Introduction to C# Basics For Real Beginners...A Practical Applications Approach Part 2 (Objects) | Charlie Chiarelli | Skillshare

Introduction to C# Basics For Real Beginners...A Practical Applications Approach Part 2 (Objects)

Charlie Chiarelli, Experienced Online Educator

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9 Videos (2h 5m)
    • The Software Life Cycle ... The 5 Steps

    • Flowcharts

    • Error Handling and Debugging

    • Methods Part 1 ... Why Use?

    • Methods Part 2 ... Solving Practical Problems

    • Introduction to Data Files

    • Summative Problem ... The Forensic Problem

    • Intro to OOP ... Creating Classes and Objects

    • Encapsulation and Inheritance


About This Class


Considering learning how to program in C# and don't have any programming experience whatsoever? In this C# programming course for total beginners (Part 2 of a series) , get a comprehensive introduction to how to create simple computer apps in the Visual Studio interface. Learn the basics of software development, develop problem-solving skills in C#, and learn the syntax of the C# programming language.
This course covers the foundations of C# coding using Windows Forms, no Console Apps.

In this second installment we focus on Problem Solving Techniques.

1. The Software Development Cycle
2. Flowcharting
3. Error Handling and Debugging
4. Creating simple programs which use Methods (Subroutines)
5. Creating methods that implement parameters
6. Learn how to create and read simple text files
7. Create a application which implements a data file and methods to determine whether a consumer qualifies for a credit card.
8. Challenge you with the Forensic Science Problem
9. Introduce the concept of Object Oriented Programming
10. Create several simple applications which incorporate OOP concepts
11. Challenge you with a practical application which incorporates of all the skills you have learned.





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Charlie Chiarelli

Experienced Online Educator

Hi, my name is Charlie Chiarelli. I'll be your teacher for this course. I will spend as much time as necessary to help you do the best you can. But, for you to succeed you must be willing to work .

I am a retired High school Computer Science and Mathematics Teacher from Canada. I taught for 35 years, I have a BMath degree from the University of Waterloo.

I was a frequent speaker at educational conferences (ECOO) and seminars . Most recently my talks focused on E-Learning and the...

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