Introduction to Fashion Production: Manufacturing Your Dreams

Kevin Smith, Stitch Factory

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7 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • Steps for Launching a Clothing Line

    • Project Overview

    • Developing the Target Market and Customer Profile

    • Introduction to Mood Boards

    • Next Steps

    • Closing


About This Class

This class is your very first step in launching a clothing line.  

Enroll now to start moving towards reaching your fashion dreams!

This class will explain all of the necessary steps for launching a clothing line.  We will cover basic fashion and business terminology, and outline the process by which apparel is designed and manufactured.  This class will also explain the importance of education (including online), and the different classes that one will want to take to continue moving forward with developing a clothing business.  

No prior knowledge or experience is necessary for this course!  We love beginners!!

In this course, students will develop a target market and customer profile and.  They will also complete their very first mood board.  This mood board will serve as the inspiration for their first collection.  

Please check out all of the courses (online and in-studio)offered at Stitch Factory.




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Hi Kevin, great course. I think it compliments my new course from an Interview I did recently with Fashion Designer Sibu in London, England. Perfect for any new or seasoned fashion entrepreneur. Cheers Jason
Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Clear, useful and amazing tips for beginners like me.
Terrific introductory class!
Teresa Reinalda






Kevin Smith

Stitch Factory


My name is Kevin Smith, and I am the Education Director of Stitch Factory, in downtown Las Vegas, NV.

I have been teaching fashion design and marketing courses for almost 8 years.  I have taught at the International Academy of Design and Technology and Sanford-Brown College.  

I absolutely love educating!

It’s amazing to be apart of people’s learning and growth process.  It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to share information and teach people a skill that will allow them to achieve their dreams.  And who doesn’t love fashion and clothing?!

I was always aware and supportive of new trends, and loved pushing the envelope.  I was even awarded the “best dressed” superlative in high school, lol.  

It is incredible that a life long passion has turned into a viable and rewarding career for me, and I am grateful to be here today to help all of you get closer to achieving your dreams.  

Thank you for letting me be apart of your journey!


Influenced by the tech co-working movement, Stitch Factory wanted to create a space for designers to co-create with one another. The studio evolved into membership opportunities for creators at different levels, education and production. Production became a necessity for brands immediately and has grown into an important part of the company.  

Located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas across from the Zappos headquarters, Stitch Factory opened in 2012 to help accelerate the success of emerging designers by offering affordable, professional studio space. We provide design and business education along with mentorship opportunities with leaders and innovators in the fashion industry. Stitch Factory also serves as a one-stop-shop for design, pattern-making and sample services.