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Introduction to Digital Marketing

Stephanie Seow, Digital Marketer in NYC

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Stephanie Seow, Digital Marketer in NYC

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4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. What is Digital Marketing?

    • 2. Customer Journey & Purchase Funnel

    • 3. Measurement & Benchmarking

    • 4. Media Classification & Closing

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About This Class


This class is suitable for all learners (no background required). In this class, I will give you an overview of the digital marketing landscape and touch on platforms introduction, concept of customer journey and purchase funnel, as well as walk you through some common marketing metrics. This class will provide you with the fundamental understanding to take on learning more advance concepts of campaign set up, analytics and media optimization, which I will be teaching in the upcoming weeks. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Stephanie Seow

Digital Marketer in NYC


Hello, I'm Stephanie.

I'm a digital marketing professional currently based in NYC. I have worked and consulted with a wide range of start ups in North America and APAC regions. Visit my portfolio if you'll like to see more of my work and experiences:

I am also passionate about design thinking and human-centered design. Please reach out if you'll like to collaborate with me on any interesting initiatives. 

Professional work aside, I am a budding nail artist... perhaps some nail art tutorial coming your way too? 

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1. What is Digital Marketing?: Hi. Welcome to introduction to the marketing. My name is Stephanie, and I have a condition working professional for over six years now in Asia and North America. Through my years of experiences, I work for startups ranging from Was Strapped, really high grew richer startups feel free to check out my lengthen and like personal website. If you like to know a little more about me, also feel free to reach out. And don't ask any questions that you might have you back on the types of classes that you will like seeing Philo and subscribe to my presses if you like. If you enjoy the process of learning with me and you would like to see more content coming for me, so let's jump right into the class. All right, let's jump into the class. This class is tailored for absolute beginners and anyone who wants to gain just a little bit more background about the practice. You could be a student and entrepreneur, perhaps a creative professional at agency, looking to expand to media buying, or you could be a traditional marketer seeking to gain a more full final knowledge of all the customer touch points today or you could just simply be interested to know, to know a little more. This class is targeted to provide introduction to the landscape and explanation to some of the most common and technical words and jargon is that you know, you might have come across and people. Now, let's dive in before we begin. Let's talk about Disher marketing. What is it? You might have heard the term does your marketing being used and throwing around like a bus word. If you are absolutely from a different feel, you might not know what it encompasses in a nutshell. This your marketing is just like traditional marketing. It is advertising to reach consumers through additional touchpoints. So what in visual channels that we have today? Well, of course, has have our social media channels. We also have search engine results, also known as Google Search, or ECM or PPC. Of course, there's also other such platforms like Yahoo and Bing. We also have display ATS, which shows up on websites and APS that you visit. And finally we have video s which we see on YouTube on Facebook, instagram and sometimes in articles that we read online. This video at placements, often called pre roll. But more placement options have come along the way now and this often called mitral and enroll. 2. Customer Journey & Purchase Funnel: now that we have walked through some off the dish. Oh, channels, let's consider the average consumer journey today. If your marketing professional, you may be familiar with the concept off a marketing funnel. In essence, it is that the radical customer journey a path, a path of conversions, um, the steps that a user would take to purchase your product. Uh, consumer or user typically goes through a process of first getting awareness of your brand , then moving through two interests and consideration off your brain having your brand and your top consideration set for a purchase category, for example, and at the right moment where the intent to purchase is triggered. Ah, customer may then choose from its top considerations that to make a purchase and hopefully that will be your brain. But the journey does not end here. A successful marketer will also know that retaining an existing customer costs a lot less than acquiring a new one. So the process of nursery in your customers into building brand loyalty and having them become ambassador for your brand is something that is crucial. Besides the traditional funnel. Others, like McKinsey, have also articulated a different journey for two days customer that flows more like a circle and takes into consideration the post purchase experience and how he plays a part in informing the next purchase decision. Forming a loyalty loop If a brand managers the foster a strong relationship to keep itself within the consumers top consideration set each time at every point off trigger for purchase now. Circular A funnel you might be wondering. While this is good to know, how can I best utilize this knowledge? A successful deter marketer also needs to know where along the journey of the user is and think of segmented are personalized messaging to speak to he Moher, and they're cheered them into purchase and loyalty and advocacy without a consideration of the journey. A blanket. That marketing approach would be so much less effective if, for instance, you are sitting in that Teoh brand new audience. We have never even heard of your brand before, but it's than suddenly slapped through a promotion and prompting them to purchase right away 3. Measurement & Benchmarking: Another reason for understanding the funnel will be what we call cross channel marketing. There is a halo effect when you invest in multiple at channels most famously spending on TV as to create a winners have shown in multiple studies to have a halo effect in the middle funnel channels such a search marketing. So this mince to that. You might want to adjust your marketing budget accordingly. Since a customer flows through multiple advertising touchpoints before her purchase, you need to decide what's channel plays a bigger role in getting that purchase and in creating that top consideration for your brand and therefore should be given more credit for the R. A. Y. This level analysis is what we call cross channel attribution, but at this point is something that we will not dive into yet. If you are planning to run multiple channels, then stay tuned for another upcoming intermediate series where I will jump into more advanced topics like this one. As we start thinking about cross channel marketing and the impact off each channel, the impact that is channel brings this nationally brings us to the topic of measuring performance with most official platforms every view or in erections, a fully measurable and trackable. This gives more visibility into the return of a marketing investment and therefore answers why you want to measure performance. But how shall we measure how and to whom and what do we benchmark l cells against? I would say with benchmark against industry competitors, it's also good to benchmark against yourself so that you could measure the improvements in your campaigns from a month on month and year. On your perspective, I would say that sometimes this might be the best thing to do, in fact, because every business is is unique and your customers also unique and therefore this bench mugs, um, should take into consideration the different dynamics off the businesses and makes this nationally brings us to mix conversation where we talk about what shall we looked at in order to understand performance? So the key metrics for this or marketing water day, and how do you compute for more deep dive on measurements and metrics? I will have, um, or intermediate class that its upcoming or you could head over to check it out. It's on marketing Analytics. The first metrics that we have here is impression impressions is the number of times your ads were served on the Given Channel and seen by Internet uses. Next we have clicks, clicks. It's obvious it's a number of times that a user clicked on your at after seeing it and get redirected to your website. Finally, a click through rate quicker rate is a formula off clicks divided by impressions to get a percentage of it. This is helpful for comparing between campaigns because you want to normalize it. Next, we have engagement rate. Desist the some off all of the value interactions that user takes on your at, divided by the number of actions. So sometimes, perhaps on Facebook or Instagram Ah, user might not necessarily click through your at um and get redirected to your website. Bob might choose to interact with it by giving alike. So engagement refers to this conversions the number of products sold, a leads that you've gotten or any other conversion actions that you value as your campaign and goal. Finally, we have, um, your C p. A or your C A. C. This is the measure of return of your marking. Investment is divided. It's basically cost divided by conversions. And finally, I would also add on that similar to measure engagement rate is also good to consider your conversion rate, and this is conversions divided by your number of clicks. That gives you an idea of how many people actually converted after clicking on your at and get redirected to your website. Now let's give this a little practice. Go ahead and post the video and so two questions. And then in the next slide, you'll see the answers to the questions. 4. Media Classification & Closing: next, we'll talk about media classifications. There are whole Thailand off media channels this days, and it's good to see them in three categories. Organic in media and paid media. Organic channels are basically channels. They're free. This is your S E O or such engine optimization. This is organic social media channels that you have newsletter or block a media would be all of your PR coverage, meteor press release anything that gives you publicity but without you paying for it. Finally, we have your paid media, and that is all of your advertising channels that we have talked about. So this is an introductory overview to digital marketing as a practice. If you're interested to learn more, do check out my other classes where I'll walk you through things like Campaign set up on on the various at serving platforms, as well as topics where we deep dive into campaign optimization, A B testing and analytics. Stay tuned to see more classes coming away and see you at pop over. Um, thank you for letting with me today, and I hope that you had a good time living with me. If you like it, remember to follow in subsequent on. Have a day