second thought that comes to mind is that if you have appreciated the content I have created, please give me a thumbs up where and when the site ask you to to rate my class. This helps me trend better in the system and helps me to reach more people who could benefit from the training I'm trying to create. And if you choose to share the class link with friends or anyone else, thank you for that additional support for my creations as well. Bye for now,