Introduction to Data Science in Arabic|مقدمة في علم البيانات | Fahad Reda | Skillshare

Introduction to Data Science in Arabic|مقدمة في علم البيانات

Fahad Reda, Data Science & MIS Mentor

Introduction to Data Science in Arabic|مقدمة في علم البيانات

Fahad Reda, Data Science & MIS Mentor

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15 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Intro2ds promo

    • 2. 1 Course Outline

    • 3. 2 Bio

    • 4. 3 what is DS

    • 5. 4 ai ml dl

    • 6. 5 َQuestions answered

    • 7. 6 sup unsup

    • 8. 7 DS Apps

    • 9. 8 DS Workflow

    • 10. 9 data sources

    • 11. 10 Dtypes

    • 12. 11 ds1

    • 13. 12 Ds skills

    • 14. 13 learn DS

    • 15. 14 Final 2

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About This Class

يعد مجال علم البيانات من أكثر المهن المطلوبة في السوق العمل

خلال عشر السنوات السابقة ظهرت الكثير من الدورات التي تشرح المجال بطريقة تطبيقية اكثر من النظرية

وخلال تجربتي في الإرشاد والتوجيه واجهت الكثير من العقبات ومن اهمها كانت وجود فجوات تعليمية عند المتعلم واغلبها تكون فجوات في المجال النظري

ولسد هذه الفجوة قمت بعمل هذه الدورة .. والحمد لله ساعدت الدورة الكثير من الطلبة في فهم مجال علم البيانات بشكل صحيح فحبيت ان اضعها على منصة يوديمي وبدون اي مبلغ لكي يتمكن الجميع من مشاهدتها

اتمنى لك التوفيق والنجاح

The field of data science is one of the most sought-after occupations in the labor market

During the past ten years, many courses have appeared that explains the field in a more practical way than in theory

During my experience in counseling and mentoring, I encountered many obstacles, the most important of which was the existence of educational gaps for the learner, and most of them were gaps in the theoretical field.

To fill this gap, I made this course. Thank God, the course helped many students to properly understand the field of data science. I wanted to put it on the Udemi platform without any amount so that everyone could see it

I wish you all the best

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Fahad Reda

Data Science & MIS Mentor


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1. Intro2ds promo: We have complete consistency, consistency between people and the dedicated to competition. 2. 1 Course Outline: Hello everyone, more Haben reconfigured. Dora, edema Feynman, Vernon Smith had message robot or an album hover eally. If you had a dog and a tariff and Mao Admiral Bernard, man who argument Bernard, alphabet, Urbana, Illinois or data engineer, valuable by an adult who are data scientists. While entailment that machine learning scientists will handle Bennett who? Data analysts, 100, lady upon Bennett, BJT, ham, and tar off command and forth by an Italian dish Rafa Brady Shroff, semi supervised learning or unsupervised learning command hunted out of an unmarked by an ad. What b hat n will be an Add Field Order Walker, aloha router MAC Luba Lakatos behind will, may not command gifted. That element will pan out. What gave numerous animal vanitas dominoes, asthma Kagan Fellow here and activate DO Heidi, shabby SRA data many of image URL. And well, Bennett alone in the bill. 3. 2 Bio: Yeah, Island was, I don't play Dora, linear if combine fc is me, forehead massage, robot, and tuberculosis. Novel humanitarian geometry or calculus is digital. But Mahal lost glorious Stovall, telecenter, underestimation matters. Familiar. Silo media. Winter is highly elastic register phenomenon. Mathematics has to be a bit NFC jama, what hustles to images and Mill Bernard. Oh, when I'm AF_INET ammonia, I'm actively network. Prosecutor said we had a little, but nobody really cannot tie in mom fomula fossils about harsh hammock. Tell him, Okay. What are dash, RP 200 tolerable, whatever. A mentor, life coach when Hamilton or pneumonia or economic fairness approach. But it Eileen, animal Bernard, but it be Zomato, AFP, Ujamaa or hungry. Certain pdf feels at home. Or minimum felicitous. Ceteris me and our Janos Washington's image element by a naught or rather course at the barber to about Iran. Assad deck FIFA him homogeneity and Bernard gifted defi for Rubio thickening shut off either xi or a chauffeur filled video palladium mass anomaly. 4. 3 what is DS: Female guano. I will she had labile and on a lifelong slider, but Arabi, being lazy for fees lead that mid-career life accumulation. Amanda, local Olbia. And you had a slide which has a distributed slide down. Who knows how to touch him? Recall the slide. Bullet points law, Baja, Sacramento issue element by not OK. And then you're going to Emily bainite who interdisciplinary field, the NEH, anybody run Magellan? Magellan, Magellan, Laughlin, mobile and their ideology. And then we'll Bennett and experiment measure and then our computer science and Milhouse IP. And an area of the saw and the business of domain expertise like Jacqueline Hubert, familiarity business, uncomfortable to come. Jell-o put hepatic, magenta, tsunami, ydA hurry. An actor in medieval philosophy classic mean that assigns. Okay, and computing and computer science at MIT has it really should have understood Parmigiano will massage tonight. Tonight in machine learning. And Ayatollah limited offer a mock computer science. Ejection is more machine learning and data science can be Jigme above, gave kinda a 100 Buchet. Welcome tariffs on in data science about an actor mean anymore Magellan or collateral material, the homo Bob, linoleic. And we'll bana like interdisciplinary field uses to process, analyze and derive, deriving. And Austin bought and my limit and insights from different types of data. From an IT relies on builder of techniques and my demo, I'm in men Propylaea rural banner to start dumped related data visualization and persuaded Bennett statistics or machine learning or what it can get Diamond Island, oceanic, the nerve ischial man at Urbana to what houseless households about unmodulated, definitely ababaa issue Magellan. Possible real VR too. This is domain expertise or database. With them. For about Baba ha clearly managed well ahead of cool Lumina animal bene to Anna to connect the buy an ad. Okay. Had the socket also ROW heartwood argon with LAM text. You could only buy an ad when a certain data science, data scientists allele edge. My roommate when my limits hadn't said, I'll Carrara marble. Is it parabolic? Obama, Michelle Obama? Obama by it. And you will leak out of different families within data science, exploratory data analysis, data visualization or statistics aedicula, stuff demand, fee and Mill by another stone bit o value might mean al-Banna by bad my retina, height, mortality, iterative, Bio Nano element bana, whoever, Magellan. Magellan, Tanya. When it started the MOOC. Stuff, which might mean al-Banna. So kinda Bennett idea or gum. But text, upper bainite magazines, sewer that you had sold yet? Well, now Napoleon my Lamarckian, al-Banna, D, and marmot had delimiter, decide if huddled per hour, what color, how the hexa ADNI fee is yet jetted harbor helmet granted, wij o easy being provided. And Obama, the mom by men who animal Bennett who was shocked that the beheaded Emily. Eucalyptus auto, the mom. Okay, enough. Sushi, Maslama Ibn Arabi and has escaped. 5. 4 ai ml dl: Under the carlos deny shortcuts to nine. He legally savvy or can be regressively, is somehow the customer. Okay. And I landed, I started Moore hombre, manner, ogive, Wendy computer OCR, Tesla. Take that signals the shape and political Qing. Chu pheno, Alicia Hamlet, give manner and know how the shape of the particles deny the mom for decades to NIH and then a subset of machine learning element alpha. Okay? And then a subset minuss this MOOC, machine learning, machine learning and Albert me when the data financial machine learning Hannah and machine learning in other logarithmic attract G2 fishes move neural network or Shabbat cattle also be artificial neural network as a biocatalyst, BIA, astronomy. Markets rattled by an ad, rural big data. Okay, liberating Italian will Albumasar at the opinion and teaching technical and UCLA for artificial neural network at one as, ASU who were deep learning, deep learning, what guru and mucus Lee, machine learning, you know, and I'm going to Minnesota machine-learning fill Bennett Ricart magenta. And then I remember that they'll Bennett and tick away and he ended up mean Alverno, hmmm Sandra, YouTube or YouTube. And video hat. Hydrogen could modulate. Hadn't Urbana Tavia, YouTube video had argon was a text any Daniel Charles from Obama. When the mollified Excel telephoto camera, I'm aliphatic morphine equilibrium, monosomy, home argon Joel at home or out-of-home Mahabharata, many bank deposit or like any Dian De Anna Chavez, Google and YouTube. Data AND Abram vg hat. I would go to more complex margarita for deep learning with AML mash. Fanatic markedly wasn't deploying police action yet. Manatee, you know, artificial intelligence subset mint, new machine learning, machine learning subset Minow just I mean new deep learning mathematically and artificial neural networks. Deep learning at an overview of the column and machine learning. 6. 5 َQuestions answered: Like when I ended up folk type of questions that a data science can answer. Magnetic regional been aggressively hiring embedded_in out of 20 of silica. He greasy argument, argument banner. Will this customer renew their subscription? Ok. And the analog circuit, Netflix motherland, when the hydrostatic Maya, struggling flex biofilms in Haida center health hygiene and historical, where you would like, is this a or b? Now? I would love struck 2y1. I will, no, I'm Andrew and Michelle. A deep sum, a binary classification. Classification and hotels need what can non-rational? Allah, tsunami, venue Sammy, binary classification to sniff tonight. And she ended up muscular. Moreover, machinery than to head to a course for machine learning. And the environments sorely, Caleb, when they're homogeneous early B-cells, algorithms, a hadrosaur luxury for the hand and sewer because he had his workload. Whoever then. Elaborateness, banana deal, suramin, Indy, Mogul, ADB circle, who are patrons will and modern literature. You know, heavy this beam. I know I'll output take on yeah, Baeza, OCl, tsunami. I could binary classification unless a tinea. And here the analogy, mature electronic health, a deal, Coburn If some humps are dollar while a dealer Chobani axiom. Hm, so she, for me, nabla, EUR had been headed hurricane, had said knee in iron, Ginny. Ok. Phenomenon while LSC admin Benedict hurt each other by Ann Arbor Hallucigenia, LSR, Damian, and enable it. How much, how many isolated kinda num of LA had CAN binary classification in the kind of data and in our law or income or physical icon, multiclass classification, classification, ok. In the kinda wrap them, he couldn't muscular regulation and in the avalanche of Alf circuit apart with the mightily minimart ban at Butte, Montana. After unclick features. Healthy must Buffett Villa de la, villa Diffie Hellman roof. And will that come at war and will come at Philippi half serve features hydroelectric dam for an output till I conserve. And several, albeit for Obama and an output 3COM, hey configuration. Okay, how many new followers will I get next week then the result, when the followers do actor ashu and political H2 and Occam, hazy blue at Followers into tab-pane squarely J. Under competency tooth. Weather forecast, weather. And if j will take the eagle economics and Bukhara, how Hodgkin Kidder, adequately, adequate banner by BGN Al-Jazeera. Good luck. And did a machine-learning subsetting the catastrophic. But machine-learning fisheries Mandela supervised learning, unsupervised learning, officiate Taney's mood reinforcement learning officially smooch semi-supervised learning. Target to know about snow, NMR and you Dorothy machine-learning magnet from general Bennett. Reality cherished co-NP, supervised learning or unsupervised learning available MiSeq lecture that I had to actually have a Shaniqua had supervised learning by a Chinese supervised learning, unsupervised learning. But Topsy, psychedelic radio was funny. For machine learning. We're going to analyze the Shroff multi-cell metallic Morocco, a trilemma permanent magnet AFINN file massive tellingly Shroff battalion don't shut off by Chinese supervised learning manna and no al-Banna AND anna. Fear labeled, labeled circularly methodical, had a social club. Nlm, Anna. Anna and the folder. Okay. Feel sore. Hannah, michelle, help me. And I, you know. And the folder n folder labeled hukou cuts. But folder tiny name haggled folder that dogs would definitely clinical AND MY sore besides swore Caleb, henna, B10 and folders Musa, Maya and Mozilla and Alison had some are labeled and I'll solely Jacqueline folder. We will have this as our definite folder de la epithelium, ideally liberating and I'm glutaraldehyde intellect Ciofu, assorted unguided silicate or Hadi labeled Hadi sewer besides how the sewer dogs, Yahoo, the who's-who you started out, you had to come and neural network. Okay. Let me Assyria had the input layer, one hidden layer or hidden layer of machismo output layer. For the output layer, Hegel like maternal household changed. For me. Linda sorta did have totally dog or humps. Fmea got kilobits dabbling in the BAMfile and Milbank OK, for him and identified the supervised learning, supervised learning at guessing the kinsmen. A system of classification, regression and classification in the current and voltage hot deck. Categorical. Now I'm I would love it and the sewer MRI and he or she. Okay. The brain scanners, the brains can't see any sham Dimmock, autopilot Nakba and no democracy, MRIs, kinda, philo Salton, a. Rayleigh Nam Avila. Okay. Have you talked about classification? Lehman HA I'll data had consort. Okay. It's going abroad and swore a sham of diarrhea and inserted deep learning. The countered Bennett Baghdad itself in deep learning. Whenever I talk about solar marketer. For Heidi had gone deep learning, possession on classification are positive. Then allow two tag Gu categorical Nam, Alda, it kinda outward had Gu Zai Li, Sarah delegate to pilot the whatever if there is a hierarchy. A 100 little Booker had cone adequately if you kinda output become hike one, regulation and law Hadar unsupervised learning. And by unlabeled and I couldn't buy an ad. Okay, fair enough enough. Simplified. Besides Rick Rubin and before the warhead, federal funds for business alike Lab 1-1, that config file folder dot. And we shouldn't unsupervised learning loading who if the agent Mary, okay, I'll have a mythology Soufan encouraging mainly combustor, comical Mauboussin ambition robot. Okay. But Topsy had a general overview, okay, by a 100 Halliburton. 7. 6 sup unsup: Economic tube, henna and it kind of unsupervised learning. A label, cats and a particular sort. So I think crossword puzzles, telephase, sewer, hen and national Hadoop, Docker, Hub Buddha. And Danny worked for Danny to get guru, my WACC for Alito telecommand. Features, features in supervised learning and ended a label. Had dysuria locality in the wada has already got Chu for her cats. But my step two a day, two dogs, kimono. Besides most telephone, mass watercolor, who is significant. But kinda deal. Seward who eagerly had sort of Caligula, had sort of visa for metal and a new set of identity walk Filename. We're then rockfall here. It's not about film bas, relief from triggered feature and will be from Muhammad, the war bus Asia from Australia away from kinesthetic iteration. If Eric Bina, who good unmapped shift patterns, a logarithm telecom ina and classification doesn't if num Massenet, MRI scan heavy metal salt upon Allah. You get MRI scans images Johanna, bacilli, henna, and hotel sneakily Shabbat and regression, linear regression or a habit of hockey or output or gum. So no buttoned up wasn't what Sheryl and Villa oil actually, the Posada Huldah supervised learning, unsupervised learning with telecom and no feasible ways learning and relabeled any. Bennett. Ufa, Bas van supervised learning al-Banna, mammography and head of law written here, knucklehead of Khan and about signif robot tenant by Broadcom, henna, IRF, emotional benefit AND bonobo tour. We observe UCLA 1-1 besides one likability home. And A-B-A, machine learning is really a clustering, okay? If any clustering and Egyptomania besides eligible who Caleb properly mobile and visas. Alicia can Amazon pavilion, hotel him about. Okay, I'll kill up belly at any other folk to Canaletto. Hopefully here. Hello, how are you going to be enough so you shouldn't happen. It will be some dream about this robot Zika. In America. And in the labour cuts. Hemophilia. Besides electron by Davis, had been any club telephone, but they've been terminology. Machine learning. You know, the machine. You can embed early on political clusters and political groups cluster yelling about ungroup Ziga, Ziga checking. You know. For example, here we're going to look at besides the dead anyhow, OK. Dramatically philosophical motet. And precisely that anyhow, by the metallic luster necessary for by type of problems which suited for unsupervised learning analytics MOOC clustering, coefficient and relativism, anomaly detection, anomaly detection and MSL and until angiography, Shaniqua, willingness meridian bistable Chaco, flagella gets into spike for network and a few I had get Hammond Bennett, molecule era and the system and usually limit consumer Lyrica. But humble shade, the element admin and humbled shape factor, much like a spike for network. You're gonna get the humble shaming and worked almost unhide the DOM or fidelity ligation Shebikas, APHA, but the limit definitely admin shuffled fee I had user in the fishery be guided by market data for him. And the Shiism anomaly detection is a hacker intruding our network. That is added mythological ball will clustering and blue edge. And if it doesn't, if, sorry, mutagenic, Jimmy, metric clustering. Clusters. Cluster one, cluster two, cluster three, km cluster abrupt shift. She killed the cluster of hump, benefit entity, the mom. By analytical method, Google Flu Trends. This. We're gonna go ahead and see some anomaly detection, you know, sorry, you know. Remember that our up influenza or to your family. And for Norba and mobile, Fifth Circuit, Google, lego, spike, our spike, any shake it would go to shape Allah CUDA and indigo Nazca theorem, datapath and flu symptoms and lay out an influenza. And ask for Gibbon Mahatma, it'll influenza. Homa should give Google Amazon web service. It provides estimates of influenza activity for more than 25 country. Amador service dy we're Rick and no, an influenza. But that takes a moody or frequency habitat was the chromatic account for how the sheik and municipal home Anomaly Detection and no Federal unaccelerated path VR dot influenza or wouldn't mind. Methionine forgotten on the femur of j o. Family Service D will not solve the issue of phenomenon. And that's the corona Anna and if number that scene, but then caveat about Africa and another truck. 8. 7 DS Apps: By badmouth Colombia and supervised learning, unsupervised learning. Seen fidelity mature and Charles wisdom, teeth, Magellan, machine learning, applications of DES and what data science in real life at hand. And Anna collider and she's MOOC. Perugino, animal judo, misconduct or homozygosity and shade up by Hannah images, healthcare, Asoka and reshapes MOOC, medical image analysis. And they will soar. And here liquid telecommand MRI network about fear and your remark he drew to shuffle, shuffle. For machine learning or deep learning. Mom of ticket was no country if in Magellan and know it talked on soil MRI for system B, diagnose the lamp lit MRI data. Set about saying for me after I'm going to assume an eagle lucky no handle. Mri has the feel of sort of Pan Am Law. We started fear Shakira fix drug discovery field shuffled. And Latvia. The mom and the health care of the tub had the filament chateaus, AFL health care medical centers. It comes to DOM element Bennett and transport and self-driving cars. Tesla method. Video, I'll readable. But adopt this law. And Yvonne is more self-driving cars. And here, Sarah, that yada, yada has Assad camera conscious enough soon. Or how to compete on the issue of mobile. And we didn't say artist La, Nina, Mattia, Shara, Zadi, Sarasota, mashups Ri, idea when the Christianity funny, Lena, LSR will absorb Serbia. But at Zara, at this level that has a certain, if you have a test in the feces for oxidation must accelerate. You could DOM ha ha certain officially particular Sire, one particular Iraqi, Fiona, chef axilla, Hannah, Kilimanjaro, Gemma. By which I got a little video. Video started. And then we'll go to the video streaming video. And you go to sell a bill of Cybil pocket. Okay, though. The chauffeur montane had laggy know Sarah soda, and he had this lady. Lymphedema can be WTTC. What's ultimately kinda methods? Tiny Sarah Tesla. And a great fuel, hydrogen can be successful at Tesla, who can love Fitbit? As Nicaea had gone to real beings in Apple Watch, Fitbit deem are both. Nevada. Islam, fetch, will be so Coursera the Godel presided from telling, you know, finish kilopascal Bu, almost shader our policy artists legally but auto drive or empirical Google Map, geometric, political Pacific chat, traffic Touch. The gig of alienation. Bye. Bye. Okay. From the get-go budgeted to drive under Google Map or special module or a select command. Obama has one for the head. Sarah yada, yada, film, fill my Leah and methane. But felt Wahhabis icon and 11. Ok. She's more stock price prediction. Lower. Sr filled Brooke and shuffle Actaeon and damage to my steady Amazon isobar. We demonstrated I want more, I moved to a female runner. Is threatening Mopar. Avoid her know, mock and Mocha am leaky. I survived Khartoum. Ok. Antony were skeleton. Manometer permitted steady and they'll bunk Amalie decline or has a little pocket that hadn't been ministry. But the medallion, Colombian guerrilla, mama, she, Lutfi, hadn't blocked. Steadman knew much more. Mc2 Bonhoeffer, Mariko electric shock in tiny for Catmull modeller DO shift in ovarian cancer, homozygous for admin, blog and enough sooner and sooner and the commodities, etc. And at the number of Jacqueline, my stamina and energy has triptych. If Sarah Cooley, Santa Maria, could only kilometer do Luciana laughter. She has archaeology has low predictive Luciana for muscular, different coupling touch via GZ of systems and limma. Adjusted alone. Mckenna de Silva fatter upstream Ebola, Zika phylogenic tree. And then she is customer segmentation that determines direction. And it must be an integer. Well, the datapath, the heritage reviews. Hello, anybody, Diana, steady, iPhone, she did. Amazon or the Hartford reviews on other views. That's masala, general aquarium technical reviews, facade of handicap. You held it for auditing who had enormous inevitable reviews and kinda DJ via policy is enormous and Abbottabad refused Canada. Jamie Oliver review scarred Sylvia for the kind of Sylvia cathedral man and a female head of two tos implemented jacket, analog and digital Amazonas Storytelling, Animal Bennett, cooling, Merovingian Futopia Development Bank, that obviously Hasan al-Banna, the high-low system, easily email at the mom. 9. 8 DS Workflow: By data science workflow for endl Bennett and our Xiang Xin and Bennett will storage of an allergy guideline. And Hasan al-Banna, Nasser al-Banna, uncharted political bent at Muji Daniela and hesitant Bennett and had been Sheila, I'm in a data warehouse with data mart. You more Judah or ERP system. We'll now substitute midnight and he was an MD by inoculum autofill on Albumasar Muslim of the phenotype guessing. Miley always met this week for hockey limit database admin, a good logo will bend a subset data that I get a house the Leah had been handed mob oxygen. Below are the banner that give you a lot banned me to get the cheese. And with Google's Soviet CUDA, you could illustrate villages able see that gave them an advantage that you could deploy. Bus will put intellectually finite visited by a naught but Mozilla, his home. But then the bandwidth was the chief hmm. Well by then, bottommost stuff, Shiva scholarship, the mom of the study and machine learning algorithms, epic poetry. 10. 9 data sources: Now, methodical Bennett, and nothing like heartfelt Facebook, Instagram. And then I'll come and I'll clicks in and an MD. Steady Bernard image, newsletters. And the middle one, Anna and ECOSOC, phenome bursting motherland diurnal course or document, DID email fee, Robert Earl course hockey, and at the IETF federal image that I've come more doctors, rather Robert course Docker image. Okay. It's good to finally recommend and who were cerebral credit card? It has not come to ITA. Data sources, data sources, turbine demands among many. Muslim Bennett who will Sosnoff Sue, who would have been jailed band at that VG has as an anonymous older GitHub and surveillance system and he had Camelot and Morocco. But how do you download software? You've got Osiris, has Assad. Cool, had a sharp edge. I had methodical Bennett, come on camera. Sewer, head of two minute McCullough, Masada, nerve cell Bennett self monocular. Oh, one last artificial shade. Hard analysis of big data. And big data. The Ashoka degree as a deep learning and machine learning. 11. 10 Dtypes: But depending on the types of data and wide band at an advantage and can merely hypokalemia or by another no alien qualitative coming out of me to thermal model are found in the visa. The kilogram dot Yanni will melt away at us and allow us give Ziglar has the metallic quantitative data held. The tragedy 16-inch held in Apple's comes to Ella and qualitative should learn how God fence so not healthy or you had some luck. The mom fragment quantitative, qualitative that allows me to edify and I got mad data. If no data sources. And wild bandit. 12. 11 ds1: By henna enough significantly throttle commuter collection will cleaning and that engineer or cleaning exploratory data analysis in the NMR relaxation fear. Little benefit here on particular damped Saya Urbana TWO data analyst rebuilding the model and the model deployment anymore the deployment, the hin lemma and Snapchat low magnesium McCarthy for lacquer Columbus saw were videos through annual hellos. Dr. National Authority, What about the meristem? Is Aloha Comitia family motive deployment to conquer feature. But be done, I'll shovel and associates or a Tesla car, Charaka herbaria, desolate feature leah, Sarah, that yada, yada, Comitia photolithography didn't Tesla, the mom Model Deployment yet comida feature. Oh come vintage and the circuit. Google Wallet, Google Assistant, Google Home is MOOC, the Amazon Alexa, husky dogs, vertical amount, Urbana Guadalajara for Galois. Chuckle when I was a tiny BAM is deployed, can ESA would occur Lew, I think that that process could do it in the top. Data scientists and data engineers, data analyst, Machine Learning Engineer Khaldun. That'll attack that scientists. Telephone router, conservative terracotta. Wasn't laggy Shaniqua. How to use common data scientists with some miasma leaf data mining specialist. Id. 13. 12 Ds skills: The alignment if can lump and began to take eigenvalues. And there is soft skills and hard skills. Mahara totally detached from an soft skills or the mom, him. A Dora telling McKeon for Ebola, strlen offset. O talk lecture was all about monitoring and LMA Marissa. And the classic cone with a tells them that if gift helmet, jacket, Kuhn, good storyteller tariffs, montage, orthography, Schrock, critical thinking, relationship man, Al-Qaeda, creativity by hard skills and math, statistics, math and calculus, wrote the father of the common law. Statistics or probability or linear algebra, Urban Dilemma, modality, machine learning or deep learning with data scientists. Trump and Obama. Sad Nazi number 30, minute by minute. Homo high phenyl Burma Jiang De, coding skills. What are the Olbia? Album_id, genre_id or Hanover and the MCA. Okay, but math with sophisticated Hammond and we're getting into lemma. One actually fill up a big hug of statistics, but big al-Banna to quality in the Tg but VGD bilayer into myeloma. You want about LM command slash Coney Island, bad. Okay. Tomoko, she doesn't get the Muslim OK, multi-bus doesn't get defined. If you get a skills Usha, Philippine and banners for instruction in the kind of feedback. To our motto, common law, team player skills. Usually a festival ma Helen Bennett, o minus Bennett. Highlight told. The Druze, Docker. Cloud Computing deed. Communications Skills, announced, meet-ups or real-world projects. Kids to start al-Banna Hagia movies by not Mamiya. Machine Learning Academy for me I'm doing I'm Matt conduct scientists and data visualization skills and hated Allah, alum and boron. It's a taboo Power BI, tell em command K50 Talmud mal ban, Athenian SQL. Will saw aedicula Bernhardt's science. 14. 13 learn DS: Give them the data element with bad monkey, Masada cathedral, and the masker odd. It had put gums and the chromosome you density not a degree, but like we said, height about the boot coming from with this is Smith's SRE allele and the springboard and dumb Moscow element band limit the center, be enough real random General Assembly. And he had to get academia. 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