Introduction to Call Options in Financial Markets | Hari Swaminathan | Skillshare

Introduction to Call Options in Financial Markets

Hari Swaminathan, Options Mentor with over 35,000 Students worldwide

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8 Videos (58m)
    • 01 Introduction to Options

    • 02 Calls Definition

    • 03 Buy Sell Persp Asymm

    • 04 ATM OTM ITM

    • 05 Risk Graphs

    • 06 Calls Platform End

    • 07 Options Pricing End

    • Hari Profile short


About This Class

The Call Option is the most basic and simplest Option to understand. This course explains what a Call Option is in simple language that anyone can understand. It uses real-world examples to explain how a Call Option would work in real life. This example should make it absolutely clear what a Call Option is. The course also describes the asymmetric profiles of Option buyers and sellers, and how their Risk and Reward profiles differ.

Call Options are easier to understand if you're new to Options. Its counterpart, Put Options, although much more widely used in real life than Call Options, is ironically a bit more harder to grasp, intuitively. 






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Hari Swaminathan

Options Mentor with over 35,000 Students worldwide

Knowledge. Strategy. Execution.

Hari Swaminathan is the founder of OptionTiger, a cutting-edge Options Mentoring company, and a full-circle educator in all areas of Financial Markets, Hari has developed several proprietary Intellectual Property "methods and approaches" around enhancing base case Options strategies (which favor the Market Makers) and turns that deficit into a massive EDGE on the trader's side.. Like building a powerful Strategy "for all Option Strategies".

Hari ...

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