Introduction to Cloud Computing | Neil Anderson | Skillshare
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16 Videos (2h 30m)
    • 01-01 Traditional IT Deployment Models - On Prem and Colo

    • 01-02 Server Virtualization Simplified

    • 02-01 Defining Cloud Computing

    • 02-02 Cloud On Demand Self Service

    • 02-03 Cloud Rapid Elasticity

    • 02-04 Cloud Broad Network Access

    • 02-05 Cloud Resource Pooling

    • 02-06 Cloud Measured Service

    • 03-01 Cloud Service Models

    • 03-02 Cloud IaaS Infrastructure as a Service

    • 03-03 Cloud IaaS Infrastructure as a Service Design Example

    • 03-04 Cloud PaaS Platform as a Service

    • 03-05 Cloud SaaS Software as a Service

    • 03-06 Cloud XaaS Anything as a Service

    • 04-01 Cloud Deployment Models - Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud

    • 05-01 Advantages of Cloud Computing and Calculating TCO


About This Class

The 2nd top hit for 'Cloud Computing' on Google says 'Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet.' Unfortunately, that definition is completely wrong.

This course is designed to clear up the many misunderstandings about Cloud Computing and to give you a crystal clear and easy to understand explanation of exactly what it is, how it works, the different options available, the advantages provided and how much it's going to cost.

And I'm not just going to give you the theory, I'm going to show you practical examples which you can follow along with yourself so you'll understand exactly how Cloud Computing works in the real world.

I start off with a review in Module 1 of the traditional deployment models of On Premises and Colo so you can understand how Cloud changes things, then explain how server virtualisation revolutionised data center design and paved the way for Cloud.

Module 2 defines Cloud Computing by listing the Essential Characteristics of Cloud services.

You'll learn about the Cloud Service Models of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and XaaS in Module 3. I start with an overview of the different models and then dive deep into the details and options of each. I also give lab demos of how to deploy each type.

The Cloud Deployment Models of Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Community Cloud are covered in Module 4.

Finally in Module 5 I list out the advantages of Cloud Computing and then break out the spreadsheet to show you how to do a TCO cost comparison when choosing between an On Premise or Cloud deployment for a real world workload.





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Neil Anderson

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