Introduction to ClickFunnels | Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D. | Skillshare
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6 Videos (22m)
    • ClickFunnels Introduction

    • The Cool Features of ClickFunnels

    • The Ease of Split Testing With ClickFunnels

    • Who is Using ClickFunnels

    • ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

    • ClickFunnel Wrap Up


About This Class

Introduction to ClickFunnels

It is a pleasure to introduce you ClickFunnels.  

There's a new software product that's taking over the internet.  It's called ClickFunnels, and I just hooked you up with a FREE account!

Click here to try out ClickFunnels for a 14 Day FREE Trail

This new software will let you create:
  - Squeeze Page Funnels...
  - Automated Webinar Funnels...
  - Product Launch Funnels...
  - Sales Funnels (and intergrates w/ your favorite shopping carts!)
  - Membership sites...

Want to get a free trial of the software in action? Check it out here:

Click here to get your FREE 14 Day FREE Trail!

Peace and Love,

Rob Alex

PS - If you have any questions on building funnels or how to promote them just drop me a message here.  I would be happy to answer them or use the ClickFunnels support team they might know a little more than I do.  

* Disclaimer :  The links in this post are my affiliate link to Clickfunnels.





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Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D.

Powerful Fun Teaching

Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. is brilliant at coming up with outside-the-box ideas. He is currently creating fantastic courses available on around creative marketing and relationships. It's fascinating how the relationship skills he teaches to couples crosses over to authors and entrepreneurs with their relationships to clients and fans/readers. He had a spiritual awakening in 2010, which happened due to transcendent lovemaking experiences. This encouraged him to bring more...

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