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10 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction to Digital Planners

    • 2. What is Digital Planner

    • 3. Examples of Types of Planners

    • 4. Anatomy of a Digital Planner

    • 5. How to Use Digital Planners

    • 6. Grow Your Business with Digital Planners

    • 7. Where to Buy Digital Planners

    • 8. Ideas for Selling Your Digital Planners

    • 9. Learn PowerPoint to Help You Create Planners

    • 10. Class Project and Action Steps

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About This Class

Digital Planners Provide a Unique Way to Track Your Activity and Grow Your Business

Having ways to keep track of what you do and what you need to do, can be challenging. That's where digital planners come in, as they are portable, easy to use, easy to customize and you can access them from your computer and your digital devices.

A digital planner is an attractive and effective tool for tracking or recording just about anything you can think of. You can also create and sell digital planners to help you grow your business and your brand. 

What is a Digital Planner

A digital planner is a document that can be accessed and “written on” using a stylus or Apple pencil, from a computer or a digital device via a notes app such as OneNote or GoodNotes. Digital planners are designed to serve as planners you view through a screen rather than hold in your hands. This gives you flexibility, portability and easy access to info about your life, goals, activities and accomplishments.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • What is a digital planner
  • Types of digital planners
  • Anatomy of a digital planner
  • How to use a digital planner
  • How digital planners can help you to grow your business
  • Where you can get digital planners
  • Create digital planners to sell
  • Learn how to create digital planners
  • Action steps


Meet Your Teacher

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Dvorah Lansky

Author & Course Creation Specialist


Greetings! My name is D'vorah Lansky. I have a Master's Degree in Education and am the bestselling author of many books including; the Action Guides for Authors series of workbooks and journals and the Health and Happiness Journal series.

Since 2007 I've created 40+ online training program and have taught online marketing and course creation to thousands of authors, entrepreneurs and creatives, across the globe.

One of my passions is to help people share their brilliance with the world.

I look forward to connecting with you here on Skillshare and welcome you to explore my courses on Creative Course Creation Tips, Tools and Strategies.

I've you'd like, check out my website at:

And you can view my books, workboo... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Digital Planners: hello and welcome to introduction to digital planners. I'm Devora Lansky, and I will be your tour guide on this Training here today is an exciting topic and I'm looking forward to sharing what I believe will be many new concepts for you. And I hope that you can take some notes for things that inspire you. And there are so many possibilities with digital planners that go beyond the traditional calendar. And when I started thinking about this and planning this training, the ideas kept coming and I got them as many as I could down onto paper, along with examples. And that's why I'm gonna be sharing with you here today. So here's what will cover we're gonna talk about. What is a digital planner? Types of digital planners. The anatomy of a digital planner. How to use a digital planner, how digital planners can help you to grow your business, where you can get digital planners, how you can create digital planners to sell and how you can learn how to create digital planners yourself either from scratch or from commercial use materials. And I'm gonna be talking about that as well. And then, of course, we'll have some action steps so that you can apply what you learnt today, So let's go ahead and dive in. 2. What is Digital Planner: So what is the digital planner? If you're looking at the screen, you'll see a physical representation or an image representation of a digital product. This is not something that gets printed out. It's something that is accessed via your computer or via a reading app. So let's explore that a little further. Digital planners provide a unique way to track your activity and grow your business, and that is a very general comment. You can take that concept, and you can expand it as deep as wide as narrow as you want. It could simply be a to do list a daily to do list and can be so much more and we're gonna dive into. I think I have over 25 examples that I'm going to share with you today. So as I'm sharing these ideas, you may want to jot down ones that spark an idea for you so that you remember it and you may get new ideas that air sparked from what you see, and someone encouraged you to write them down when they come to mind. Having ways to keep track of what you do and what you need to do can be challenging right. We all have so much going on in our lives and how to keep track of everything. That's where digital planners come in as their portable. Easy to use, easy to customize, and you can access them from your computer as well as your digital devices and many digital planner apse, which we're going to talk about here today. They sink across multiple networks so you could be on your computer, and then you get on your phone and your on your iPad or your android and your digital planner can sink across all of those different platforms, so I'm gonna go into the into that more in just a little bit. But it's wonderful cause you could be anywhere. And if you have access to a computer or a phone or a digital device, you can see what's going on in your planner, whether you have a to do list or appointments or whatever it might be that you're keeping track of. Or maybe you're in the middle of developing a project and you're getting all these ideas and they're on sticky notes all over the place. Our little pieces of paper and your person on in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Well, then, this is a way for you to keep it all together because maybe your computers in the office. Maybe you have a home office. You have your computer there and you go down to the kitchen and there's your iPad and then you're in the car and there's your phone wherever you get the ideas or you want to check in and see what's going on in your planner, you can access it the same planner. Because sinks across all of those devices, a digital planner is an attractive and effective tool for tracking or recording just about anything you can think of. You can also create and sell digital planners to help you grow your business and your brand . And, of course, we're going to dive into that today as well. So what is a digital planner, A Digital planners, a document that can be accessed and written on the little air quotes. They're using a stylist or an apple pencil or even your finger, depending on the app from a computer or a digital device via a notes app such as one note or good notes, and we're gonna delve deeper into the notes APS. As part of our training here today. What we're talking about here is just an old review of digital planning. Digital planners are designed to service planners you view through a screen rather than hold in your hands. So when you see a digital planner from an online shop and you purchase it, digital planners are not designed to print out because they're different dimensions typically than in 8.5 by 11 piece of paper. Of course, you can shrink it down and have a paper copy, however, the purpose of a digital planners to be able to access it from anywhere, whether you have the paper with you or not, but you do have options. This gives you flexibility, portability and easy access to info about your life, goals, activities and accomplishments. So you may have the paper planner that you maybe you throw out of your planners after at the end of the year. Or maybe you haven't filed in a box somewhere. Well, your digital planners you can access for years to come. Maybe you want one a month or one a year, and you can file them and refer back to them and recycle them and reuse it without having to buy a new planner unless you wanted to. You can even buy just a new cover and change the colors. If you have access to the, uh, the edit herbal slides and move things around. They have things called digital stickers, which you can use to dress up your planner. Maybe you want a pastel planner. Maybe you wanna autumn color planner. Well, there's lots of flexibility, and you can take that same planner, which you may have bought from office Supply Store for anywhere from 25 to $50. And you can use that same planner and just remix it a little bit year after year or month after month. Traditional paper planners provide you with a later record appointments and project due dates. Typically, if it's beyond that, it would be more of a journal or more of a life planner. But your traditional paper planners air pretty much month day week with places for to do lists and check things off. You do see more and more where they also have places where you can maybe color in a little water drops for the water that you've that you've you had that day and what not, But traditionally, when you go to the office supply store, it's month, day, week, some some kind of combination. They could be. What you record in your traditional daily planner could be business appointments, phone calls and interviews, family activities and carpools. Doctor appointments project due dates and you can record those in paper. Planners and many of us have used play paper planners for many years, and you could also take those same types of things you're tracking and track them digitally . So let's dive deeper there and explore the capabilities of digital planners. Digital planners conserve many purposes. They can serve the same purpose as a traditional planner, and you could also create planner hybrids. So maybe you want to be able to track business appointments or how much water you drink or if you get exercise. But you also want to have a place to journal your thoughts at the end of the day or record what you're grateful for. You can do that with a with a digital planner, you can customize it in any way that you'd like. Now, when you purchase a digital planner. If you're If you purchase a personal use planner, you don't necessarily have what you won't have. Access to the edit herbal files. However, if you learn how to create digital planners, you can then customize and change things to your liking. Now there are some digital planner products that you can change the colors of, or you can add different imagery to, as I mentioned, which they call stickers. So could be like a image of a sticky note that you put on your planner of. Maybe you want to remember your grocery shopping list or something. Your thought of the day. Maybe it's spring, and you just wanna liven up your calendar and have pictures of flowers. Maybe it's winter. You want snowflakes? Maybe it's whatever is going on. Maybe it's Ah, patriotic holiday and you wanna have flags. You can do that, but just adding what they call stickers. And it's really easy when you bring the planner into the notes, APS and we're gonna talk about the note saps a little bit later. You can create digital notebooks so it doesn't have to be a formal as a planner with the day and the time in the week and the month, it could just be blank lines in a notebook. A digital notebook. Maybe you're in the middle of planning a project, and you're getting all of these ideas. It's very common to have a five or even 12 subject notebook digital notebook, where each different tab it actually looks like a tab is for a different topic area, and you have a place where you can jot down what you what is behind each tab so you can easily organize it. And then what is what happens? And what's nice with a digital planner is its hyperlink. So with a paper planner, you might not remember where you wrote the note. But if you're very careful about what section you put things in, you can easily locate content. And there's usually a place where you have a table of contents so you can even subdivide and segment your content even further For easy access. You can also transform your work books into digital format, and you can have a digital workbook that complements your work, your ideas, your business, your brand. So I'm thinking that we're getting some ideas expanding here, and as you get ideas, be sure to jot them down. That's what happened to me when I was creating this this training here today. The ideas just kept on coming. So I have a lot to share with you, and I hope you find this useful. There's so many possibilities with digital planners, and they are really beautiful. So they are aesthetically pleasing and they bring color. And sometimes color brings joy. And so it's just a way of enriching your life by having something that's attractive that you love that you work with. 3. Examples of Types of Planners: So this is an example of a planner that I made recently in its in its part of a gratitude journal. And this is just one of the pages, and on this page it says the best part of my day, something new I learned today and what I'm grateful for. And then, if you're making the planner, you can decide. Do you want 365 pages? Do you want tohave 30 pages? And then you can have a section in the back of your planner where you have basic templates , that people can decide which pages they want to replicate, and they can copy it and replicated as many times as they want. And if you are the person using the planner, you can purchase planners that allow you to do the same thing, which is really nice, gives you a lot of flexibility. So what? What really captures my attention with a digital planner is I just really have a love of creating workbooks and worksheets, and they also have a love of digital art, and this kind of ties them together and you can be really creative and yet be really organized at the same time, and you can help others in your niche. If you end up deciding that you want to make digital planners, think about your topic area. And how would your audience benefit by A by being able to track what it is that you're teaching them? And that's what a digital planner can do for you. So what I want to do now is share with you types of digital planners because, as I was researching and the best place I found to research was on, etc. There are digital planner products over on Etsy, and so you get lots of ideas. So what I did is I started a research project every time I found something I liked over on Etsy. You can create list, so I added it to my favorite list, called digital Notebooks or digital planners and its way of easy access. And then I can go there and look at it and get ideas and get inspired. And that's how things began to grow. So I want to share with you some of the examples that inspired me most to see if it can spark ideas for you. I'm going to share with you. Hear a list because as I started writing the list, I came up with five or six ideas. Well, I think I have about 25 ideas on this page for the purposes of our recording here, I'm going to not read every single word on the slide because I think it would be overwhelming. But I am going to read as they come across my screen every second or 3rd 1 So ready you can create an academic planner, a bullet journal, a composition notebook, a digital diary, a fitness planner, a goals planner, a gratitude journal, a life planner, a memory keeper, a note pad, a reading journal. I don't have it down here, but you contract movies that you've seen or that your family wants to watch. You can create a digital recipe, book or scrapbook. You can create a study guide. Digital planners, especially digital notebooks, are very popular in schools these days. Speaking of you can create a teacher's planner, a wedding planner, a workbook and so much more so the ideas can keep coming. And as you get ideas, be sure to jot them down because that could be transformed. If you can get your idea on the paper can be transformed into a print journal or planner that you published on Amazon or Sella's. A Pdf from your website or from etc. Could also be transformed into a digital planner because more and more people are going digital. And so you open up to a whole new market. And what's nice is if you decide that you're going to get into digital planning. Digital planners sell between 29 $39 over on Etsy, where planner pages typically sell for 5 to $10 so you can see that there's a market and there's a mark up. So could bring additional income. Another revenue source for you. So here's here. A few pictures that inspired me that I wanted to share with you the one on the left. You see the front cover on the left, and then you see the inside page on the right. We see the tabs, and this is a gratitude journal. And isn't it attractive how they added the image around it? And they have the colors how they coordinate, So that was attractive. I found that inspiring, and then on the one on the right, that's a daily plan, and it's the same page over and over and over again. But the way that they added flowers to the background and you'll see that they have transparent flowers behind the planning section so that it's not too cluttered. So their desktop, if you will is, is easier to see what they write and you have a place toe, create a to do list or to whatever that is that they want to track here. They have a lot of planners. I've noticed digital planners have meal plans and shopping list, and that's what this one has here to. On the right hand side, there's a meal plan. There's a shopping list. There's a note section. You can customize those as well with the digital planner. Depending on the APP, you can take what they call the lasso tool, and you can, For example, let's say that bottom right box there where it says shopping list. Let's say you don't want it to say shopping list you wanted to say to do list. You can last so that shopping list the words and you can get rid of that and you can bring in another word or a sticker that says to do list. And that's what I mean by customizing your planner. Maybe you wanna have butterflies or pictures of your family on your planner. You can do that. You could bring it into the different pages. Once you have your planner in the digital at right now, what I'm sure showing you is some of my favorite planners. Now look at the purple one on the left, you see the tabs. You have tabs on the left, the far left. Those are the months of the year. You have cabs across the top. It could be for whatever you want it to be. Maybe it's monthly weekly. Maybe it's a section where you have addresses or ah, whatever it is that you have there. On the right hand side, some of the planners have a one through 31 so they have access to the daily pages as well. Now, one of the things I want to share with you about digital planning the hardest part of the digital planner is linking the digital planner so that when someone clicks on the tab, it goes to the right section and that is quite involved. So the beauty of the whole process is there are planners out there that you can purchase for your personal use. There are thousands of them. There are also planners that you can purchase that have commercial use rights with creditable files that are already linked up so you don't have to spend hours linking. And if you're a detail oriented person in the idea of the process of linking intrigues you , there are classes that are out there that show you how to easily go through the process. It is a little bit involved when you start to look at making digital planners, but there are options to be able to purchase already linked up planners that you just add your pages to. So lots of upper lots of opportunity and lots of options, depending on your interest and your goals. And you don't have to have to decide at this very moment. If this is your first introduction to digital planning. Let's keep going through this training and I'll plants obor see than ideas for you, and then you can give it some thought. Do some research and decide what makes most sense for you. But you can see colors Design, um different. Want some look more professional? Some look more artsy or more D I Y. So you can really set it up and really express your style or purchase planners that reflect your style so that you can use them. And if they have the commercial use rights so that you can edit them and resell them, here's a. Here are examples of digital notebooks. Let me just go back to the previous page. See how this looks like a double page spread. It's like the nopal turning paid the the planner turning pages. But with a digital notebook or note pad, you'll notice that it's just the image on the far left that front. Pay that front section there. That's the table of contents where you write in what each tab means, and it's color coded. And then it just looks like a note pad, and you can easily keep track of things and you can file the pages well. You don't want to move the pages around, but you go to the section like let's say you're collecting recipes or your collecting poems , or you're or you're creating a reading list. You would put those details on notes behind each tab in that subject area so that you can easily find the content in the future. And then to get back to the table of contents, you'll notice. I don't know if you can see it, but the very, very top tab. There's a little icon there looks kind of like a diamond. Sometimes they have ones that look like a little home picture, and usually the home button will always take you back to the table of contents so that people can easily navigate. Now, if you're artistically inclined, look on the right hand side the notebook covers. Those are really popular over on Etsy, and if you're selling them for personal use, you can purchase the rights to lots of different types of images that you can resell for personal use and then people, and then look at how it has, like a little label on it. And people could write on their what the notebook is about, what the topic of the notebooks about or for yourself. If you're doing different projects, you can have a collection of notebooks and then you just write what each nopal covers and then look at how it has that little ribbon right there. So it looks like it has imagine it looks just like a a paper your notebook that has that elastic that the hooks onto what Page a person is on. Well, this is a digital representation of that. Now, if you want to create journals and notebooks and any number of products for commercial use , you need to have the rights to. The image is so you need to know how to make digital papers if you're gonna be selling them for commercial use. Because a lot of papers that you, they call the those images, they call him digital papers. Ah, lot of those papers are You can resell them to customers, but you can't resell them to people who are then going to resell them. So it's it's Ah, it's as if you made only just think of analogy. So your book let's say you write a book and you can sell your book to customers, right? But you're not giving your customers the right to print off your book and sell them from their own house, right? So it's the same type of type of thing where it comes to personal use and commercial use. And over on Etsy, which is a hotbed for digital planners, you can read what other people have listed in their descriptions, first of all, from a customer point of view to see what rights you have. And if you're looking at creating content to get ideas for what you might want to put on your listing. 4. Anatomy of a Digital Planner: All right. Now let's talk about the anatomy of a digital planner. All right, so this is one of those kits that I created on the right hand side. I purchased the commercial use rights to templates there. Just see through templates that I can add any colors and designs. I want Teoh. And then I can sell them commercially or perfect for personal use. And I created five different color combinations, and I put them together in a color packet. And then I made covers and insides and matching embellishments to go along with the feet. And so first, the top left. That's the inside view of the planner. Typically, they're created in in Power Point, and we're going to talk more about the different ways that they're created. And that's one slide. Even though it looks like two pages, you divide the page up, so you have the right and left looking pages. But that's one slides. We imagine a power point slide and, ah, I'm not going to get into the details of how you would go about that right now on this, This training, This is about the introduction off what is a digital planner and the pieces and how to use it and what not. So what we're doing here is we're talking about the anatomy of what are all the different pieces of the planner. So the top left, that's what they call the inside view. You can have a left page, you can have a right page, and typically you have that coil down the middle so it looks like an actual planner, and then you have the tabs. Ah, lot of planners just have tabs on the right hand page. Some of them have them on the right hand page and on the left hand page. Some of them have them across the top. You really have a lot of flexibility. If you're creating digital planners, I would recommend making it as simple as you can to start with. And then you can always grow from there. Or you can purchase a digital planner with all the links all hooked up so that you can actually see inside the planner how it's constructed. But for now, let's just take a, uh, in Eagle's view of what is in a digital planner. So you have the tabs on the right hand side and Then you have, ah, picture of a little home on the left hand side, and those can all be hyperlinks so that when you click on them that you are taken to wherever the planner developer wants you to go. Typically, the home page goes back toothy table of contents and the different tabs go to the different sections, and you can even write words on the tabs. Or you can leave them blank and just have a blank table of contents so that the end user can decide how they want to use the planner or you as the end user can decide how you want to use your planner. You can purchase uh, digital planners and digital notebooks that are set up that way. All right, let's go down to the bottom left. That's what they call the front cover, and you'll notice it has the coils, just like if you were buying a paper planner and that it has the class which would close the planner and then you have a little button and you can customize planners. You can purchase parts of planners and customize your own planners, depending on which packages you purchase over on Etsy or you can create your own. So what I did is I created a set of buttons. I learned how to create the buttons because I like the idea of having glossy buttons that coordinated with the planners. Then you have to the right of the front cover. That's the open view planner without pages to the right of that is just a plain coil, and to the right of that, you have the clasp and the button. So that's what a planner is typically made up of. There's a lot of flexibility, but this is the basic anatomy of a digital planner. 5. How to Use Digital Planners: So now let's talk about how to use a digital planner. I was talking about APS, and I'm gonna share with you for both Mac and PC and Apple products as well as android products. What you might use, and I'll share with you also what the most popular are so that you can hopefully save your time yourself from time and aggravation, because there's been a lot of research on the topic, and so I'll share that with you as well. So how do you use a digital planner? Well, first of all, what you need to dio is you need to view it from a note step. You could just open it up on your computer as you would a Pdf, and you can click on it. Typically, when you open up a pdf, it'll still be clickable, so you can click through all of the different tabs. But it's not so easy to write on a pdf. I mean, you may have that ability, but it's not gonna sink across all your devices. You want to get it into some kind of at So the hyperlinks that we were talking about allow the users to navigate from section of section and the APS, for example, you have different different applications that will sink across the different devices so you can access your planner anywhere. So what you want to do is you want to import your planner so you purchase your planner. Most of them come with instructions. Typically, you just click on it and you and it will ask you where you want it to go. And you tell it you wanted to go into the app whatever notes app you've purchased, and I'm gonna talk about the most popular ones. And then once you have it imported into the APP, you can either use your finger, though it's hard to be precise when you're writing with your finger or a stylist or an apple pencil, depending on the app that you're using and what device and what platform you're on. And then what you can do is Then you can add an edit content with your adding stickers or writing notes or planning appointments or making a list. There's wedding planners of maybe you want to plan out a party, and you want to make a wish list of ah of gifts or make a guess list. You can do all that with your stylist and they There's even ways to type into a digital planner, and that's a little bit beyond the scope of our call here today. But there that's the type of information that I've been gathering and putting together because I know people will be interested in that, and I'll be sharing more of that as we go along in the coming weeks and months. So here are a few of the most popular note taking APs. So for math iPad, an iPhone, Good notes Hands Down is the most popular app for digital planners. It's the easiest to use its affordable. You can use it across most Apple products. And, um, there's a lot of training on YouTube and a lot of the plant people who sell digital planners also include ah little training tutorial or a pdf with instructions on how to use the planner in good notes. So if you have access to Mac iPad and or iPhone good notes, currently the version is five is the way to go. Also for that platform is there's the APP called note ability and another called zoom notes , and you're welcome to check those out to see if those resonate with you. Further, My understanding from my research is they're either very complicated or they're very basic . That good notes seems to be the middle of the road and easy to use. And then you have cross platform that regardless of your on a math, PC and iPad, iPhone and Android device, you can use thes and Microsoft. One note is one of them and no shelf. You can just google these words later on and to to explore these is another option. And then for android users, you have met emoji, and I think it's pronounces Odo. So there you have a list that you can explore, and you can either explore all of them. Or you can head straight to good notes. If you have access to an apple device and then what you'll do is you'll import your digital planner into the device and go to tell it. It's a lot of fun to see it there. It's there so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing and easy to use and easy to keep you organized. So if you like this idea, this technology, it's will be a fun way for you to go and an effective way to go. If you're not sure, But you're intrigued. You might want to perk. They have very reasonable the different planners over on Etsy. You could start off with something, maybe really simple, like maybe, ah, five subject notebook that you could just explore and see what it's about. You can even find some on sale for, like, two or $3 just to get a sense of what they're about. And then you can decide how far you want to go with all of this. 6. Grow Your Business with Digital Planners: Now let's talk about how digital planners can help you to grow your business. What you can do is you can develop material that complements our goes beyond your book or your work. You can create content that shines the light on your expertise, and you can provide planners that support people in reaching their goals. So it could be a tracking page that you have people keep track of certain things, or it can be an actual workbook that takes people step by step through an entire process. I'm in the process of taking my workbooks. I think I have maybe 10 workbooks now upon Amazon, and I have eight journals. I'm taking the workbooks, and I probably would do something with the journals as well. But I have to work books in process of being that I'm taking them and turning them into a digital format. So I'll keep you posted with that. But I'm intrigued so far, and I see a lot of possibilities. It opens up a whole new market of people who are eager to have the content, but they don't want to buy a print book. They wanna have it digitally, and they're willing to pay for it because you can charge more for the digital version if it's interactive. So my question to you is, if you could wave a magic wand and transform your existing content or ideas in a digital format, what would you create? Think about that for a moment. What would you create and let your imagination go? Wild, as you can see from this training mind? Certainly have, and I'm having a ball with this. 7. Where to Buy Digital Planners: So where can you get digital planners? We explored, etc. And that is it pretty much the primary place to go for the the broadest selection. And it's very common to find digital planners over on Etsy their high quality, and it's easy to be in touch with the creators. You can buy them on other platforms, but it might be hard for you to connect with the person who created it. So I like checking out planners on etc. You can purchase planners for personal use. What you do is you go over there and you search in the search field. You just type in digital planners or digital notebooks or digital planner covers whatever you're looking for. And there are a few planners for commercial use on etc to. However, most of the planners that I have purchased are for personal use, and then what I do is I look at how they're constructed and I get ideas for what I might want to create. You don't want to plagiarize, but you can certainly get ideas by what other people are doing. There's also wonderful paper and digital planners with commercial rights on all sorts of topics, so If you buy a planner with pl our rights or commercial rights, you can transform it into a digital plan or you have the content right there. You just transform it into a digital planner. Just bring the content right into power point and at your tabs and your links and you you're creating a digital planner. Now, if you're interested, I have put together a list of recommendations. It's on my website, and I have added it to the course page for the course that I have created called Discover Digital Planners. Ah, but that I have that list. If anyone is interested, just let me know and I'll let you know where to find it. 8. Ideas for Selling Your Digital Planners: You can also create digital planners to sell. So once you create your planners, you can sell them. You could sell them with personal use rights, which means the person could only use them that use the planner themselves. They can't give it to anyone else. They can't. They can't sell it. It's for their personal use. You can also sell digital planners with come with a commercial use license. Now the thing about that is you have to have the resell right to sell the reso rights, which is very difficult to find. I don't that's very uncommon, or you need to create the content from scratch. So what you can do? The easiest way to go is to purchase pl our commercial, use insides of planners and and, ah, workbooks in journals and then create your own digital paper. There's ways you create your own digital paper if you're going to sell it for personal use UK. There's a lot of options. If you're going to sell it for commercial use, that's a little bit more involved, and we can explore that Ah, little bit deeper. But for if you're gonna sell for personal use, you can simply purchase the commercial use license to existing papers and create your own branded products, which is really a lot of fun. You can also create digital planner embellishments like I showed you the covers, the class, the wire coat coils. Ah, one of the things I was looking for waas sticky notes because I thought they have in digital planners. They have what they call stickers that you can. People can copy and paste them to different parts of their planners. Well, I thought a sticky note would be a wonderful place to have for people. Ah, wonderful resource for people Toe have to, like write notes on that they could easily see. So I searched and searched and searched, and I actually went to YouTube and I went to different places and I tried to make my own sticky notes. And then, you know how when you put on when you think about something, I'm making air quotes here. The universe provides Well. I was presented with a pl r package of sticky notes and stickers that I have the rights to use both commercially and for personal use. So I kind of attracted that to me as I was looking for each piece of this, so that's really exciting, and I'm going to re color them and graham them and what not? I think sticky notes would be a really useful piece off a digital planner. You can even make sticky notes with maybe a quote of the day or a quote from your book or a thought of the day or a word of the day, and you could just have a ball with it. So when you just get started, whether you're planning using the digital plan to yourself or you're using it toe uh, to create digital planners to sell, start simply, and you can always add on your skills because you're only limited by your imagination. So capture all your ideas and put them by topic area, either on a note pad on your computer or on your desktop or on a digital planner and keep track of the ideas that you get. So where can you sell digital planners? There are many places where you can sell digital planners. The most popular is at sea course. You have a lot of competition, so you might want to try another platform, an affordable platform easy to use, which I've recently discovered is called Gum Road. You can even set up your own affiliate program on Gum Road. It's really attractive and easy to use, and it's very affordable. They just take a percentage of the sales. But that is definitely a viable option that you convey research. You also can sell planners from your own website or your own Shopify store. So that's another option. The difference, though, between your own store and etc. One difference, the pro of etc. Is. It's like you're at a shopping mall and all of the store owners air driving traffic to them . All right. When you are, have your own shop. You're the one that's responsible for getting traffic to your site, so it depends on where you want to put your energy and what you're looking for. Having your own shop is definitely nice, and it's attractive and it's fun, but it's expensive. It could be expensive, so you may want to start with something like at sea, and then you can see how you wanna developed. From there. You can also sell your planners or your digital assets on sites such as design bundles or the hungry Jay Peg. What you're doing there, though, is you're giving away the commercial rights to designers. So that's what those sites are are four is to sell design elements. Even the inside of planners are being sold over there. But you're giving people the commercial rights to them, but this gives you some options to explore. 9. Learn PowerPoint to Help You Create Planners: so you might be wondering some of you how you can learn how to create digital planners. What I wanna show you here is how to help equip you in the easiest, most affordable, fastest manner. So I want to share with you some options so digital planners could be created in in various programs and Power Point is the easiest to use and the most popular program for creating digital planners. Keynote is another popular option, which is the power point is available on Mac and PC and Keynote is the equivalent, and it's available just on back. Other programs that are used in creating digital planners are affinity publisher Adobe in design and Photo shop. And if you go to YouTube, you'll find training on each of these, and there are courses on each of these. 10. Class Project and Action Steps: So now that we've gone through this training and explored an overview of digital planners, I've loved to know and love for you to ponder this question. What intrigues you about digital planners? You might want to spend some time thinking or writing, and then you can decide. Is this something that you want to explore? Do you want to get a digital planner or a digital notebook that you can start using? Do you want to explore the different sites, such as etc. To see what people are creating? So just let your imagination go wild and have fun with this, and at the very least, you might want to get yourself a digital notebook from etc. That you can play with it and see what it's like from the inside. So here are your action steps reflect and record your ideas. So how might you use digital planners? And if you don't have enough room, you can flip the paper over or get get more paper and just jumped on your ideas. How might you use digital planners? And then the next question is jot down ideas for the types of digital planners you'd like to have access to and or that you would like to create. And I would recommend that you complete this exercise right when you finish this training here today, right? Bullets on your mind. And I'm hopeful that the ideas that you've gotten here today a sparked ideas for you. If you have further questions, you can feel free to to email me or or reach out to me in the Facebook group. I'm pretty excited about this whole concept and I'd be happy to be of support. So I'm hoping this training was helpful for you today. And as I like to say, Here's to your success.