Introduction to Data Visualization in Excel (Part 2): Advanced, Real-World Case Studies | Chris Dutton | Skillshare

Introduction to Data Visualization in Excel (Part 2): Advanced, Real-World Case Studies

Chris Dutton, Founder, Excel Maven

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14 Videos (2h 6m)
    • Intro: Setting Expectations

    • Custom Image Overlay Charts

    • Adding Binary Values to Highlight Date Ranges

    • Automation with OFFSET, COUNTA & Named Ranges

    • Adding Scroll & Zoom Functionality with Form Control

    • Animating Changes Over Time

    • Building a Dynamic Dashboard Part 1

    • Building a Dynamic Dashboard Part 2

    • Value Based Dynamic Formatting

    • Dynamically Highlighting a Data Series

    • Building a Custom Pacing Chart

    • Designing a Custom Gauge Chart

    • Visualize a Percentage Using Array Functions

    • Conclusion


About This Class

This class is Part 2 of a two part Excel data visualization series, designed to give you a deep, 100% comprehensive understanding of Excel's latest data visualization tools and techniques.

This segment builds on the skills developed in Microsoft Excel: Data Visualization With Charts & Graphs (Part 1) by introducing a series of advanced demos and case studies that you won't find in ANY other Excel course, including:

  • Custom image-overlay charts
  • Automation with dynamic ranges
  • Scroll & zoom functionality with form controls
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Advanced formatting techniques
  • Custom-built gauge charts
  • And more!

What are the requirements?

  • Microsoft Excel, ideally 2016 for PC (some charts are not available in earlier versions of Excel)
  • Mac users are welcome, but note that the user experience will be significantly different across platforms

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Exclusive data visualization tips, tricks, and best practices from an award-winning analytics expert
  • Unique, custom content that you won't find in ANY other course

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone looking to create beautiful, custom data visualizations in Excel
  • Excel users who want to master advanced charts, graphs & dashboards
  • Students looking for an engaging, hands-on, and highly interactive approach to training





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Chris Dutton

Founder, Excel Maven

Chris Dutton is a Certified Microsoft Expert and Analytics Consultant with more than a decade of experience in the B.I and data science fields. His work has been featured by Microsoft, the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR) and the New York Times.

Excel Maven provides high-quality online analytics training, hands-on workshops, and project-based consulting services to clients and students across 130+ countries.

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