Introduction to Design: The Four Core Principles

Ben Nielsen, Good design is the beginning of learning

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7 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • Principle 1: Proximity

    • Principle 2: Alignment

    • Principle 3: Repetition

    • Principle 4: Contrast

    • Example Analysis and Class Project

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Design is a principle based discipline, so the first step in becoming a designer is to learn the core principles that guide great design. In this class we will cover all of the 4 core principles to give you the basic understanding you need before you start designing. We will also engage in a fun class project to help you start to see the principles in the world around you.

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Nice presentation. The elements of Design that are presented were well explained. With examples that were clear and concise. Difinity worth watching.





Ben Nielsen

Good design is the beginning of learning

I am passionate about good design and good teaching. I believe that anyone can learn simple design principles and tools that can help them create content that is both beautiful and functional.

Background: I am a technology librarian. My masters degree is in instructional design with an emphasis on informal learning.

Motto: Good design is the beginning of learning.

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