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Introduction to Filmora 9 and X

teacher avatar Mugesh, Never stop learning

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

39 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Targeted audience

    • 3. filmora download

    • 4. System requirements

    • 5. Project creation

    • 6. Import files

    • 7. Record using webcam

    • 8. Record PC screen

    • 9. Record voice over

    • 10. Avoid duplication in files

    • 11. Files organization

    • 12. Understanding Timeline

    • 13. Basic editing in filmora 9

    • 14. Audio extraction

    • 15. Blank space removal (special)

    • 16. Group and ungroup clips

    • 17. Smooth preview technique

    • 18. Proxies (Advanced)

    • 19. How to add watermark?

    • 20. How to download assets

    • 21. Audio fade in/out

    • 22. Background noise removal

    • 23. Voice changer

    • 24. Advanced Text animation (special)

    • 25. Green screen basics

    • 26. How to remove Green screen

    • 27. How to add transition

    • 28. Split screen in Filmora X

    • 29. Beat detection in audio

    • 30. Silence detection in audio

    • 31. How to export video in Filmora X

    • 32. How to crop videos

    • 33. Pan and zoom

    • 34. Video fade in/out

    • 35. Key frame animation (special)

    • 36. How to fast/slow vidoes

    • 37. Color matching from Films

    • 38. Color correction (advanced)

    • 39. Thank you Note

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About This Class

Filmora is one of the beginner software for YouTubers and educators. In this entire course, you will learn about every option in Filmora 9 from the basics to the pro level like video stabilization, chroma-key, color grading, sound design, Advanced text animation, and so on. Happy learning :)

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1. Introduction: Hello guys. This is Mugesh. Welcome to my course learn filmora from the scratch. And in this course, you will learn everything about filmora , everything means every new option and settings which filmora posses in it. wish you all the best. And let's start our class. 2. Targeted audience: Before going to the first class, you must know about what you can do with the Filmora by using Filmora, You can remove green screen by using Chrome key option. You can stabilize your footage. You can also do color grading. You can do advanced titles effects. So there are a lot of openers and titles. Lower thirds and subtitles and end credits a lot of text options are that you can also customize it in an advanced way. And by the way, you can export it. And maximum quality can add transition? There are a lot of transitions, nearly 233 transitions are available. And you can also add effects. If you are a filmmaker, There are a lot of Luts there are a lot of filters. By using these filters, you can color grade your videos so easily. And if you're a vlogger, these elements are so essential by making your video so cinematic and there are a lot of split-screen effects also there if your status maker, these things may be useful for you. This video especially dedicated for Short filmmakers and YouTubers and other educational creators. Let's we meet in the next class. 3. filmora download: Hello guys, In this video, I'm going to explain to you how to download Filmora in a legal way, Just go to your browser and type Filmora Here you can see is their official website. Just enter into it and click Filmora products. And in this entire course, I'm going to cover Filmora 9, just scroll down in the bottom you can see two options, free download, and buy now, if you wish to enjoy Filmora for 30-day free trial, just go for free download or else you can buy the software for $66 per lifetime subscription. So now I'd like to go for a free download. You can also download it for Mac and Windows. So just click save and open this Filmora setup, So just install the software and continue this class. 4. System requirements: Hello guys, In this video, I'm going to explain to you what are all the system requirements you need to install and run Filmora 9 software. You at least need Windows seven or Windows ten. Note that it only supports 64-bit OS. 32 bit OS is not enough to run Filmora If you hdd Intel I3, you had a better performance. But intel i5 or i7 is recommended for HD and 4K videos. you need four GB RAM or else if you had 8 GB RAM, there is a better performance in rendering. So there is no lag in playback. And after that, you at least need ten GB of free space in a hard disk, if you had SSD, then it's good. These are the requirements for the Filmora 9 software. 5. Project creation: Hello guys. In this video I'm going to explain you how to create a project inception Moran, I offer this exponential Asia. You can see these kind of ceta, How you can choose the different kinds of aspect ratio you can go for one is to one screen and a lot of options are that. So you can also open a project which you've seen in the last step. So these are the histories are also available. So I would like to create a new project. So this is the basic in deficit Devlin Mura. If you interchange the configuration, just go here and click Change. The project is spectrum issue. You can choose the cuspid ratio in a custom, we just go for custom. And you can also change the aspect ratio ASU on. You can also change the frame rate. Also, just click OK and the entire project is changed. 6. Import files: Hello guys. In this video I'm going to explain you how to import your video clips, images, audio files, and safely Mura nine in a single leg. Just go to the project panel and click here. So like just like all the majors and media files and audio files by selecting an option called controlling a and just click NDA. So we can also use this shortcut control i to input your videos. Okay, now I would like to explain you more about the import option. Just click here and you can notice that as I said before, can relays the shortcut to import your files just a moment it, and you can also import the entire folder by pressing this option called input and media folder. Just choose the folder and click OK. These options may be useful whenever you try to do a short-lived works. And another important option is also there, just go here. Input from a camera or a phone. If you should eliminate camera or if you have any files in your phone, you can directly embed those files and safely moron nine by pressing this option. And another important option is imported the instant cutter tool if you wish to trim a clip and if you want a particular duration, so just go for this option and click this option, okay? Now opening file. And I like to choose this file, okay, after that, just, I would like to add a segment. So I would like to trim the part which I want. I would like data segment than I would like to go for this segment. So you can see that this then tear clip. So I would like to build this clip. So if I export the file, those segments will be exploded separately. And I'd like to merge those fires. I would like to add those files inside this option merge, okay? And that is an also an another important option which I will briefly Mora nine, which is not present in any other softwares in mediating industry, just click Import and you can also import in files from your Facebook or Instagram or a Flickr directly by signing into account. So just click it, just go for signing in. So by the way, you can access your profile. You can download the files and videos and photos from your profile directly into thusly Moran's and I would like to do close. So these are the options to import your files in settling we're on nine. 7. Record using webcam : Hello guys. In this video, I'm going to explain you how to record your webcam videos in certainly more on nine and just go to the about ten record and click record from a camp. So again, easily access your camera from Kimura. If you have an external device, you can change the device if you are doing is as more solution configuration, again stains that a solution depends upon your interests. Your devices connected with an external mic like USB microphones. With other companies, you can also change out your devices if you are device as more configuration to change the frame rate. If your cameras have watched 60 FPS, then again change the frame rates also, if you wish to record the video, just press this camera button. So we accountant would be pop up after the three is against the reader will be starts, Hey guys, this is Mukesh, OK, then click, stop, then click OK, then the video will be directly imported. So we can just drag and drop the video in your timeline. So simple. 8. Record PC screen: Hello guys. In this video I'm going to explain you how do regard you are pieces screening safely, Moran, I just go to record and click Record PC screen. There is no need to buy at third party software to record your screen because in severe Mora, there's a free option to record your screen. So you can notice that there's a pop-up will be available. So click here to change the screen size by using custom, you can change the ADR. Do we exposed again, I just the idea by just dragging the corners like this. Again, notice that, so you can also change the width and height by entering the values. You can change the output device, you can change the microphone device, the input audio device. By connecting an external microphone, you can change the audio input device and there is the option. So if you have multiple devices, you can connect multiple screens, had the settings, you can change the sooo bad, you can change the frame rate. I would like to go for 59 frame rates. And you can change the quality and can also fix the dimer for the stop regarding dam. So again change the cursor effects also that. So again, just simply are just the most sound processing via a function plus F ten. Again, pause the video or is in the video. In order to stop the video, just press function plus F9. So you can also regard the camera. So by the way, so these are the option, just click there, I've got options. So that is the probability that three to one or your reader will be recorded. Ok, now you can just close the video and it will be directly imported inside the streamer and ends after you can just drag and drop the video to edit the video inception we're on nine. 9. Record voice over: Hello guys. In this video I'm going to explain you how to record your visor and xylem are and I just go here and press this mike button. You can see there's an option to change your device also if you connected, you are external microphone and third desktop, you can change the microphone alsos on. I would like to go for the USB microphone, which I connected with my laptop. You can also change the input audio. So you notice that if you mute the audio, the system model will be mu dot in the sense the audio from your desktop or a PC. So now I would like to mute the audio and just click the audio burden so that when we're gone down after the 321 order bit, I gotta, Hey guys, this is engaged and welcome to this course. Learn flim or rough on the scratch. After that, just pause the video and click OK. That audio window also important in their timeline and it will be available in them project binary two. 10. Avoid duplication in files: Hello guys. In this video, I'm going to share a small trick with you when you tried to. Ad2 is short limb. Or to create a slideshows, you need to odd multiple video files or images or audio files. So that time you will have a confusion whether you ordered the video file or not, whether we added audio file or not. So femur has a solution whenever you add a file in your timeline at tic mode, we need that. So if I add a file here, so a tick mark will be automatically updated here, holding guys, this simple trick would be useful for you. 11. Files organization: What other time-based aging factor in editing workflow is random order of clips. So in this video I am going to show you how to laryngeal clips. Here you can see there is an option to create a folder. So I can create a folder in the project panel. You can also delete a folder. You can also rename the folder and the folder just click, select and just click so easily that into folder. If you want wish to arrange the clips in ordered manner, go to the filter option and click videos. So one way we disagree, visible if you want to unleash, may just go here. If you wish, only audio, then go here. And after that, you can also group those images and videos by using this option called short by. So again, view those images and videos and a large thumbnail view or a middle W, or a small thumbnail view. You can also start the videos by using name, duration, type, or date created in an ascending or descending order. So you can also group those videos by date created or camera name and other things that also that hold the guys. These ticks will be essential and useful for your shock lemon YouTube video works. 12. Understanding Timeline: Hello guys. In this video, I'm going to explain you about the timeline and some other useful shortcuts. Insightfully, moron nine initiated will comes with their single video and audio track. If you wish to hide their video, just click the I button, so the video behind it, if we wish to undo, just click again. And if you enable the log burden, any elite art gallery over there will never affect the video which is locked. And if you wish to mute the audio, just click here. So the audio will be mu debt. And if you wish to add more than one track, just click Manage tracks. So again, add a single video drag or audio track. If you moron nine the maximum you can add a 100 drags. So just go down and click Open track manager. So by the maximum you can add a 100 tracks. So 99 tracks, I can add single track assaults already existed. And another input option is also that placement. You can also place the videos ago the existing layer or below the existing layer by selecting these options, the audio tracks will be also works in the similar way. And I would like to give you some more values like 20 tracks and click ender, okay, now 20 tracks, you can also delete the empty drags. It can also expand that track view. So just click, just to track height. Click big. So now we can see a big track will be, given. This is very much useful whenever you try to speed up house. We don't that we do are filling out a fade out the video. So detailed view you can obtain from it if you wish to fit your video, the entire timeline, just click shift to plus that would be exactly fit in the NTD timeline. And if you wish to expand their timeline, just click here and just drag to the right side. Dragging left side will research, the diamond will be minimized. And that shortcut is that control plus, plus to expand our timeline and control plus minus to minimize that time length. Another important option available in the diamond is a AAA-rated. I would like to give an example. Now I like to crop here and I would like to cut here. Okay, so and I would like to delete the video. You can see that has no blank space at all between the two clips. Youth, the replay today's and selector, if they'd the video at blank space will be automatically created. So this will consume lot amount of time whenever you try to do a short glimpse to get a full screen preview, click on plus n, And click or press enter again to get them minimal view. And another shortcodes also there to play the video, click paste burden. To pause the video, click the spacebar again and again. And if you wish to go to the beginning of the video, there are two options. And just click home burden to reach the beginning of the video or else you can also click the stop button to reach the beginning of the video. And if you wish to go to the index that we do, just click the NBA Dan in your timeline. And they're important tricks also that if you wish to add a marker, just click EM, or you can go here and click here. So these are the shortcuts. And you, if you wish to add more number of markers, just click MR. GGA, marker and a marker. And if you wish to go to the beginning of the moral order, exactly half the marker, shift the up-arrow to go to the exact down of the market. If you go down, just click shift down arrow to go down. These are the things about the timeline. Let's meet in the next class. 13. Basic editing in filmora 9: Hello guys. In this video I'm going to explain you how to do the basic operations in editing called occurred, copy paste, trim or split ends, FMR and nine. So in honor of those, spit the video into two parts. Just go to the exact time you want, then use this as a tool, just press. So they will be separated into two parts. How does again do a shortcut Control plus Be to split them into two parts at the exact time. You can split the video if you wish to trim their video, go to the beginning or end of the video. Again, I would like to just minimize it. So just go to the end of the video then just trim live site. So you can also see n time and duration. It's audio to friends. You can also trim that we do from the beanie. Okay, then next important thing is if you wish to copy or cut the video, and I would like to just cut here, OK, press control plus X to cut the video. So if you'd like to paste the video at this exact point, if you do this, the process as usual, process control does V2 paste. If you paste it, then the veto overlapping may happens. So in order to avoid this, now would like to go and do this. Just go here and press this button and click IRA video drag, then make sure it is like this again, video drag. If you place the video now the video will be added over the video. These are the essential tools for the basic video editing inflame around nine. 14. Audio extraction: Hello guys. In this video I'm going to teach you how to extract the audio or attach the audio from the video, just good FOR nine, then select the clip, then press control all than d So the audio easily extracted. Or as you can also go, just right-click the video and just click detach how you value a. We detach it from the video. 15. Blank space removal (special): Hello guys. In this video I'm going to DJ board how to remove the unwanted space between the eclipse employee morale nine, just select all of the glyphs are L's. You can also press Convert plus E. It's Assad credit to select off the glimpse. Then just press alt, delete, so every blank space between the eclipse will be deleted. 16. Group and ungroup clips: Hello. In this video, I'm going to explain you how to group and ungroup your videos inception Moran nine and I had a group that video, just like all the video by pressing counterparty to select all the videos. Ok, now breast control plus g. So the carafe, the video which changed. So you can actually move the entire video and a simple way. So if you move a single clip, everybody had been mowed down, ruled that video, just press Control, Alt G. So the everybody or b, Ungroup Sophie more video only on video Dem mode. 17. Smooth preview technique: Hello guys, who were all doing good. In this video, I am going to teach you how to add us mood playback and safely Moran nine. As you notice that a how imported to forget laughs. I can show you by going into this properties. Yes, it's a folk lmfit, 60 frame rates per second. And another button, B button in the bottom, it indicates the proxies. I will talk about the proxies in the next video. Now I would like to import those two videos and their timeline. So you notice that the red Claire in their diamond indicates the lag in the video. If I play the video, then the ladder will be happen if the diamond in blue color than the preview will be good in excellent quality, if the line in the log-log debris will be slightly Good and slightly bad. There are two ways to achieve a good preview inflow. Moron nine, Number one, by rendering the video, then the pro level thing is just go to the file, then go to preference, then go to performance, then just select Background rendering. You can also adjust the diming. So I would like to give advice against You can also change the location of the render the files. It'll be definitely I'll fall whenever you tried to Eddie do array shortly model big flames or a long-duration clips. The second way, Dutch, you are good playback and safely Murano by just entering the video, click here, or as you can just press the enter button under the video, all of these things will be definitely useful for you or editing work. 18. Proxies (Advanced): Hello guys. In this video I'm going to discuss important obligated TO call the proxies. Proxies are very much useful in your reading of flow. Consider your device configuration is not enough to handle big resolution file size like two k4, K6, K And 8K. The business afterwards like Premier Pro, free Mora nine or aftereffects or damaged resort. These off those uses a technique called proxies. Use it or to reduce the preview lag while you're editing. Because life happens, then there may be a factor you may not feel comfortable right now. So by using proxies, you can actually simplify the preview lag. What'll actually proxies? Proxies or a temporary files which are actually replaced by the original file in your editing work. But oil you exploiting your video, the original file will be automatically replaced, so the better resolution will be obtained. But during editing that temporary files will be available, the temporary files or actually breed and notifies by your Adobe Media Encoder or any encoder where depends upon your software. In this video, I'm going to show you how to enable proxies in Zeppelin Moran, I just go to file and go to preference and just go to performance and choose proxies. You can actually adjust that a solution Kimura Chile allows you to enable proxies for solutions. If a video file as more than a valet de someone 20, then you can actually choose this option. You can also choose the 4K quality. So if a file with the 40 coins are greater than 40 loyalty, automatically a proxy file will be replaced by the original file in cellular few Moran nine. So while you're editing, the proxies ways are a temporarily stored in this location. The user documents arguments upon you or you are interested, you can actually choose the location also. So by enabling this option, you are a preview will be good in the past today I explained you abode smooth playback by enabling their background render and our, and our burden. So the proxies are also useful to render your use. Hope you guys understand this topic. Let's we meet in the next class. 19. How to add watermark?: Hello guys. In this video I'm going to explain you how to add your brand name as a watermark and femora nine, after the completion of editing work, just go to the titles and choose any title. In my case, I would like to go for Title 28. It seems to be good. So I only want one font, so I would like to remove this. So just select this and go and go and select all. Then give a backspace so it will be removed. And now I'd like to change this text. So I would like to change this to skill share. Skill Share. And I would like to change the font. So I would like to go for a canon have beautiful font. I actually seen offer data how to reduce the size of the text. So just reduce the texture size by dragging like this. Usually watermarks are placed in the bottom of the video, left side or right side. The just go down and in the composing option, just reduce the opacity. It must be less than 50. So it acts like a watermark. Okay? And I would like to give a big screen just playing. 20. How to download assets: Hello. In this video, I'm going to explain you how to download any asset anymore. And nine, just go to the particulars that you wish. Just unplug the asset. It can be easily downloaded from the server via audio file or a fact or a title or element. Again, simply download from it. And before going to use this files, make sure to read the licensing fluffy Mura nine, because we're more on nine awful immoral website only allows you to use those files for your personal use. You cannot use those files for a commercial use. If you wish to use those files for commercial use, just go to the film stock. It's official part enough limb aura. And you can purchase the stock premium subscription plan for an annual subscription for $240. So make sure to check it and let's do it in the next class. 21. Audio fade in/out: Hello guys. In this video I'm going to explain you how to fade in or fade out audio file and safely moron nine. To do that, just double-click the audio file. You are actually import that and you can see that is a Freudian option. You can add just the dragon to feeding or audio. It can actually add just here, or you can just type here to change the value, just click five or six against you want, can actually do the would also, you can see the graph difference here. Just drag them marker like this so you can easily adjust the fading out, fade out the audio manually. 22. Background noise removal: Hello guys. In this video I'm going to explain you how to remove the background. Nice inflame around nine and a simple way of risks clean voted with the audio clip and send the timeline, just doubling the audio file and click denoise, remove the background noise and just play the week or made or strong to get good audio. I would like to play a week. So I would like to give a playback to eight. Hello guys. And there is a fan zone, is there, right? So just the audio file and give made hello, no magic the fans on this change. But the problem is with low audio file guys. Thanks for watching. My y's is actually changing to a robotic one. So in order to avoid this, just do a cut here, okay? And here I will have played them made audio noise. And here I would like to give a week all your nice. 23. Voice changer: Hello guys. In this video, I'm going to explain you how to use the voice changed offensively Maronite effectively? No, I had a record audio of mine, so I would like to do a playback in the normal way. Hello guys, welcome to my course. Learn from more affluent the basics, and I'm very glad to meet you all and don't forget to watch all the videos to learn about him morale completely and have a great day tensile watching. But I, so it's unnormalized, right? So I'd like to change the wise to the robotic one. In order to do this, just double-check the audio file, then go to the page and decrease as much you want after that, you okay, and your playback. Now, I would like to change my voice to the child is one. So I would like to change the pitch to the plus two, L and U. Okay, now I'd like to give a playback. I hope you learned something fun today. Let's meet in the next class. 24. Advanced Text animation (special): Hello. In this video, I'm going to explain you a bolded text animation and different kinds of texture tools. And amora nine had openers, titles, lawyer though it's uptight as these are different kinds of text usage can actually use this arbitrators to give an explanation about the video, can use them credits to correlates the artist who are all working in the phlegm, you can use that ideal graphics or are you going to use the openness for one of the c? Just I would like to add text in my timeline. So just drag-and-drop that textiles click the plus button to add a text in your project. So if you wish to change the text, just our limited text, or as just click the preview panel and select all the text by using the assault can't control ie. And I'd like to change the font to skill share. Okay, skill Shadd. I would like to change the text style, ok, just click here, and I would like to change it to American captain, okay, along this text precedent, if you wish to change that exercise, just click here and click this option. If we want to change it manually, use the gardener and drag like this to change the exercise. If you wish to move that desk, just look at the center or the good this option to move your text and Kimura comes into the perfect helpful alignment. So you can actually easily plays your text at the center of the video. Go not our love sick or not, alright, say Guatemala of sigma. And this side is entered text, right? If you want to change that is under text style to vertical, one just gives space between the top and bottom and click this button. So when tickled text will be achieved, and I would like to change this to horizontal one. Ok, now I would like to change this, okay, if you wish to change your text style to bold one and just kick the b. If you want to change a dialect, then just click I. If you want to align that text using these paragraph options are. And by the bottom, you can change the text color and I like to change the color to black, okay, I can actually increase the space between them, space between their different letters. Actually, if you amora comes into the box type stay, if you do anything inside their diets to so if the space between that text to be increased, then that access will be reduced in order to get the equal or Cmd exercise just increase the border, the block size so everything will be arranged and I would like to undo this, okay? Now, you can actually use the alignment option to easily plays your writes a DOP or more dam or at the center. And if you want to select another text in the project, just click this button. So automatically we director has another transform tools out there. Don't rotate your text. You can actually rotate your text, can scale your text, can actually move your text expulsion or y position. So different kinds of things like that. And composing. Composing is that blending modes actually blended that text to the scene. Either you can choose the normal or dark and unworldly multiplayer lightened screen Color Dodge and different kinds of things are that difference. And these kind of things that, that again, I like Don and do this again actually increase or decrease the opacity of the font here. Okay, and now I would like to explain you about the different kinds of press set. Just click their particular text. You want to change the preset and click the different texture style or else you can just click the plus button to change the text style. You can see. The often this is before. Now I'm recommending you to use the advanced option because you get a bigger screen for a great preview, just maximize their tab. And you can actually change their text here. And I would like to use this Keisha animation. Okay, this is this geisha. He can actually use the different kinds of texts. Here. Can actually do the normal color text fill or else you can use the gradient. You can use the color we're done. You can click mode. You can actually use the manual color by dragging like this. Now I like to do an ice cream color, okay, now add to custom color and go to another color and click Add to custom color. Click OK. Now you the difference in colors. So a gradient will be happened. You can actually increase or decrease the opacity of the gradient. You can actually change the different kinds of Texas tiles to blurb the gradient. You can change the angle of the gradient of, for example, a gradient will be happening linearly or rotation angle B happened for the insane that text diagrams will be happen, can actually give the border to eat people called in the name of stroke. Usually they provide in the black color. So a Bartleby happened can actually increase or decrease the bottom capacity, can increase the blurred, can increase the size. And another important option is shadow. And I would like to use this text to demonstrate you the shadows, okay, and I would like to click here and click that text shadow box to enable this. You can see here as shadow a B happened at the value of the text can actually increase or decrease the opacity of the shadow can increase their distance or the shadow from the text can increase the blurriness of the shadow can change the color of the shadow, can change the type of the shadow, whether you want in the backside of the text, can actually change the angle of the shadow which caste in the screen. You can also change these changes as a custom Prasad. And after that you can use this for the every projects. So I like to change the name to change, and click OK and it will be automatically saved and they're texting animations. And I would like to use these animation column to explain you before that. So these are the, you can actually give a playback here, just click here to give a playback. And you can actually increase or decrease the opacity of the dx, again, increase the duration of the text and can actually change the present video also. So now I'd like to explain another important thing here. This option or this option is enabled to move the font to the top of the video, to the bottom of the video, to them, more to the friend or mood of the backward. So if you had two or more multiple phones and multiple images in the single frame, you can use this option to move friend or back. So now I'd like to explain your board that extended nation, there are different kinds of text animations are that you can actually use those animation not only for text presents, you can actually use those folder to create a slideshow we use ok, there are different kinds of text animations are that you can actually use those to create an awesome texture animation for the lawyers or any kind of things. So you can see nearly 30 or 40 animations are that, that is stretching and zoom. Or there is a lion and Phaedo, That is a drop animation. There is an expansion animation that is a zoom ordered the ride. So don't use this kind of things because it's not mixer videos, Ozymandias just use fade or boom or clockwise rotation or clockwise rotate, another kind of things. Just save as a custom press it to change the animations and different kinds of things to well, separate apps, press it, and I would like to explain you abort the openers. There are different openers. Are there different title animations? Are that just drag-and-drop to cheese that idle animation and click OK. That admissions already happened. And you can actually use the lower third option. So now I'd like to choose the text style and your lower third tune or electricity used the duration of that. So we'll just give a play an ASM lower total B happened here, can actually use the incorrect scene. So I love this text preserved because after that, after I can actually change the name of that. So nearly I think go to the Advanced option. And you had a greater review, Kenyatta, I think 14 names can actually add 40 names. Just double-click the click here and you're going to actually change the name. For example, I could change this name, don't engage. So and we can't do give a space between them. Okay? So that's all right with the text animations, friends meet in the next class. 25. Green screen basics: After you successfully scripted as seen, you how to shoot a video and the proper lighting condition. Harris, My five quick tips for a perfect shooter. Number one, here's the perfect green-screen cloth or sheet number to fit it perfectly to avoid distortion due to the when. Number three gives some space between your character and green-screen. Number four, make sure the shadow of your object not fall on the screen. Number five, use a tripod to avoid shaking full page. And here it is a bonus tip. Don't via blue or green colored dress. Grow means single color. This key is used to do remote the backdrop perfectly. Make sure your backdrop is a green or blue color. Here is a simple question may arise in your mind. Why we are always using green or blue color? Because these are the two colors never matches with your skin tone. That's why we are always using these colors. 26. How to remove Green screen: Hello guys. In this video I'm going to explain you how to remove the green screen in settling Mura nine. It's so simple and easy. First import all of your image on project files. So first I would like to click the background image and important the layer one of the that I would like to import the image which contains the green screen in the layer two. That means the layer that should be a boulder background layer. Ok, offer that lick that particular layer which contains the green screen. Then click here, okay, then just click the eye dropper tool and luckier as so simple and easy. And after that, the best practice to use the green screen is justly doll for channel. And you notice that it should be black, rather green screens and other part should be a perfect to ICT. But you'll notice that as small amount of gray closer that again, just go the offset and increase or decrease the offset to reduce the grey color of that, just increase the tolerance to get out perfect black and white combination. And you can also increase the edge further digest the green screens flattering offer. They're just disable Alpha channel and the cookie. And you can see that perfect Green's kinda based on happens. But you notice that the green screen is properly removed, but they may just not properly set. So just like the escape button and the particular background image, and just don't like it. And again, notice that the transform option and just decrease this key. Okay, now Muda exposition. And also if you want, moved away, push into, okay, I hope you guys learned to remodel green-screen in this video. Let's do it in the next class. 27. How to add transition: Hello guys, this is mortgaged today, I would like to teach you how to add tranche in-between the clips. Just add the first clip, okay, just drag-and-drop and just add this again. Just drag-and-drop. So at transient is going to be played between the Eclipse. So it's a kind of transition from one clip to another clip, just head to that transient option. So again, see a lot of transients are there. So in within the remote application. So you can just search if you want to get a preview, just double-click the one. So we again get a preview like that. So now I'd like to go for the speed blur. So which one I loved most. So this one or else I would like to go for the simple role. So it looks good. So just dab it and just paste it. Okay, just drag-and-drop is enough. Just double-click the transgene. You can see there are three types of transient mode. One is war, lap and prefix and postfix. So now I'd like to go for the overlap. If I wish to trim the transient time, you can just simply just remit or else you can just head to hear and just trim the transient time. So if you had a multiple clips, you can just simply tap applied to also the same fraction with the same time, with the same mode will be applied to the all other clips. Just click OK and click this option and just play the video. It looks good, right? Let's emit in the next class. 28. Split screen in Filmora X: Hello and welcome to Learn for Marina easy way. In this tutorial, I would like to explain you how to use the split-screen option and customize your videos in a simple manner. Let's get started. First open your femur application, then open a split-screen option. We can see different kinds of tales that, that, for example, the first, second, third, fourth, or sixth, or the basic states, they do not contain any innovation anode animation, I would like to show that preview. So knowing innovation and outer animation. But these tails contains in animation and out animation, you can see the animation. And now we are going to see the automation. Okay, so for example, I would like to add the particular style to the favorite folder, just You are hard to eat, OK. Now we'd like to import a particular style to my timeline. You can just drag and drop the clip or as just click the plus button to import the particular style in your timeline, you can actually extend the duration of the split screen for the 40 redesign. For example, again, just extended duration up to OneNote or 15 minutes, or 25 minutes or five minutes or depends upon your interest. So once it's completed, just click that wants to option. So again, just drag and drop the video to the particular place holder as you want. For example, I like Dad, the third video, the place holder, you can see here. So different videos, contents, different duration. I would like to just uniform all the videos to the particular level. But you notice that my the split-screen ends in this duration. I don't care about that. Just click the video on trimmed the duration to this level. Okay. And I would like to just take the video and trim the distillation nearly tense again, just click the video and you have a different kinds of options will appear here. First option will be the scale up and scale down. If you click the minus, there will be scaled down. If you click the video, the video will be scaled up. If the video contains any audio, again, just mute the video from here, or you can just delete the video from here. I would like to just click the X mark. Okay, you can also simply rotate the video or else again and just flip the video or else again just mirror the videos that have different kinds of options here. So again, just more than we do in the exposition, or as you can just move the video on the white portion also, so you can easily customize it. If your video is shaky and nod and a good motion, you can easily establish the video by using the stabilization option. Just click the US depreciation option. It will analyze what we do in a simple manner and after some amount of time that we do it, we stabilize. So now I'd like to just click the cancel button. Okay, then just get the grow monkey. If your video contains any kind of green-screen on blue screen, you can easily remove from this option. Just get the groom again, select the color using the keeping her okay. You can actually adjust the thickness and the surrogates of options will appear once you implement this option. Okay, next is lens correction. We do not want this. Then next is drop shadow, and this is two. And next option is outer enhance. If you don't have a time to do the color correction or implement the white balance and other options, we can just get out and ends option. So this will and answer, we do an upgrade manner, ok, just click the auto enhance option, okay, for example, I like to customize this video in a great man and nano minor. Just click the video and head to the color option. You can actually I just did threshold value for the color adjustments. Or as you can just increase or decrease the white balance option, you can just direct the weight balance. Ok, it is not good, right? So again, easily I just that temperature or else you can just, you can actually adjust the tone and 3D let, if you want to load that really let just click the button and you again see different kinds of movie sales. Naught, naught seven black and white flim, Batman, cool flame or a dog limb. So it will be directly implemented in what we do for electron and do this video. Okay, next option is animation. So this is an important option in the fluoride acts. So for example, this deal contains an animation out animation we know that just want to play the video. So this is an animation and once it is going to be completed it as an antidote animation. So it contains an automation, right? For example, I like to add in innovation or automation for the video's not the state, but I would like to add dao animation for the video. Flee Mora allows you to add animation or do the animation for the rotation option, scale option simply, we can tell the transformation option. We can transform that we do by using the gain equation for the desired time, rotate scale, position, opacity. These things will be changed for the different values of time by using the animation, you can actually use the present option. There are different kinds of presets, zoom-out, zoom ins, presence or that. But if you want to customers in the manual manner, just head down to here. I would like to, was to delete this option. Okay, now first I would like to adequate animation here. It's just I, we're glad that animation. And then the next option for this video. So before this video, okay, for this video, I would like to add the animation. Before that, I'd like to just scale the video. Okay? So if I would like to play the video, then you can see the difference. So see the video, it'll be scaled up. It's so easy and simple to customize what we use using these split-screen option. So once it's completed, just click OK and click OK. And just you the full screen resolution and hit the Preview button are rendered by tend to get a beautiful preview. Once it's completed, just give the full screen option and play the video and hope this tutorial available for you. Don't forget to read my goals in skin share. 29. Beat detection in audio: Hello guys, this is mortgaged. In this video, I'm going to explain the b direction, future inception more i x. This is one of the important features for the gaming relevant content creators because while they are montage gaming, editing videos, they need to slow down or speed up the video. I'll zoom in or zoom out the video further, particular beat up the audio. So detecting the beat of the audio in a manual way consumes a large amount of time. But by using this beat detection option, we can do the process very easy manner they all need to do is first import the audio, then just like leaked audio, then just click beat detection. So it takes some amount of time, the Beatle we detected automatically. So once it's completed, you can just right-click the beat and just like the beat option. So you can actually highlight the beat for everyone's again, are those against our two trees against we're actually do the highlight offset optional, so just click the OK button. The beat option will be detected and reanalyzed. Then just click and import the audio and a timeline. And you can see the B2B Mondelez marker, the red marker. By using this option, you can just zoom in or zoom out the video. Hope that this will be helpful for you. Don't worry your door rate my course. Bye-bye. 30. Silence detection in audio: Hello guys, this is mitigation. In this video I'm going to explain you how to use the silence collection, a brand new future employee Mora eggs. It's a beautiful feature. Do means it got around $6 per month. But don't worry, you will get us on day free trial in order to use this option, just import the video, then right-click the video and lick their science election. The main important thing is you need a active Internet connection. Okay, so once the sinA, sinB director, thus island part we, we deleted automatically. So you can actually adjust the future. You can see the parameter minimum duration. You can increase or decrease them in minimum duration parameter, for example. So these kind of silence gap will be detected by the free Mora eggs. You can actually just the softening buffer optional so you can actually adjust the volume threshold. It means so the other part of the audio content on a percentage of the audio, but the part of this islands part will contains only 20 percentage of the audio. We can actually add just these futures. So just take the restart option, so relate the reader analysis the video. So once it's completed, just play the video or else you can just export the video to the timeline. So wait for some time so that we do will be imported into the timeline. So just play the video and you can see the difference. I hope that this feature will be helpful for you. Let's meet in the next class. Bye bye. 31. How to export video in Filmora X: Hello guys, This is mortgaged. Welcome to my course. In this video, I would like to explain you how to export your video from the femur IX. Once you've completed the editing work, just like the Export button in the left side panel off the local, you can see a different kinds of video formats. Mp4 is the most used format and the social media platforms, for example, you can use the formatting YouTube or Instagram or Facebook or WhatsApp and other formats like AVA and MOV and MKDIR, the other popular formats. And if you want to export your video as a GIF file, click the GIF file and export the video. And if you want to export one layer audio, just click the MP3 file. Anymore. X1 only export the audio file alone. Okay, Don't forget to enable the GPU accelerated rendering. This will reduce the rendering time for you. And if you're confused with the different kinds of video formats, and just make sure to go for the device and make sure your devices listed below, you can see the different kinds of video devices, for example, iPad, Apple TV, or the different kinds of systems. And you can see that our solution will be changed event a change in their device name. For example, I like to go for the smartphone option. The resolution will be changed and androgenic that position will be changed. And other settings would be I just did automatically. And if you had a YouTube channel, you can easily upload your video from the femora x application itself. You can give a title to it. You can change the quality options by clicking the Settings option. And you can view the description, you can change the category, you can view the DAX option, again, change the privacy from public or unlisted or private. And actually you can see the file size and duration and make sure to read the privacy policy and not gone permission also. And if you had a Vimeo account, just click the Vimeo option and sign into account and upload your video. And if you want to burn the file in your DVD disc in just a minute, options like the DVD. And you can here you can change that H0 option whether you want a 16 is 2, 9, or forced to three, you can change the DVD standard and TCR and DSCR Paul, or you can change then coding type from the constant to be dread to variable bit rate. You can change the video quality to from high-quality meat quality and video quality. You can change the folder path and different kinds of settings available here. The most important thing is from the local disk, you can change the name itself. For example, electric change their name to Mukesh, okay, this is my name. And again change the location of the output file. You can just click this like pylorus, you can just create the folder from itself. The important thing is settings. So before that, I'd like to just enable the mp4 option. And you can see that our solution, frame rate, size and duration, I would like to change the bit rate. So again, see the quality has three important qualities. You can see if you change the quality one limited l alone change, for example, now itself is 8000 bytes per second for change, Good, It's only 6000. If I change West, it's 10000 kilobytes per second. If we want a more quality than I can just browse here and just click the option on lack of DDOS and kilobytes per second. Then also change the option by using the custom option. Okay, here are some of the audio codec settings then go to CAC and channel STD or five-point ones, our own sound or else you can change the sample rate for examiner to go for 48 thousand hertz kilohertz. So this will use are more quality and I would recommend to enable this option called a bitrate. So just go to the Madrid and select the 320 kilobytes per second. This will definitely give our trochlear quantity to your audio file. So once you've completed the settings, just like the Export button. So fluoro here offers two important options to you, because if you're editing in your videos in the nighttime, you can just link the remainder, sound remainder or shadowing, compute that. So once they export is completed, their system will be automatically share. Don't hold this to deliver helpful for you. Don't forget to rate my course. 32. How to crop videos: Hello guys, This is an obligation. We'll come back to my course, learn camera from the basics. Today I would like to explain you how to use the crop tool option in safer more I X to crop your videos. Just imported video and click the crop button. And you can see the entire frame here. So we can simply just drag and drop the gardener two races or redo. And if you want to go for the breeze or just click this button ratio you can change to focus to 31 is to one, or an ion is 216. It's all yours choice, okay, if you want to adjust the width and height independently is getting the customer then and again change the width independently depends upon your interests. Okay? And if you know any value using this button, you can change the value two. And if you want to regain the pushing, for example, I'm just going for Forrester three. If we want to regain the frame size, click the reset button so it automatically regain the original frame size. Hope this will be useful for you. Let's meet in the next class. 33. Pan and zoom: Hello guys. Welcome back to my co-host. Today I would like to teach you how to do the balance WE option and set him on x because static we use and doesn't create any attention of the viewers. So we have to do some planning in the video orals. We have to do some zooming effect. So instantly more execute easier to do this. So we'll just get the video and go this option called the Crop button. And you can simply just tap the button called abandoned zoom. Here you can notice that the blue color mark will indicate the start button. So the video start in the complete full frame and ending with the zooming effect. So here are some of the presets available. This is zooming effect, this is zoom-out effect, and you can see this is the start button, and this is then button. And here it is those panning option starting from the left to moving to the right side. And this is the banning right to left. And he does the option which is lab the options slab the start and endpoints. You can see this is the start. And if I click this button, it will change this Start button will change it to two left side. If I click again, you change your door right side. So these are the things. If I just reset the option, the initial will be repeated. And if you want to do this process manually, you can simply do that. Click the custom button and go to the starting point and just choose your starting frame and just click the ending frame. And you can just choose your ending frame like this. And click OK button and just click this button and just play the video. The problem is the blockbuster be available here, so we have to just work on it. I hope that you learned about the crop and abandoned zoom option in this video and it's really in the next class. Bye bye. 34. Video fade in/out: Hello guys. Welcome back to my course, learned limb or rough on the basics in this video, like to teach you how to do the fade in and fade adoption using the keyframe animation. So it's always in simple, just go to the initial frame and click the keyframe. And automatically a keyframe or key point will be automatically added. Just decrease the opacity to 0, okay? And I'll just move that keyframe to some sort of ten. And I just add a keyframe and just restore it. Ok, and now you can see this is 0, this is a 100. And just repeat the process again. Now, just add a keyframe and just go to the end. Sorry, just go to the end. Just click and drag like this. Just go to the end and decrease the opacity is itself and click Okay, now, play the video. Fade in, fade out, fade in, fade out. I hope you learned something today. Let's leave it in the next class. 35. Key frame animation (special): Hello guys. Welcome back to my ghost. Learn flim Mura from the basics today, I would like to teach you how to do the keyframe option inside him or I x after you successfully imported or clip, just click the keyframe option. If you notice that once you click that button, automatically key point will be added to the timeline by using the keyframe option, you can actually change thus properties or the time. You can't rotate the clip, you can scale that. You can I just do a push in and you can adjust the opacity and these are the properties. These are the only properties you can change through the dam, okay? For example, this is the initial position. I want to do a zoom in here enough effect, Julianna effect. Then actually I simply just scale this option. And you can see that if I just change the property at hermetically, a keyframe is added here. If I want to play the video again, see I kind of zooming effect will be created. Okay, Now, if I want to travel from this keyframe to the previous keyframe, again, just use this option. I can easily go to this keyframe. I can easily go to the previous keyframe. Again easily go to the next keyframe, okay? And these are the only properties again change. And if we would like to rotate the video, just this the initial keyframe, and this is the next keyframe. And I can easily rotate the clip too. So I kind of rotation will be available. And this is the scaling button. And if I look to play the video, I kind of thing, right? So everything you can easily do this process inside the keyframe option. And here is the another option called kinda pushing moment. So I just want to add the keyframe animation here. This is the initial position. I just want to move the portion along x axis. So I can easily do this process like this. Again, you can see the difference by watching a preview. So kind of a movement in the ocean. You can see that. Okay. You can also move the keyframe option into the white portion. Also. To do that, just click Add a key animation keyframe and go to some extent pushing and just increase the y value. And you can watch the difference. So I like to play the video, right? And another important options, opacity. You can adjust the opacity of the keyframe animation for the keyframe here. And the opacity must be 0. And after a particular time, I would like to add opacity to a 100. So since I already keyframe has existed here, I can adjust the opacity to 50 or a 63. And this key frame, the opacity should be a 100. Okay, I would like to just play the video again of thing. Hope that you understand the basics of keyframe option in safely more IX, if you add any doubts, don't forget to contact me through my mail. The link is provided in the description. Let's do it in the next class, signing FMO case buh-bye. 36. How to fast/slow vidoes: Hello guys, This is mortgage today we like to teach you how to speed up, slow down, reverse, or freezing a frame in Zeplin Mora x. First a drag and drop your video. Next thing is just like the speed button, and you can see different kinds of sweet options available here. The first one is custom speed. Let me talk about it later. Next one is slow down. You can slow down and videoclip up to 0, 1, 0, and x in safely more Ixx. So slowing down means increasing the duration. Faster. Speed up the means decreasing the duration. If you faster than a 100 bucks, then the duration of the clip will be reduced. And if you don't like the slow down or speed up the clip, just pick them out over 10 to regain its original duration. And freezing frame means freezing the current frame of the video clip. Then you can actually adjust the freeze frame duration, the duration button, and again, just increase or decrease the duration depends upon your interest. Okay, the next thing is reversed that video clip. And you can also reverse the reductive. Just click the clip and I just get the speed and go to just click the reverse. And while this process you in the preview, you might not feel a good motion. So just create a proxy file for a beautiful preview. And it takes some amount of time for the preview or just click the Preview interruption. So the reverse future will be looks so good. I would like to just play the video once it's completed because reversing a video will definitely looks good for our kind of our animation or motion, smooth motion. I would like to play the video. See, it looks good, right? So and I would like to just undo this process. Okay, The next thing is custom speed. Here is the options custom speed, actually you can speed up or slow down the Cape up to your interests. You can actually change the X button. Let's just increase or decrease the duration. So we can easily adjust if you are confused with the speed up or slow down the process. And you can actually hear reverse the speed. And also again, just enabling the ripple edit tool helps you to avoid empty space between the clips. Okay, hope you learned about the speed up or slow down inside three more IX, if you had any doubts, just contact me through my mail. I provide a link and description. Don't forget to rate my cosine of him. Okay. Buh-bye. 37. Color matching from Films: Hello guys, This is Mugesh. We'll come back to my class, learn filmora from the basics, Today I would like to share a small trick with you. A kind of color matching option. Sometimes you may like kind of color grading in movies, web series or a kind of YouTube videos. And, if you want to steal their work or if you want to copy their techniques, the color grading, color grading values like brightness in intensity, exposure and kind of saturation, vibrance and a contrast and shadows and blacks and white to here we do exactly. And you can easily do this process in filmora x, just import the video, the video you allow and your own video. And we're going to do is just copying the video values to this video, your video. And what you can do is just make sure your playhead on your video and just click this option called color match. And you can see this is the current frame and we are going to steal the color, grading or the values from this video. And you can easily move the dragor. I would like to just mark this frame Because I think this crats a great orange effect. Just click the match button. And within seconds, the value will be changed. And, you can easily adjust the level of the effect too and just click the Okay button and you can see the final output. So hope that you learned how to match the colors from the others work. And let's we meet in the next class. 38. Color correction (advanced): Hello guys. Welcome back to my course, learn flora. In this course, I would like to share what I know about color grading and color correction is fMRI x. So let's get started. First opening remarks, then just import your video, then just go to this button, color correction, then just click this button. And you are all provided with a lot of presets available in the left side. You can just go for. That means more blue tone, then warm, yellow tone, then different kinds of resins available, shadow details, elegant Brighton. And these are the pre-made presets, right? So go for TV and here's off the flim presence available. Cyberpunk two. Wow, it looks amazing, right? So warm, flim, Cyberpunk one, walking dead spot or 300, mission impossible. These are the premier address. I don't want to explain about these premium precedent because they are just simply drag and drop options. So here's some of the options available. If a just closer to the I button, this is the initial condition. If we just opened I button, this is the, often the graded output, okay? And if you want to do the comparison is click the a bar B button and just click side-by-side preview. This is the initial condition. This is the final condition. If you want to undo here, this is undue burden. This is overdone. If you want to reset all, just get the result Alberta, okay, once it's completed, you just close the comparison panel. And here are some of the options available. You just click them all back presets. Here you can go for the common and you can go for flim presets. And again, just go for the big data. This is a kind of a shout-out to, okay. It does nothing about just to kind of shorter tool and just click that button here. You can do a lot of things here, right? So here are the histogram, is that histogram, let's say needs a lot of black and right side. More graphs means a lot of bright colors. And hear this tone means a lot of shadows. And here there's this midtone. This is the highlight. Highlight means if you increase the highlights, then brighten the footage. If you decrease dilate means you are framed details will be more preserved, right? Okay. And just click the client ence ment, you can just click the Auto Biden. It's automatically femur x actually graded your videos and I don't want to do the automatic color enhancement, okay. Now I would like to just explain you the white balance here, the temperature. If you decrease the temperature, then more bluish tone will be available, or a cool-down tone. If you increase the temperature, more warmer tone will be available. I just want to increase or decrease a little bit. A little actually helps to u. And here is the tint. It means the artificial colors and it will add artificial colors to your clip. It's not an actual color one. Okay, and here's the 3D. Let tailored means if you had any movie you want to play the movie presets you can now play here, okay, arrows. If you want to just add a new Let, you can download different kinds of lights from actually from the Internet. And I make sure that the file extension should be dot q bar dot a 3D l. These are the only extension flora supports. Okay. Now I'd like to go for color. I would like to just close 3D. Let OK, here in the color we had exposure, brightness, contrast, vibrance, and saturation. Exposure means we all know that this kind of thing later too light, I just want to increase the exposure is the brightness means increasing the light and decreasing the radius means decreasing the light and contrast which actually brightens the Breda clip and organs. The darker cape, which is the contrast means, and I always suggest you to go to increase contrast will actually enhance your, enhance. Differentiate the frame from the background to the subject. Again, here's the vibrance. Vibrance is a special tool or artificial tool, actually saturation, you all know that just increase the intensity of the colors available in the frame. You all know that just decrease a black and white or gray one and just increase will definitely enhance the intensity of the colors. But here is option called vibrance. Vibrance actually announced the colors which contains a low in intensity. If the vibrance is increased, it will only increase the colors which are actually done in tone, which are needed to be saturated. If all the colors are saturated, then vibrance will not work. Okay? This is a kind of a smart tool. Okay? The next thing is light. I just wanted to close the color in the light we had highlights. I already told that if I increase or decrease the eyelid, you can see if I increase the IL-8, then the more patents will be gone to the rights that are the Instagram. You can see that. So by using the histogram, you're going to actually add just the thing. If you decrease the islet, the num, more details will be preserved. Okay. I would like to just increase or decrease the highlights a little bit. And I already told that the shadows, if you just decrease the shadows, means more graph will be moved to the left side of the histogram, okay? Just increasing the shadows. Don't increase the shadows as much as possible. Just decrease the shadows in the left side. Okay, and here's the wide white means increasing the white in the frame. And black means increasing the lactones in the frame. Decreasing means increasing the black frames. Okay? And here is that just cell to cell means, I don't know the definition, but it actually focused on a specific color. For example, this frame contains the LLC Law, right. I just wanted to go to their local and I just wanted to reduce the saturation. And again, see the saturation is reduced. I just increase the saturation means that the saturation is increased. And by using this option, you can adjust the specific color and you can adjust the hue. Hue. Hue is the origin of the colors. For example, if you ask a boy till the names of the colors means he only tell red, green, blue. Likewise, he only tell it. But if you ask a girl, she can explain different variants of the color means sky blue, dark blue, different variants tight. So the humans, the different variants of the red. Red means different kinds of red colors, different kinds of formats. Blue means different kinds of different kinds of blue formats. Okay? So this is there something about hue and saturation means the intensity of the colors and luminance means the light, the amount of light will fall on the particular color. Okay, this is about data cell by just selecting the color and you can actually focus the color and increase or decrease the hue, saturation and luminance. And here's another option called night. So you all know that we've made me kind of a black or a white are on the corners of the frame. And I just always used to decrease the Ignite and just want to decrease the orals, increase the size a little bit. And just wanted to do some process. Okay. And I don't want the roundness. I don't want the onus okay. And just increase the feather to make sure to kind of little bit black. And you can, I carry on just the exposure of the area. And you can actually highlight increasing or degrees 98 of the area. And once you satisfy, just add as a preset and rename the presser for any name, okay, for example, I have to go for CU, okay. Click OK, and you can see the preview final output. Okay, hope you learned about the basic color grading and color correction inside three more IX, I hope you learned a lot, but if you had any doubt in a particular subject inside the color correction, don't forget to contact me through my main Let's see me do the next class. Any of them? Okay, buh-bye. 39. Thank you Note: Hello guys, I'm against your co-teacher. I hope you learned everything about Kimura. Thank you so much for watching and don't forget to rate my costs. Signing of human case, buh-bye.