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11 Videos (1h 17m)
    • Trailer and Welcome

    • Supplies

    • Tools

    • Adding Color

    • Folding Your Pages

    • Connecting The Pages

    • Creating the Journal

    • Make The Cover

    • Swatching

    • Using Grids

    • Final Touches


About This Class


Welcome to the class!

Handmade journals are a great way to combine written journaling with a creative practice. Creating handmade books can seem difficult, but once you start, it will be hard to stop. In this class I walk you through creating the journal, making a cover, and fill the journal with ideas and images. I share my creative method for journaling and give you a few tips and suggestions along the way. I talk about some of the basic supplies you need for your bookbinding toolkit. I also demonstrate how to:

  • Fold pages to create your journal
  • Tear pages for a deckled look
  • Score pages to get a crisp fold
  • Make a cover that can be used on a variety of journal shapes and sizes
  • Easily start your art journaling practice 
  • Make spreads for the month, week, and day
  • Setup and complete easy, fun, and visually appealing pages throughout the month

By the end of the class you will have at least one handmade art journal prepped and ready for your creative journaling. You'll understand the basics of a folded journal and have an idea of what's possible with a few minutes a day for your art journaling. I share a brief introduction to handmade journals so that anyone can take the class and leave with a successfully completed project.

42 of 43 students recommendSee All

Very clear instructions! Kiala is a great instructor.
Absolutely love this class! It is so accessible. I have been art journaling for years and I feel like I just learned all over again!!!
Another great class from Kiala! The instructions are clear and easy to follow. I had my first journal together in less than a couple of hours. So much fun!





Kiala Givehand

Bookbinder • Storyteller • Mixed Media Artist


Hi! I'm Kiala Givehand, a book binder, mixed media art journaler, and happiness catalyst. I lead online classes, teach in-person workshops and retreats, and invent creative products to help inspire the most reluctant muse to come out and play.

Through my love for paper, fountain pens, art, and handmade books, I've been able to cultivate an artistic life that includes Book Art, poetry, lots of silly doodling and tons of creative exploration and discovery. 

I've always seen books as a vessel for sharing our journey and documenting our lives. And while many believe that Book Art is a complex skill that only a select few can master, I am on a mission to demystify handmade books and make it accessible to anyone who wants to share their ideas, images, and stories. 

Stories connect us while also highlighting what is unique about us. I've always been a storyteller, relying on words to convey feeling, energy, and information. So learning to make handmade journals changed how I connect and communicate with others by giving me a way to help people feel more creatively empowered and encouraging them to share their stories. This is why I teach!

My art always begins or ends with words. By adding color and imagery I am able to visually share how I see the world. I believe art can look multi-layered and complex while being extremely simple and approachable. I use paper, mark making, and wordplay to create tangible versions of my life in hopes of inspiring you to do the same. Join me for a spectacular adventure into the world of handmade books, visual storytelling, and creative play. 

Check out my Book-in-a-Day series on YouTube and follow my online shenanigans at my website, blog, Facebook, or Instagram