Introduction to Character Design - From Character Development to Digitization and Turnarounds | Shubham Sharma ☺ | Skillshare

Introduction to Character Design - From Character Development to Digitization and Turnarounds

Shubham Sharma ☺, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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11 Videos (55m)
    • Welcome

    • Introduction To Character Design

    • Tools

    • Elements

    • Character Construction Fundamentals

    • Research

    • Sketching & Form Exploration

    • Character Development

    • Digitization : Part 1

    • Digitization : Part 2

    • Thank You

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About This Class

Hey, everyone! Welcome to my new class "Introduction to Character Design - From Character Development to Digitization and Turnarounds".

Characters are everywhere and they are really fun to create. I am creating this class for anyone who is willing to learn character design. In this class, I have explained the fundamentals of creating characters, the design process, and practical approach for creating a character that everyone will love.

This class is about the process and workflow that you can follow for designing versatile characters and is a perfect introduction for beginners.


Character designing is vast industry in itself. It's diverse, its competitive and is growing everyday. More games, apps, animated movies and such contents are being consumed today, more than ever before.

If you are creative and know how to draw stuffs. You should give it a try. Learning how to design different characters is great because a character is what drives a story. In this class, we are gonna be talking about different archetypes, gestures, and background of a character. Archetype is a very typical example of a certain type of person or thing. It lays the foundational definition of any character, even before it takes any final shape.

You will learn how to do creative research around the character. How to construct different physical elements of any character based on basic shapes. How to develop a concept into a functional character.We will also see how to design orthographic projections of any character, which is also known as "turnarounds". You will love how detailed a character is even in its simplest form.

Finally, I will discuss the best practices of using adobe illustrator.  Vectoring any character design in Adobe Illustrator has a ton of advantages on your side. If you are familiar with adobe illustrator, then great. If not then you still can easily follow this class.

You can try different forms, tweak different colors, apply textures or develop different variations. You can even use it for animations or for designing illustrations based on that character, directly from Illustrator.

I welcome you to all to my class.





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Shubham Sharma ☺

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Hi! I am Shubham Sharma. I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator from South Asia. I love to share my skills and get interacted with budding designers. Design is an integral part of my life. I like to stay inspired and keep people motivated.

I love to talk about design, and stay close with the design community.

Thank You.

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