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Introduction to Facebook marketing! Learn the basics and see where to start.

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Facebook marketing for beginners section.

    • 2. What is a Facebook profile?

    • 3. How do you make a good Facebook profile?

    • 4. Where do most users on Facebook spend their time? In the newsfeed. What is it?

    • 5. What is a Facebook page and how can you use it? How do people interact with it?

    • 6. What is a Facebook group?

    • 7. What is an event on Facebook and how can you use events on Facebook?

    • 8. What is an app on Facebook?

    • 9. 80/20 POWER LECTURE! Learn what you do as a user on Facebook.

    • 10. Which to use? Facebook pages, Facebook groups, and/or a Facebook profile?

    • 11. Using your Facebook profile to add friends and message is easiest to start.

    • 12. Making a Facebook group is the easiest way to build relationships.

    • 13. How to create a Facebook group and start it successfully.

    • 14. When is using a Facebook page helpful?

    • 15. How to create a Facebook page and what to name it for best results.

    • 16. How to make a great Facebook page using videos and making helpful posts.

    • 17. Facebook page insights tutorial! Get to know your audience and engagement.

    • 18. How to delete your Facebook page.

    • 19. 80/20: What would you be willing to work on every day for free?

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About This Class

Begin with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of Facebook marketing including learning the basic terms and picking a place to invest your time and energy. Discover what options you have to build relationships on Facebook and see how to get started with Facebook groups and pages.

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1. Welcome to the Facebook marketing for beginners section.: if you're here and you want to learn the basics of Facebook marketing, we're getting started right now. And I'm very excited to be beginning the course with you. Thank you for watching this. Here we go. 2. What is a Facebook profile?: a Facebook profile is who you are on Facebook as a person. It's where you have all of your status is collected that you use, and it's where anyone who wants to learn more about you can visit. Your Facebook profile includes your cover photo here with ability to edit the photo here and include your profile picture here with the ability to edit the photo here. It includes your timeline, which has all of these features on it. Here. This is your a brief about section than friends down here. Then all of your post you've made from the past with the ability to go pick by year and with the ability to choose highlights to see who's commented and interacted with all the photos you've posted or videos, status updates, whatever it is you've posted. And then down here you have tabs you can customize. You have your photos or your videos. Your friends, the places you've checked in books you've read, likes all kinds of different things you've interacted with on Facebook. Collected in your profile. Your profile is the foundation of your user experience on Facebook, which means it's the foundation of all user experience on Facebook. Now the profile is not where people spend most of their time on Facebook, but the Facebook profile is your ticket in the door. You need a Facebook profile to do pretty much anything on Facebook. Thank you for watching this and getting started in this section, and I hope this is useful for you. 3. How do you make a good Facebook profile?: How do you make a good Facebook profile? A good Facebook profile is complete. First of all, it has some kind of cover photo, some kind of profile picture. It has all the basic about information, and it has friends and photos and status updates. When you see fake profiles online, they tend to do the minimum. If you want to make a good profile, what you want to do is log on and contribute something each day or every other day. Whatever you can offer, you'll notice. I've got thousands of updates on my profile over the last 10 years that I've used it. And that's what makes a good Facebook profile. Is that consistent love and attention paid to the Facebook profile? To see simple things like putting up a picture, even if it's just a picture here, a picture there, Even if it's just every few days, that's good enough. And, of course, we have an adorable daughter like I do or whatever you have. You can use it if it's funny if it's entertaining, if it's letting people know what you're doing, the best updates often of the very honest ones, because there's so many updates like this cute photos of kids and everything like that. If you can post something about you've been struggling. You've been having a hard time that can really help people out on Facebook. If it's honest and it's not too judgmental or critical towards specific people. If you can honestly share on your profile, that could be one of the most powerful things you can do. Rather, it's honestly sharing photos of what you're doing or even just stopping by each day to contribute something. That's how you make a good profile on Facebook, and especially when it's done a little bit at a time over time. It's a little bit every day or every other day for years. And if you haven't done much so far, today's a great day to get started. The biggest difference is from doing nothing at all to a little something. The biggest difference is putting one photo up or one status up versus nothing. The worst thing you have is a profile with no cover photo, no profile picture and no status updates. You might as well be no one at all on Facebook. If you've got it set up like that, I hope these basic tips are helpful for you, and the more you spend time with your profile, the more you look at other people's profiles, the more you can see exactly how you'd want to do your own great profile. 4. Where do most users on Facebook spend their time? In the newsfeed. What is it?: on Facebook. This is where most users spend most of their time on the news feed. Now you have to have a profile in order to be in the news feed once you've got it. This is where most all of the time on Facebook gets spent and much of its on mobile devices now. So if you see here, this is my profile. In order to get to the news feed that's just facebook dot com by default. Or you can click the home button or you can click the F logo at the top. All of these bring you here into the news feed. Now the news feed. You can share things. Now these appear on your profile. So if you share a status or a photo and right here than it appears on your profile, however, this is the news feed. Once you scroll down and see the collection of stories in the news feed. Now this is from my page, so I have a page that I use as a business and that can appear in the news feed. However, most of the stories you're likely to see in the news feed are going to be from other profiles and will include some ads. So I'll show you the basic parts right here to a story. It has whoever posted it. So this will come from a page if it's an ad or if it's an organic story like this. I didn't pay for this because there's no sponsor that you can see on here. So this is for free, and this indicates who it came from. If it's from a person and it will come as their profile link right here now, if it's a part of a group, it will link back to an individual person's profile. You can't use a page in a group and more about this soon. So this is who posted it here who contributed it. This is the text, or what it's about. You can share links in various things here, and then if there's photos, videos or links, this is the spot the intended spot to click on. Now. Videos will often start automatically in the newsfeed. You can see this one actually didn't. Then, down on the bottom off everything you see in the news feed. Then there are what you call social proof engagement metrics, indications of how much people have interacted with it. So I'll see if I can zoom in more for you here. So this is 86 views on this video. 10 likes one comment, and then sometimes shares can appear to. So this is where you get your social proof on everything. This shows how many people have interacted with whatever it is in the news feed, so I'll show some more examples. These air from my personal profiles news feed now note that you generally only have a news feed that's based on your personal profile activity. So whatever you do on your page usually is not going to impact what goes on on your profile . News feed. So this is an ad. This is what's called a suggested post. This is a post from a page where they've paid for it to be in my news feed. And then this is an ad then now scrolling down here. This is what you might think of as a standard story in the news feed. This is from one of my friends, including a picture in a little bit of text that shows how long ago it was posted and it shows who it was shared with us A. Shared with Jessica's friends. Now, if you go up here on my page, you can see this is public, and then all ads have to be public in your news feed. You can see things that are shared with just friends or that aren't shared with the public , and then you can see comments people have made like this on it. So this is how most people experience Facebook. Very little of Facebook is actually experienced on any profile pages, which is really important to consider for any of the things you're considering doing in the future on Facebook. Almost all of the time users spend on Facebook is right here in this part of then are faced in the news feed. I hope this is a good intro to the news feed for you, and I appreciate your feedback on it. 5. What is a Facebook page and how can you use it? How do people interact with it?: What is a Facebook page? Ah, Facebook Page is something that's not an individual person's profile, so that's pretty much anything else on Facebook. It's more of an idea, usually or a place. Or it can represent something like a public figure the way my pages ah, Page is not a personal profile. So pages anything else besides a personal profile that you see on Facebook that works just like a personal profile. This differs from groups, which a group essentially, is a collection of personal profiles. Ah, Page works just like a personal profile, except it's something else. So, for example, this is my Facebook page. This page, then, is representing me or my brand online. It's not my actual personal profile, and yet it requires my personal profile ago. Set up your personal profiles, your ticket in the door. So you need that to set up your Facebook page. And now I've got my Facebook page here, and the main difference with the Facebook pages that I can advertise my Facebook page. That's the most significant advantage about my Facebook page is that I can advertise it. I cannot advertise my personal profile. If I could advertise my personal profile. I would not need a page. Now, if you have a business, that's a huge advantage that you can have. What? Using a Facebook page, you can make a business that will physically locate where you're at to your customers, and you can make a business page them that can have all kinds of things, like videos. It can have map locations that can have full numbers. There's all kinds of things you can have on a page because of pages, not a personal profile. So if you want to do anything that you can't do with your personal profile, Ah, Page is the first thing most people think of doing. Let me make a page so I can set up my business. Or I can set up an interest, set up an idea, or even just set up a representation of me that I can advertise. A page is where you get a lot of opportunity to get creative on Facebook outside of using your own profile. Ah, Page, at the same time, does not have a lot of the advantages the personal profile does. People are used to making connections with each other, so pages kind of another entity. It's not a person, exactly. So it's a lot harder to connect with other people on Facebook, sometimes using a page when you use your page on Facebook, it's a destination you want people to go to. You want people who visit your page like your page do things with your page. And at the same time it's challenging because most of the interactions, as I've said, are in the news feed. Most people who will like your page or visit your ad will never actually go see your page itself there. Will Onley interact with these individual stories you post like you can see this video I posted. Almost the only way people interact with my page are through the things I post on my page. So if I'm hoping people will go to my page, I have to reach a lot of people to get anyone actually look at the page itself. So if you can plan your strategy, if you can understand that most things that happened on the page still happen in the news feed, the same is with personal profiles. I hope this is something useful for you knowing about pages getting started right away, 6. What is a Facebook group?: What is a Facebook group? Ah, Facebook Group essentially is a collection of personal profiles. Groups bring together personal profiles or just Facebook profiles for short to chat and interact with each other in a custom news feed here that's in the group. And then this also appears in the profiles news feed. Also, groups are one of the most effective ways to have conversations on Facebook about certain topics. For example, this is my black Ops three Facebook group I have We come together. There's 452 members, and then we have our own place. We can share things that do not appear then on our personal profile. So if you have things you want to talk about, that you don't want to talk about with all of your friends on your personal profile, then you can talk about it with other people in a group. And then you can see what other people are posting when the group posts come up in your news feed. So Facebook Group is a great way to get people together and talk. It's kind of the functionality of a forum where you can post things up, see what other people are saying and have focused discussions on certain topics. So I appreciate you watching this and hope this explanation of what a Facebook group is is helpful for you. 7. What is an event on Facebook and how can you use events on Facebook?: What is an event on Facebook? An event is something you go to or participate in, something that's happening somewhere, whether it's a place you are going to meet or a party you're going to go to or something you're going to do, like watch something online a certain time or a video game released at a certain time. An event is a gathering of personal profiles into a timely area, so it's kind of like a temporary group. Once the event passes, then that's it. So you have to make a new event each time you want something to go on again. Facebook pages can make events. Facebook profiles can make events, and Facebook groups can make events. So basically anyone can make an event on Facebook, and then you invite people to it. The really useful part about having an event is that you get a little notification that pops up here when you have things that are going on with any event that you've said you were going to or that you are interested in, then you get to as the event creator, you can keep up with people through notifications, which is a really powerful way to keep in touch with people on Facebook that are easily distracted and have tons of different things to do. Events are helpful if you want to get people together for a short time, and then you could turn that into something like a group if you wanted to later or you could keep doing an event on an ongoing basis. The biggest problem with events is that people often will say they're going and not actually go, especially if it's people you don't know. Now this is a friend's birthday party, and it's a private event. So this is more usedto organize people together. If you're trying to make events to get people you don't know together to meet new people, it can be really hard to get People actually show up to them so events can be used for a lot of different purposes, and they can be found a few are. You can go to facebook dot com slash events, or you can hit anywhere on the main page on Facebook. Scroll down and you'll find a tab here that says events at the very bottom, and you can click on it to get to your events. Thank you for watching this, and I hope this is helpful for you. 8. What is an app on Facebook?: What are APS on Facebook? APS are additional tools on Facebook that you can use to manage your profile to do things like edit photos to send messages to people and APS also include things like games that you can use on Facebook. Things like events. Your photos notes, your news feed. Even if you want to edit the settings on it, you can edit your preferences in the news feed app. So Facebook calls APS anything that you can go interact with. That's kind of a destination. So adds Manager is a specific app. Events, games and games feed, so games feed is what's going on with the latest games I play and then photos. You can go at it, manage your photos and maps. The main way I think of APS our games so games that you can play on Facebook or games that you could make as a developer on Facebook. And if you click on the top chart, you can see these are the kinds of games most people or that our most popular you've got. People are playing a lot of slots and casino games. These air some games my friends are playing, and these air some of the games that are top earning, like Candy Crush Saga here, Farmville two and Mawr Casino games. So on Facebook, there's lots of different things you can do. And APS present a chance for companies, especially that developed games to earn and get those games played. While people are already on Facebook now, generally, these APS often are specific to the device. So, for example, if I go back and look at these ah, lot of these APS work on different devices differently. So, for example, games these often can only be played on the desktop version of Facebook. And then certain things you can do are only available based on whether you're on the desktop or the mobile version. So, in other words, the mobile version has a much more limited access to APS within Facebook. The desktop version has lots of APS you can use, and the desktop version is where you generally want to spend most of your time interacting with any APS in Facebook. If you want to make your own app, then you have the ability to go down and work as a developer on Facebook to try and make your own app on Facebook. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this is a good introduction to the apse feature on Facebook. 9. 80/20 POWER LECTURE! Learn what you do as a user on Facebook.: welcome to one of the 1st 80 20 lectures included in this course. An 80 20 lecture, I feel, is one of the most powerful lectures in the course that can really help you enhance your experience on Facebook. So this 80 20 lecture features this. After you've learned the basics off Facebook, the big opportunity to learn is to figure out what you do as a user on Facebook and then to have that in mind with what you might want to do as an advertiser or as a group leader or with your Facebook page if you know what you do as a user. So, in other words, with your own Facebook profile. If you understand how you use Facebook, then you don't need to go anywhere else. Toe learn tips or tricks. All you have to do is figure out what it is you like, what it is. You interact with what it is that you do as a user, and then you automatically know that you can do that on other people just like you. When the roles are reversed, for example, I noticed as a user that I very often interacted with groups. Groups were posts were appearing in my news feed a lot. I realized that groups are very powerful tool for networking and connecting and building relationships with people that I don't know who I share common interests in. So I started a few groups, and now I've given a lot of other people the chance to connect. And I've solved problems using groups that I had. For example, I wanted more people play here is the storm with So I made a heroes of the Storm Group and then built a community that way. I did that because I saw that as a user and other groups, I was interacting a lot. Group posts often appear a lot in the news feed, their way more effective than using a Facebook page. I learned that as just a regular user on Facebook. Another thing I've learned it. Let's look down at this ad over here now. This ad is something that is promoting a service or product. It doesn't offer anything immediately entertaining. I noticed that I usually skip ads like this because I don't have an interest in finding out about some new product or service. I noticed that I do tend to like people's photos and funny photos and interesting photos. I often will go like that. I often I'm willing to respond to a post in a group, and I'm often willing to continue scrolling down and seeing if there's anything interesting from specific people or specific person. And I almost always just scroll right by ads like this. The kind of adds I pay attention to generally have a video in them, a video that is entertaining and is relevant to what I'm doing. So, for example, here's a video I just made, and it's called You can See How to Get a Higher Katie and win loss in Black Ops. Three. It's about a video game, so this is the kind of video I like to watch on Facebook, and you'll notice if I go back to my timeline here, you'll notice that this is the kind of video people normally share with me Down on my timeline, you'll see that my friend shared a video, let he made on my timeline. So these are the kind of videos I normally watch. I don't watch videos about how to get your business to six figures on Facebook. I don't watch tutorial videos on Facebook. I don't watch hardly any videos on Facebook except entertaining videos like this, and I tend to judge who has watched the videos below. If certain people have liked the videos or how many people have watched it. If it's a video from someone I don't know, like this is from a friend and I could see my other three friends have liked it. That's a guaranteed watch from me that I will definitely watch the video. If it's not from a friend, then I want to see how many other people have washed it. So I realize that social proof on a video is very powerful. So all of that led me to making ads that are entertaining that are just like videos I watch , and they're just like the video I just showed you. I'll go back to my page over here. All of these things I learned as a user on Facebook have led me to an advertising strategy in a page posting strategy. That's very effective because I know myself, I know what I like on Facebook, therefore, and knowing myself, I know what other people like also because I'm just like other people. And then what do I do? I have a little link to my website to promote what I'm doing in there. All the rest of it is entertaining, and when this comes up is a sponsored post. Then I'm getting clicks to my website for cheaper. Then I would get them if I just advertised it outright with what I was doing. Not just that, but then I'm getting lots of video views. This these are organic. This is all within the last hour. If I scroll down far enough, I can show you videos. I've got millions of views on, and that's there's more on that. Later on. The main idea of this throne. Get to know your user habits. When you learn what you do, you can learn what works best at the same time. And this is a principle it doesn't change is the interface changes. It stays the same regardless of the changes all the time. So what I'm showing you now maybe irrelevant by the time you've watched it in terms of the actual technical details. But the principle stays the same no matter what. If you know what works on you to get your attention is a user and you do that it will work for you also. Thank you very much for watching this and getting started with the course. I hope you've enjoyed it, and I value your feedback on it. 10. Which to use? Facebook pages, Facebook groups, and/or a Facebook profile?: where to get started on Facebook with using your profile or groups or Facebook page. Which one will work best for you? The Facebook profile, the one you just make personally, I have found, is the most powerful tool for building relationships on Facebook and for just learning how to be a user on Facebook if you haven't done much on Facebook before. In other words, if you haven't been signed up in using Facebook for several years, using your personal profile of Start is a great way to learn more and to see if you really want to spend the time and effort required. Do something Mawr involved, like a group or Facebook page. I've seen so many people rush into doing other things that haven't used Facebook that much Onley to discover they didn't like doing Facebook that much. If you don't like updating your personal profile that much, if you don't like sharing a little bit of what you're doing on your own profile to your friends, if you don't like building relationships and sending messages just as a person, it's unlikely you're going to enjoy doing it as a business or in a Facebook group. Much more. The personal profile is the entryway into anything you want to accomplish with Facebook, so using the personal profile is what's most powerful to get started with and to advance your knowledge. On Facebook, my personal profile has been the single biggest resource that I've used to get clients and to generate income for my business. More than half of all the money I've made online can be traced back to my personal profile from the moment of signing up in 2005 is one of the first users all the way through now, where I still maintain relationships with the people I work with and even a few former clients on my Facebook personal profile. The Facebook personal profile often gets overlooked in business and marketing applications as something that's useful because there's this rush to get to other things. So getting started definitely put that time into the Facebook personal profile. That's what I did. I used it for six years as a user before I tried to do anything for business with it, and now I still realize that my experiences users the foundation of my ability to do anything else and to actually give to people. Now the second thing, if you've already used your profile a good bit, the best way to then expand from there's with a group. I say it's the best way because it's free. A Facebook group doesn't cost anything to create, and it doesn't cost anything to build. I spent a lot of money very stupidly getting my business started trying to advertise my Facebook page. It's easier not to even have that temptation available. When you're trying to do something like affiliate marketing. You're trying to build some new relationships with people and you've already maxed out your personal profile. You've already got a lot of friends there, and you need a place to put new people and build a community. A group is a great way to do that. If I had to start over and I had to do affiliate marketing, I would do it with a Facebook group, build relationships, give value to the group and then I could share any affiliate links right in the group There . I have this group here for gaming on Xbox as over 400 members I've built in the last few months, and this group works for me to play Xbox and Toe have, ah, full group of good people to play whenever I want to. Now think of applying that method the group to anything you're wanting to do to building your affiliate marketing to building feedback for your business, to building an interest in your hobby, or just to get some help for yourself. Facebook groups are great way to use your knowledge and experience and to grow and build and to be a part of the communion on Facebook. Now, if you've got a lot of experience on Facebook, you like using Facebook. You know you want to use Facebook a lot more for the future. You know the value of Facebook and you, especially if you want to do ads and sell products. Ah, Facebook Page is what you need to do. Any ads you need the Facebook page to show up in the news feed, and you need the Facebook page to have its own standalone page on Facebook. Whereas a group is just more of a collection of profiles and posts and your personal profile is more kind of the same. A page has its own area where you can publish things like you see online. I publish all these videos on here and get interaction. Now what you should notice about my page. It has 1.6 million likes on it. And still there's usually on Lee in the terms of hundreds of people reached. If I haven't advertised the post now, a lot of these have been advertised down here, and I've got a large audience, and still only a small fraction of that audience interacts with my posts. That's why a group is so powerful because you can get that organic interaction. It could be very challenging if you've got even. Ah, few 100 likes to even get one person to see your posts on your page. Even with 1.6 million likes, I'm lucky to get 1/10 of a percent of the people to see a post for free when I put it in the news feed. So that means if you want to reach one person on Facebook, you need 1000 likes, And if you're trying to do it all with perfect niche targeted likes, then you are liable to spend anywhere from 10 cents to a dollar for like so you're going to be out a good bit of money to get one person to interact with you. What you can see about the pages, that it's much easier to get started with a personal profile or with a group of pages for scale. And I made the mistake the hard way. I started pages before I knew what I was doing. I dumped money and dumped time into poorly done. Facebook pages is taking me four years to have one well done Facebook page after failing miserably at a bunch of Facebook pages of not only my own but client pages. What is not obvious about Facebook pages is how difficult it is to have a really well done page. How much time and effort, energy and ad spend it takes to have well done. Page is better toe have, ah, personal profile that's well done. Or a group that's well done than to have a Facebook page has done poorly. If you just want to use the page for ads, there's often more effective ways of advertising like Google AdWords. If you just want the page for ads, then you might be able to get away with not putting any content on it or not doing very much other than putting maybe a photo and having a couple of basic posts. The problem comes in that most of the good things that happen with me online are from deep relationships. Ah, Facebook page deep relationship comes from someone scrolling and scrolling and reading and watching and scrolling and being really interested in what I've got on my page. That's where the deep relationships come in. If you want to make a lot of sales of your products, what you need are deep relationships, often people who buy every product you put out. So Facebook Page is a great tool. And yet I hope I've shared with you. There is a lot easier ways to get started than to make a Facebook page. And yet, if you're willing to go the distance of your willing to put all that time, if you're willing to put four years of effort in your Facebook page, then it can do some amazing things for you. Thank you so much for watching this, and I hope this is useful for you. 11. Using your Facebook profile to add friends and message is easiest to start.: What can you do with your personal profile to get toe work, making good relationships and getting a good result out of your time on Facebook? The main thing you do to get started is to have a profile that's updated and full of life and shows your active. So on mine, you can see I've got fairly new pictures and I consistently make posts on here. I've added friends, I've got lots of photos and there's interaction. You can see I'm a real person who actively puts time and energy into my profile. So to use Facebook as a user and just to do things regular people do on Facebook like pages , take photos, shares what you're thinking that day. Put a little status up and have your friends interact with you. You can even leave reviews on various restaurants. There's all kinds of things you can do just to add content on your Facebook profile. If you've never gotten much interaction on your own personal profile, it's a really nightmarish idea to try and do it on a page where it's harder about the easiest place you can get. People interact with you is by just posting photos of you and what you're doing on your Facebook profile and even videos to videos of what you're doing up and getting your profile filled out, especially, is important. If you want to make new connections, you can leave a lot of things if you just have your friends. Well, what tends to be most interesting if you're getting no someone, you want to know who they were, where they work, where they live, where they're from and things like relationship status I remember was one of the most interesting things to me when I was first to user on Facebook and getting a look at people's friends. So you want to take the time? Add your friends. I've got 1100 friends. I've spent a ton of time over the last 10 years adding my friends all the time and adding people, I mean all the time. A lot of the great things in life happened with relationships over time. So when you meet someone at some networking event, when you go and take all the time to try and get to know someone new somewhere, follow up with them, see if you can add them on Facebook as a friend. The great relationships I have now started mostly with interacting somewhere and then being Adas a friend on Facebook and then developing that over time, using that to connect with people. For example, Joseph Delgaudio, my co instructor and v. P. With my company. I played Xbox with him. Then I added him on Facebook, and when I went to start my business, I sent Joseph and a lot of my other friends a message, and Joseph was right there via Facebook message to talk to me about getting my business started into encouragement. Inspire me. So these are the amazing things you can get out of building regular relationships on Facebook, using your personal profile, having that person that maybe you've only met her interacted with another situations. Who's added you as a friend gives you the chance to message where you might not want to send them a phone call. You might not have their phone number, but you can send them a message on Facebook. A few other things you can do to build new relationships. If you already maxed out all of your friends and everything you have, you can do, you can use Facebook search up here, toe. Look for groups. I could search entrepreneur here and then I go over to groups and then I see these different group options. So if I wanted to look for something about being an entrepreneur, I could go look for and try and join some of the groups. Now, of course, some groups will just be spammy and they won't be useful. The keys to find groups that are really useful for you and all of this, then goes back to your personal profile again because you're not going to get much of the group, usually just by coming in interacting what you're going. No, I have to do it. Some point is at each other is a friend to get to work on that messages tab, getting to know people. So I love the Facebook personal profile. It's so useful, I wouldn't have started my business. I don't think without having all my friends connected already on Facebook right when I was motivated without all their love and support through Facebook messages, without all their ongoing love and support through everything that's happened and with the Facebook personal profile, there's huge power in being an ordinary regular person and connecting with other people and working together. Thank you. And I hope you're enjoying this. 12. Making a Facebook group is the easiest way to build relationships.: Here's the power of Facebook groups. I am playing call of duty Black ops three, and that's a game I'm really interested in. I had a problem I didn't have enough people to play with. And doing anything to try and find people play with was very frustrating. So what I did, I made this group, and now there's hundreds of people and I interact with this group or see what people are posting in my news feed on a daily basis. And then in this group, which is just a collection of profiles, people share things, and now people share things that are really helpful and timely. For example, this just happened right before I went to make this lecture. I was looking at the group. I saw this post, and I see that the next downloadable content or DLC map pack is coming out. And so then I commented down here, Thanks for letting me know. Very exciting about new zombies map. Now, this is just what I'm doing for my own needs. Whatever you have, you can adapt and issues the power of groups to do amazing things for you on Facebook, because groups bring people together pages rarely bring people together. Groups bring people together and groups, especially our place, where you can get content and things shared with you that's helpful and timely, based on whatever you need. If you need help like me playing black ops three and finding people to connect with things air timely, I've got people every day. They share their gamer tags here that I can add them and play with, Like last night. I could have jumped right on to play the shadows of evil Easter egg with some people I hadn't even met or played with before. Now, how cool is that Now? Imagine this concept put into things like affiliate marketing. You bring people together and affiliate marketing is about building trust, especially if you're doing something. We need ongoing relationships and you're building affiliates under you. A group is an exceptional place to get to gather with people who are doing what you're doing, especially if you look at it that you want toe learn, use the group toe, learn it's not all about you and getting sales. You use the group to learn. Like what I just showed you before that I learned from this group about something new that's coming up in the game, and I learned about it in a very timely manner. I could go make a video about it today if I wanted to, right on time, just a few hours after the very first People in the world have seen this same news when you could do the same thing. For example, if you're doing something like affiliate marketing or teaching on you to me or whatever it is you're trying to do when you can connect with other people are doing the same things. You're in groups, then you have the ability to learn and grow with them. I got a lot of exceptional learning. I'm teaching on you to me out of the you know, me studio, totally for free. And one thing that can happen then when you're in a group is you can even find people to work together with. Working together tends to be exceptionally powerful compared to working by yourself, working by myself. I could accomplish very little. Now I have a small team of people I work with, and it's incredible what all of us can do together. Groups are a place where you can make that happen. So what are you doing? A group. I would say the best thing you could do is give value in a group like this guy down below. Just did. This guy gave a lot of value right here in this post. He gave something that was immediately useful for several of the other group members. You noticed? People are looking at this and talking about this. He gave something of value and he didn't ask anything in return. He's not trying to get something out of this. He's not trying to use something for his own advantage. He just shared this the way you would tell any friend about it. And same thing here. People just share their game or tagged. They're looking for people, and that's a great value and give to the group. Lots of people share videos that are entertaining here. So if you can think about what can you do for the group? What can you give to the group? Then you can get amazing things out of the group. When I started this group, I thought, What can I do for other people? I can bring other people together who have the same problem is me and help other people have people to play with all the time. I can use this group to help them connect with each other. And through all of us being here, my problem will be solved through me, giving other people the solution to their problem, which is the same as my problem than all of our problem is collectively solved. This is the amazing power of using groups on Facebook. It's much easier than trying to sign up and use a forum somewhere. This is newest way. People are doing forums. Essentially, if you want to have a good discussion is happening on Facebook because Facebook is in the news feed. It's already where people are and people are already signed up on Facebook. So if you thought of having a former discussion board, just do a group instead. So I'm excited to talk about groups with you today, and I hope I've shared my excitement with you successfully 13. How to create a Facebook group and start it successfully.: How do you create your own Facebook group? I'll show you how to do it now. If you're on facebook dot com and your news feed, you can click the logo to get there or go to home to get there. You then scroll down, down to wherever groups are, and then you hit Create group down here. So you hit create group and then this little interface comes up to create a group. You given a name. It doesn't matter what name you pick right away, but you can pick a name, say, Jerry's new group. I'm just going to create this group and then to show you how and then delete it members. Now, if you want to add anyone to the group, you can do that. And this is where using your personal profile helps a lot to get those friends in there. If you've made some friends and you've done networking for whatever, you're trying to create the group for the very hardest people to get in the group often those very first people. So it's really important to have some new people toe. Add to the group immediately when you started, because when someone sees a group has zero or one member no one else is likely to want to join. It's like a new restaurant. You don't want to be the 1st 1 They served their food, too. In most cases, you want toe, let other people go in and prove it safe and good to eat there. And then when line forms out the front, then you believe. Okay, now I'm gonna go in there and eat same thing with a group if you can have some friends to add to your group to get it started to make it a lot easier to get some momentum. That said, when you goto add people to the group, send them a message afterwards or preferably send them a message beforehand, saying, Hey, I created this group. I think you're really going to like it When I showed you that call of duty group I created , that's exactly what I did. My message. The friends, I added. I said I'm creating this group for this reason. I think you might like it. I'm going to add you to it. Then when people see they've been added to a group, you get a notification when you've been added to a group, and that's when people go take a look at it. So that's important to keep in mind at this point, because if you add someone right now, often what they'll sees a blank group that's not filled out very well. So the thing to do is tow. Add people a little bit later to the group want you've got things filled out, what you can do so that you see the group on the left. You see how I have groups here, These groups that pop up on the left down here, But farther up, I have groups that pop up towards the top of my page. So if I go over to this one, I can show you these Air three groups I have up here, and I can remove this group from favorites anytime I want. So I don't need that one thes air my favorites on here that are very easy to see. If so, if you're creating a new group, often you won't want to have to scroll down to it so you can click. Add this group to your favorites to put it up towards the top of the page. Now there's three different types of groups you can create. The most successful groups I've seen are closed groups because anyone confined and see who's in it. But Onley members can see posts this way. Your post aren't available to the entire world where it's public. Anyone can see the group and look at all the members. So I like close group and you can always convert the group down. I don't think you can convert it up, so if you have a close group, I don't think you can move it to secret. If you have a public group, I don't think you can make it closed. So start it closed is what I usually recommend. And secret Onley members confined the group's. That's kind of an invite Onley thing so you could do this in some circumstances. Also, once you've got your basic set up for the group, then you hit this moving over here. You hit that blue create button to get it started, and then you have to add friends to actually start. The groups all add Joseph to this because he's a co instructor for Facebook Course. So there, now you have to have at least one friend to start a group with, because a group Onley includes multiple people. So you gotta have won best friend. You can add to the group at least to get started. So then I hit, create, and you can pick an icon. You might as well pick and icon now because you can always change it later. You can pick whatever I can. You thinks best hand. Okay. And now here's the new group right here. So I've got the group created. Now I've got no photo. I've got no description and I've got no content. So before you invite anyone to the group, it's a very good idea to go through, get a faro uploaded on the cover, add a description and start filling out, making some post here that people can see when they join in. You don't want to fill the group suddenly, either. You want to do it a little bit at a time because of this you don't want. I've got added to a bunch of groups that were just brand new, and there wasn't hardly anything to do in the easiest time to get someone to participates right when you've added them into the group, so go ahead. The description is one of the most important things in here. You talk about what the group is about, Maybe I can zoom in so you can see this better. You talk about what the group is about here and especially what you should do for membership. So if I look at my other existing groups for reference, you'll see that I've got a link to my website where you can apply because if you're not a member of this group, all you can usually see is the description. What you want to know is how to apply to it. And then I've got what the group is about. Here what I think is a great thing to add. If you have, like, rules or principles or something, what I've done, I put the principles of this group, the point of being in the group and the thoughts behind the group. This is meant to attract people who are right for the group. It's meant to discourage people who are not right from the group. If someone reads these principles and disgusted good, I'd rather not have them join in the first place and what I've got now than our instructions to then follow up and be a good group member here. So in your description, something like beginning with the principles or why you created this group to help people understand what exactly it is that they do here and then something like how to get started using this group and encouraging introductions from the very beginning, especially if you're trying to network and add new people encourage people that introduce themselves right from the beginning. If people introduce themselves right from the beginning, it's so much easier to have other people had them as friends and get conversations going. If people don't introduce themselves, new people just sit there and stock on post and often don't do anything and leave. So if you've got that set up that way, Teoh ask, people introduce themselves like I've got down here. What do you do? The first step? What do you do when you get approved To join a group, introduce yourself poster gamer tag and explain more about yourself so that we can all get to know you. So when you get your description done, then you can just put your photo now you could easily spend like 30 minutes like I did on some of the groups I created, trying their full and get the perfect photo. Any photos? Better no photos to just get any photo to start with, and then you can put a better photo up over time. You can also go do things like if you go over to the settings on here, you can go to edit group settings. Then there's some more things you can change down here. You can pick a group type. For example. You can say it's a club or an event. You can pick a type that will help Facebook match your group up with relevant people. If you're looking for a buy, sell trade and add specific features to the group that aren't available in other places. And you can even do something like team. If that's the kind of group you have and you can always change, it is not a big deal. Now. Groups with fewer than 5000 members can change the privacy settings at any time. If your group gets big, though, then you can't change them when you do membership approval. Now, if you've got a close group. People have to get approved to join the group so you can put allow any member to add members. And that way anyone can add their friends and build the group and approve them. Or you can select it so that any member can add members. But an admin must approve them. This is easiest for getting started to just add people. You can also customize your address here. What's really helpful for this is that you have facebook dot com slash groups, and then you can put a custom address in. So that's easier to find the group instead of as you'll notice this as facebook dot com slash groups along number after it. If you can tell your group for examples. Facebook dot com slash groups slash friends with Jiri or whatever it is. An easy oral makes word of mouth sharing easier. Then you can tag things. Teoh help random people find your group that air searching, and that's a great opportunity to get new connections to come to you. If you name your group, describe your group well and tag your group here with a few things. Maybe I wanted to make this about you to me or something. If you tag it correctly, then people can search it and find your group, and that's where you get scalability. If your group that tracks new members without you doing anything that's the best form of scalability and then you want members and admits to be able to post of the group, you don't want to have to do post moderation. I rarely have ever seen a group for that works good because people don't like to have to get approval to post everything on there. You've got to trust people to contribute to your group, and you can always ban them if they prove they're not trustworthy. So these are the group settings, and then, if it turns out you don't want this group, if you're wondering how to delete the group, you have to be the last member in it. And then you go up and leave the group self. Your If you've joined you go click Leave group when your last member leaving delete and then the group's gone. So thank you very much for watching this, and I hope this is useful for you and getting to know Facebook groups 14. When is using a Facebook page helpful?: when is using a Facebook page especially helpful? There are several scenarios, and the main one is if you want to build a large audience, and especially if you want to use Facebook ads, is a part of that. Having a Facebook page is really helpful. This is my Facebook page, and most of the things you see on my Facebook page would be almost impossible to do with a personal profile or with a group. If you want to have a fully scaled up business system online, there's no substitute for Facebook page. In most cases, if you want to be able to get hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people in front of what you're doing, if you want to be able to advertise your products and make sales, if you want to be able to advertise your videos, your photos in your posts Ah, Facebook page is ideal for that. Having a Facebook page is something that a lot of people go ahead and do right away with the hope that these things can be accomplished in the future. I did that and it costs me a lot of time, effort and mistakes in doing it that way, instead of trying to do better with my personal profile or with a group first, Now you can jump straight into the Facebook page. It tends to be a more painful way of learning and yet a faster way of learning. Also, if you want feedback on what you're doing, a Facebook page can be very challenging for that. However, if you want feedback on a large scale, a Facebook page can be very good for that. If you're willing to do all the work it takes to get people in front of what you're doing to get people, what you see here, all these comments and all these interactions on my page you can do this, too, if you're willing to work on your page a little bit every day. If you want to work on Facebook every single day, Ah, Facebook Page can be a great place to do it. So these are some of the reasons you might want to use a Facebook page and what you're doing, and I hope this is useful for you. 15. How to create a Facebook page and what to name it for best results.: If you want to create your Facebook page, you can do it by going to facebook dot com slash bookmarks slash pages. And then there's a big button up here on the right to go ahead and click Create page. If you want to know where to get to that, you click on home and then you go down here two pages and click on MAWR, and then it will pop up. So then you can click create page right there. Once you decide how to create a page that you do want to do it, the next key step is how and the most important part of me toe. How is what you want to make the page about in Name it. Now, if you have a local business you are creating a page for, or if you have a fixed organization or product, you're creating a page poor. Then just go ahead and do that and click on local business or company or brand of product. If you do have flexibility, and that means if you're trying to do your own thing online, make your own company build your own brand. And Harv, you're doing that if you notice my pages called Jerry Banfield, and this is not the first page I made. It's not the 2nd 3rd or fourth page I made. I made a lot of other Facebook pages. This Facebook page is the best results I've settled on. Having a page that's personally branded allows me to do everything I want to so I can put something like an introduction to teaching online. I can then do a video gaming inspirational video. I can then do something like a purely gaming video. I can do whatever I want on my page now because it's branded Jerry Banfield. When I first did my page, my very first Facebook page, I branded it after a website, so all I could do was put stuff related that my website well, what was the next thing that happened? The next thing it happened, then I wanted to make it after my company, so I made a company page. Then I made more pages for niche subjects. I mean another company page, and this originally was my second company page. I changed the name of it to Jerry Banfield so that I can have something that never needs to change again. I can use Jerry Banfield for the rest of this body's life, and that is what gives a great result, then, because I've got one place I can put everything, especially if you're not exactly sure what you're doing beyond today or beyond. A few months from now, having a personally branded page is much easier to use for the long term. Now, if you are looking to do something with a company or do something, it doesn't matter because you can still put all of that on your personally branded Facebook page. For example, if you're doing an affiliate program, you can put that within your existing Facebook page under your name, so your name can cover just about anything you might want to do. And the beauty of it is, it's easier for human beings to remember names of other human beings than it is to remember companies from a practical point of view or program to remember and take notice of other people. Cos Air kind of a strange thing. We're not exactly program to do that naturally, and we've already got enough company names we know now. Now that we've discussed naming the page, let's go actually into creating it. So if I wanted to make another page, I would, For example, if I lost my existing page, I'd go make another page. And what you can do is just pick something for yourself to beat. For example, I could pick Jerry being feel entrepreneur. What I have selected his Jerry Banfield teacher, and I'll zoom in just a little bit more so you can see this a little better. Facebook gives you category options when you're creating a new page so you could do business person coach, all kinds of things. I go teacher, and then I just type the name in here Jerry Banfield and then click get started. And now, if I zoom back out, then the page already exists, so you can't create a page on someone that already exists. So, for example, if I wanted to create another page, and if you want to create a page and you already have someone else who is a teacher or already have someone else see, I could do jury being feel entrepreneur here, and so that also exists to well, if you already have someone that's taken your name, what you can do is do something like I could put a middle initial. I could put Jerry are banned fielder my whole name in there and something like that and click get started. And now it allows me to create the page with a middle initial. So now I go through the set up instructions here. So I zoom in and I've got about and then you type in what you're pages about and going through this, there's two different ways you can do it. You can try and blast through it with the assumption you're going edit later. Or you can try and put things in with the assumption that you may not edit things later and you want them to look as good as possible. So to begin, you definitely want to put your website. And if you have one, such as and if you have asked that way. Jerry banfield dot com. You might not want to put your official address in right away because once this is set, it can only be changed once, so you might want to leave this blank. If you're not exactly sure, if you know, for example, if your name was available, you could do something directly like Jerry Banfield because you know that's available straight off to start to tell people what your pages about. If you'll notice on my page, I just try and say what I do. Jerry Banfield creates you Timmy courses and inspirational videos. It's that simple. I put that because it's from the point of view that someone who's just getting to know me and they want to know if you're having about page, you want to know what it is you do for other people, not what you've been or what you've been awarded, what you do for other people, what you create, what you provide. That can be really helpful. Way to do things so you can skip this part of it. I could click Skip right here, and it wouldn't put that in. I could skip that to, ah profile picture, and I could even the best thing you want to add this to favorites so that it comes up over here. When you're on the home page, you can easily jump to your page like if I go to facebook dot com, you can see my pages right up here in my favorites on the top. So if you add this to favorites, it will go up there on the top again. I could skip that if I want to. And then with the page audience, you can put your default interests and your default locations. For example, if you're located in the U. S. You could put us in here, and then this is your expected audience. So then Facebook can somewhat target it. However, you don't need to do that necessarily. Either you can skip that, and it will let you just interact with your page this way, and then you can learn to navigate your page. Here, take the Facebook tour. You want toe like your own page, and I'm going to skip this because I'm going to immediately deleted. I just showed you this for how to create a page. You want to have your page filled in everywhere, if possible, like mine is with a profile photo a timeline cover. You'll notice the about section if I go over here, the about section Everything's filled in down here, except things that aren't relevant. Like I don't have an affiliation or an impressive And that way, when people come to my page. I've got everything for them on here. So you want to make a page that's is complete as possible. You definitely want to make sure to like your own page. There's nothing that looks worse than a page with zero likes because, you know, then the creator of the page didn't even like it. That biggest difference in page like this from 01 So please, like your own page to get started. Once you've done that, it's just a matter of working mawr on your page, and so I'll talk with you more about that now. 16. How to make a great Facebook page using videos and making helpful posts.: How can you make a great Facebook page? Nothing beats working on your page a little bit every day or every other day, at least if you can. Doing a little bit on your page every day is the most powerful way you can make a great page if you'll look at my page, what you'll notice, and that's at facebook dot com slash JB infield. You'll notice my page as depth to it. There's not just one or two or a few posts quickly thrown up a few months ago. If you'll notice almost bad pages there neglected, they don't have a regular effort that's being put into them. You notice almost good pages. There's always new things. There's consistent effort and pages with social proof that, in terms of people liking the page, watching the videos interacting with the post tend to draw more people in. When you have a page that looks dead where no one's done anything on it, it it does not tend to attract more people in it. In the people who do wind up in it tend to leave quickly if you want a sticky page, a page where people come in and stay and come back to your page. Video. Putting videos on your page is the most powerful current form off putting new content on Facebook, and you can see I'm leading first hand in this. These are the videos I've uploaded, and almost every one of these videos has been uploaded. This year. I scrolled down. You see, just video after video and you can tell my videos have changed. I keep learning from what I am doing, I learned, and I do some more videos. You'll notice I go back farther. The amount of people that watch each video goes down a bit on average, the amount of likes. So the more you keep doing things on your page, the more you keep advertising it. The more you keep putting new videos up, you will keep getting more and more and more results out of all the work you do. So it takes some patients getting started because you can see I'm going down farther a lot less engagement on most of these early videos, and these were some of videos. All of these air within a year old. So you want him if you're going to do a great job in your Facebook page. You want to make a system where you can consistently work on it and work up to doing great things on your page. Because if you just want to do average, so to speak on Facebook, a group is much more effective. The reason is that you've gotta have a lot of people on your page and a lot of content and videos most of the time to have it look decent tohave it worth going to. You'll notice some of these very few first videos and things uploaded hearty. Anyone per watched any of these, and you scroll up over time, then consistently more and more and more popular over time. Until now, you see a lot of these new videos. I just uploaded no ads on them, almost 10,000 views and hundreds of likes on some, the key is to advertise what you're doing, and you don't have to spend a lot of money. You don't have to advertise in low cost countries. Even if you do spend money and do advertise also low cost country, you can get fantastic results. The key is toe have videos. Videos are amazing, thes videos when I'll scroll down and show you When I just started advertising this one video now hundreds of likes and 23 shares on it. Not just that, though. People then come in and watch my new videos for free. Or you could just say, isn't an added benefit to the ads that I ran on a video before. So this one is in a campaign with a lot of other videos, and then it gets great interaction on it itself and what you'll notice. It also gets a lot of organic engagement. So on this video it's got ah 100 some 1000 views. Total Onley 7000 organic compared to 107,000 paid. You'll notice that videos are what people spend the most time with on Facebook to so 40 seconds is the average 41 seconds the average amount of time people viewed on this. If I had posted a photo instead of a video, there's no way people would spend 40 seconds looking at that. Photo videos get more time spent in the page and the more time spent in the page. The Mawr people are likely like the pages. They're more likely to share the page, the more likely they are to comment on it. Videos are amazing, and I've said that before, and I'm saying it again because it's if you want to have a successful page, a great page. Videos are the key to a great page. You don't have to do amazing high quality videos, either. If you look at some of these videos, I'm simply screen capturing a video game I'm playing while I'm playing it. This is something that most people have the ability to do and set up for a few $100 that have the ability to play Xbox online or have a computer and can play online. These are things that are entertaining to people on Facebook. Now you don't have to do video games, either. I'm saying it's that simple to combine that though you want to have a lot of likes on your page, I'll show you my page likes. Having a lot of likes is impressive when people first watch it, because the one thing most people cannot do is to build a big popular page. Now you don't necessarily need a 1,000,000 likes on your page. Even just 10,000 is plenty to get your page to stand out from the majority of pages online . This is why I said good pages air not rewarded much on Facebook. Facebook is a game of great pages that get noticed by everyone and then where almost every other page gets ignored or is lucky to get any traffic at all. If you want to do good groups and profiles or where you can do good at pages is a game of 80 20 or more like 1% 99% where 99% of people on Facebook spend almost all of their time visiting the top 1% of Facebook pages and then the other 99% of Facebook pages are competing. Essentially, for that 1% of users on Facebook who look around and are trying out and looking at new pages, Most all users gravitate towards the same pages that their friends are already on. That they've been to before that they went and already like to product related to that page . So pages are very tough on Facebook. If you want to do a good job now, if you just want to run ads on your page for products or something, essentially like a banner ad to just get people over to your website. You can do that, and you can have success that way. However, I know that I rarely interact with any ads like that, and I interact with a lot of ads. I interact with ads. I'm likely to go take a look at a page when in ads running, I'm likely to go watch a video from a page. I'm very unlikely to actually buy anything, even though I am likely to click. So all kinds of advertisers have wasted a ton of money trying to get me to go to their website. Meanwhile, advertisers that air showing the videos or giving me really helpful content that's on Facebook. I'll go look at their page and then I remember them for later. Then I am likely to buy something from them at some point. So having a great Facebook page to me is a huge opportunity that you might be able to take advantage of today, and I have shared all this with you so that you can get an idea that having a Facebook page is a great opportunity and there's a lot to it. It's not easy. It can be very challenging. And most all, the effort most everyone puts into their Facebook pages nearly a complete waste from what I've seen, because having a great page can do a lot, having a good or mediocre page tends to not do very much. If you do have a local business or a store or brand, it is helpful. At least get a page up so people can use it for directions. However, you could probably get a better return out of your time, putting into a well done Google plus page in that respect. So this is my experience on Facebook, failing with a lot of pages. There are hundreds of pages I've worked with as clients. I've had a bunch of my own pages. This page right here, you can see, is the Onley page that's been successful. Every other page is nearly complete failure. I did, and a few of the client pages were successful also, and yet the only determinant of that success was how much work the client was willing to put into it and posting great content and in taking care of and building a relationship with their fans. So getting to know your fans once you've got a page is a way you can really do a great Facebook page. So we'll talk more about that. Thank you for watching this. And I hope this useful for you. 17. Facebook page insights tutorial! Get to know your audience and engagement.: your Facebook page insights will allow you to get to know what people are doing on your page on when you know what people are doing on your page. It can help you figure out how to best serve the people on your page, how to give more value to the people on your page, what the people on your page are like in terms of their demographics and even how to find more people like the people already on your page. All of this can allow you to build a deeper relationship with the people on your page. And ultimately a great page comes down to having a deep relationship with the people who are already on your page, so to get to your page when you're on your page, you go to insights over here, and this allows you to view statistics about people currently using your Facebook page so these, by default, are from the last week. So these are my stats from the last week. This is the overview I have. Page likes here my total page likes, and it compares how many from last week. Then I have my post reach these air. How many people have seen my posts in the news feed. Now this includes ads also. So for mine, that's four million people have seen a post from my page in the last week, and 243,000 of Engaged with that they've clicked play video or they've made some kind of click toe website anything except a light comment 1000 shares. That's really cool. Then below this, it shows post statistics, so it shows what's happened on each individual post. And I can click on each, um, individual post to get more info on it so I can see this posters went out nor gaining news feed 36,000 times 20,000 times here and then these posts that are paid these posts help get more reach on the other post also. So when someone watches a video that they saw an ad and then they come to my page than that can increase the reach also. So then this is the engagement. The Post Clicks likes comments and shares. You can see that on the right side, and then you can click boost post to try and make an ad. I usually use the ads manager to make all of my ads of the boost post sometimes can make it faster for you. You can then scroll down. You can click, see all posts and get some more statistics. So it takes you over into the post tam right here. This is a valuable piece of data that it shows by default on the post time It shows you when your fans are online. So, in other words, when is the best time to post your content? You ultimately want to post your content in proximity to people being online. So, for example, I have a lot of fans globally, so my fans are often online in the early morning hours here. Overall, you'll notice 6 to 9 p.m. Is one of in the USA. My time is one of the lowest activity periods here, so this gives me an exact set of instructions. So to speak on when I should post my post should generally be when the audience is coming online or is online. So my post should probably be anywhere from midnight to about nine in the morning, and I could go a Slater's noon. I would not want to do most of my posts between noon and midnight, although with hundreds of thousands, I can get people to see the post any time I do them practically so you can then go down here. You can choose different options, and I use the reach organic and paid by default. And I just scroll down here. And then all of these little bars you see are in perspective, toe whatever the biggest one is. So this one is the biggest out of these posts on here. This is an ad that's been running for a couple a little over a week. It's got 500,000 plus paid impressions and then 32,000 organic, so all of the other ones are stacked up against that. And if you're doing paid ads, it can be challenging to try and isolate your statistics for organic this way so you can keep that mind for whatever you're trying to do with your advertising strategy. If you go down here, you can look at your negative feedback and the ideal goal list have a low rate of negative feedback. So something that's been seen 600 some 1000 times with only 23 negative feedback. That's pretty good. And you'll notice the bigger you get, the more negative feedback every single post I make. Someone does not like it. Someone does not like the page every post I make. So the idea is to have a lot more good action than negative activity and to see where there's any spikes of negative activity that come related to something else or where there's minimal negative activity. For example, 10 on this post these air, all organic here and then these paid posts are pretty good in terms of they've been out to a lot more people in very little negative feedback. And then this one, a lot of negative feedback relatives, some of the others. So you can use these things to ultimately learn about what it is you're trying to do. I like having the likes, comments and shares so you can see that's the primary organic engagement, so to speak, without clicks, a plan video, and especially when you concede the organic engagement here off posts that I have no paid reach on so I can get an idea of what it is people on my page like and get to do more of it . If you have less people that like your page, which you probably do that's good, you can usually get mawr Focus on exactly what you're doing can be kind of hard for me to tell. Rather, 289 is a big difference. Well, when you have posted no one likes and imposed to people like, that's a big difference. So this is a post one, and then I'll go through these other ones briefly. Here. The reach is who's seen my page, and this includes paid reach, so you'll see that most days I've got either anywhere from 1/2 1,000,000 to a 1,000,000 people are seeing my page paid and then 50 ish 1000 that are seeing it organically each day . Now that includes page views that includes every way you could see anything from my page and so I can just hit organic here to just look at organic. You know, notice my organic is way up before from the video ads I've been showing you, and that's a part of the paid reaches up. Also, the video ad strategy has been working very well, and that's just advertising videos for my page. Now I've got reactions here and then comments and shares so I can click to get mawr information, and you have to go back a bit because newest data right here Facebook often won't have the complete data on it. So sometimes you have to go back a little bit. So these are reactions to my posts. These could be likes than anything else. Facebook has added to the reactions options, and then down here, there's comments and then their shares. Shares are some of the most valuable activity you can get on Facebook, because that's a chance to put the video in someone else's friends news feed. So when someone shares my video, it could potentially go out to all their friends on organic reach. So getting hundreds of shears every day is a really powerful way to grow your Facebook audience. And then same thing with comments. Even if people hate on my video on a comment, their friends and may end up seeing in, some of their friends may actually like it. So Facebook has this new category of reactions, and you'll see here most everything's like, and yet they also have a few new things love. Wow! Ha ha. So this is just in testing, and this will be coming out Maurin detail instead of just being able to like a page. And then these are the negative Raskin's You could see the main thing people are doing is hide all of my post or hiding an individual post, and someone hates my post. I'd like it if they'd hide it. Also that then I won't be trying to reach their news feed and lowering my score. And then I have a few unlike on the page, which is fine. And then you can see down here the total reach again, which is similar to the post. Reach up here. So the total reach includes everything up here and then the reach up here just includes the actual posts. So if I go down here next to the page views, then I can see how many people have actually looked at the page. The one thing you can get out of this is that the amount of people who actually look at the page versus the amount of people who look at the posts in the newsfeed is drastically different. So you've noticed if I look at reach. The my posts are being seen by anywhere from 1/2 1,000,000 million people per day, including ads and then around 50,000 organic Well out of all that, hardly anyone comes to look at my actual timeline. So this means almost everything I'm doing on Facebook happens in the organic news feed or the paid news feed. Either way, it happens in the news feed. Hardly anyone comes to look at the timeline. When people do look at the timeline, I try and have a lot of good content for them to look at so that they are likely to come back again and you'll notice out of all of these timeline views very few of these air from any source outside of Facebook, even though I've got lots of audience and all kinds of places, most everyone that visits is internally from Facebook. So what you can take away from this is that people when they're on Facebook, 10 to stay on Facebook. Getting someone into Facebook from another location is often very difficult. I'll keep in mind. I have millions of people who see an adder, see something for me almost every day and yet the amount that come into my Facebook page extremely small. And yet when they come in from a Facebook ad or from a Facebook organic story, there's lots coming in that way, so cross channel traffic tends to be very difficult to achieve. So if you want to do great things on Facebook, you needed to have a strategy that keeps and maximizes what people are doing for you within Facebook, and this is good evidence of that. Out of all the stories I've run, very few people come even out of their news feed on the timeline and then all of the timeline very few clicks anywhere outside of that continuing. Here we have the videos town now the video views. This is where the primary value I look at is available for organic engagement video. I notice I'm watching most videos now on Facebook, at least just short videos and then Onley. Thing I usually use you to for is to get some technical or specific help. For example, I want a tutorial. I'll go to you tube for it. Facebook is where people are watching new videos, and it's really cheap, and you can isolate your video views in the tab. You can do organic You almost 15,000 organic versus 2600 last period. So this advertising videos, if you want people, watch your videos, just advertising videos you've already made, and people will come in and watch more of your video's and you do that. You do that with paid ads and video ads or cheap everywhere in the world. It's a beautiful way to play in your page strategy. I hope this data shows you clearly the benefit of doing these video ads because you can immediately go into getting results like this if you do your videos and put them up in ads . And I can see the video views by the amount of views I've got here. This one video has got reached 5.3 million people has got 3.4 million views, 65% completion. Facebook tends to like videos that get a high completion rate because then uses end up wanting the watch mawr or doing something else on the page. Joe noticed I allow Facebook to choose, which adds, it shows, and it tends to show the ads with the highest video completion and Ah, higher time watched. Now you'll notice that some of these other videos have a higher time watch. And yet the ad Facebook's chose to show the most of the ones that people actually complete . You'll notice I've got a lot of videos, and yet most all of the video views, if you look it's 80 20 everywhere. The Peredo principle 8.3 million views. One video accounts for nearly half of them to videos account for over half of them all of the other videos, then trying to add up and just get a few views themselves. So what if you want to have a great page trying a lot of different videos will help you figure out which videos are the very best that you can get your very top videos in here. These videos then bring in a lot of the other organic views. Now towards the end here, the people on the page now represent what people have actually liked the page and the people I've reached. So if you look at my fans, these are people that, like my page, more of the main languages, English and yet the main countries, Pakistan, with 3.5 355,000 fans there. So I actually have a lot of my fans in Asia, which shows why the activity time is where it is. I've worked to build a lot of fans up for the lowest cost that like my page. So I have impressive social proof and you'll see I've only got 31,000 likes in the USA. And a lot of those have been through sources besides page like ads, for example, advertising of video or organic likes and I've got likes from nearly every single country in the world. I've got at least 759 lights from all of the countries you just see on there. Now Those are the people who like my page. Now, if you look at the people reached, you'll see most of the people I'm reaching are actually in the USA or the United Kingdom, with a lot of people reached in Pakistan also, and then Canada, Australia, Philippines. So these are the people who are actually seeing my posts, and that's because I'm running a lot of video ads in the US and UK in Canada, and I've got a few in Pakistan that run for a very low cost. Also, what you'll notice is that you don't need people to like your page in order to reach them. In fact, one of the most expensive ways to reach people is to try and get them like your page first . I just try and reach people directly now and then. I used the page, likes toe, have that social proof there. So I get the page likes for the lowest costs, and some people have said this is a strategy you shouldn't do And I say, Why not? Facebook allows you toe advertise anywhere, so why wouldn't you do that? I want the most people liking my page, and I want to reach the most people that have the most relevant needs related to what I'm doing. So I've got the U. S. And you can reaching the most people and with my post. And then I've got a lot of fans in other countries I can reach for free or for a very low cost that then give my page great social proof. When you look, then you'll notice most of the people on my page are young men that I'm reaching 91% of the people I'm reaching with. My posts are young men, so I'm talking to a lot of other people just like me. That's good to know, for making my content. It's a good thing to know, too, because then young men like the same kinds of videos that I do, so that's easy. I just make videos similar to what I like them. So then the last happen here is people engaged I can look at. People have liked, commented a shared my post. Same stats, mostly young men. And now these include Liked commented a shared your post or engaged with your page. So even though I'm reaching a lot of people in the USA and UK, I'm getting a lot of people who are actually interacting with my page. Ah, lot of organic engagement. There's a lot of people in Pakistan, Bangladesh in Nepal who are actually interacting with my page now that includes Page likes . So it includes things and I'm getting a lot of global likes from these three countries. So this includes Page likes most of these interactions in the US and UK Our comments, likes and shares whereas in these countries I'm running a lot of page like and so these are places where people are liking my page. So I've got a strategy here in my page that I think is well rounded that allows me, then to impress everyone when they come to my page. I've got a lot of likes. I have a lot of engagement. I'm reaching a lot of people socially, so to speak. Where a friend is watched my video. Our family members watched my video it build. The well rounded page and well rounded pages tend to be extremely powerful, just as with anything else in life. If you want to succeed in life well rounded, usually the way to go. 18. How to delete your Facebook page.: If you want to delete your page like I'm going to delete this page, you go to settings. Because I just created this as an example. And I hit. Remove page here permanently. Delete. Jerry, are Banfield. Once you delete a page, you will not be able to get it back to make sure this is the new page I created. Not my main one. Okay, that looks good up in the URL. I'm deleting. Jerry are being filmed. Okay, It's deleted. So you can imagine you wouldn't want to do that just casually on your page you built. So there you go. That's how you delete a page. 19. 80/20: What would you be willing to work on every day for free?: This is an 80 20 power lecture sharing when I hope with you is an incredibly effective approach to doing your Facebook page. The question I have to start this is what would you be willing to do for free or even the spend money on to get nothing out of it on your Facebook page in order to help people to provide people with what they need? Rather, that's a good laugh, whether it's a tutorial or rather, it's helpful or inspirational information, what would you be willing to do for free? I've noticed that a lot of people take this course and take any kind of course online looking to get something out of it. In other words, I'm trying to do something on Facebook so that people will pay me or give me something. What would you be willing to do for other people without getting anything out of it? This will help you see why you are really doing what you're doing, and I'll help you see what you really like doing and what you can do that's most useful. Here's the thing. If you are trying to do what you're doing on Lee with the intent for you to get something out of it. It's usually going to be really hard for you to get anything out of it at all. I know I did that a lot. All of my efforts on Facebook for the 1st 3 years were interested in what could I get out of it? That's why built somebody likes on my page because I wanted to get clients out of it. I did almost everything online for the 1st 3 years with the attitude of What can I get out of it? What can I take from other people? How can other people give me what I want? What I got consistently was frustrate in aggravation, other people not giving me what I wanted me doing things that didn't work, to get what I wanted. And especially on Facebook, Facebook is brutal for not giving you what you want after you've tried really hard to get it. After you've spent all this money to get Paige lights and none of them do anything for you , none of them buy your product. None of them become your client. If you start with this premise, what are you willing to do for free that is simply good for other people without you getting any monetary reward. I'm leading by example. Most of what I do on my page doesn't do anything for me financially. Most of what I do is genuinely four other people's use. It's genuinely to just be helpful, like these inspirational videos or these entertaining call of duty videos. Or I can scroll down to show you these Red Curtain inspirational videos. These videos air just to help people. They are not intended to make any money for me. They're intended to be useful to help someone have a better day. They're intended to help me have a good day and help me to practice what I'm sharing. These videos are here to just be useful to just be helpful, to just give people what they need with no regard in most of the videos for me getting anything out of it Now, some of the videos haven't added the end, showing what I do. For example, some of these gaming videos show at the end an overview of what I do with teaching online. But most of the videos don't have that. Some of these videos are things like this is showing a Facebook ads tutorial, and this shows an introduction to teaching online. Some of the videos are purely promoting what I do for you could say there's a financial incentive in there. Most everything I do on my page is exactly what I'm suggesting to you now. It doesn't make me any money. It doesn't do anything more than give people what they want. At the same time, my Facebook page produces more for me than it ever has. When someone comes to take my Facebook course, often my Facebook page will be something they look at first or that they've seen originally . And they want to have a Facebook page just like it. You might have arrived here the exact same way at some point. So most of the work on my pages simply to give people what they need is best I can. And yet at the same time, I get more out of it than I've ever gotten my entire life. And I get now about 10 times as much out of what I'm doing now with my primary interest in being to help you. My primary interest isn't giving you what you need, because I know when I give you what you need, you'll give me what I need in one form or another. Rather, it's exactly you are a friend of yours or whatever it ISS my Facebook pages set up to give the most people what they need today, and my Facebook page, then, is an integral part of me getting what I need today. Also, I very rarely hear anyone starting a Facebook page talking about making it useful for other people. And that's why so many Facebook pages fail. It has no use for other people. It's part of someone else's system to simply benefit themselves. The best pages on Facebook are useful for other people. They have videos people like. They have inspirational things they have, even if it's just an actor sharing their life, that's useful for people. So today I asked myself, What am I doing on my Facebook page that people need me to do? What am I giving people on my Facebook page that people need to have and then I get the most back out of it? If you want to make a great Facebook page answering that question, what are you willing to do for free on your Facebook page? What are you willing to do for free? If you can find a good answer that, for example, I'm willing to make a video talking about this every day or doing a tutorial on that I'm willing to make a Blawg posten put it on there every day with no regard to what money you get out of it. If you confined that, that is what I call your core your foundation, the core value you provide on your page. If you confined the core value you provide on your page, you can make an exceptional Facebook page. You might realize that you're not even willing to do it on a page that you'd rather use a group or a profile just to do that. And that's okay. As long as you find that core value, that core thing, you're willing to give freely with nothing in return. Then you'll get more back than you ever imagined. If you Onley are thinking what you're going to get out of it, it's really hard to see what other people need. I remember it was so challenging to see what other people needed because 90% of what I thought about was what I wanted. So I always just felt like I was in the dark about what other people needed. Now I try and think the majority of the time. What do I need to do for other people? What is it other people need? I'm sitting here doing this because you must need it. You're here. You're watching this. You must need it. That's why I'm doing it. You're here and you need this. That's what motivated me to sit here and do this today. You need this. And so I make it. I asked to serve the greater will each day. I asked to do what you need me to do. And I obviously get a lot of guidance from people and maybe including you. What I should do Since I've started doing what you and collectively, what other people need me to do. I've been given a life where I can focus just on doing that. I don't have to go take things they're just given to me. The things I need to serve you are given to me. And that's a beautiful way to live. So I hope this is really useful for you. I've never seen something like this in another course. I've read it in a few books, so I'm passing it on to you here, and I hope this is useful. And thank you for watching this.