Introduction to GraphQL | Matteo De Micheli | Skillshare
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5 Videos (13m)
    • Class Overview

    • Queries and Mutations

    • Type System

    • Graphiql and Introspection API

    • Simple GraphQL Project


About This Class

In this 15 minute class we will explore the GraphQL query language. You will get acquainted with the powerful query / mutation syntax and the type system to describe your API. We will also explore the powerful developer tools that GraphQL provides 

This class requires basic knowledge about:

  • The JSON data format
  • Client / Server Model
  • HTML / Javascript

We will not cover everything mentioned in the graphql spec, but rather have a quick and simple introduction. 





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Matteo De Micheli

Here to learn and teach

I really like creating things. One way is through writing code and the other through making music. Without the web I wouldn't do either of those.

My plan here is to learn from you and to give back by sharing my skills in form of courses.

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