Introduction to Essential Oils | Jessica Wangelin | Skillshare
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6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. All About Essential Oils

    • 3. How to Use Essential Oils

    • 4. Three Popular Essential Oils

    • 5. Picking the Best Essential Oils

    • 6. Accessories for Essential Oils


About This Class


You've probably heard a lot about essential oils. But what are they? How do you use them? Are they for you? In this 20 minute class, Jessica Wangelin, essential oil educator and DIY blogger at Decor Adventures, will walk you through the basics of essential oils so you’ll know exactly how to get started and get on the path of wellness with essential oils. We’ll cover:

  • What are essential oils
  • How to use them safely
  • The most commonly used essential oils
  • How to get the best essential oils
  • Accessories to get started

Learning about and using essential oils can benefit people of all ages. The class project will help you plan out your wellness journey and show you how to get the best essential oils to benefit your health, happiness, and home.

Here is information about ordering Young Living essential oils as mentioned in the videos. 

Accessories to get started using your oils can be found here.

Music in this class is provided by purple planet music.





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Jessica Wangelin

Blogger + Essential Oil Educator

Jessica Wangelin is a wife, mom, essential oil educator and blogger. Founded in 2009, her blog Decor Adventures shares ideas and inspiration about home decor and DIY projects. Jessica's passion is helping people learn how to create a beautiful, meaningful home and life naturally.

Her projects focus on organization, simplification, and using essential oils in daily life. It is her intention to help you create a home and life that is simple, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. Pro...

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