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Introduction to Designing Story Telling Patterns

teacher avatar Tina Löffler, Illustrator, Singer-Songwriter

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Topic

    • 3. Characters

    • 4. Setting

    • 5. Mood

    • 6. Activities

    • 7. Assignment

    • 8. Sketch

    • 9. Final Pattern

    • 10. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

You love to design patterns and want to try out something new? This class is about the process of creating illustrative patterns which tell a story.

It's a step-by-step guide from the first idea to the finished pattern design. I offer you a worksheet, checklist and some personal tips to help you in your creative process. This class focus on the conceptual part of pattern design. To finish the class project, prior knowledge in creating repeat patterns is required.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tina Löffler

Illustrator, Singer-Songwriter


Hello! My Name is Tina and I'm an Illustrator and Singer-Songwriter from Germany. I'm a Full-time Artist, Mother, Wife and quite passionated human being. Whether I'm creating patterns, working on some editorial illustration or writing songs, I never run out of ideas for creating something new. I love to tell stories, talking with trees and swimming in the deep blue sea.

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1. Introduction: make your stay true to yourself. Stay true to your heart at yourself. I think off the low hello over Countem, a sketch of class introduction to design storytelling parents I noticed in L. A flat and I'm an illustrator and singer songwriter from Germany. I really love to tell stories. Whether it's in my songs are my illustrations or in our patterns. So in this class I teach you how to create a concept for a storyteller pattern to side. It's like a step a step guide from the first idea to the finished to sanity. And if dozens topic, because when I was a child, I laughed, sleeping bad things with all this little kind of stories on and nowadays, I think it's a great way to express a unique kind of thinking about a topic. So let's begin and have fun, and I'm sure you will come up with a great pattern in the 2. Topic: So let's start with the heart of conceptual process in the beginning. Every storytelling Petr design. It's a topic you can focus on, so how to find a topic for your story? A topic can be seasonal based. Thinking about the seasons is an easy way to find a topic for a story. Do you love to swim in the ocean in the summer, eating your first ice cream in spring? Do you have our lost your heart and an autumn storm or walk over a frozen lake in winter? Celebration based. Where do you love to celebrate? For example, birthday parties, weddings, house warming parties? These events are always filled with special moments. We never forget activity based. There are endless possibilities to create a story around activity. What do you have down today? Driving in a car through a city? Wharton birds flying over the gymnasium, some Victorian houses collecting stones on a beach? Or do you walk through a forest when I've started to think about a topic for my class broaching pattern, our little daughter came to my mind. I'm surrounded by her every day, so she's always an inspiration for me at the moment, she is crazy about her upcoming birthday, and she loves to listen to ask tenant stories about animals for her before she paused Sleep in the evening. So I've decided to create a celebration based pattern and call it normal, the old and her third birthday. After I've made my decision, I left us around myself of things which inspire me on. Let me get a feeling for the topic. I'm looking for colors, textures and objects and creative visual board for myself. Try to find a topic you can't wait for to recognize, so be brave, get excited about it and be courageous and your decisions. You can create anything. What one? It's everything up to you. It can be fictional. It can be nonfictional, just a topic, which can we laid on, and I'm sure you will have a lot of fun with it. 3. Characters: after you've chosen your topic, it's time to choose some characters. It's up to you if you choose. Only one character has more characters. It's just important to choose at least one character to tell you Wish your story. The character can be Huma, an animal or anything else, which can show an expression. Here are some key ponds to think power What's their age? Are the young in the Middle Ages? Are they old? Do they have names? What proportions do they have at a tiny or tall, thick or thin? Do they wear anything? And if yes, what does a bear? Do they have any accessories? A purse hard and that place or a scarf? Maybe describing your characters in a few words give them names can help you in your upcoming design process. So are they pretty or quirky? Happy? Are they laugh in? Are they sweet or are they very cool? What do they wear? For example, think about which characters can tell you a story. Best. Let me give you a next Soper. Bruno the bear. He's a miss just guy all time break born and allows to wear short trousers. No, maybe all sometimes She's very shy, But always Charman know my lost to wear dresses were stars on it. So is in a rabbit. She's always curious and witty and last wear dresses with Peter Pan collar on Last but not least, we lead a hat shock. He's a very funny and chatty guy who lost to wear striped scarves. 4. Setting: next step is to think about a setting or a scenery for a story. Think about race stories. Okay, did. And what doesn't need to support your story. Something can be an indoor setting If you decide to choose an indoor setting for your story , it's important to shows on furniture and some home decor elements in most of the cases. Whether it's a vintage chair, a modern table or geometric pattern carpet, all of these things can happy to create an indoor setting, which is perfect for your story and outdoor setting. If your stories located outside, think about the environment and landscape first is your story, located in the big city and a village in a park and forest in the rightness and a guard or jungle, for example. Well, if chosen an outdoor environment, think about what is typical for the setting in which other elements doesn't need to tell your story. I've decided to create an outdoor setting for my birthday party topic because normally are lost to eat blackberry cake. I've added a BlackBerry bush to my pattern. I've also added some groups of flowers and a couple of stones. In addition, I've created some topic related elements, which app to tell the story 5. Mood: Now let's talk about how to create a certain mood for your story. You have a couple of options to influence the official mood of your design, so I don't some key Brits to describe the mood, but you want to achieve on. Think about what kind of emotions you are other people should get when they look at your design. Possible keywords can be Carl peaceful, busy read, animated in joy for or Crazy. The Judas, mainly influenced by colors, do some kind of us referring to your topic. Thinking about lighting and the time off. They can help you to find some great color combinations for your pattern. Pond off you normally for starting pattern, which is either a normal part of you are bird's eye view. Last in all of you let you feel like being a part of the story. The bird's eye view makes it feel like being on observer composition. Very place your elements significantly Influences division would off your pattern design the birthday party early in the morning under the midday sun or so Britain, while watching the sunset here, can see how different color combinations can create totally different moods. I've made a decision to go with the colors off the medicine. Lighten to achieve a peaceful mood. I love the birds rest on the trees to have the main focus on the first friends around the birthday table. I have placed my main characters group together to have only one focus point for my story. Because of the bird's eye view, I get a quite calm feeling when I look at the pattern as an observer, I'm just watching what is happening. 6. Activities: for telling the story. It's always important that something's happening, so give your character something to do. It's all about their expression and their movement. Every movement makes it assigned Kameli. Here are some key ponds to think about which activities doesn't need to tell your story. How can you characters interact with the environment? Do you want to focus on one or several activities? Which expressions do your characters show? Bruno The bear makes the best. Blackberry pie and the whole forest on blackberries are also normal. The owl's favorite fruits. That's why I've decided to let Bruno brings the birthday cake to the party and snow, where the always big day she had put on her fair address in the morning and got a little bit nervous about her upcoming birthday party. I've placed her sitting on the birthday table, waiting for her friends to arrive because of her show character and her excitement, she raises a ring and starts to giggle. So is in The rabbit is one of the best friends off. Normally, our she feels ready to let the party begin, so with her poor, she reaches for her, played, she gets a bit distracted by a dragon fly riches flying around her hat. Really, the hat shop is always a little bit too late because he's such a chatty guy. He knows a lot of animals in the forest, and he always starts talking to them. Randi across his ray, he is in a hurry and the last one who arrives at the birthday party. 7. Assignment: Now it's your turn. Your assignment is to design a story town pattern and uploaded to the Class Project Gallery . I recommend to work on the assignment in three steps. First, fill out the work shade. You can find the worksheet under your project. It covers all the pines I've talked about. Start to think about a topic characters setting mood and activities and take some notes for yourself. Think about to surround yourself with things. Virgins, bias you and your creative processes are Create a mood board. Second, make a sketch of your Petr, an idea. I always use a sheet of paper and a blood colored passel for my sketches. As for me, I prefer to just make rough Skechers without using a river. I do not at details at this stage off pond. Third, create your final story talent pattern. With the help of your worksheet and your sketch, you are ready to start working on your final pattern design. Choose an illustration technique, which, if you're comfortable with and decide how to make it repeatable braiding. Your pattern based on these three steps will make it easier for you to stay focused during the whole this and process. After you have finished, your pattern is I and take a look at your checklist and see if your pattern covers all of the key. Points off a story telling pattern design on stop by sharing your poses right away. That up. Did your project over time, have fun, Morbid? Be brave, and I know you will come up with a great pattern. 8. Sketch: after you have foot out the worksheet, it's time to start with your sketch. Jews materials you feel comfortable with. It doesn't matter if you like to work in analog or digital techniques with the help of your worksheet. Greater our sketch to get an idea how the final pattern will look like on. It hasn't be repeatable yet. First of all, choose materials. Would you love to work with? This can be, for example, pencil markers or drawing pad while working on your sketch and think about composition and density. 9. Final Pattern: when you finished your sketch, you're ready to start working on a final pattern. It was to your characters created setting. Choose your colors on. Make it repeatable juice on Carlos. You want to work with and use one of them as a solid background color. You can always change your colors during the design process. Now it's time to place your characters. At this point, it's easier to see if and how they interact with each other, because we will add the other elements off the descent afterwards, when you were happy with the positions of your characters. At some objects which are relevant for your topic and your story created, an environment is very important for a story talent pattern. Decide. Make your indoor outer environment supporting your characters. A setting is needed to get a feel for your story. Afterwards, it's time to add some grounding, whether it's a carpet, grass, flowers or sand dry. To find a way to grade a ground where your characters can stand on in the end, choose your favorite technique to make your pattern repeatable. 10. Final Thoughts: So let's take a final look at the creative pattern using the checklist. The topic off my sample project pattern is an auto birthday party, and I called my story, nor the all and her third birthday. My main characters are Bruno the Bear normal, the Our Susan the Rabbit and really the Hatch Hawk. The story is located at a clearing in the forest. I've added several elements to support the story. For example, a birthday table retriever for garland and birds, a stream, a tiny table with lemonades, a blackberry bash and right flowers. I've chosen light colors and the bird's eye view to create a peaceful and joyful mood. Rest the ill and the rev it are sitting at a birthday table and reading for the bear to brings the BlackBerry cake. Had Chuck really is in a hurry to arrive at the right time, congratulations for finishing this class and created in your storytelling pattern. Storytelling patterns are a great way to show your unical situations down, and they had some variety to your portfolio. So thank you so much for watching and I can't raid to see what you will create. Make your stay true to yourself. Stay true to your heart yourself. I think off the low